1917 MOVIE REVIEW & Oscar Nominations RANT!

Hi guys! My name is Gyliano, welcome to my YouTube Channel! Okay, so about the topic of this video… In a poll on IG I asked you whether you would prefer a 1917 review or my take on the 2020 Oscar nominations! 1917 had a slight upvote! But after I saw the movie, I decided to make this a combination video. By the way! Check this budget upgrade for my YouTube channel! I have bought a ring light! The OG watchers must remember my extremely low budget beginning. Yes, that lighting! A tip for all the people who can’t afford a ring light: Film in front of a window. Works as well! Anyway, let’s start my review for 1917! The story takes part in World War I. Two boys from the US army get the task to inform their general that the US must cancel their plans to attack Germany. Apperently the German army planted a trap, which could make them win the war. Do they get to save their troops in time? I heard a lot of great things about this movie! Reviewers rated it a 10/10! They called it a ”brilliant film”, ”a masterpiece”. I heard it all and thought to myself… Yeah. I guess I HAVE to see this movie? Because I don’t really enjoy watching movies about WWII. I know this movie is about WWI, but I thought that if I don’t like WWII movies, it must be the same for WWI. Maybe that is because I was never good in history during high school and the PTSD came up. But because of all the praise it got, I decided to go anyway. Guys, I LOVED this movie. In the US it came out last year, but here in the Netherlands it’s a 2020 release! If it was released here in 2019 instead of 2020, it would’ve been #1 in my top movies of the year video! 1917 is just so impressive from a filmmaking standpoint. I don’t know if the movie was filmed in one shot forreal, I think not. But the effect of the movie is that it feels like it was all filmed in one take. Because of this technique, the movie really becomes more of an experience. I love experience movies! With experience movies, I mean movies that make you feel like you are a part of it. This isn’t the first movie that did the ”one take effect”. I saw multiple movies trying to realise this effect, like for example Birdman. In my opinion 1917 captured this effect the best. When I saw it in theatres, it immediately came to mind: this really feels like a VR videogame! May I add: the best VR videogame ever! It feels so realistic! The movie has beautiful shots! Breathtaking shots! Visually alone it’s a masterpiece! But what gives it an extra dimension, are the sound effects! Very subtle things. For example: when they walk on mud and the camera pans down, you hear their footsteps clearer. Those are small beautiful crafted details. Leaves that crunch. The sound of a river flowing. And for the record, I watched it in Dolby Cinema. I would definitely recommend that to receive the entire audio experience! I had a certain fear for the movie. You would think that because it is ”one single take” for 2 hours long, it would become boring. Sounds pretty logical to me. But the movie has so many audiovisual treats, that you never get bored. If you like history and specifically are interested in WWI, you will eat this movie up! Like I said, WWI doesn’t really peek my interest. But something I did find interesting about WWI was the trench warfare. How they realised the trench warfare in this movie… If they showed this in history class, it would be my favorite subject. Just saying. 1917 also has some nice cameos! I haven’t watched the trailer of the movie, I suggest you don’t do that either. There are a few surprising (to me at least) cameos in the movie, that do get spoiled in the trailer. 1917 is a feast for cinemalovers, but in my opinion also for mainstream viewers! I was considering rating this movie a 10/10… But I don’t give that score up so easily. The movie is brilliant. Best movie of 2019, why wouldn’t I rate it a 10/10? I think this movie would’ve been a 10/10 with stronger actors. I think it’s more of a problem within the script. I thought some of the ”emotional gutpunches” were… Well for example, when a character died- This is a WAR movie with a lot of characters. So not a spoiler, because it’s obvious that people will die. A character dies, but the scenery around the death is so heavy and beautifully realised. You get ”wow this is so heavy/intense” feeling rather than being sad for the character. It didn’t get me like: *UGLY CRIES* If they had built up te characters more and tore my heart out of my chest like Then I would’ve given this movie a 10/10, because I do feel like in every other department it was excellent. It’s not even that the script or characters are badly written, by far not! I just know that with a few adjustments, it would’ve reached excellence. And for that, I can’t give it a 10. In conclusion, I rate 1917… … a 9,5/10! Now let’s move on to the Oscar part of the video. 1917 got nominated for a lot, which makes total sense! As I told you, this is my favorite 2019 release! So that said, when you take a look at the other nominees… 1917 deserves that win. If 1917 doesn’t win, I’ll give it to Joker or Parasite. And to be honest… All the technical categories like visual effects, cinematography, sound design etc. 1917, just take them all! Before we go to the best actor & director nominees, I wanna say I’m not that impressed with the nominations. The nominees did a terrific job. It’s just that… How shall I put this… Let me say it like this: there is a certain pattern that can be seen each year at the Oscars. A pattern that has been going on for years now, let’s be honest. Just for fun, let’s take a look at the following tweets. As you can see, yet again the Oscars are not diverse. It looked like for the last two years- Well maybe only last year… They tried to put in effort as far as diversity goes. I was like ”oh okay that’s nice”. Like Lupita Nyong’o said… *QUAKES IN ANGER* I’m by the way so pissed she wasn’t nominated for Best Actress. Diversity is cool, but… I’ll let her say it herself. And this year there were so many people like Lupita Nyong’o, Awkwafina, Jennifer Lopez… Yeah I said it, Jennifer Lopez. Who at least deserved a nomination! I’m so pissed about Lupita! She nailed playing two completely different characters in one movie! No one compares, I- Awkwafina even WON the Golden Globe for her role, but you still couldn’t even give her a nomination. Right now, it just looks like people of color are very ”hip and trendy” to promote in your magazines like ”WOW, look how diverse we are!” But when push comes to shove, we won’t get nominated! I’m just so happy that Parasite- I mean, the quality of that movie! I’m so happy that Parasite is just so undeniably great, that they just can’t snub it. As far as Best Picture is concerned, I’m rooting for 1917. I also would be glad if Parasite won. But the award that Parasite has to win is Bong Joon Ho as Best Director. Also: in the Best Director category no women. This is like THE year of female directors, they made great stuff in 2019! Lulu Wang should’ve been nominated for The Farewell! I haven’t seen Little Women yet, but I heard Greta Gerwig did an amazing job! You could say, maybe they did a good job… But the nominees were better. I disagree. I think OUATIH is a bit overrated. The Irishman had great acting performances. I didn’t really care about the movie as a whole though. Joker… I guess… But I do feel like if Joker should win for anything, it should be for Joaquin’s performance. As far as the acting categories go. Best Actress. For Best Actress I would pick Scarlett Johansson in Marriage Story. In my opinion she gave a career best performance in that movie. Best Actor. Joaquin Phoenix! No doubt! Maybe… Adam Driver… But no. Hmm no. Adam Driver was great in Marriage Story, but I feel like Joker became this iconic role for Joaquin Phoenix. I’ve seen multiple movies of both actors. When I think of Adam Driver, I think more of Star Wars and BlackKklansman. Joaquin Phoenix –>Joker. How he portrayed the character is way more memorable, for that I’d give the Oscar to him. Supporting Actress. SO ANNOYING! Little Women is yet to be released here in The Netherlands! I really like Florence Pugh, but can’t say much of her performance because I haven’t seen it. I’d go with Laura Dern, she was great in Marriage Story! ScarJo had a great year! I really liked her in Jojo Rabbit aswell, but I liked her a bit better in Marriage Story! Supporting Actor. Brad Pitt, no discussion. ANOTHER SNUB! Spirit by Beyoncé should have been nominated! Seriously, the song from Toy Story 4 is nominated?! Best Original Script. I guess… Knives Out? Or… No! Parasite should have that one. Runner-up: Knives Out. To be honest, I was quite scared to give my opinion. Some people will give me a SJW stamp after this lol. I just think it’s a serious issue. You don’t see me crying is their aren’t any minorities in some categories. I just get triggered when people who really deserve it get snubbed. And most of the time, those people are minorities. Kind of a fucked up pattern if you asked me. Anyway guys, that was my review for 1917 and the Oscar nominations! Have you seen 1917? Did you like it? And what are your thoughts on the Oscar nominations? Don’t forget to hit the bell to stay up to date on all my videos! Follow me on my IG for more updates on this channel! Bye!

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2 thoughts on “1917 MOVIE REVIEW & Oscar Nominations RANT!

  1. Voor mij beste in de beste:
    Beste film: 1917
    Beste regisseur: Sam Mendes
    Beste acteur: Joaquin Phoenix
    Beste actrice: Scarlett Johansson
    Beste acteur bijrol: Brad Pitt
    Beste actrice bijrol: (niet alles gezien, maar voor nu) Laura Dern
    Beste lied: Rocketman
    Beste originele script: Knives Out/Parasite
    Beste animatie: Toy Story 4
    Beste cinematografie: 1917
    Beste Visual Effects: Avengers Endgame/1917
    Beste Score: Joker
    Beste editing: Ford v Ferrari/Le Mans 66
    Beste internationale: Parasite

    Als ik een ‘/‘ zet ben ik in twijfel

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