4-Minute Workout to Get Rid of Belly Fat Without Diets

Ugh, summer always creeps up on me before
I’ve managed to get my beach bod ready. Well, if you’ve got 4 minutes a day for
a few exercises that’ll give you the abs of your dreams, then so do I! So let’s do
it! 1. Dead bug
Lie on the floor with your arms stretched towards the ceiling. Bend your knees at 90
degrees with your feet raised from the floor. Now, without bending it, lower your left arm
to the floor over your head and extend your right leg down at the same time. Both your
left arm and your right leg should be parallel to the floor. Return to the initial position
and repeat the same thing with your right arm and left leg. Keep switching arms and
legs like that for the next 30 seconds. Go!  “Dead bug” – who comes up with these
names anyway? Well, however weird the name may sound, this exercise is good for any fitness
level. It’s also a great way to start your training because it’s easy on your neck
and lower back. When you’re lowering your limbs, it’s really important not to touch
the floor – just keep them hovering above it. …And done! Very nice! 2. Lateral plank walk
Get yourself into a plank position: arms outstretched, hands beneath your shoulders, feet only supported
on your toes. Make sure your back and legs are completely straight. Now lift your right
arm and right leg from the floor simultaneously and shift them to the right. Do the same thing
with your left arm and leg, shifting them to the right as well so that you end up in
the same plank position. Go back to your initial position by first lifting and shifting your
left arm and leg to the left and then do it with your right extremities. Keep doing this
little walk for 30 seconds, starting now!  What training goes without a plank these
days, right? Well, this exercise takes it to another level. Lateral plank walk gives
a nice shake to your entire core, making it work much better than a simple plank would.
Just make sure all your movements are controlled, don’t go stomping around! And time’s up! 3. Plank hop
The form for this one is rather simple: get into the plank position with your arms straight,
palms down and beneath your shoulders. Put your feet together and keep them that way
throughout the whole routine. Now, in a mighty hop, bring your feet forward and to the right,
with your knees as close to your right elbow as you can. Jump back into the starting position,
and then hop your legs forward and to the left, once again trying to touch your elbow
with your knees. This counts as one rep. Continue hopping left and right for 30 seconds. Ready,
set, hop!  This exercise is pretty similar to burpees,
and if you’ve ever done those, well, you know how brutal they can be! But plank hops
are easier and no less beneficial for your abs. Given the intensity, they’re even better
if you ask me! The faster you go with the hop, the better it is as a cardio exercise.
Still, don’t overdo it! Keep a comfortable pace not to strain yourself too much. Ok,
that’s it! Now let’s keeping it moving! 4. Crab toe-touch
Sit on the mat with your legs bent at the knees. Place your feet and palms flat on the
floor, feet close together, hands behind you, fingers facing your back. Lift your butt from
the floor, supporting your weight on your hands and feet. Now, in a slow and controlled
movement, raise your right leg straight up as much as you can and touch your toes with
your left hand. Return to the initial position and alternate sides: kick your left leg up
and touch it with your right hand. Keep switching sides for 30 seconds.
 Crab toe-touches are awesome when it comes to core training because they keep your abs
and back engaged the whole time, while making you sweat by doing some aerobic exercise.
As an added bonus, you’ll work your shoulders and glutes too! Just remember not to sit on
the floor in-between the reps! And done! Nice job! Okay, we’re halfway through the workout,
don’t give up on me now! 5. Forearm side-plank hip-dip
Get in a forearm side plank by supporting your body on your right forearm. Your elbow
should be right beneath your shoulder, with that hand in front of you and relaxed. Keep
your feet close together, propping yourself on your right foot with the left one resting
on top of it. Now stretch your left arm up and dip your hips to the floor in a slow movement.
Try to touch the floor with your right hip and then return to the initial position. Keep
doing that for half a minute. And, as always, don’t rush it!
 Side planks are a must when it comes to hitting those obliques, which is good because
they shape your waistline. And that means no more love handles! Ah, music to my ears!
With planks, it’s all about the form, so be sure your body makes a completely straight
line when you’re not dipping your hips to the floor. Almost done now. And stop! 6. Leg lifts
Lie on your back with both your legs and arms straight. You can either extend your arms
along your body or stretch them out to the sides to pump up the difficulty! Breathe out
and, keeping your feet close together, lift your legs up. Be careful not to bend them
at the knees! Make it a slow movement too. Now breathe in and lower your legs back to
the floor without actually touching it. After a second or two, lift them up again. Let’s
put 30 seconds on the clock!  Now, as you’re doing leg lifts, pay
particular attention to your lower back – it shouldn’t get strained; otherwise, you know
you’re doing them wrong. This exercise is great for strengthening the core muscles,
especially the ones in your lower abs. So, yeah, bye-bye annoying belly pooch! …And
done! 7. Down dog abs
Get into the plank position and go to the Downward Facing Dog pose. That’s when your
butt is lifted upwards so that your body makes a reversed V. Your legs, arms, and back should
be straight, hands shoulder-width apart, and your head between your arms. Then, lift your
right leg and stretch it up towards the ceiling. Now bring it back down, bending it at the
knee and touching your right elbow with your kneecap. Your arms should stay straight, though,
no cheating! Lift and extend your right leg up again, then bring it down with the same
knee-bending motion, but this time bring it across your torso to your left elbow. Then
switch your legs and do the same movements with your left leg. First up, then down to
the left elbow, up, down and across to the right elbow. Keep going for 30 seconds.
 I know, the steps sound pretty complicated, but it’ll get easier once you get the movements
down. And this exercise is a great one (like the rest on this list!) because it targets
your core and glutes. Yep, that means chiseled abs and a tight bum – two birds with one
stone! Ok, you’re done with this one, so let’s move on to the final exercise! 8. Warrior balance
Stand up straight and lift your right leg so that your knee is at hip height in front
of you. Raise your arms and bend them so that your hands are level with your shoulders.
Propping yourself only on your left leg, bend forward at the hips, simultaneously extending
your arms forward and your right leg backward. Your left leg should be slightly bent at the
knee for better support. Pay attention to the form: your whole body, except the left
leg, should form a straight line. No bending at the waist! Pause for a second and get back
to the initial position. Keep bending forward for 30 seconds.
 It might not seem like you’re really hitting any muscles during this exercise,
but balancing your body really is a workout! Warrior balance makes you get in control of
your entire core, strengthening it and making you burn belly fat with the sheer strain of
your whole body. It also targets your glutes and hamstrings, so it’s triple the benefit! And that’s it for today! Great job! If you
keep coming back to this video and doing these quick and relatively easy exercises regularly,
you’ll be on the road to the ripped abs of your dreams! Plus, you’ve got some glute
exercises in there, some aerobics for better stamina and calorie-burning, and plenty of
nice stretches to boost your flexibility. Pair this workout with a healthy diet and
plenty of water, and you’re good to go! And what easy tricks do you know to get the
abs of your dreams? Let me know down in the comments! Don’t forget to give this video
a like, share it with your friends, and click subscribe to stay on the Bright Side of life!

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100 thoughts on “4-Minute Workout to Get Rid of Belly Fat Without Diets

  1. To even out your body the workout should be extended for 2x 30 seconds to do the hip dip and the warriors balance on the other side

  2. All these people want summers bodies, ha…

    I want a permanent body because I don’t want to do all that work to get have a perfect body for only summer time😂

  3. Just remember that nobody has the “perfect” figure! There is no right or wrong on how you should look. So ignore whatever society is telling you and love your body for what it’s meant to be! Do these by all means but do it because you want to and because you enjoy doing it!

  4. Does anyone else wish they could just watch someone workout and then you would have the results??? I sure wish it worked that way!!

  5. Okay guys I'm going to do this everyday and report what happens. Hope you follow along!

    Day 1: There is no difference but that makes sense cause nothing's going to happen right away. The excersises were kind of hard but I bet they are going to get easier.
    Day 2: forgot to do it sorry
    Day 3: it was a little easier to do the excersises.
    Day 4: I started to do the workouts twice a day, there still isn't a difference except that it was a bit easier to do the exercises

  6. I’m trying this out myself so I’ll tell u if it works

    Day 1: Nothing happened, quite painful to do
    Day 2: Still nothing happening, but now I rlly feel the burn in my abs

  7. Phew! Day 1 and trying to lose weight before school! I feel like quitting already but I’ve seen some motivational comments. I’ll come back to this comment the day school starts for me and I’ll let you know my changes!

  8. This may sound weird but i am trying to get fatter befre back to school because i am too thin and thats why im weak..

  9. Me watching am like i need to do it ..
    Few moments later..
    Mum: joyce COME HERE Ya FOOd GONNA BE COLD..
    Me:aff i can't starve my self
    MUM: Ya need to eat more like ya usually do
    Me:😆 mum where is my favorite chicken part ?😐

  10. Ok ima do this workout all August so I’m updating

    Day 1: I notice small changes but not much,
    Day2: I notice indents in my lower body next to my belly pooch
    Day 3: my love handles get smaller and I notice a thigh gap
    Day 4: my love handles are drastically getting smaller, they are almost gone!
    Day 5: rest, I notice my bum was tighter

  11. Day 1: my arms were shaking so bad that i had to talk a break but it wasnt too bad
    Day 2: it was significantly easier my arms didnt shake as badly and i didnt have to take any breaks

  12. I did this two times in a row and the second time I was at the last one I almost throw up I do not trust this any more

  13. This seems so much easier than the other exercise videos and now I’m actually quite motivated lol

    Probably gonna loose my motivation when I start but dkjsjsks

  14. AUGUST 2019: Came across this video while looking for some easy at home workouts so i’m gonna do them & keep you guys updated so u don’t waste your time if it doesn’t work :/ lol

  15. ok i’m going to try this i’ll edit every day for hopefully 2 weeks (might forget) starting tomorrow so stay tuned (btw i’m 136.42 lbs (ik 🐮)) i’ll weigh myself at the end.
    day1. so far so good, struggled with a few and didn’t do so well on them. not that sweaty
    day 2. sweating tons, arms are burning so far so good

  16. Nice helpfully exercise thanks bright side is 😊😀😁😂😂😃😇😆😅😄😉😯😬😳😵😍😛😜😝😋😗😙😘😚😎😭😌😏

  17. omg!! did it for 30 minutes and i feel soooo much better 😳😍 i lost 15 pounds in the first 10 minutes and now i have rock hard abs 💪🙌 everyone try this it works 😱

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