12 Signs Your Pet is Crying for Help

12 signs your pet is crying for help. We love our pets, they are our family. They wake you up in the morning, asking you to feed them, or take them for.. ..a walk. They miss you when you go to work and they’re extremely happy to see you coming back home! We get used to them very much, and learn their behaviors quickly. The difference between pets and the rest of the family, is that animals can’t complain when they are sick. Is your cat just.. ..tired or does it have a fever? Has your dog been drinking more water than usual? Can that be a sign of something dangerous? Here’s a list of warning signs In your pet’s behavior. If you notice any of them, you should take your pet to the vet urgently. Learn them as they can be a difference between life and death. Number 12 – Change Of The Gum’s Color. Both cats and dogs normally have pink gums. Change of the color may indicate high fever, infection, lack of oxygen, loss of blood, and even liver problems! Number 11 – Staring At A Wall. First, check if there is a fly or any other insect. Animals’ eyes are much better than humans so they detect small objects way easier. Then, if insects are not the case, call the animal by its name. If It doesn’t.. ..look at you or respond in any way, it may be an alarming sign. Reasons vary from tumors, stroke and head injuries to convulsions and cognitive dysfunction syndrome. Number 10 – Breathing Problems. If you notice your pet breathing rapidly with its mouth open, especially cats, you should take It to the vet IMMEDIATELY. The poor pet may have heart problems or liquid in the chest. Well, if it has had any serious physical.. ..exercise just before, then breathing rapidly is okay. However, maybe you’re just over feeding the animal? They don’t always stop when they are full. Sometimes even humans can’t do that, right? Number 9 – The Coat Is Altered. When a cat is sick, it doesn’t have the strength to lick itself. So, the fur may lose its fancy shine. If your cat or dog sheds too much fur so It becomes visible, it may be a sign of skin diseases, lack of vitamins or allergies. You can try to change the pet’s diet, but it’s better to consult with the vet. Number 8 – Loss Of Appetite. Your cat’s normal behavior, not that we think it’s good manners, is to jump on the table when you are cooking and try to steal a piece of cheese.. ..or something else. Dogs usually make sorrowful eyes when you are having dinner so it’s hard to resist giving them a chunk of meat. So, if you notice yourself eating your bacon with no one on your shoulder sniffing it or begging from under the table, take a closer look at your pet. Lack of appetite for more than 24 hours in both cats and dogs Is a VERY serious concern. It may indicate different conditions, infection, tumor, gastric diseases or parasites. Even if your cat is fat, let’s call a spade a spade, don’t hope that lack of food is good for it. A dog, or even a human body, stores fat.. ..to convert it into energy in case of starvation. A cat’s body can’t do that. Instead, it sends fats Into the liver that can cause liver failure. Number 7 – Changes In Drinking Habits. Don’t worry if your cat doesn’t drink much, if It eats wet cat food. It’s okay for them not to drink any water at all, because they get enough of it from food. If your cat eats dry food and drinks very little or no water at all, check your house or apartment for water leakage. Your cat may be a better plumber than you. It’s possible that your cat.. ..found a source of water you didn’t know about. For example, they can lick drops of water from the floor or your kitchen sink. If your search gives you nothing, don’t hesitate to see the vet. Dogs aren’t as inventive. So, if you notice that your dog doesn’t drink enough, go straight.. ..to the vet, too. Normally, dogs drink a lot no matter if they eat wet or dry kind of food. Excessive drinking can be a sign of health problems, too. Diabetes and kidney disease are often the cause. How to understand that your pet drinks more than usual? Note how often you refill the bowl or how much the pet urinates. Number 6 – Vomiting. If your pet has occasional vomiting, it’s probably nothing serious. Dogs often eat trash when walking, so watch out for that. Cats eat their own hairs when cleaning and vomit hair balls from time to time. However, if vomiting occurs a few times in a row, we strongly recommend you to take the pet to the vet immediately. Vomiting can Indicate a blockage or some internal trauma. Either way, the implications can be severe. Number 5 – Diarrhea. Any changes in frequency or.. ..consistency of stool are alarming. Yes, that’s gross, but come on. That’s your pet, after all. If there has been no diet switch lately, you know where you.. ..have to be right now. Number 4 – sudden aggression. Your formerly affectionate little friend has suddenly become.. ..aggressive? Are you sure you never pushed it or kicked it, and now it’s getting its fair share of revenge? If you have been loving and kind to your pet, then the reason for such an unfair response may be the pain. Dental issues, arthritis, injuries, infections. These are just a few conditions that may alter a pet’s mood and cause it pain. Number 3 – Hiding. If your pet.. ..usually looks for your company and.. ..attention, and then suddenly starts to hide under the bed or other places where you can’t get to it, it may be a bad sign. Severe stress can be a reason. Have you moved into the new apartment.. ..lately? Give the pet some time to learn its way around. If not, take it to the vet. It’s probably not feeling well. Hiding issues is mostly true for cats, and It can be okay sometimes. But if your dog does that, it is an alarming sign. Number 2 – Changes In The Appearance Of The Eyes. Red eyes and excessive secretion are symptoms of viruses and bacterial infection. For example, clear secretion from cat’s eyes means the cat has a virus. If the liquid is green or yellow, we’re dealing with an infection. Anyway, if you didn’t watch.. ..Hachi with your pet, but its eyes are wet, it needs a doctor’s attention. Otherwise, the pet might lose vision. Number 1 – Lethargy. Your cat or dog isn’t showing interest in playing with toys? Perhaps it got tired of them or you. Give it some time to rest. Maybe your friend needs some alone time. However, if It doesn’t go back to normal in 24 to 48 hours, it might mean that your pet has a fever, or even much more severe problems like.. ..dehydration, check its water bowl, or even a heart disease. One more thing. It’s okay to be overprotective about your pets. It’s better to spend a few hours and dollars on a false alarm than to miss a sign of health problems or.. ..react to it too late. 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100 thoughts on “12 Signs Your Pet is Crying for Help

  1. The thumb nail is fake the danger part is fake cuz when there eyes r big it could also mean that it’s playing or in the dark same as the calm one, the calm one is when the cat is in light and the eye turns straight

  2. Hey what you said about the cat eye it is not true small means it is day time and big eye means it is night time

  3. My cat was a rescue cat from off the streets and she was once really sick and had to have emergency surgery (the vet said the pressure behind her eyes were causing her severe headaches and said that there were signs of old injuries shown on x-reys and past surgeries and infections. We think she may have been hit by a car once and seemed to be older than we thought. She was fixed so she had to have been someone's pet; but we guessed they abandoned her because they couldn't take care of her, instead of giving her to someone who can. She was really skinny when we found her and probably would of died if we didn't). She is blind; but now happy and loves attention. She is a very good and friendly cat and sad that she had to go through so much. We were worried for awhile after her surgery as she would't walk on her own and had to be tube fed; but recovered after a few weeks.

    Now we have a new puppy, he is a Red Heeler, and we are in the procession of training him. He likes to play with freebies and this giggle ball. He is a herding dog, so we have a bunch of toys for him to play with and thinking of getting him an agility course as they seem to enjoy that.

  4. My pet eye color is yellow and green so Idk if he has a virus but im going near him alot and not getting sick so

  5. I adoped a black cat in the spring. Now his fur is silver down both sides and his belly. We adopted him off the street so i don't know his age. He appears to be around two years old. He was poisoned in april with antifreeze. It was hit and miss but he pulled through. Has anyone heard of this happening? And what age does this usually happen at?

  6. I have a puppy ( golden retriever ) name is Sami also a shepherd dog that’s black and named jasper ( a boy 1yrs old, he just turned 1 yrs old )❤️♥️❤️

  7. Tip, when cats have water next to there food, for some reason they think it’s poisonous. So put it by the sink. I’m n9t joking, we do this so my cat lola

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  9. Who watched this video but their cat are died already? (Sorry if my English is bad ) I have a cat, i mean, my real best friend, Boe ( read : Boo ). He is the best cat for our family. He is 13 years, and me 11😊 he always accompany me when my parents are went to groceries, or buy something for eat, even sleeping, I feel I'm not alone, but, when he get sick, he had vomited, and we are worry, and then he always hiding under the bed, he don't want eat anymore, only drink water, and then we went to the Doctor, and Doctor said he is sick, and had problem with his stomach, and i cried, i'm afraid Boe will leave me, and the last time, he don't want to eat, and we went to the Doctor, and they said "better we give him a medicine for make him sleepy and sleeping." And I knew it, I knew it Boe will go, I crieddd!!! We are cried, and for the last time, i want gave him hug and kiss, I cried again. I can't believe it, and yeah, Boe is gone, he died in 19 September 2018. Now, almost 3 months without him, I really miss him, the best cat I've ever had, and i hope our cats and dogs or all cute animals are in better place now, just pray, they are knew how much you love them. Thank you, 😊💕

  10. The thumbnail is fake. Pupils go big when someone sees something they like. Its the same as humans so dont trust the thumbnail

  11. The size of the cat’s pupil is dependant on how much light it needs to take in, not their mood and emotion.🤦🏻‍♀️

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  13. Wrong!!!
    My cat makes the type of eyes
    I touch the cat he was happy
    Only at night it becames over mad😡😡😡😡😡

  14. My cat does the danger eyes and calm eyes and I know it's fake Because think about human eyes doing that… it's normal. it's been doing its for 4 years

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  17. My pets names are Zoey the dog ,Coby the cat, Lily the dog and Boo Boo the kitten Zoey and Boo are my two animals and I did it oldies to youngest

  18. This is why I never vaccinate my cats! Indoor only! Vet just told me my 12 year old has EXCELLENT blood work very pleased with elder cat! Only holistic grain free food! NO MEDS. Except EMERGENCY flea treatment that’s it! Don’t poison your pets people!

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  20. Calm and danger is not true (thumbnail)
    When it’s big that’s when it’s dark and it’s catching light
    When it’s small that means it’s bright and they don’t need to catch more light

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  24. the clickbait is wrong the cat eyes that are slits are showing they feel endangered or cautious
    edit:like if agree :v

  25. Just because dogs and cats don’t stare at your food maybe they train them not to beg bright side is wrong

  26. WRONG! Its pupils are no differrent from the human pupil, it depends on the light thats shining on the face.

  27. fun fact: when a cat's eyes are dialated, it means that they are a bit excited and playing around with cat toys, or generally finding prey, not a sign of danger.

  28. Their bigger pupil makes them see better in the dark. Get some research done before jumping into conclusions.

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  34. My cats name is misty my dogs name is Rosie my other dogs name is butch my hamster name is chip my rabbits names are snuggles and lily I know I have lots of pets please don’t say anything mean about my animals I want to be a vet since I wa five thanks to my granny who past away lately

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    birds: sky is a boy bird grass is a girl bird and sun is a girl also

    Love my pets and your videos 💖💖💖!

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