13 Cursed Objects That Bring Bad Luck and Should Be Removed From Your Home

Some of you may have already started doing
spring cleaning, and for those who don’t have any issue anymore (or at all) when it comes
to clutter or even feng shui, but still have a certain uneasy feeling at home, you might
want to double-check if you have any of the following 13 unlucky things that shouldn’t
be in your home. If you do and you’re quite certain that the
bad feeling is coming from those, then consider donating or selling or disposing them. This
list is based on a combination of feng shui and old folks’ superstitions from around the
world, and it’s up to your personal belief system if you believe in them or not. 1. Old empty furniture If they’re still regularly used, it’s ok to
keep them. If they hold some sentimental value, double-check if you can overhaul and reuse
or repurpose them into something you can regularly use now such as transforming an old table
into a bench for instance. If not, these are the things you must donate
or sell immediately. Old empty furniture such as rocking chairs, crib and cabinets that
have been left unused especially for more than a decade may invite evil spirits into
them and into your home. If the rocking chair rocks on its own even
without any strong wind blowing, then a malicious spirit is already there, and instead of donating
or selling it, burn or get rid of it immediately! For baby crib, only put one in your home after
a baby is born and never have it delivered in your home early. If you’re keeping one
for your next baby, consider dismantling it for now and keeping it in a safe place until
your next baby is born. Doing so not only saves space, it can help prevent your son
or daughter from having a suspicious unseen friend as well. For old empty cabinets, if you can’t dismantle
and repurpose them especially the built-in ones, consider calling a priest to check and
bless the room it’s in and your home afterwards. For non-Christians, you may use a bell, gong
or sage instead to clear any unwanted spirits that may be lingering there. To be on a safer
side, let some light regularly shine through it afterwards by hiring someone who can safely
remove the cabinet doors and install more shelving units, so you can use it as an ordinary
built-in book shelf instead. 2. Broken light fixtures & mirrors Though fixing broken items in general is highly
encouraged, when it comes to light fixtures and mirrors, properly dispose them as soon
as you can. Never attempt to fix them, else you won’t only risk cutting yourself, any
flickering lights and broken mirrors and glass invite bad spirits in them. Replace them with
a new one as soon as you can. 3. Old Broom If you’re moving in a new home, never bring
an old and used broom. Aside from that being unhygienic since doing so may transfer dust
and grime from wherever that broom was previously used, it is also considered bad luck since
it transfers any residual negative energy it tried to sweep away from the old place
and into your new home. Buy a brand new broom in your new home, and make sure that you only
sweep during day time, never at night if possible, so you won’t sweep away any good luck coming
in. 4. Cobwebs Speaking of sweeping and brooms, make sure
to clean your place regularly especially the corner floors and ceilings. Sweep away any
cobwebs because they promote stagnation since, like clutter, they block good energy or chi
from freely flowing around your home. If your home is infested by spiders, consider
getting a pest exterminator. Though relatively harmless compared to cockroaches and mice
(except if you have arachnophobia– don’t worry, I won’t show any real life spiders
in this video since I don’t like them too), they invite difficulties or entrapments in
relationships, and if one crawls or falls near you especially right infront of your
face, be warned. A fight or emotional difficulty might happen or come soon. In some cultures, spiders are considered protection
against psychic attack and curses and if you feel comfortable or if you love them, then
you may ignore this warning. But since spiders also represent an unbalanced female energy–
especially the man-hating kind, it may throw off your own sense of balance and feel trapped
or more prone to emotional outbursts. So you may choose to use other means of protection
instead such as quartz crystals, a much cuter pet like a dog or an animal familiar like
a cat, or simply praying. 5. Negative imagery or artwork Displaying a painting or photograph depicting
depression or insanity, or even disasters like natural ones or man-made like shipwreck
in the ocean or war is considered unlucky even in feng shui because doing so invites
a similar kind of vibe and may bring distress or discord in your home. The same thing goes for displaying images
depicting death such as taxidermy or weaponry. You don’t have to totally get rid of them
though especially if they’re part of your personal collection or family heirloom. But
you may relocate them to a special room that may also serve as a home-based gallery and
give a special kind of reverence to them instead of simply putting them in common or personal
area in your home such as the living room and bedroom, and disrupting your relationships
and even your sleep. If you have the choice to avoid them, please
do so, and choose to display artworks that give off happy positive vibes or a peaceful
one instead to promote the same energy within your family. 6. Unmade Bed Though there’s a certain study that leaving
your bed unmade before you leave your home is better since it leaves your bedsheet and
blanket to dry up any moisture it got while you sleep, and minimizes risk of getting bed
bugs and mites, a better option would be to open the curtains and let the morning sunlight
dry your sheets up, and still make your bed every morning. Leaving your bed unmade can psychologically
affect you since it reinforces the same state in your mind. Doing so also leads to a poor
night’s sleep which may worsen over time until you tidy up your bed. There’s a reason why
making one’s bed every morning along with other little things is also part of military
training– it doesn’t only cultivate self-discipline and gives a great feeling of accomplishment
which sets the tone for the day, it is believed that if ever a day gets so filled with badluck
or misery, at least going home to a neat and clean bed can comfort you and give you a feeling
that hey, not everything is bad and hopeless. Just get a good night’s sleep and try again
the next day. But before you sleep though, double-check
this first.. 7. Loose wires and tangled cords It’s kinda similar to the logic of having
an unmade bed, but you need to be extra careful with this because lose wires and tangled cords
are both safety hazards. Cover them up with a tape on the floor if
they’re running across areas in your home with lots of foot traffic such as in between
rooms and corridors to avoid anyone tripping on them. Also call an electrician as soon
as you see lose dangling cords on the wall or when fixing an outlet, and never EVER try
to repair them on your own. Keep those wires organized and make sure that
everyone in the family can easily figure out which wire belong to which electronics or
appliances, so they don’t have to untangle them everytime they need to plug or unplug
something. Doing so also makes it easier for everyone to determine if a certain extension
cord or outlet is already overloaded to prevent any fire hazards. 8. Spiky succulents Since water is considered as wealth generating
and not having to regularly water these plants is like preventing the energy of wealth to
freely flow in your home, keeping spiky succulents such as cactus and thorny acacia inside your
home is considered both bad luck and bad feng shui. Similar to negative imagery mentioned earlier,
their spikes may also promote quarrels and other unpleasant feeling within your family. You may choose to put them outside, like in
a garden if you have one, or cultivate an aloe plant infront of your home instead. Aside
from being able to use them to moisturize your skin and improve your hair, aloe plant
is also believed to ward off negative energy from your home. Like the cactus, aloe plant
is also very low maintenance and can withstand hot weather or dry spells. But if it rains more in your place, you may
consider this next one on the list instead… 9. Open umbrella Sometimes we just need to let our umbrellas
open to let them dry before keeping them in our bag or putting them back to an umbrella
stand. But in some cultures, opening an umbrella indoors is considered as unlucky. Not only does doing so may block others from
moving freely inside your home and can also make your floor slippery– making it an accident
hazard, according to Norse traditions, opening an umbrella indoors is like inviting a storm
or rain in your personal life, attracting emotional turmoil or unwanted drama, similar
to the cobwebs and spiders mentioned earlier. 10. Shoes on the table Never put shoes especially used ones on the
table. Not only is this unhygienic, according to old mining traditions, when a miner dies
in a colliery accident for instance, his family places his shoes on the table as a sign of
respect. If you do the same even if nobody died in your household, it’s considered as
inviting death to come and also tempting fate. 11. Broken clocks Similar to putting shoes on the table, keeping
broken clocks especially the grandfather kind is also tempting fate and considered unlucky.
Fix them or replace them immediately before they signal doom. It is believed that if a
broken clock suddenly chimes unexpectedly, someone might get cursed or die in your family. 12. Objects with unknown origin If you’ve rummaged through a storage bin or
attic and saw something which no one in your family knows where it came from, either dispose
or have it appraised and sell that thing as soon as you can. When buying antique figurines
or furniture for instance, always make sure that you fully know their history, or else
you might be keeping something with a spirit attached in it which may eventually haunt
your home. To be safe, get someone to build a customized
furniture or decor for you, and only buy from reputable shops, or trusted previous owner
if buying second hand items. And lastly… 13. Moths In some cultures, they believe that a large
moth entering your home is a deceased relative visiting you. It’s up to you whether you see
that as good or bad, however, if someone in your family is ill for some time– like a
week or so, seeing a large moth is considered a bad omen and whoever’s ill might die soon.
Ensure that the sick family member is well-taken cared for and have a second opinion with another
doctor. Also just shoo that large moth away. Regarding smaller moths, they’re actually
considered as pests since the ones found in your kitchen signals that you have rotten
or spoiled food nearby, while the ones found in your closet and laundry area are the ones
responsible to those annoying little holes in your clothes. Take out the trash regularly and
consider using lavender or mint essential oils that highly repel moths and others insects. So has any of you have a personal experience
regarding keeping one or more of these things in your home? Whether good or bad, share your
story down the comments below! If you find this video helpful, hope it earns a thumbs
up, and if you’re new in this channel, kindly consider subscribing. We upload a new video
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23 thoughts on “13 Cursed Objects That Bring Bad Luck and Should Be Removed From Your Home

  1. Grew up in charismatic churches and finally saw the truth – it's a lot darker. There's a part in the lost gospels about Jesus telling the disciples about the pagan sacrifice rituals (human sacrifice to atone for sins) is everything to do with evil.

    We've already been given a pre-warning in the bible to be careful because, crucifixion actually means the accursed of God. Deut 21:23 Anyone hung on a tree (crucified) is under God's curse. Satan first appeared to man as a serpent hung on a tree.The image of Jesus on a cross is Satan in disguise.

    If you put things into perspective, do you realize the church is celebrating a human sacrifice? Pagan Romans sacrificed babies/children. During the sacrifice rituals they sing loudly and play loud music/drums to drown out the cries of the child being sacrificed. Sound familiar with church? The Communion got changed by Paul to bread signifying body of Jesus. It mirrors the satanic ritual where they drink the blood and eat the flesh of the sacrificial child. Pagan Roman religion evolved into modern day Christianity, Paul's version, that's why he only preached to the gentiles. The original Christians were led by James brother of Jesus. The Roman empire annihilated the original Jewish Christians.

    When I was telling my little one about Easter, that Jesus willingly died on the cross for us, my little one said, "Jesus didn't die willingly, Judas betrayed him" Satan used Judas who was Jesus's best friend to betray him to cut short Jesus's ministry. Satan put Jesus on the cross, God had already pre-warned us about this. Same way Satan used Paul to kick out the true apostles and changed the church's teachings. There ain't a "new covenant in my blood". That's Satan telling you to forget about what God taught earlier.

    The prayer to "accept Jesus as my Lord & Savior, I give my life to you". That's binding your life to 😈. Because 😈 hijacked Jesus name to make Jesus into a god in order to trick others into following another god -Satan.

  2. Yes the strong feminine energy the first sexiest a spider that weaves strong fate. It should mean that the women in the house I'm very productive

  3. don't be a prick Estero dried-out masculine energy. How exactly, and aloe plant is Wonder drink. So, there's no coincidence that nothing rules in the yard the cactus

  4. Will try to do away with my old furniture and cob Webb's in my room and shop.now I understand why my 4 yrs old daughter told me to do away with my furniture

  5. I cant really make my bed anyways, I have a bunk bed (No bed under) so ill be on the blankets, sheets and I can hit my head

  6. If you initially cleanse your home before you move in and regularly pray for home protection you won’t have an issue! I’ve been a paranormal investigator for over 10 years and had a problem once! It was my fault and I invited it in! Ever since I’ve been vigilant about protecting my home! If a house blessing on your own doesn’t work, call a religious person to help out! But usually a strong prayer for protection helps!

  7. I have the doll in this picture. This is why I clicked on it, now I’m not superstitious but I’m thinking ….

  8. OM!!! I think I will burn my whole house down and rebuilt it with brand new EVERYTHING! . I guess deep in debt sounds better than all the bad luck, evil eye looks or a messy Chi and a kattywompus feng shwei😞.

  9. All superstitions for the weak of faith… You can have anything in your house unless it is been used for adoration, then, yes remove it, and don't sell it or give it to someone else. Just destroy it, break it and toss it in the garbage. The last statement was for the weak of faith. If the item is been used for decoration, and decoration only, you should have it. For decoration, NOT, ADORATION.

  10. MEDITATE TO THE CREATOR/UNIVERSE TO CLEANSE THE ENERGY OF THE OBJECT/HOUSE, KNOW THAT THIS AS BEEN DONE, GIVE GRATITUDE💞 RELAX….. YOU COULD ALSO PRAY OVER WATER, HOLD THE BOWL, BLESS THE WATER, GIVE GRATITUDE,💞 THEN SPRINKLE THIS ALL OVER YOUR HOUSE, OBJECT, EVEN YOURSELF. That's all you need to do, don't get sucked in with thinking dark energy can get to you when the creator of the universe 🌌🌍❄is on your side, stay positive and the negative energy will HAVE to move away from the higher frequency, it has no choice the two energies CANNOT EXIST IN THE SAME PLACE….positive energy ALWAYS beats negative energy every time. …that's why evil can not corrupt good men💖GODBLESS….xxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. House sat for someone for 2 years. Attic was full of old furniture and had many things happen! Even had one of those huge cabinets in another room!

  12. In the Bible it does tells us abt curses, superstitions. Horoscopes, Ouija board and certain crystals should not be followered.

  13. I totally believe what your saying, Im not a follower of anything except the truth ad never put your beliefs Ion others that's judgement.

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