20 Faster Ways to Get Through the Airport (and one secret way)

Hey there today I’m sharing 20 faster ways to get through the airport from your home through airport security and in the plane up in the air with one secret method. If you are a leisure traveler or if this is your first time traveling these 20 fast ways are going to help you. The #1 fastest way to get through the airport is to pack clothes in a carryon suitcase. Carryon suitcases allow you to skip the ticketing counter and you go straight to airport security. Now I am a pilot wife; that is why I have this Travel Tips by Laurie YouTube Channel. But we still have to go through regular security. Well we did purchase TSA precheck and that way we can move through the precheck line when it is open.

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87 thoughts on “20 Faster Ways to Get Through the Airport (and one secret way)

  1. 1 step further on the boarding pass….make the screenshot your background wallpaper so you don't even have to open the photos app…

  2. Yes! We live near KC and the security is so weird!!!!!! At least they finally added bathrooms and restaurants back there.

  3. I love you Laurie! I love you so much! I don’t know what I would do without you beside me! I really want to meet you!

  4. Thank you so much for this video, you always have such great travel tips!!! I've used so many of your tips, and you've inspired me to share my own travel tips on my YouTube Channel! I’d appreciate anyone who subscribes to my channel for more travel and packing tips!

  5. Yep grits will getcha, taking them to my favorite uncle who cant get them , real ones, in California 🤣🤣

  6. Really like the tip to take pic of parking ticket,that is useful for an everyday tip 🐱😎🐱😸 I bet you were a great teacher correction You are a great teacher ;>]

  7. I'm about to fly for the first time a week from today and all of your videos have been so helpful for me. Thank you so much!

  8. If you have an IPhone, you can add your boarding bar code to your wallet. After You have checked in online, there is an option to have the code texted to you .Do that, and you’ll notice a small icon below the barcode that reads “add to wallet “ click on that and it will automatically be in your phones wallet. I’ve also saved concert and other event tickets that way, and been scanned in at the gate using either my IPhone or Apple Watch. Pretty cool! And fast!

  9. Hi Laurie. I will be flying soon and was wondering how I go about it being I have to use a mobility scooter. Do I need to do anything special? I love your videos.

  10. My adult son and I are flying international this fall and I have a couple of questions. When I go online 24 hrs before, do we check in separately? I paid for the tickets so they have both of our names on them. When we do check in do we get all of the tickets for our whole trip? Appreciate any help, I've learned so much from your videos. Thank you so much.

  11. I had bought cheese on a recent trip and got pulled aside due to the “blocks of suspicious items” to have my carryon searched. Additionally, I have had a knee replacement and it often sets off the metal detector. I am then either patted down completely or am sent through the x-ray instead. Is there some way to advise of the knee and be x-rayed and bypass pat Downs?

  12. When I check in for my flight there's an option to email me my boarding pass, I do that and then add the boarding passes to my wallet app, then when I'm at the airport my phone gps recognizes and the boarding passes pop up on the lock screen.

  13. Canadian and European airlines have smaller carry on sizes than most US carriers. Canadian standard is one inch smaller on the wide and length. The depth stays the same.

  14. Is it easy to get a big cup of ice on the other side of security? I don't mind paying a dollar or so for it; it's basically how I stay hydrated and cooled off. It sounds stupid, but I'd really want to carry some ice in my big, otherwise empty mug. This, to the point of carrying a big mug of ice through security, with a small block of Ziploc-wrapped dry ice (allowed!!!) in the top, so the ice will, indeed, be completely frozen, which, according to the rules on the website, is every bit allowed. But if the TSA officers in question think that's weird, even though the parts are all allowed, I'm afraid that it might push their buttons, and I'd get in trouble with them, and bad stuff would happen. My back won't let me stand for a long time, for instance, and it frightens me that I might be made to stand in a booth for a long time, like I saw on a video. I realize there are some considerations given people with disabilities (I would have a walker, but not a chair or scooter), but just what they consist of is a gray area for me. And as for risking pushing the wrong person's buttons, I'd rather just buy ice on the other side, if it was enough to last a few hours. I know this sounds stupid, but it's a big deal for me.

  15. Love your videos!! I really love my TravelPro suitcase. I traveled for 3 weeks in Europe. Had enough room for everything I needed and for some souvenirs. Have a Wonderful Day!!

  16. Great video and tips keep up the good work enjoyed your information I'm following most of Guide's that you have mentioned ✈🌎❤👏

  17. I don't know if you have done a video on traveling with kids/teenagers. That would be really helpful. I just returned from a trip to Seoul, So. Korea, and travelled with my 2 teenage grandsons. One airport let us approach TSA as a family another separately. Customs/immigration returning from Seoul had the 2 boys go to an agent as they were minors and I used the machine that took a picture and fingerprint. We had to keep our passports/boarding tickets for an extra check for security. Hawaiian Airlines out of Seoul selected the 15 year old for a security check which he had to board separately with other people. When they got thru the gate they were taken to an area and had their shoes checked; they wiped his headphones down, etc. then boarded the plane. I was not happy that the airline or system would choose a child (teenager) to do this security check. Yes, we know it's for everyone's safety but just the fact he had to board by himself frustrated me and I really couldn't do anything about it. Luckily he has traveled with me before internationally so I wasn't too worried. Travelling with children is s whole new ballpark. Oh, my backpack got hand checked leaving Las Vegas because of a bag of jellybeans. That was a first. I always travel with jellybeans. Thanks for all your travel tips.

  18. You know here is a story. Flying from DFW to SFO on American I took a carryon, no issues it was within the correct size for a carryon. Coming back, I was MADE….to check my carryon at SFO and paid full price for it, like it was a regular sized suitcase. I even explained to the American worker "hey this is a carryon, flying to here I did not have to check it" SO…now I am freaked out. I sort of don't trust airlines with taking a carryon now. I wonder how often this happens?

  19. I just got a new bag and it's basically close or the max to most carry on size requirements the airline that I mostly fly. I rairly fly, but they are great tips. I pick my seat as we book the tickets. Great tips as usual.

  20. If you have to arrive at the airport 2 or 4 hours before your flight, what's the point of trying to rush through security if you still have to wait for your plain to take off?

  21. Great ideas! Do you know if it is a requirement by all airlines to have enhanced ID/DL? I have heard that we were moving that direction. Absolutely love your top! I have been loving that bright blue this season too!

  22. Hi Laurie, the hubby and I are going to Mexico in September and flying Interjet. Both carry-on bags together can only weigh 22 lbs. maximum!!! We're traveling for 14 days so I'm figuring outfits for 7 days with a wash day somewhere in between. Do you have any further suggestions for lightening the load? Thanks, love the videos.

  23. I always fly long haul with connecting flights UK to Australia and I can check in partially but not fully I always have to go to check in even with airline apps etc… I guess it has to be different if several legs of flights are included. Great tips Laurie especially for security

  24. Love this video Laurie – you're hilarious! I travel once a month by plane and still learned some things. They should play this on a loop at airports nationwide 🙂

  25. Thank you so much! I love you! I am 63 years old and I am about to take my first international flight. You have helped me so much to be prepared and I am becoming stress free about this….and I am a widow traveling alone!!

  26. If you are at home…print that ticket bar code. It is a way to present the ticket if something goes wrong with the phone (forgot to charge maybe).

    Many airports like Charlotte, Baltimore and orlando have a app with gps maps. Will help prevent you from getting lost…or help in finding the fudge store you love (Thank you Terminal B in Charlotte)

    Also Government Employees, Military and their families get to use the staff and tsa precheck lines FOR FREE. So wave those ids around instead of your driver's license

    I had a friend who was a tsa agent tell me this. Don't pack light colored powdered make up….ESPECIALLY NOT WHITE. Sometimes they have ingredients that cause your bag to be pulled aside. Liquid or gel make up is a safer bet for speed.

    Also width is generally 8 to 10 inches for carry on

    Also being in a hurry makes you much more likely to be pulled aside for a random security check.

    Love the video by the way.

  27. Another awesome list of tips to use to make travel more enjoyable. Thanks Laurie. We're in the process of planning a trip to Alaska and Canada so I will be searching for cool things to do in the airports we will visit.

  28. Great tips! Thank you! I’m using several of them already, probably because I watched another video of yours! I have worn clothing with embellishments, i.e. top with rhinestones, and a small metal insignia on the back bottom pocket of my jeans (thanks Chaps!), which both got me pulled aside for a hand search. No rhinestones or bling recommended! Also, not a lot of jewelry. We just came home from Kauai and my husband had bought a small bag of Himalayan type salt which he had put at the bottom of his duffel bag. That entire duffel bag got unloaded to check out that salt! Thank goodness we shipped our coffee and other goodies home, which got there a day or two after we did. Thank you for doing these videos! They really help!

  29. I am a Hershey's kisses addict and get my carry on checked every time because I have a bag of them in there. I just chuckle when they check it. I packed them in my checked bag last time, and it was inspected!

  30. Doing things by phone is great but oddly, on a recent international flight with AA, some 2-dozen people who had checked in on their phones, were called up to the gate desk with their passports, etc., to prove their ID. Very strange. I prefer checking in 24 hrs ahead of time and printing off that hard copy.

  31. Love your videos. Keep up the good work. I used the photo app tip with the boarding pass — great time saver, thanks.

  32. honestly bless your channel. I'm 17 and flying alone for the first time (first time flying in 6~ years) and I've been binging all you videos so nothing goes wrong

  33. Hi Laurie Love your tips. I have a question and would like to know your thoughts about anti-theft bags (is there really such a thing?}. I am planning a trip to Europe (from Canada) and have seen many anti-theft backpacks and cross body purses. What are your thoughts on these bags? Are they worth it?

  34. Do I have to put a money belt in the bucket? It makes me nervous as I sometimes carry a bunch of cash.

  35. Hi Laurie
    Great vido as always. I am confused what the Mobil Passport Control App does and how and where do you use it? Thnank you!

  36. Kind suggestion for you to walk people through saving their boarding pass on their phone… in their virtual wallet. Taking a screenshot seems a little weird.

  37. Watching this reminds me of how miserable traveling by air has become! I hope I will never again have to cope with the insanity that is an airport!

  38. Hello Laurie, I found your channel by searching for tips for first time flying.
    I have never flown before but next summer I am traveling to Ireland, for two weeks.
    I have been doing a ton of research but I really think that your videos about the airports are very helpful! Thanks! 🙂

  39. This may sound dumb but when traveling with liquids in your carry on does it have to be in a clear bag or does that matter?

  40. Laurie, I cannot express how much I appreciate your videos. We have traveled quite a bit so how you manage to throw a tip out there that we can use is awesome! Every video you have is so informative. I have directed many newbie travelers to watch your videos. Keep up the great work! Your southern accent is also lovely. My husband is from TX and I love it. 😀

  41. Hi, my name is Michelle and I'm from NY. Soon I'll be going on a semester abroad for college and it'll be my first international trip without my family. I've been watching so many of your videos and they are just the best. You've been more helpful than you know and I wish you and your family good fortune.

  42. What would you do? I have severe TSA panic attacks in that line. I've done precheck, global entry, and CLEAR. The moment I feel stuck in line or it stops moving, I'm so uncomfortable and get light headed. Please note, I've tried my best to work through this. My saving grace is a friendly talkative tsa agent. They have no idea what I'm going through from looking at me. Any tips/tricks to get through this besides avoidance?

  43. Could you please tell me if I’m allowed to use a ticket that has been bought by a different person in a different country,only the person just sends you a picture of the tickets and you copy them on paper? Its just I’m only twelve and am going to be flying alone to Central Asia in a week.

  44. Have you been using Global Entry coming back into the US? I am flying back in October from outside the US on a Saturday and understand that is the busiest day at that airport and Global Entry was recommended. Now I have a card that can go into a Kiosk to bypass Customs? Looking for info from someone who has used it. Thanks.

  45. If you pre checking online you still need to go to the ticket counter to check your luggage! So should you pre check in anyway so they save your seat? Thanks

  46. I really enjoy your videos, but find it distracting when your hair constantly falls in your left eye–video after video after video. I realize this is the style you prefer, but it drives me crazy. It's hard to pay attention to your useful tips. I respectfully wish you well but can't abide this distraction. Happy travels.

  47. If you have incontinence issues be aware that the new Icon panties waterproof liner will trigger the TSA scan machine, causing you to have a very thorough , public and embarrassing pat down of your crotch area with the screen brightly lit up showing the offending suspicious groin area. This has happened the two times I flew wearing them thru two different airports. Mortified

  48. Great video… one question, the Mobile Passport Control App, In which specific moment do I have to use it? I had understood that it was only for USA citizens…

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