🔵 How To Spatchcock Butterfly A Chicken 3 Ways

welcome friends today we are going to
spatchcock or butterflies some chickens and I’m gonna show you a couple of
different ways and I’m not gonna use scissors or poultry shears right off the
bat I’m gonna save that for later I’m gonna show you a couple ways to spatchcock with a knife that I think are easier than scissors now an old-school butcher
taught me this first method to butterfly a chicken and it’s pretty simple and I think it’s the best
way you look at your chicken and there’s naturally a seam here that you can feel
up under the rib cage between the rib cage and the thigh so you take your
knife and you just follow down through there and you do the same thing on both
sides then you just cut through the backbone and that leaves you with your
leg half and then inside the breast cavity you’ll see just a tiny little bit
of the backbone and some of the ribs take your knife and you just cut that
out and so even with a super cheap knife
like this one I mean the guy over on the perfection channel would look at this
knife and say come on Glenn what are you doing why are you using such a cheap-ass
knife it’s not very expensive it’s something that you get it like you know
one of those really discount discount stores and it’s not even sharp but it
cuts through this bone really easily so you’re left with this little piece of
bone stick that in the freezer save them up make chicken stock now you just make
a tiny little tick in the breast bone and this lays flat and so that’s my
preferred method you end up with two separate pieces of chicken and the
reason I think this is the best way to do it is because neither of these cook
at the same rate this is going to cook way faster this is going to cook slower
or take longer and if you’re grilling having them separate but with the bone
in the middle like this allows you to move around on the grill really easily
and take care of the chicken as its cooking so you don’t overcook part while
you undercook another part so that is my preferred method really
easy to do with a knife now here’s the method that you’re going to see all over
the Internet and that is take your chicken you turn
it upside down and you take your poultry shears and you just cut down each side
of the backbone once you get to one side you flip it around just makes it easier
depending on if you’re right or left handed and you just snip down the other
side of the backbone keep your fingers out of the way you don’t want to snip
your fingers off at the same time now if you have expensive poultry shears it’s
like these these are actual poultry spheres for this job it’s really easy if
you’re grabbing craft scissors from the craft room it could be a little bit more
difficult but it’s still not gonna be that bad now you still need to take a
knife and you make just a little notch at the top of the breast plate turn it
over and press it down and there you’ve got a spatchcocked
chicken or butterfly chicken now a lot of people like this because it’s one
piece and they can move it around a little bit easier and they’re not
dealing with two pieces and this is fine perfectly acceptable now just to show
you that you don’t need anything special in order to do this and you can do it at
home really easily I’m gonna take this paring knife this is a cheap discount
unsharpened paring knife I’m just going to stand the chicken up like this here
is the backbone right there you just take your paring knife you go right on
the edge of the tail dig your knife in and just go right down now you’ve got it open which is what you
want to have happen so same sort of thing you just notch right there at the
edge of the breastbone turn it over press down and you have butterflied your
chicken now the spine is still there and if you want to you can take the spine
out and just use your paring knife cut in like that and then just cut through
comes right out and so there you go three easy ways to spatchcock a chicken
you don’t need an expensive knife you can do it with a paring knife you can do
with any knife that’s in your knife block you could do it with scissors if
you want you can do it so that they’re separated and easier to cook or you
could do them that they’re all in one piece and easier to flip I hope this
helps you in your grilling season thanks for stopping by see you again soon you

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30 thoughts on “🔵 How To Spatchcock Butterfly A Chicken 3 Ways

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  2. I just came from supermarket with a whole chicken and now I have this video in my sub box. Guess I am gonna test your method and see how it works out haha. Also, love you hair man! You have a really nice haircut and hair color.

  3. As others keep posting in comments I also came to this channel from the coca cola recipe video and subscribed after watching a few other videos. I'm surprised you don't have more subscribers, especially since you've been uploading for years from what I see, but it looks like you've been getting more subscribers now. Also nice burrfection shout out.

  4. The consensus: very cool tip and super helpful recipe. Thank you Glen! Awesome help for us in the kitchen!! Dunno how you keep them coming!? But please do!

  5. When i saw you cut the legs off I was like wait thats not spatchcocking but then saw the rest. I am actually really interested in the 1st demo where you seperated the legs from the breast. May have to try that one day.

  6. Really appreciate that first method. It's way cleaner and it would make more sense to separate the halves, since they absolutely will cook at different rates! Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Jaw dropped with the first method. Cooking a bird tomorrow, and I am absolutely going to try that. You earned a sub!

  8. Maybe this new way of preparing chicken could be called pullet — surprise or you could get a Pulitzer prize for the recipe

  9. One point to quibble on – you should remove the keel bones from those chickens so they lay as flat as possible. The picture at the end shows the keel bone has been removed, but that step was ignored/not shown in the video.

  10. This is my favorite cooking channel on YouTube keep up the great work and thanks for showing me how easy it is to make orange-aid 👍👍

  11. I am a fan of technique 2, and what I like it most is that in cut in almost half the cooking time compared to a whole bird.

  12. I find the spine usually has blood deposits alongside the bones; this blood is
    difficult to remove unless I take the spine out altogether. That way the blood doesn't "muddy" the flavor of the bird. Just me cooking…
    P.S., dividing the breast and leg sections is a good idea; I'll remember it.

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