🔴 Exiled Chinese Billionaire’s Accusations of China (w/ Guo Wengui & Kyle Bass) | RV Classics

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100 thoughts on “🔴 Exiled Chinese Billionaire’s Accusations of China (w/ Guo Wengui & Kyle Bass) | RV Classics

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  2. He also has chinese mandarin YouTube channel too. I was very surprised that a very educated and well mandarin spoken man was speaking bad about China. Now after stumbling onto this I came to understand. Of course one should take take whatever he says with a grain of salt. Since he has a beef with China. I am not saying all are lies but unless there is prove cannot be believed.

  3. The United states is not scared of China. United states is the most powerful country in the world. United states has the greatest navy and greatest air force and greatest army.

  4. I came from Cuba 20 years ago, so nothing he says surprises me, but for most Americans this is like "breaking news."

  5. this is not hard to believe China has been doing despicable things to America for years. If you think killing and hurting hundreds of babies in the early w000's was a mistake or just acted on by a few your sorely mistaken. Chinese dry wall mold was no mistake either; is is still active and mutating. The stuff destroys everything wood, plastic, metal and the tole on peoples health is unending. They are poisoning us through our cloths and shoes with chemicals and harmful compounds. They steel from us by selling us cheap garbage that either works short time or never works. Wake up people!

  6. The same u.s government turn to just like Soviet Union Bolshevik party totalitarian evil system stealing American people and world wide making economic disaster so China do the same government controls with some evil greedy elite rank by devil enemy of humanity

  7. Just believe this man outright! The CCP was scheduled to collapse back in 1949, then in 1959, again in 1969, high prob in 1979, for certain in 1989, a maybe in 1999, almost in 2009, who knows, 2019 may be a lucky year……

  8. You can argue which one is the worst between the CCP and US government, and that'd be perfectly fine with me; I personally don't trust any government whatsoever.
    However, when I listen from this man all the alleged fraudulent activities the CCP commits, all I see is two governments looking at the mirror when they look face to face at each other.

  9. Americans have been living on a large island separated from the rest of the world for so long that it is difficult to understand what is happening in China or Europe. The infrastructure of the United States is more than 75 years behind China and Japan with its high-speed railroad systems bridges an modern highway systems. Taking a train from Dallas Texas to San Antonio Texas takes many hours that same distance in Europe or Japan takes just about the time to have a wonderful meal an to read the daily news look at a movie an then you are their ! Many in Europe an Japan do this every day as they go to work but not so in the USA. The American Air termanals look like something you would expect in a old Frankenstein movie as compared to yours an the termanals in Saudi Arabia appear as something much better than what the queen of England has to live in ! Trump is trying to turn all this around to get Americans out of the dark ages before it is to late, but the Democrats want to turn it into a out house to line their pockets with gold an silver for their own pleasures .

  10. I hate traders no matter which country they a trading for another! United States is worse than China could ever be! Look what we did to the Middle East, Native Americans, South Americans etcetera! We have US embassies in every country and a military base in over 150 countries. United States also prints the dollar although we can't support it.

  11. I do not see Miles complaining when he was embezzling billions of dollars. Probably there's a regime change and his billions stopped. Now he's not happy. Everyone and every country have their own personal agenda, no different than yourself nor the United States nor United Kingdom

  12. what I dont understand is why this took so long for the you tube channels to start pointing the finger at communism. hate the Chinese system. There are many foreigners living and working in China and should be shot for treason.

  13. start by hanging henry kissinger. Then all the corrupted western biz and gov officials who are acting for the enemies of america like china. Take all thier wealth away, including family and freinds.

  14. Ccp basically builds up these billionaires and the kills them to take over their business, they see these people as places where the money being clogged up.
    They only see them as a worker, not as a human who help others.

  15. This guy invents stories. He made a fortune in the corrupted environment before 2013 by bribery, threatening others etc. When the new leadership of China (Xi) lunched the anticipation movement, he was involved, he was informed from his friends in the Secret Bureau, So he runaway to HK, then London, than US with billions dollars. What he said is trying to image himself as a anti-CCP,but in fact he worked in the Secret Bureau before he was investigated in 2013…

  16. This is the key critical strategic element that China did not understand. Why is it that they are at first dependent on the rich American market is quite simple. Henry Ford has a policy to turn his workers into customers of their own products and services which in turn makes him more money because he turned them into buyers by raising their wages (RAISING THEM INTO LIVING WAGES) more than 3 times the normal wage rate at that time! His philosophy is "HIGH WAGE EARNERS (LIVING WAGES) ARE HIGH WAGE SPENDERS". In short, he recycles his corporate wealth through his workers, essentially giving them "LIVING WAGES". Other car manufacturers followed suit and eventually other different kinds of industries followed suit.

  17. Fantastic just as i would have said it and it very ovious…once you understand, can comprehend the chinese version of life..you know how they operate.

  18. This guy is lying to you. He is wanted in China for taking bribes. This guy is wanted for taking 100's of millions of dollars. He is a billionaire because of the bribes.

  19. The interviewer saying "this is so hard to believe" is aggravating. Only a degenerate troglodyte didn't see this coming. Only a removed yuppy who hasn't put in any real work, or military experience would think this way. Guy was out of his depth, clearly.

  20. China is terrible. Worse than US because they love money more. At least US finance system is run by transparent rules

  21. Let the trade war go full throttle. Crush the CCP…even if it hurts the U.S. economy in the short-intermediate term.

  22. This explains why the Federal Reserve is sitting on $9 trillion in US bonds. The Chinese were forced to roll them over when they matured. Now that interest rates are record lows. :Lets just call it 0% as that is the real number.. The Chinese can't earn a return on Bonds. Thus thwarted their money laundering scheme of useless Chinese Currency. To US Dollars…Now they want to get in on the United States Stock Market. That would tie US citizens Pensions and 410K to the Chinese investment firms. Then you could never untangle them from the US. As it would allow the Chinese to steal those citizens Pensions Funds and 401ks… That investment firms put in Chinese Companies..Why Japan only allowed 2 to do that in their country. They monitor their cash reserves.

  23. Great interview. One thing I don’t understand. Which is it? China is very dangerous and needs to be feared or CCP will not exist in 2 years? Or can both be true like a wounded bear?

  24. The west should read more about China's history from a Chinese perspective and understand how the Chinese system works. The Chinese Communist Party works not so different form any ancient imperial dynasty. Don't be fooled by the thugs under the disguise like "country of courtesy (禮儀之邦)" or Confucianism. Agree with the point that US has been too naive on China.

  25. The harm of CCP is unimaginable in the United States! This is only known to people who have lived in China and are persecuted by CCP. If the United States takes care of the CCP, then the consequences of the United States will be very serious. This is not an alarmist! CCP has been in power for 70 years in China. In the past 70 years, more than 80 million Chinese have been killed by CCP. This is a terrible number!

  26. The Chinese billionaire is almost unintelligible in English. If the interviewer really wanted listeners to understand, he should have insisted that the interviewee speak his native language and be translated.

  27. 20 years ago we should have smacked China big-time! now I feel it might be too late. Because they bought out our corrupt politicians. But not Trump! Trump is not for sale to China. He knows where they are going and I hope Steve Bannon still backing him up.

  28. Did the Chinese businessman say at one point that Jack Ma lost part of ALIBABA to the CCP? Maybe I heard wrong….."Working 12 hours a day is a blessing!" Really?

  29. The only reason why he's anti-CCP is because the CCP netted him in an anti-corruption sting. This guy would be a singing a very different tune if he just happened to know someone that was much more powerful than he was. Too bad Miles, you just come off as bitter and vindictive.

  30. Goodness, your speaker is very intelligent and knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview, which I found through Google's suggestion on the right side bar. Google is shooting itself in the foot by suggesting videos that are almost certainly demonetized and against what Google would like us all to believe.

  31. He may not speaks english well, but he is very smart, he will be more successful in future if he is not killed. He Knows a lot about CCP and their intention.

  32. What is the answer for a retired schoolteacher, engineer, who is debt free (incl home) with $1xx,000 the CASH in the bank, and $1xx,000 in an annuity? Have "enough" silver rounds.

  33. I had a friend in mainland China that used to play MMORPGs on a Russian server, oh boy the brainwashing is SO DEEP… They don't know anything the government doesn't want them to know.

  34. The Chinese CCP has lifted 800.000.000 people out of abject poverty in 20 years time, what has this Billionaire done for his country and his people? that he loves so much…

  35. I love how they both told the truth about American businessmen/corporations being greedy. They would rather sell out America and risk their wealth being confiscated by the CPC just to make a more money. Very sad!

  36. Does someone have a link to evidence that Jack Ma was forced to transfer his Ali shares to 5 unnamed people? I can't find any news about that anywhere.

  37. Many of the Americans don’t understand that the communist parties are insanely sick. They don’t build their countries properly. Very similar scenario like almost all of the Vietnamese ppl that used to live in Vietnam went through same thing as any rich man going through in China. Their laws are jungle laws. Many ppl in Vietnam lost their wealth, their families and even themselves being murdered bc the communist would do anything to take over money and lands. This is nothing new to me. Nothing in vietnam is great and safe, I’m glad America is our home now and the only home I knew now.

  38. Funny thing . . . When I rolled up to one the banks he named to open an account (which can be challenging in China), first you’re inundated with offers to trade usd right on the front steps. Then I was able to open account without really providing information regarding either a.) my right to do so as I was on a spouse visa (as my passport clearly showed) with no identifiable income, and b.) they simply took my word that I was working even though I couldn’t legally work under said visa. No formal document could show I worked there.

  39. Compelling stuff! I wonder what kind of equally sensationalistic story Ed Snowden would tell about the US if the Chinese got ahold of him? Kyle Bass, where is your outrage when it comes to the "fake" smoke and mirrors economy of US (which has reached a crescendo over the last decade)? How about the hundreds of thousands dead in the middle east as a result of American war crimes and political meddling in the affairs of other sovereign states? How about …..well, you get the idea. It would take days and weeks to catalogue the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the US. Bass, you are an ignorant arrogant hypocrite and should look to the corruption in own country before pointing the finger at others. Shame on you Real Vision for blatantly spreading US nationalist propaganda. This is one big reason I cancelled my subscription to your garbage.

  40. This is what western politicians need to wake up and listen too the real communist Chinese regime where the west is loosen there jobs and technology too.

  41. Its like when China does this stuff it is so sinister, but when America does it, it is to save the world from communism. This guy thinks his government is nasty, well I wonder if he knows what the US does to remain in power. This is a big game of cheaters and murderers, and none of them have clean hands.

  42. Guo Wengui … Best bet for China is production for use in China. So it must stop looking to external markets and focus on internal use.

  43. How did he become a billionaire, is it in China or in USA? Most became rich were because of using corruption and now most of being investigated with present govnment.


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