all right guys i am coyote peterson brave wilderness parody i am really excited yeah I really want to
but I’m afraid guys right yeah now you don’t want to try they’re nearby
your house what a try okay I can’t kind of privilege alright guys I’m gonna try to make the
map new for the beer trying to get mad oh yeah they’re getting that usually
what would you see here what is it said dragon food don’t eat it yeah tell people never eat
berries these berries of these never eat these
what kind of blueberries can you eat what kind of blares can you where’s what
kind of berries do you eat you can eat strawberries blackberries blueberries
and strawberries usually everything good morning for the
Sun hips area usually they’re pleased to come out this trick
look mr. Blaylock don’t come back here dangerous usually I shit usually idea
so I guess we found one which is ant one time I saw a moth it was kind of kind of
dying so I want to save it put in there but I think he got buried newly on those
things start to die see anything in here oh my goodness they don’t see that Oh what is that oh good
oh my goodness I found a lizard alright guys now
now I kind of hard to get up here but your
hand me the camera okay so usually I also find reserves and
stuff for us you don’t see a lot of things live when usually you guys some directly appeared my buddy Knox up here to check if I pick

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