– Hey guys! Welcome back to our channel. Today I’m so excited, we’re finally doing a challenge that I’ve been waiting forever to do and we’re doing it with
our favorite people. – Matt and Rebecca! (cheering) (laughing) – Okay, okay, okay, okay. – Yes! I love colabs with them! They’re so much fun! – Oh my gosh, this is already a hot mess. Subscribe to them if you haven’t. What are you guys at right now, 500k? – 540! – Whoa! – Get ’em to 600k, so if you’re from the Zam Fam or the Matt and Rebecca channel, – Whatever that is, yeah. – Go and do it and comment
that you came from there. – Do it. – Okay, today we’re doing a
what’s in the box challenge. (sped up talking and music) And today is girls versus boys, obviously. – Cause we wanna win. – Yeah. – Easy money today. For the big boys. Let’s go! Alright guys, to see who goes first we’re gonna play rock-paper-scissors, Me versus Shawn, I’ve never lost. So, lets just make – Come on Shawn! – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Let’s go! – What! – Let’s go. Already off to a good start. – Wait, best out of three. – Yeah. – Best out of three. – What is this? – Ready? – Oh, it’s all tied up! All tied up. – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – Yeah!
– Yes! – Best three? Ey! – It’s always been decided. – It’s always three. – [Matt] The shame! The shame! – This is trash! – You guys go first. – I’m gonna roll up my sleeves. – Okay, guys go first. – I’ve never done this. I’m nervous. I’ve never seen anybody do this and keep a level head. Everybody always is like (screams) – Crazy.
– He’s scared. – It’s not all the items we bought. There’s other ones too. So you don’t know what it is. Hey, turn around! Close your eyes. – Okay, okay, okay. Are we ready? – Yep. K. – So the way this works is that the team that loses
and gets the most wrong of the guesses – Yeah.
– Yes. – Has to eat one of the
foods and the winning team gets to pick what food item that is! – I love this! I love it. – It’s gonna be really bad
when you guys have to eat it. – Yeah!
– No way, no way! – Alright, you ready? – I’m ready. – I just wanna, maybe
I can hold Matt’s hand. – Ooh, ooh, oh, ooh. – Did I touch you yet? – I’m in it. (laughing) – [Andrew] I don’t know what it is. What is it? – [Matt] I got one end of it. – I have no idea. – It’s still falling off. – [Shawn] Oh! – [Matt] What is it? – [Andrew] Dude, it’s salty. – [Shawn] How do you know it’s salty? – You could feel the salt? – It’s, there’s so much stuff falling off. – That’s really gross.
– Dude, what is it? – Really gross. – [Andrew] It’s kind of slimy too. – [Matt] No, I don’t
have the, do you feel the – [Rebecca] You guys
have to say something! Three. – Oh. – Two, one! – It’s a bone!
– It’s a bone! – [Rebecca] A what? – [Matt] A bone! – [Andrew] Is it? – Like just a bone? – Well, It’s definitely a bone. – What, how specific? – What’s on the bone? There’s a lot of things with bones. What is on the bone? – [Andrew] Salt! – [Matt] No, no.
– [Andrew] What is it? – [Rebecca] What kind of bone? – [Andrew] My hands are gross and slimy. – [Shawn] From what, from what? – [Matt] I mean, – Three, two, one. – A dog bone? – No, it’s not from a dog. (laughing) It’s from a cow. – Look at this. – So what is it? – You were right, that’s nasty. – Wow. – [Shawn] Nasty! – [Andrew] It’s definitely a bone? – One, yes!
– Let’s go! (sped up talking) – So we won that one, obviously. – Easy money.
– Okay, whatever. – We haven’t even gone yet. – Yeah, we haven’t gone yet. – Okay. – Girl’s turn. – Blackjack’s ready. We should have Blackjack play this game. – Yeah. – He would win. What is it? (laughing) ooooh. – I’m gonna look. (laughing) – Just look slightly. – It’s gonna be alive. – I think it’s a cow tongue. – Oh my gosh! I’ve never seen this in my life. – [Matt] Becca, do not turn around. I don’t trust you. – [Shawn] Andrew, come on! – [Matt] Becca, turn around.
– Turn around? – [Andrew] Yeah. No cheating, girls. – [Matt] Bec, did you see it? – [Becca] See what? – [Matt] Did you look in this? – [Andrew] Oh my gosh! – [Matt] You can see that. – [Rebecca] Yeah, we’re ready. – Hey, should we get them gloves? – Okay. – [Matt] I don’t know. This is pretty bad. This honestly might be the
worst one I’ve ever seen. – Oh my gosh.
– I’ve never seen this, ever. – Honestly, if it starts
moving a little bit, don’t be too scared. It’s not gonna hurt you. – I don’t like this game. – I know! (laughing) – Girls, you gotta do it. – Wait, okay. Oh my god. – You got those microphones on? – It’s not alive, right? – It won’t move. – Take it with a grain of salt. – Is it a lobster? – Literally, like salt? It’s salty? – I wouldn’t do anything
that’s gonna hurt you. (laughing)
– I’m freaking out. – Okay. – [Shawn] Did you touch it? – [Rebecca] No! I haven’t touched it! (laughing) My hand’s in, but I’m not touching it. – I’m really scared.
– I don’t touch anything. Okay, wait. I touched something. – [Shawn] Okay. – [Rebecca] Oh, that’s the plate. (laughing) I was like it feels like paper. – Oh my god, I don’t
know why I’m so scared. (laughing) – It’s wet, it’s wet. – Where’s your (laughing) – Oh no. I no, no, no. – [Matt] No, you’ll see it. (screaming) – Was that your hand? (laughing) – [Rebecca] I’m not touching anymore. No. – That’s my wife’s hand, Rebecca. – Three, two, one. – Say it. (thud from box)
(laughing) – I don’t know why I did that. I don’t know why I did that. (laughing) – What is it?
– What is it? – I’m really sweaty. – I have a feeling it’s what – [Shawn] Where’s your hand? – [Rebecca] I can’t. – [Shawn] No! – [Rebecca] I can’t go in. – [Matt] You have to guess. Three, two, one. – Cow tongue. – What do you think it is? – Cow tongue. – No.
(buzzer) – [Shawn] Was is that? – [Rebecca] I don’t know. – Chicken feet! – Ohhh. – Those look like human fingers. – Oh my gosh. – It’s like little witch fingers. (gags) – I’ve never seen those before. – Me either. – I’ve never! – They have nails. – Straight from your
local Whole Foods Market. (screaming) – Wait, why are their
nails better than mine? (laughing) – Let’s get an update on the score. – No, we don’t need an update. (cheering) – [Andrew] Don’t freak out, bro. – [Matt] It’s gonna get ya. (climatic drumming music) (men mumbling) – [Andrew] Are you ready? – [Rebecca] Peanut is just ready. – Guys, I just have to
say I’m a little queasy from the chicken feet still. – Okay. – That was really gross. – Yep. – Really gross. – Okay, guys.
– Are you guys ready? Okay, this is our second time. – Three, two, one. (slow romantic music) (record scratches) – Stop, wait, stop. – No that’s your hands. (laughing) – [Andrew] Okay I feel a plate. – [Matt] Ooh, it’s kinda furry. It’s cold. – [Andrew] Is it cold? – [Matt] Oh, what is that? – [Andrew] Dude, it was so
dense when you dropped it. – It has like tentacles or something. – It’s cold. Is it alive? Did it move?
– [Matt] Whoa, hold on. – Bro.
– No. – Did it move? – No. – Yeah.
– Did it? – It’s not alive. It would be scampering – I’m ’bout to throw up. I don’t even know why, the
chicken feet still got me. It’s kinda soft. – [Shawn] Matt, you have
to put your hand in. – [Andrew] Wait, it’s kinda soft. I swear it’s alive, bro. – There’s nothing moving. – What is this? – You guys ready? – No. – Oh, I think I know. I’m ’bout to throw up, man. – [Matt] It felt like a rat’s tail. – [Andrew] Yeah, dude. – [Rebecca] Three, two, one. – It’s a rat. I think it’s a rat. – No. (laughing) – I swear. You don’t like rats? Is it alive or dead, though, is what I’m trying to – Did I pick it up by its tail? (laughing) – Ah!
– If it bites, hell no! – It’s not dude!
– Hell no! – It’s got sharp nails, bro. (laughing) – [Shawn] Matt, get your hand in there. – I can’t. It’s a rat? I touched his tail? – Is it alive? – You guys. – Guys, this is the
saddest thing I’ve ever – Oh, no way! (screaming) No! Why! – Okay, so (laughing) – I’m gonna throw up.
– [Matt] No! – I can’t do this. I can’t do it. – Guys this makes me really sad. It’s a frozen rat and it’s snake food that
you can buy at a pet store. – And we’re just like, how
did they find these things? Do they find them? Are they dead and then they freeze them? – If they freeze them alive, I’m like – [Rebecca] I don’t
know, if you guys know, – You guys know right before you throw up and you’re sweating and
feel a little queasy, that’s where I’m at right now.
– Hey! We’re having a serious conversation right now. – Yeah, if you guys know though, if you have a snake and
you have to feed them this, how does it work? Cause it’s really sad.
– I know. – [Matt] I picked it up by its tail? I was like, oh, it has tentacles. – [Andrew] Dude, I was just
bending it a little bit. – So, do we count that as a win? Oh, I can’t! I can’t, it’s so sad.
– Hey, what do you guys think, does rat count as mouse,
do we get that right? – No, it is a rat. – It is a rat, it’s a rat. We’re two and O. – [Matt] What? – He was, he was so sad. (sped up talking)
(drumming) Is it ready? – [Matt] Here ya go. – Oh geez, okay. – [Matt] No, no! (screaming) – Wow! – I didn’t see anything. – [Rebecca] I didn’t see anything either. – A little (mumbles) by the girly-o’s. – [Rebecca] Hey, we just
listened to directions. – [Matt] Okay. – [Andrew] Second one. – If you guys get this, we’ll give you a half a point bonus. – For sure. – Yeah. – Maybe even a full – I feel like you guys
did something to this. – Are ya ready? – I’m really nervous. – [Andrew] You just have to
get somewhat close on the name. – [Rebecca] Are you in? Did you touch it? – Ew! Hold on, did I touch something? Where’s the plate? – I don’t know. (screaming) Okay, I see a plate. – [Matt] You see a plate? – [Andrew] You’re not
supposed to see anything. – [Rebecca] Okay, something wet. – Yeah, you see? – Ooh, ooh! Hey, you’re not supposed
to look at your fingers. – I didn’t lick it! – [Matt] You’re not supposed
to look at your fingers. (laughing) – This one’s pretty bad, too. Does it get better? – [Rebecca] Matt, stop! – Oh, what is that? What is that? – Don’t touch me. (laughing) Don’t you touch me with those fingers! – I was thinking a frog. Is it a frog? – [Shawn] It’s scaly! – [Andrew] I think you might need to give it a nice, firm grip. – [Matt] Yeah, I would go in there deep. – [Andrew] Yeah, just like – I can’t, I can’t. Is it a frog? – Is it dead? – [Matt] It’s not alive. – [Andrew] That’s up for you to decide. – [Matt] Well, technically, – [Shawn] I don’t know what it is. – I don’t know, if it’s a
frog, could we get a wart? – How close, how confident
are you guys in your answer? – It’s some sort of fish. – You think it’s a fish? (laughing) – I don’t know, I don’t know Shawn, I can’t help you. I can barely touch it. – Are you ready to guess? I can’t squeeze it, I’m so traumatized. – Go ahead and squeeze it. – I can barely touch the top. – Here, where’s your hand? Where’s your hand? – Let’s get a countdown. – Ready, one, two three, go. – [Both guys] Five, four, three, – What the? – Two one. Let us know in the
comments section down below if you think that they’re gonna guess it right or not right now. – It’s a squid. – A squid, is that what
you’re gonna go with? – Yeah. – Rebecca? She’s going squid too? (buzzer) It was, actually, – [Matt] Yeah, pull it out. – It was anchovies! – Ah, dang. – It’s really gross. Look at those guys. – And it’s like scaly, ooh gosh. – Extra bonus points if you get this one. – I thought it was a frog. I’m not gonna lie. – Oh! – Does it feel good? – Feel it. Doesn’t it feel like a frog? – Wait, they’re super oily. – Yeah. (sped up talking and music) – I think they’re just
doing this to hype it up. Alls I know is the guys have two points. The girls have ze! – Well, enjoy it. – Zero!
– Zero, yeah. – No, you guys just enjoy this one. Comment right now if you think
they’re gonna get this right. Round three.
(bell ringing) – [Matt] I hope it’s not a rat. – [Andrew] I always so nervous. – Oh god, ooh! (laughing) The plate’s way back there. – [Rebecca] I can’t watch, I can’t watch. (men mumble) – [Shawn] No, it’s bad. – What was that? I, dude, dude. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. (laughing) I got shivers all through
my body right now. – This is probably our best one so far. – Yeah. – [Andrew] I know what it is. – [Matt] Okay. – [Andrew] I’m thinking steak initially. – [Matt] Yeah, nope. Nope, nope, nope. Here, come over to my end. – Oh dude, I can’t, bro! – I got it! – Okay. – I would say I have it by the tail. But, it’s something else. I’m good. – I’m gonna throw up. I can’t, I can’t. – Really, you’re that bad? – Yeah, I can’t bro. After the chicken feet, I’m messed up.
(laughing) – Where’s your hand at? – [Rebecca] The chicken feet you gave us! – [Matt] Where’s your hand? – It’s right here. (screams)
(everyone laughing) – I can’t do this. (laughing) Okay. – Alright, are you guys ready to say it? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Three, two, one. – It’s a fish. – It’s a dead fish. – It’s a fish. – And?
– And? – Wait, what? – There’s more? – [Shawn] It’s not just fish. – [Andrew] Stop, that’s a fish. That’s a fish. I’m gonna throw up, I can’t, stop! – I’m feelin’ around in here. – Stop! (laughing) He’s just throwing the fish around. (laughing) – Cause there’s way worse. – [Andrew] Wait, oh the fish is there. Wait, I think this is the fish. – [Matt] Why am I so scared
that something’s gonna happen? (laughing) – [Rebecca] Move your hand
a little to the right, Matt. – [Shawn] Ooh, careful, watch out! – [Andrew] Our camera
lady’s gonna throw up. – [Matt] I got something here. – Dude, I can’t do this man. I can’t do this. – Ooh, Andrew, you’re close. – I can’t do it. – I’m holding it in my hand. – I can’t do it, bro. I can’t do this. I can’t.
– Okay, what is it? – Peanut, like look at, hold on. – I don’t know, I’m I don’t know (laughing) – Are you gonna throw up? – I can’t do this. There’s so many gross,
slimy, cold things in there. – What is it? – I have – [Shawn] Three, two, one. – [Matt] Nope. [Andrew] You don’t get to say that. Don’t just go three, two, one. – [Shawn] It’s taking too long. You guys are too dramatic. – Dude, I don’t know what it is. It’s like chopped up (sniffles) – Yep. – No, I smell something. (laughing) I think it’s cat – Cat food?
– Some type of, I’m about to throw up. (laughing) – You’re having a hard time. – I’m seriously sweating. (laughing) It’s some type of animal
food, it think with dead fish. – Let’s go animal food and dead fish. – Okay, that’s our answer. – Way to be as general as possible. (laughing)
– But? – Is it right? – But you’re right. – Dang. – Is it dog or cat food?
– What is it? – Let’s find out from Peanut. (screaming) – Ah, stop! (sped up talking and music) – [Matt] Okay, this one’s been (mumbles) – Wait, was that three, right? – [Shawn] Yeah. – So this is our last one. – [Shawn] Yeah. – Okay so this is the final round. Let us know if you think
we’re gonna get this one. – [Matt] Almost there. – Okay. – Okay, final round. (laughing) – Go! Go guys! – You guys comment if you think we’re gonna get this one right cause we have to get one right. – I feel decent.
– Hurry up, go. – Go, go, go, go, go! – Why do we have to hurry? Is it gonna move? – [Shawn] Stop. It’s peanut! (laughing) – Peanut! Hi, Peanut! Hey! – [Matt] He’s our beast. He’s our beast. – What’s up, Peanut? What’s up, Peanut? – Peanut. – Hi buddy. – That was the best one ever. Well I guess we won’t have to eat him. – I thought it feels like fur. I was like oh, no! – I was wondering why you
guys were like go, go fast! – He was perfect. – Wait, did we just get one right? – Yeah! (cheering and sirens) – Yeah, one for – Oh! – Finally. – I think it’s three to one, though. – Okay, so boys get it. Girls lose, boys get to
choose what the girls eat. – Yeah, but we didn’t
really do anything edible, so you’re gonna have to
bring something edible. – We’ve got plenty of stuff that’s edible. – Oh yeah. We could go really brutal on them and make them eat the dog bone. – That would be good. (laughing) Okay, so I’m thinking between
the chicken feet right now. – Dude, that’s gonna be a health hazard. They’re gonna catch sal
manila or some other disease. – Dog food’s an option too. – You know what? That might be the choice. – Yeah? – Yeah. For sure. I think, I mean, this would be crueler than dog food it think. I can’t, I can’t touch that dude. I’m gonna throw up. – Okay, I think we know
what we have to do. – Yeah. – [Matt] Okay, ladies. We had to open a new one here. – Why? – Since the girls lost, we are making you guys eat the dog food. – But you just said we
had to open up a new one. – Cause you guys used all the
dog food on the other one. – [Andrew] Have one of you
guys ever had dog food? Whoa, we gotta go bigger. – Yeah, you can’t do a little, tiny bite. – You don’t have to do
the whole thing, but – At least half. – Take a solid bite out of it. (screaming) (laughing) – We know that’s Spam,
that’s not cat food. – [Matt] Oh, man! – Salty. – Blackjack took it. – Oh no, Blackjack! He ate the whole Spam! (screaming and laughter) – Did he eat the whole thing? – Yes. (laughing)
– Oh no. – Wow.
– Wow. Okay, well that was just as
bad as I though it would be. – It was real bad. That was fun. Make sure you go see the other one, what’s in the box challenge
underwater on their channel. – Yeah. – Thank you guys, it was awesome. Please subscribe, comment down below. – Yeah. – Tell us what the worst food was that we had to touch. – Yeah. – If we did a part two, what
should we put in the box? (screaming) – You have something on your eyelashes. (laughing) There, got it. – You got the Spam out of my eyelashes. – I was like, I was like did you put glitter on your eyelashes? (laughing) (upbeat music)

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