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Don’t believe in things you haven’t seen. That’s what we always say. But everything seen may not be as true. How the noise is pushing, Is that so? But after watching the animal presented in this video, your faith will be shaken. Suppose a tree has 5 leaves. But you are told that there are only 4 leaves. You see, by the way, there are 5 leaves. But after a while it turned out that a leaf of 5 leaves was moving. So far you have certainly found what I’ve said about the matter. Yes, it does not look like a leaf, but it is actually a leaf. It’s a kind of insect. Its real name is in Phylliidae which we know as leaf insect or leaf insect. hey are also called walking leaves or moving leaves. Usually we know some green insects or grasses that can be mixed with green, But they can be recognized only if they are well noticed. On the other hand, you cannot recognize this leaf insect sitting on the actual leaf, unless it is moving. The leaves are not always fresh. Sometimes it gets torn up, eaten by insects. The amazing thing is that these leaf insects are so dense that they sometimes have to look like the leaves of these insects. And in a perfect way, they look like leaves or worms. In the animal world, there is no more perfect animal in the sample of camouflage power or camouflage. This ability to camouflage protects them from eating insect pests. About 50 species of insect leaves are found. The leafy eat plants and usually live in densely vegetated areas. Their natural range extends from the islands of the Indian Ocean to mainland South Asia and various regions of Southeast Asia to Papua New Guinea and the Western Pacific to Australia. The leaves are about 28 to 100 mm long in body length. The boy is smaller in size than the female insect. Their eggs are strange to look at and can not be easily identified in the soil. In the spring the baby will hatch from these eggs. New-born insects are not green to see at the beginning, After eating the leaves, their body becomes green. The amazing thing is that even in the absence of men, children can have children in a complex natural way. This leaf insect lives for up to ten years.

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