4 Shoulder Season Cruise Deals Plus Price of Booze in USA vs Canada!

we’re live we’re here how you doing
today guys welcome to Friday welcome to traveling with Bruce how you
doing today welcome to my channel welcome to the show it’s the Friday
afternoon or early evening or whatever show it is five o’clock Eastern we’re
here here in Creston BC we’re about 86 degrees today quite warm for your
average this is what we should be getting this time of the year the plums
and the peaches the pears they’re all you know maturing on the tree harvest
time is coming a little later on we have apples we’ve got grapes so we have
wineries around here so this kind of heat is what we’re looking for Mother
Nature is doing what she’s supposed to be doing and it’s gonna be wonderful
welcome to the show I’m glad you’re here those of you who never been here before
welcome first-timers glad to have you aboard we love talking about cruise
ships cruise ship vacations holidays in general just life and we like to stump
Bruce with hard to pronounce names that seems to be a new game going on right
now I some of my new subscribers and viewers are giving me hard names with
which to with which to call them and remember them by I’m doing the best I
can and it’s it’s all good fun I’m glad you’re here welcome to Friday July the
27th 2018 four days from the end of the month unbelievable it’s August next week
I got August next week for schemer he just you know got rid of those fun great
five kids the teacher that he is up in in Saskatchewan there he’s on his
holiday right now he’s gonna get back to the Saskatchewan and guess what it’s
already August and the countdown is on for school to start oh no oh this themer
he’s having too much fun what are you gonna do here every day is a holiday or
where I am every day is a holiday I I just do this full-time this is all I did
I do what I do YouTube following the cruise ship business full-time it’s a
holiday every day every day it’s a cruise every day I was looking at
cruises today I am scheming I’m looking to put
together some cruises for or a group cruzi to get together with the gang this
gang you guys and I’m looking at some deals and I’m looking at some logistics
I’m really thinking about a about a cruise I really love to be in a on a
cruise ship for November found some deals on haul in America the the NOI
Amsterdam I think it’s called Wow found a really nice price cruise there and
late November we’ll have to see I’ll look into that
and dig a little further and I’m thinking of another cruise in the new
year probably January February somewhere in
there maybe it back-to-back maybe a cruise a little break and another cruise
we’ll see I’m just throwing stuff around and as soon as I know what I’m up to
I will let you guys know what the deal is and whether you want to join me or
not that would be fantastic we’ll do some meet and greets on land
prior to and post cruise get-togethers I’m excited I’m jazzed up I got I’m
looking forward to being on a cruise ship or two or three or four and seeing
you guys you know on the real deal and rather than just sitting here talking to
you on my computer I’ve the one-year anniversary of this channel is coming up
fast August 12th or so is the first year
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for the Hat all the donations let’s see who’s here because folks are signing in
right now if you’ve never been here before sign in say hi tell me where are
you watching me from what’s your high temperature today what’s the price of
gas I have a skill testing question for Robert Brandt today and all of you out
there if you know the answer to this question by all means let me know if you
don’t it’s okay but I’ve got a skill testing question for you guys I want to
know I’m just really curious because here in Canada it’s so different than in
the States I’m in Canada most of my viewers are the USA although those of
you are overseas I know and Jordans here from Australia she’s watching me from
Brisbane today this one is also for you and and if anyone else is watching in
any other country the UK Venezuela wherever you’re from
let me know this let me know this at Kenya um when you go and buy a bottle of
booze how much is it where you are so how about something like oh I don’t know
like a Bacardi Rum or something like that or a bottle of whiskey telling me
the size of the bottle and what you pay whatever you know I mean if you’re uh if
you’re an aficionado of rum tell me what kind of rum you buy and how much it cost
you how big is the bottle um we’ll compare notes because around here in
this neighborhood where I live oh my gosh we pay dearly so dearly
um quick little story for you I was in Costco last weekend on Saturday last
with Jennifer and we came we went to the Costco store by the way I’m having a
little coffee today but don’t worry don’t worry about this mug being a non
traveling with Brisbane I got my caffeine free diet coke right here I
have two ready which will follow this and it’s got the logo on it right there
okay so I’m not a traitor or anything or hadn’t forgotten this is just a coffee
mug like you anyway here’s the deal we were at Costco last Saturday and
Jennifer saw a bottle of Kirkland brand margarita mix for sale in a bottles like
a pre twelve half percent alcohol already go just pour it right out of the
bottle onto some ice and you’re good to go
that kind of drink Jennifer loves and that bottle cost us in u.s. dollar or
something like eight dollars and fifty nine cents you know those Costco prices
they end in those funny numbers was 850 something us money we bought that bottle
and we were trying to bring it home well we got us a new border guard at the
border stop over here in Creston between Creston and British Columbia in Port
Hope or Port Hill Idaho we got us a new security guard in US ago we had us a new
customs guard officer whatever they’re called a border agent and on the Canada
side coming home and that you can tell he’s a newbie
because he’s asking all the questions that they teach these guys it’s in class
every question you gotta add when you Runyan when he crossed the border into
Canada or into the US and you get like a five year guy a girl been doing this a
while they can kind of look at you and figure out pretty quick whether to give
these folks the old you know by-the-book kind of interview or just ask them a
couple of questions and get them out of here
well we got the newbie and so all the questions all the questions and of
course being you know regular border crossers you kind of go oh we got a new
guy or we go and so you know where did you go
how long were you down for did you bring anything back how much did you spend I
did what did you where did you know what what what stores did you go to so we
don’t win to Costco Coeur d’Alene Idaho went to Costco got some groceries
did you buy anything else other than groceries yes my wife bought some
clothing items brought back some clothing items our and you buy to bring
back any alcohol or cigarettes no cigarettes but we did buy a bottle of
Kirkland margarita mix is there alcohol on that yes there is it’s enough it’s a
pre-mixed Kirkland brand product how much did you spend for that thing $8.50
okay I’ll pull over there and bring the bottle in with the receipt now we either
want to here we go this is it we’re done for it’s all over we’re busted so we
parked the car brought the bottle in brought our receipt and we go there’s a
second agent in there we’ve met this guy before he’s a veteran the rookie is
doing the interrogation and we can hear the next guy we can hear him any
firearms are you how long were you out just goes on and on and on anyway so we
put the bottle on the counter hand him the receipt and he’s just typing on the
computer and looking at the receipt and found the price and he’s there all right
okay yeah you want to sit down no no tell us standing up how much you want
well it’s $2 federal excise tax for the Government of Canada plus there’s the
GST which is the goods and services tax in Canada that’s 5% on top of the price
and then there’s the the provincial government of British Columbia
provincial markup fee that the province of British Columbia charges us when we
go into a liquor store here in British Columbia it’s a government liquor store
we don’t go into Fred’s corner store to buy a bottle of booze oh no no no we
have to go into the government-run liquor store where all the unionized
employees are with all the benefits and the store is a sterile as uh as a tongue
depressor for that one bottle twenty four dollars in markup that the BC
government charges us as taxpayers the government Canada at the border kind
enough to collect that fee on behalf of the government of British Columbia so
they wanted thirty one dollars or something from us with all the taxes and
everything else on top of what we paid already for the bottle we declined we
sit now I don’t I don’t think so we’re not gonna you can have the bottle here
we’ll just give it to you it’s yours what they do is they take the bottle and
later in the shift and they dump it down the drain and they just they throw it
away destroy it no one gets anything and we’re out the 850 American having bought
it and that’s the price you pay sometimes you sometimes they let you go
sometimes they don’t it all depends on the agent it depends on the agent but by
the book this is oh it’s done in this country
yeah 24 bucks provincial markup for a bottle of booze that isn’t even made
here that I’m bringing across at my expense no mercy so anyway I’m curious
to know how much does it cost to buy a bottle of rum er a bottle or rye or a
bottle of vodka or or or some kind of liquor down where you guys are wherever
you are let me know I know that that Kirkland brand is available at the
Costco in Calgary we can buy that exact ball encounter there
$4.95 is the sale price at Costco in Alberta in BC I’m sure would be $39 I
don’t think they sell very many of them at that price even at Costco I don’t
know ridiculous but that is how this game works and
taxes are what make the world go around and tariffs are taxes by the way if you
didn’t know that that’s what tariffs actually are there are taxes and there
are politicians out there on many in many borders right now in many countries
increasing taxes on all of us at an astronomical pace and most of us don’t
even know what’s going on but it’s true it’s happening anyway enough of my
little story but this little wall of boos I hope I didn’t offend anyone I
hope I don’t lose subscribers because every time I talk about taxes some
people get offended and so they’re supposed to double cruise ships well
it’s traveling with Bruce and I traveled to clear land on a brought back a bottle
of hooch and I love bringing back a bottle of hooch from the Caribbean when
I’m on a cruise with my wife we each like to bring one back of course when
we’ve gone for a week you’re allowed to bring a bottle of booze back duty-free
but only one each only 750 milliliters or something like that
anything over that is theoretically not allowed that guy’s at the border yeah
you got a 1.1 4 liter bottle from the Cayman Islands from Saint Thomas from
yeah okay just shut up and you’re okay unless you’re obnoxious if you’ve got an
attitude they’re gonna think I’m saying no no you got to pay a duty on the
overage and it’s on that whole thing and then you just you practically give it
away it’s only happy Friday happy coffee
let’s see who’s here and let’s get the comments going Brittany Lockwood signed
in first at at 311 today Eastern Time is that right 411 Eastern Time
hi Bruce and all hi Brittany how you doing from Baton Rouge Louisiana that’s
where you are I’ve remember that welcome Robert Brent hi Bruce and everyone 85
here st. Tom no ships in port today Robert uh easy
day for it’s Friday long weekend hope you didn’t work too hard um how you
doing tell me how much booze is down there you’re gonna break my heart I know
when you tell me I’m just gonna go Wow Brittany it is 97 degrees outside it
feels like 102 and that’s pretty partly cloudy like I said here 8687 pretty hot
here – Peter hekima Peter hekima Peter how are you buddy nice to see you here
hi Bruce and everyone sunny 93 in Tarpon Springs Florida
that’s called paradise for most of you folks who don’t know pool water
temperature is 90 and the gas this morning was 150 four point nine that
can’t be right had to be 259 – fifty four point nine that’s a whole run down
that’s the whole rundown contribute Roshan trivia show last night’s gotta be
254 appointment cat is here hi hi she says hi cat it’s 84 but feels like 91
heat advisory out till 8:00 p.m. and I think you’re in Sacramento if I recall
California so I’m Henry hi look at Britney being earlybird today how about
that yeah number she’s number one today Tommy Henrich at about the same here in
Richmond so I’m Henry no ships again Robert that’s two days in a row isn’t
know he had some yesterday I thought but the day before I think he had one a day
up Richard C hello Bruce hello all hope all is well yes all is well Richard see
we’re all good getting ready to go to Calgary after the show tomorrow we’re
doing great I hope you’re doing great – and Jordan good morning Bruce it and all
it is 26 celcius sunny and Brisbane today she has little snowflake symbol
beside her temperature and then the eclipse of the moon happening there
expresso in hand had a homemade expresso right here by the way
I’m not shifting over to my standard afternoon a little quaff here my little
caffeine free diet coke in my traveling with Bruce monk a cheers to all of you
out there hmm thank you for following in the show and my channel and all my
exploits and all my craziness love having you by here Richard C hello Bruce
hello all hope all’s well Jan Jordans good Tom Henry hello sunny in
philadelphia ed Tom Henry tada and is here and Jordan morning tom Brittany
Richard C and cat Tom Henry a bit warm there today and AM Jordan yes lucky I
would like please thanks Tom Edie Holliston is here at Tolleson jr.
hello everyone is about the thunderstorm here in the Braun
welcome edy welcome all my New Yorker friends an area I’m glad you’re here
love New York City one of the greatest cities in the world actually Paul Lucas
hi Bruce and all semi 19 cloudy here in Virginia welcome Paul and 79 you know
better ninety nine that’s fantastic Richard C hello and Robert Brent at Tom
Henry looks like it’s Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday for the next few weeks
for the ships the harmony of the Seas is here on a Tuesday and she’s a big one
yeah she’s the big boy though great big one cat Rose hmm
see keeper is here hi Bruce and all 93 degrees in the storm here in Tequesta
we’re hoping the power won’t fail as it is so often does during rough weather
thumbs up and a great show to everyone Thank You C keeper for coming by again
always good to see you Heather Young is here hello mr. Bruce and everyone hello
Heather Young welcome back to my show it’s been a while nice to see you Debbie
Emmanuel one of my all-time favorites hi Debbie
you’re here I’m here hi Bruce and all high and haughty er again today in
Northern California triple digits and smoke in the air from the fire near
reading I’m reading about this unbelievable fire over there already
lost two firefighters and several homes prayers to all two lives lost the river
jumped the Sacramento River and is heading into reading unbelievable 95,000
people terrible about to ourself they’re so by car from the Oregon border in
Northern California unbelievable Debbie man welcome back stay safe and stay cool
and everything else nice to have you here Kath Rose south of me and Lodi is
wine country right on yeah that’s right that is wine country down there just
south of Sacramento California a Richard C Bruce when are you going to post more
on board ship videos I mean what’s with you man let’s go give me just just hang
tough I will post more it will have a cat rose oh oh no Tim the weather the
weather and the fires um let’s see I’m saying hi to me here Robert Brandt next
to me and why next to me is wine he’s having wine next to him cat some schools
here are beginning our beginning in the they begin in August how about that
Brittany Lockwood’s school starts in just under two weeks for my niece and
nephew for their their summer break began in a
latter part of May so it shifted a little earlier and then they start
little see me being Haber see the steamer is back steaming beam how you
doing pal we have been watching all of your photos your postings and we’ve been
talking about you whenever we’ve been playing trivia someone has taken up the
the cause on your behalf and they’re guessing the Vatican every chance they
can you’re back and Jordan prayers they be I just I’m hoping you’re back and
Jordan hiya beaner Steve Bartley is here my brother is coaching football and they
have already started practice in Yuma Arizona for high school unbelievable or
college I guess Debbie Manuel thanks and auntie Jane is here hello everyone hi of
13 today and 9 a.m. in the morning auntie Jane welcome back haven’t seen
you in a while thank you for your support of my channel
as always I did receive your latest contribution to my paypal accounts a
couple of days ago thank you so much again as always wonderful to have you
here the steamer my bags are packed and off to the
airport in less than now ok he’s headed home are you going from Vegas to the
teller you leavin now Vegas wonderful sir and Jordan hey auntie Jane Nina
Frank oh my goodness Nina is here from Sweden how many persons are you thinking
about for that meet-and-greet cruise 100-200 yeah
she’ll be able to get some good parts well I sure wouldn’t that be something
if I could put together a 200 person cruise on a cruise ship
I think the cruise line will kind of go mr. farmer welcome traveling with Bruce
and guests what can we do for you that would be kind of fun scene keeper hey
bean vacation over already how time flies and Jordan hey Nina silo steve is
here from Seattle hey cats and kittens 86 for the high 60 for the low at
Seattle 92 days until the Bliss ayman trip number 2 and a paltry 541 days only
541 days to the cruising with wheels group Cruise on the Encore Haven no joy
yet ha oh there’s time don’t worry you got time let them figure out the joys i
generate and then you’ll you’ll look at it steamer I said Bruce 2 bucks once so
I was the second person to send you moola that was on my on my super check
ok right here on the super chat on super on YouTube
and by the time they took the Commission off 30 percent comes off the top I
didn’t have enough for a hot dog you didn’t even send me a hot dog but I
did get enough for a drink so it’s all good
Beamer it’s all good any and all donations I accept them anyway they come
in although I prefer paper you know saying hi and richer see it’s always a
great show but would love to see more on board videos see more on board video cat
rows stampede it’s over stampede over last week it’s it was last week that’s
why we’re going this week Larry Blake does thumbs up work on smart TV um Larry
I don’t know one of the other folks here if anyone else is watching can you give
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I need thumbs ups everywhere I can get them any way I can get them that would
be wonderful the unabashed youtuber is bacon for
thumbs up Richard C at the steaming bean thumbs ups to you Stephen bean it’s not
is not the Stampede over it is my friend auntie Jane hello and Jordan and
everyone else steamy bean hey Richard Brittany Lockwood I have no clue don’t
don’t buy the junk I don’t buy booze I don’t know how much you did Britney if
you don’t don’t go don’t worry but if anyone knows they know that’s why I say
if somebody knows their favorite you know kind of libation tell me what do
you pay for that stuff I’m kind of curious I’ll let’s compare notes on this
bridge or see the steamy beam hope you had a great trip it looked like he had a
great trip Robert Brent okay here he goes he’s killing me already Robert
Brandt Bacardi 750 millimeter here run 729 retail that’s about that’s about ten
Canadian dollars by the way a 750 milliliter bottle of Bacardi here in
British Columbia is at least 25 to 30 dollars
at least if you’re if you were talking about like a 1.1 4 litre bottle the
bigger one or a 1.5 that is $60 here 60 canadian thought yeah that it it’s
unbelievable steamy bean loving my holidays fantastic cool Jess
hello Bruce happy Friday from the Big Apple cool Jeff welcome my second my
second New Yorkers here steamy bean leave in Memphis okay so
you’re leaving Memphis did you not go to Vegas was that not happening or did you
do it or we’re all confused here back in Canada Robert Brandt US Virgin Islands
is one of the cheapest places for booze cooljazz I drink Appleton but only when
I go to Jamaica there you go Paul Lucas 750 milliliter
Jim Beam is 21 bucks here in Virginia okay right on you know I wouldn’t know
for sure what a Jim Beam cost around here excuse me but if you American you
think that American money Canadian eyes it it’s got to be more than that here um
what do we got here a Debbie manual just got a bottle of Tito’s vodka from Costco
there was twenty $8.99 for a 1.75 liter bottle today 1.75 liter bottle oh my
gosh Debbie that’s 60 bucks here easy maybe 65 easy Wow Robert Brandt 750
milliliter Jim Beam 949 Robert I’m so glad you’re here I just love your you
are an authority on your pricing there I love that you know your pricing cuz
you’re in the business this is fantastic steamy bean hydrate Diet Dr Pepper but
on the ship I was drinking mudslides and all sorts of lady drinks the music was
going and the dancing was happening and it was all good times
yes sir steamer that was a great cruise Robert Brandt our local rum crew
cruising is about six bucks for a 750 millimeter bottle Wow like holy moly
appalled Wilgus at Robert Brandt coming there just to drink oh and why not Kat
Rose how much do you buy how much do you buy a produce and such she’s curious
about see keeper 64 ounces cruise and rum goes for 17 bucks no need to wait
for a sale we never buy just one Kirkland brand tequila is good I don’t
know about the premix margarita mix though it must be good
Robert Brent we have no taxes or duty on the alcohol Wow auntie Jane 11 car
Kariba rum 40 ounces or 1.125 litres approximately 40 New Zealand Dollars New
Zealand Dollars two Canadian dollars I think Canaan dollars more that might be
about 30 Canadian 32 Canadian which would be an American be below 20s low 20
American something I’m thinking CT / real rum – not rubbing alcohol with food
color just in case anyone’s curious out there this the real stuff right on Kat
uh what the heck that’s I’m up I’m up on all these little little things here
these little sayings you know like w WT of WTF WTF why the face
I like Phil Dunphy and I are like that we know all these things got to keep the
show clean books Steve Bartley when we drove into Canada
we got the third degree and had to go inside for more drilling including
addresses for everywhere we lived oh yeah yeah sometimes they just go batshit
crazy it’s it’s so stupid gotta look out for the bad guys you know
it’s just ridiculous it’s just North America folks we live
here we live there but oh yeah that border oh that’s just God’s God’s
dividing line yeah it’s stupid Robert Brent you can take 7 750 liter
bottles from stt to the USA st. Thomas to the USA without paying any duty or
tax per person oh my god if it’s a couple you gotta take 12 bottles you’d
be crazy not to what a deal you Americans have got it
late got it good I can’t do that a Canadian I’m allowed one and general out
one after that we pay but you know you could take two each you run the risk of
maybe having to pay sometimes it let it go
it all depends cat what what why the face Steve Richard see uh Steve Bartley
Canadian customs is very strict it can be Paul will guess a Robert Brandt okay
I’m coming to drink and to shop laugh out loud
Robert Brandt at traveling with Bruce see how much the government’s make on
booze oh yes indeed cigarettes do unbelievable cat rose hell you can buy
hard alcohol in Walmart here you can but not not in here not in Canada now in
British Columbia it we have government-run stores in Alberta they
used to have government-run stores and it was convenient for the unions because
it was around about May or so every year or two that the contract would come up
the union contract the pay contract would come up and that’s when the union
would ask for 20 percent raise every contract and then they’d go on strike
for three weeks right into the summer holidays Scott and then the government’s
would you know negotiate a deal and unions have just be holding the hostages
US hostages for cold beer and alcohol because of these government ORS well the
Alberta government got wise and figured out you know what we’re gonna do we’re
gonna web I know we’re gonna shut down the government run stores we’re gonna
allow alcohol sales through standalone stores that the private sector operates
will regulate the private sector every store will have to get a permit a
license they’ll be inspected for certain you
know buyer safety and building codes and so on so at the Costco in Canada in
Calgary for example you can go to the Calgary Costco store and buy alcohol but
not inside the store you go inside the Costco do your shopping for groceries
and everything else then you go through the till pay for your stuff come outside
the store alright then go around the back of the store where the Tire Center
is just walk past there and there’s a little building all by itself is not
touching the Costco building it looks the same it’s got the same color scheme
and everything got its own doors and you go in there and it’s there’s the
shelving the orange shelving like the warehouse has all the booze is in there
and you can buy the booze there with the cash register there you have to be a
costume member to buy it you don’t get any 2% back though if you’re an
executive member you just get to buy it in there and then you walk back out and
so folks pull their carts in there with all their food all the groceries are in
the cart they will pull it into their by their booze checkout and then roll it to
the car and at home that’s how stupid it is in
Alberta idiotic stupid to protect minors yeah yeah KITT mum’s bring their kids in
to the stop hanging off the side of the car I having a great old time it costs
us so much more for this in efficiency it is absolutely ridiculous the customer
the taxpayer we get hosed like you can’t believe national sport in this country
is Canadians going overseas and bringing back booze it’s a national sport because
we’re treated like children up here by the government’s in BC all
government-run stores crazy stupid what can I say I’m not a fan not a fan rum
1.5 litre disputer hekima 1.5 litres 1998 that’s in Tampa Bay
wow that’s that is serious deal you know Peter how good a deal that is versus in
Canada I would imagine in Ontario and Quebec those have got those those
bottles have got to be seventy bucks ridiculous Paul bogus sure they dump it
all those border agents have huge stockpile no they do dump it we actually
asked the young guy we said and you can have it why don’t you guys have a drink
you said oh I wish I could I really do he says well we can’t we have to we
inventory it in we have all our paperwork that we bring it in and then
we have to dispose of it and we have to prove that we’ve disposed them so photos
are there oh yeah it’s these guys are under Mickey Mouse rules themselves it’s
ridiculous let’s see Jesse Wagner from Chicago hi
Bruce and all made it a workout but hanging out with you all 75 and cloudy
in Chicago welcome desi Wagner the question of the day for you is how much
is booze in Chicago if you buy a bottle of hooch in a liquor store or Walmart or
a Costco what do you pay for rum or about good you know right if you don’t
soak a we’re just comparing notes around here I’m curious
follow this hi Tom cool jazz that’s only a mix not even real liquor that’s right
it’s not that’s what they took from me and Jordan hi desi Robert Brandt all
long as they can take it all home or if you notice they always have a cup in
hand my goodness calm and saying hello to
cooljazz all exactly Robert Brent shopping with Bruce boos is
always a good topic it is isn’t it it’s it’s a you know it’s just in Europe it’s
so adult over there it’s so grown-up but in North America we’re just it’s
like we’re all teenagers and we’re all politicians treat us like babies it is
ridiculous and then there’s the Bible Belt don’t get me started on the bible
thumpers oh my god alcohol and you know how many priests
are alcoholics how many really how many oh my gosh okay don’t get me started but
I you got me started release some more drink it there next time live out loud
yes Lisa we’re gonna we’re gonna go to Costco we’re gonna stop a mile short of
the Canadian border and you down that thing and then try to drive through the
border I think happy to be back I’m declaring up then I’ll get arrested cat
Rose or place like a band-aid wha a place like a band-aid Walgreens
yeah you can buy them there too that’s right Robert Brent US citizens six seven
hundred fifty million million million ball wow that’s such a good deal robert
cooljazz good morning Ann Jordan a happy Saturday to you Robert Brett I’m not
certain about Canadian I’m looking Maryellen Shaw is here hi I remember
when growing up and crossing into Canada over the Ambassador Bridge my parents
always stopped at at Amex for family was a big deal to them in Canada at Amex in
a family now I’m not sure what that what that is is that some kind of a chain
store or big grocery store warehouse store Mary I’m kind of curious see
keeper let laughs view live you’ve l’viv this fancy champagne he’s talking about
uh yeah the la Veuve Cliquot champagne is about $40 a bottle Kirkland real
champagne goes for 22 bucks and it is really nice I never only one only buy
one bottle because it is what you do at Costco yeah buy more than one at Costco
at that price absolutely I know when we lived in Palm Desert California
that was one thing that was cheap in California gas was a fortune but booze
was well priced and she would buy the Costco that old Bruce now I’m losing the
sparkling wine it’s about seven bucks a bottle in Costco you guys know what I’m
talking about it’s a purple colored label and it’s got the cork
you know Kirkland brand sparkling white wine Oh it’ll come back to me back to my
sparkling brown fuzzy water though doesn’t affect my memory one bit okay
here we go Robert Brandt Canadians one litre per
person of legal age there you go Paul Willis at Mary Ellen shawl I did the
same when I was in high school I went over and smuggled beer back Tom Henry
anyone interested in my first big check the travel with Bruce Facebook laugh out
loud Tom Henry thank you for that well we’ll check that out after the show you
with your new camera Brittany Lockwood I came in early and I
have been taking care of some things on other websites oh well
Brittany welcome back we’re talking alcohol you may not want to be part of
this but what you know whatever you think see keeper I love that propeller
design on your coffee cut I do too I think it’s one of the neatest logos ever
made for this channel and that you can get this in black type you can get this
in all white type fitting on the black background for a black t-shirt love it I
love that logo it’s fantastic um Tom Henry Robert Brandt just not
watered-down liquor that’s right Paul will Gaston many laughs and my you know
what a richer see while Bruce that must keep people in Canada from drinking too
much Whataya wheat we up here we are we see we just see at the border
we’re so angry I I can’t I can’t understand it why a a national
politician like somebody wants to become Prime Minister pledges in a national
election that the first order of business that I’m going to do if I
become Prime Minister we’re going to eliminate these duties on cigarettes and
alcohol at the border we’re gonna bring our prices down very close to the
American prices we’re not collecting taxes for the provinces you collect your
own goddamn taxes we’re just gonna collect our federal tax to fuck a bottle
for booze 10 cents a bottle for beer something like that we’re not gonna be
tax collectors at the border anymore this is enough Canadians bringing back
anything anything from America we’re allowed after 48 hours we’re allowed to
bring back two hundred dollars with this stuff that’s it two hundred Canadian
dollars worth of stuff that’s about a hundred and forty American under forty
five American that’s all we’re allowed duty-free after that we have a duty and
taxes I would equal it to the American number which I believe is eight hundred
dollars for an American crossing the border I’d make it eight hundred a day
just automatic a day duty free forget this nickel-and-dime
garbage at the border but no politician has got the guts to do it
none of them not one of they’re all gutless and they all want that cash for
their little program so they can benefit their little communities with all these
little government programs Scott Brody hi Bruce and all I’m back from my
solstice Alaskan cruising it was amazing I loved it I’m glad you’re back and I
hope you had a good time I’m gonna talk about the Solstice shortly because I
found a deal on the Solstice Scott welcome back buddy Stevie beam
Johnny Manziel was traded to Montreal might see him August 11th Johnny Manziel
was in Hamilton never played it down if regular football they trade him to the
Montreal Alouettes and the CFL and he might play starting next week it should
be interesting Peter hekima yes Bruce the gas in Tarpon Springs is 254 point
nine and not one fifty four point nine just want to see if you’re paying
attention and you were oh I am cat don’t know IIIi can’t on mine I can on my
tablet she says she can give a thumbs up on her tablet but she doesn’t know about
the Smart TV feature baller goes whoa whoa excuse me on my smart TV I can’t
send thumbs up so Paul has to go on his phone or on a tablet or or whatever and
I hope he does I hope he sends me thumbs ups eventually but we’ll see Uncle Jack
at Peter hekima Bruce has no problems seeing just can’t pronounce our names
yeah I can see the type that you put on ice can’t read it okay Tom Henry when I
watch on Theo’s all I get is the picture I have to use the phone or tablet to do
chat or if thumbs up Sylvia uh hi everyone 89
in Greensboro North Carolina I heard the liquor story about you and Jennifer what
happens if someone sends two bottles by UPS or FedEx do they open the box it
doesn’t make it it gets confiscated at the border you can’t do that that you’re
not allowed to ship alcohol three after carry it through personally as far as I
know Wendy Thompson I’m late sorry I was cooking dinner sausage onions potatoes
peppers and salad rummy here with coke oh my and Wendy way to go we’re talking
alcohol down here or up here how much does it cost to buy a bottle of hooch
down there the steaming bean Vegas bound right okay steamy means good from
Memphis to Vegas that’s where he’s headed Stu trip is still on way to go
buddy Kat is is Tito is the handmade vodka question mer Tom Henry I bought a
number of bottles of Bacardi in San Juan last November hope to ship them back but
cardi doesn’t ship and UPS wasn’t open that Saturday so yeah I know what you
did why don’t you do that I had to buy a new piece of luggage just for the rum
drug and all through the cruise yes the ship sequestered it yeah they did and
then you got a later Wendy Thompson wine when I lived in Missouri the Germans
make great wine style wines $7 and a nice deal
ranee is here hi all it looks like it in a hundred today in East San Diego don’t
tend don’t tend to buy booze I have no idea okay mg2 i won’t buy booze in the
caribbean or any ship not a chance you know what you know why on ship they sell
500 million bottles at $100 each oMG I don’t know where you what’s what cruise
lines do you go on I don’t know what you’re talking about
I bought booze right on Royal Caribbean when we were in the Caribbean and we
bought a big old one and a half liter bottle of rum and it was cheap got a
great deal I don’t know what you’re talking about kat rose it has been a
very long time since I went to Canada some states here have state-run ones yes
there are certain states that have state-run stores
I know Idaho you have to buy your booze in a liquor store except if you go to
Costco you can buy certain kinds of alcohol like mixers you could buy Costco
Irish Irish cream type generic you could buy beer and wine you can’t buy the hard
stuff you have to go to what Idaho run liquor store in Washington State
which affirm us ten miles to the west you can go into the Costco in Spokane
and they sell it all inside the store they got all the hard liquor all the
alcohol whatever you want at Costco prices but it’s still more than if you
buy it at the Idaho liquor store because the Washington State taxes are higher
than the Idaho State taxes it’s so stupid it’s just it’s like you know it’s
like bad stuff you children you children will pay a penalty to buy this stuff ah
what can I say mg toe they also sell great bargains on board with alcohol but
the bottles are 1 liter bottles in the States it’s two and a half liters at the
same price yes I know that’s how they make their money but please mg toe
doesn’t like it either Paul Willis mg toe I didn’t know that
you were buying what you were buying but I paid 17 bucks for 750 milliliter
bottle up a carnie on the getaway Robert Brandt the USVI only has one wine and
hard liquor import license and you know who has it
our buddy mr. Robert Brent is the only one with a license to bring it in mg Joe
did you have it delivered to your room he is curious a pretty lock but that is
ridiculous as to how much Canadians have to get their booze oh it’s stupid it’s
just idiotic up here forever it’s been idiotic Tom Henry I buy 1 liter in CL
water at the price of the rum yeah mg toe to much fake booze in the Caribbean
there you go mg is back Peter had come out last month
I paid 1998 for a 1.5 liter of Bacardi Rum the store had a $3 coupon at the
cash register so the final price was 1698 they have lots of sales on liquor
down here because everyone sells it exactly beter exactly in Florida it’s
its competition in in Alberta they have sometimes strong we’ll have like a
dollar or two off but that’s what all they can give you but you know
California you can buy booze anywhere in California it’s fantastic it competition
keeps everybody honest and if you’re a smart consumer you know what to do I
remember there was a time we bought Irish cream the real deal Irish Cream
Liqueur at oh one of the one of the grocery stores and Jen saw the price
which she bought four bottles they were a leader each and they were less than
ten bucks a bottle such a deal she grabbed four of those
things when we used to live in California can’t
bring that stuff to Canada in bulk but yeah she rather enjoyed it for quite
some time mg Jo is laughing out loud Robert Brandt
sometimes the cruise lines have sales if they buy a ton of something but the rule
they cost much more than in than in the same than in st. Thomas proper Wendy
Thompson when we do when we when do we play can Bruce pronounce this name all
the time that’s all the time Wendy we play this game all the time and and 11 I
just converted 40 New Zealand dollars into thirty five forty five Canadian
cheaper up there you go thank you very much out for helping me Brittany
Lockwood where I go to college no booze is available until after 2:00 p.m.
Central time Monday through Thursday and the place on campus that sells the stuff
does not open on the weekends and it is and it is by the glass there you go
dizzy Wagner I usually get my boss to pay for my boots well done
desi yeah you weren’t born yesterday well done well done
that’s one of those perks from the office right on Paul we’ll just Peter
hekima Florida has a great boost prices and always has rebates there you go Tom
Henry we need mg to buy some of Roberts top-shelf rum and determine if it’s good
laugh out loud I love the rum from st. Kitts and Jordan
our booze is expensive and GST not cheaper on ships through duty-free
unbelievable can’t Rose you know what is funny the country where Jack Daniels is
distilled is a or the county is a dry County so you cannot buy it there you
get buy it in the county it’s made you have to buy it outside so stupid so
stupid mg2 I always see $35 wines on board which costs $2.99 at the 99-cent
store I know same thing at like Trader Joe’s or at Costco absolutely Tom Henry
the NCL a cork fee is higher than what my wine cost no way would I drag it into
the ship under the ship I agree with you they’re pretty lock but while I do not
drink the junk they have they have their the junk there have been times I wish I
had one by me in college yeah Scott Brody $27 for a 750
milliliter bottle of smirnoff vodka here in st. Thomas Ontario yeah that’s the
the other say Thomas there’s the one st. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands and then
there’s st. Thomas Ontario that has its own unique pricing for alcohol Wow Scott
that’s in st. Mary hi all here in New Hampshire a 1.75 liter of Captain Morgan
is $20.99 Americans so Canadian eyes that for us that would be about about 29
30 bucks your price we pay way more than that way more that way I would pay here
bridge Columbia 65 $70 for that stupid Chevy first hey all 58 days until the
cruise ninety-two here in Georgia welcome Chevy at first
how much is booze in your town mg tow whenever you buy booze on a ship they
always ask you you you want it a double if asks if you want it a double
oh you mean a drink buy the drink you want a double scotch or double run it it
upsets him it upsets and well yeah they’re trying to make money big money
and Jordan he I mean first Mary Ellen shawl Amex excuse me Amex was store at
the border where Americans could buy booze and cigarettes and able to take
into Canada if spending 48 hours or more in Canada very interesting
Debbie Manuel Prosecco Debbie thank you thank you
Prosecco that is the booze that Jen loves to buy at Costco now I have to be
fair to the Prosecco story here’s the good news for for us this is one of the
little tiny things that work out Prosecco is 695 in Idaho at the Costco
American money that’s about 950 Canadian maybe close to ten bucks Prosecco in
Calgary Alberta at the Costco is 10 bucks same price that’s one only one
time I don’t know why but that particular brand Kirkland Prosecco is 10
bucks Canadian in Calgary and Calgarians Canadians Calgarians we feel like we’re
treated like adults with that one that’s one of the only times because the rest
of the Costco store we walk through the rest of the Costco store look at the
price of the alcohol they have in there and all we just wish we were in
California at least California or Idaho or my friend in st. Thomas I wish I
could go there at bring back booze at those prices
unbelievably thank you for telling me it’s Prosecco thank you so much Tom
Henry beam just get a pic of your triple jackpots on the slot machine how long
will you be in Las Vegas not allowed to get a pic you know it’s illegal to do
that but hope you hit a big one Tom it’s AMA saying I hope for you to s steamer
pick a big one off so you can just go on your next cruise right away and Jordan
have an awesome time in Vegas beehner looking forward to your vlogs Robert
Brandt at traveling with Bruce now keep in mind in a hotel or bar here you pay
$8 or more for a mixed drink you just pay for the WHA so you can see how some
bar owners live nicely here so if you’re a bar owner in st. Thomas selling to the
tourists life is good in st. Thomas VI owning a bar and st. Thomas it sure is
Brittany lock but that is not how much Canadians are nickel and dime it is not
sprit knee we ate it we hate it we all know it too we all know we’re getting
hosed we call it always tough here we all know Mary Ellen shop that was
pre-computer years and my parents would just pack a small bag and lie about how
long they were staying so they could take booze for family from the AMEX
store yeah that’s the game the national sport of Canada and the USA Britney
Lockwood while I am NOT a fan of today stopping but I am just listening in it
is fascinating news and problems i watch you on my computer and always give you a
thumbs up and I always appreciate it thank you so much by the way how many
thumbs ups do I have right now let me just go over to this page over here it
shows right now I have 24 thumbs ups and I have 47 people watching I have two
thumbs down so that’s kind of average for the show those of you out there who
would love to give me a thumbs up if you can spare me a thumbs up boy I would
sure love to get thumbs up I want to hit a hundred help me get through a hundred
in one show that would be something else okay let’s continue on Wendy Thompson is
saying Rhum about 18 to 20 bucks Rob brat Tom enry did you go to the
distillery Bacardi he was cured Robert Brandt mg toe if you if you stop and st.
Thomas I’ll give you some free I’ll give you I’ll give you a free bottle of the
real deal mg now there’s an offer you can’t refuse that Tom Henry yes that
Robert Brent did a tour of the plant mg told rhombus is the only drink that
cools you down when it’s hot how about that Tom Henry mg told that sounds like
a good deal dawna MacKinnon is here Admiral Nelson
rum for $12.99 for a 1.75 liter bottle Donna MacKinnon how do you stay sober at
prices like that that is such a deal oh my god $13 for a 1.75 about that here
that’s 70 bucks I’m really weak Oh people go bankrupt around here because
of booze it’s unbelievable and Jordan amazing pics of the Memphis Zoo Scottie
on Facebook have an awesome time in Vegas and I know you’re gonna give us
photos there I’m looking forward to that way to go way to go steamer Tom Henry um
for your information Bruce of POS F iOS the Verizon fiber-optic network for
television Internet / phone I can access YouTube and Netflix on two channels on
their programming I assume it works like the Smart TV setup unbelievable and I’m
sure you’re paying pennies compared to what we’re paying awesome stuff huh
Paul Wilkinson Virginia you have to go to a state stores mg toe Tom switched to
spectrum interesting spot there interesting comment Richard C Wow Bruce
it is it’s hot today it is odd Tom Henry I agree about the cool drink mg those
pina coladas in st. Kitts really did the trick empty dough feels does not work he
doesn’t like it Tom Henry no spectrum here the other option is Comcast and I
hate having to have them at work I hate having him at work very unreliable
interesting so Wendy Thompson oh do I have some names for Bruce to try saying
join D you’re gonna kill me you’re just killing me I don’t want it I just don’t
want it to cost me subscribers that’s all I’m asking oh by the way those of
you who have not subscribed to my channel there’s a button here is a
button here hit this one with the little bell icon you get notifications ever I
do ever I do a news a new video there’s a plug for subscribers I need
subscribers okay continuing on Robert Brett the Caribbean has some great small
batch rum companies how about that and Jordan give me thumbs ups by the way
Tom Henry when do we find out what a shoulder trues is just just right there
we’re just about right there uh at least somewhere Bruce time to move to Florida
drink and cruise just get your butt down here is they start drinking it start
cruising it’s all good Richard C welcome mg go cat rose heck what if it comes to
microbrews there are like 12 breweries in Sacramento proper Paul we’ll get em
GTO on the getaway it’s all it’s all they poured was double sim that never
charged more they just gave us double wow that’s a good deal well that’s kind
of a good deal you still paying four bucks an ounce but what the heck Richard
C oMG – I agree the Caribbean has a lot of fake booze around in Mexico two
people have died from fake brews down there but at least on the ship you know
it’s okay never buy hard stuff on the islands there you go but Richard see
when you go to st. Thomas you’re gonna be looked after by the real deal down
there buddy ranee shades of prohibition for some of
those states same with San Diego and microbreweries tons of them mg don’t
people drink too much on ships people need to learn to control their alcohol
intake just drink water and you’ll have more fun or drink do what I do
drink caffeine free diet coke a regular diet coke but hey it’s up to you it’s
all good I don’t care Tom Henry how about a cruise countdown
roll call number of days ship destination Jim Thomas hey Ella for new
burn isn’t it awful fire over 46,000 and growing 113 temperature poor guys
fighting in oh my god that’s unbelievable it’s just devastating Paul
Lucas at Brittany we are nickel and dime just as much here in the states just in
a different way I guess Debbie Manuel hey Jimbo hope smoke and ashes not too
bad for you right now and Jordan Haines Jim Thomas and Debbie
prayers for all in Redding California Tom Henry Cruz number one two hundred
forty six days on the Bliss for a Panama Canal repositioning cruise right on Dom
Tom Henry Cruise number two 580 two days on the NCL star doing South America
Buenos Aires to Santiago Chile that’s gonna be so good
Tom Henry are the fires anywhere close to Debby or anyone else Robert Grant at
dropping with Bruce just you just gave me a new slogan how does how do you stay
sober at prices like this how do you how do you do it
it’s a miracle how can you stay sober mg toe has anyone tried powdered alcohol
what do you what do you add to it that what do you had – powdered water well
what do you do with powdered water uh what do you add
get it has anyone tried powder okay mg total I’ll call Lobby will put a hit on
you Debbie Manuel Thomas fire is about an
hour north of me and an hour and 15 minutes north of Jim Thomas unbelievable
Debbie Manuel Thomas what is date your Panama cruise on the Bliss when does it
begin Steve Bartley Colorado has weird laws I think grocery stores can only
sell 3.2 percent beer and wine there is usually a liquor store in each
shopping center companies can only own uh what’s at aced one store I’m not sure
what you mean recent laws are changing it’s so silly it’s so stupid
um Tom Henry at Debbie manual departs Miami in the March 30th 2019 Robert
grant nine days to cruise he’s going on a river cruise Steve Bartley the rule
still very confusing stupid for those of us who grew up in California and Arizona
shemune first carnival conquest six days six day cruise 58 days Richard C Chevy
first have a great one Jim Thomas ok oh I’m about five months from the fire line
if the wind doesn’t pick up Chevy in first thanks rich receive it’s my first
cruise and I’m very excited I’ve caught up with all you guys I’m going to my
topic of the day before I read anymore these comments it is shoulder season
cruise deals I’m talking about the shoulder season folks I’m not talking
about shoulder cruises although I was kind of teasing tom at the time of what
elbow cruises um I found some deals during shoulder season that’s like
coming up now in November September these kinds of dates I found some really
neat cruises I thought that might interest you folks a couple of
interesting cruise lines like cruise number one here we go number one example
I came up with it’s a Mediterranean cruise it’s a November 2nd to November
the 9th it’s on a brand-new cruise ship the ms/ms sea sea view the sister ship
to the seaside are you game are you game for that um the new ship a
sister ship to the seaside the new ship is a hundred and sixty thousand tons big
she’s a thousand sixty feet long 135 feet wide big fifty four hundred twenty
nine passengers and 1413 crew so that’s almost seven thousand people on a cruise
ship how about this cruise from Barcelona to Marseilles to Genoa to
Naples to Messina to Valletta one day at sea back to Barcelona so it’s a
Barcelona round trip seven-day Mediterranean cruise November
the second to the night temperatures are in the 70s generally speaking even at
that time of year inside room 538 bucks not a bad deal for an inside room ocean
view 688 balcony 888 suite 1588 so if you want to take an inside room for 538
on a brand new cruise ship this ship is one month old this ship will be three
four months old by the time you get on it that’s a diene all over there not a
bad trip that’s shoulder season cruise number one right at the end of the
traditional Mediterranean cruising season number two TL Caribbean cruise
it’s September 23rd to September the 30th so that is a shoulder season cruise
for the Caribbean it’s not cold in North America yet by any great imagination but
on the NCL the Norwegian Cruise Line get away this is a nice ship built in 2014
still pretty new 146 thousand tons big thousand 62 feet long 100 30 feet wide
big ship 3969 passengers 1640 crew that’s a lot of people on this ship how
about this one from Miami you get on in Miami I’m a CD you end up in Roatan
Honduras might not be the best port O’Call but still it’s raw attend then
you go to harvest key harvest key then you go to Costa Maya Mexico Cozumel
Mexico the next day then you have a sea day and you’re back to Miami inside room
are you ready are you ready 399 $399 7 days Norwegian getaway 399 inside room
ocean view 499 balcony 599 suite 749 all rooms come with a $50 credit
from the cruise line of course if you’re shareholder of Norwegian you get $100
credit because your shareholder or Norwegian the top of that ah not a bad
deal long actress how about that who’s number 3 the Pacific Northwest for a
change of scenery Pacific Northwest on the Celebrity
Solstice nice cruise ship somebody was just on it right over here Celebrity
Solstice excuse me I made a terrible full pot I do what I do not have the
date oh this is so excited about this cruise I was all jazzed up to tell you
about this incredible deal and I don’t have the date for it I don’t want don’t
mind me I’m just looking up right now I’m the bully but what a guy Bruce is
you know he’s just so excited about this suck both this cruise and he doesn’t
even show us the tell us when it is well I’ll tell you what it is just give me a
moment here I have a feeling it’s uh pretty darn close by here I’m just gonna
take a peek here at these dates and I’m gonna look at the ship itself because I
know how I do this I know how to do this on vacations to go calm because that’s
where I’m fighting these great deals ah one momento work more as I quickly try
to quickly as I can look this crews up for you here we go
and show me that let’s see what we can do right here right now on this
Northwest Croods Pacific Northwest greatness solstice September 14th to the
21st there it is and yep that’s the cruise right there thank you very much
let me go back here back to my camera shot 30 thumbs ups hopefully no one is
leaving me as a subscriber 40 people watching right now hi guys here we go
okay September what’d I tell you 20 21st
September um inside room 459 of you 639 bout in 1629 it’s from Seattle to a
story of Portland then a sea day two days in San Francisco than a CD over to
Victoria British Columbia ending in Vancouver so you start a Seattle you end
in Vancouver seven nights built in 2008 122 thousand tons thousand
33 feet long 121 feet wide big ship 20 850 passengers and 1,250 crew very good
crude a passenger ratio 459 bucks one week on the Celebrity Solstice
good deal worth considering but I have one more just just one more Bruce one
more time this one here is a little different this is a little bit of a
package deal I put together a to cruise deal here all right here we go
you start in New York City this is where you start okay you have to get to New
York this the the the first cruise starts on September the 9th and lasts
until the 16th of September 7 days we’re going from New York to London
Southampton so you’re on the Cunard Queen Mary – the ship was built in 2004
refurbished in 2016 or so it’s 1,100 32 feet long 131 feet wide hundred fifty
two thousand tons big ship three thousand 64 passengers 1253 crew
you’re going from New York non-stop to Southampton inside room 849 one way over
there thousand 49 for a balcony those the only two rooms available right now
on this ship the rest of the ship is sold out you get to London Southampton
on the 16th of September okay enjoy England the United Kingdom take the
Chunnel train do that go to Paris or or go to Brussels go to Amsterdam hang out
for a while because you’re coming back to New York
August October the second you’re coming back so you’ve been in the you’ve been
in Europe from the 16th of September till the 2nd of October and now you’re
coming back to New York it’s a 14 night cruise coming back you get to the Big
Apple on the 16th of October you’re on the Norwegian Breakaway
coming back the Norwegian Breakaway built in 2013 thousand sixty two feet
long 130 feet wide 144 thousand tons big ship 4,000 28 passengers 1595 crew and
here’s the deal you get on the ship in Copenhagen so you’re gonna tool around
Europe you’re gonna get yourself to Copenhagen on the 2nd of October
Copenhagen Copenhagen tomato tomahto but they don’t putana whatever
there you go Copenhagen and you go to Gothenburg Sweden for your first day
then have a C day and he end up in Southampton
wave at everyone in Southampton then you’ll have a see day after that you go
to Cork Ireland for the day see a little bit of Ireland you have to see days and
you’re in Porta del Delgada Porto Delgada in the a source
for a day that’s Portugal and then five C days and you’re back in the Big Apple
and you’ve gone over and you’ve come back and you’ve done 21 cruisin days and
the inside room coming back on the Norwegian Breakaway inside room 882 for
14 nights nice the ocean view 979 balcony thousand seventy-six sweet
twelve seventy and they’re throwing you a fifty dollar credit to boot if you’re
a shareholder of Norwegian I think you get a couple hundred dollars additional
shareholder credit on top of that 882 for a fourteen night cruise coming back
good deal nice ship wonderful cruise there’s our
turnaround cross the Atlantic both ways to Cruise Lines two different ships a
little bit of Europe thrown in middle of all that thank you very much nice deal
those were my shoulder season offerings today maybe I’ll do some elbow seasoned
offerings another time anyway thought I’d mentioned those today as a couple of
you know not too bad let’s see what the comets have been
doing since I started this because you guys were talking while I was talking
going away here let’s see her let’s see here let’s see wherever I left so very
excited see keeper moderation is the key just because you buy three bottles
doesn’t mean you empty them in one setting
I agree see keeper Robert Brandt agrees with you as well you buy the booze on
sale and enjoy it for months wonderful thank you Tom Henry advice to
Chevy first just don’t spend too much in the jewelry store on board or on the
ports don’t be doing that Robert Brent Barcelona is great to cat
when does hurricane season and November I believe it December Robert Brandt cat
roughly the end of October you’re good there you go and Jordan agree
Brent Barcelona is awesome Robert Brent I love tapas eating go one place have a
dish and go to the next place for the next dish have a little wine show me
first what is a shoulder Cruz that is that is when what I’m really trying to
tell you it’s a shoulder season Cruz so it’s not summer it’s not winter it’s
kind of fall and in that middle area all the kids are back at school all the
tours are over summer holidaying is done and it’s just before the start of winter
holiday season so you can still enjoy places like the Mediterranean with
summer kind of weather not 100 degree 90 degree weather 70 75 degree weather in
the early November timeframe you can get in some nice holiday this last cruise
I’m talking about here from New York to London and then you’re in Europe from
the 16th of September until the 2nd of October 75 80 degrees still fantastic
weather in Europe the kids are at school the hotel prices have come down there
are the line ups are gone for all the popular tourist attractions more or less
it’s a wonderful time to a vacation price just right that’s what a shoulder
cruise shoulder season is Robert Brandt what 399 see keeper I love tapas on a
terrace in Barcelona very nice and so tasty Robert Brandt yeah see keeper 30
days to the NCL getaway right on Robert Brandt cava and ham YUM caviar ham Kevin
have Robert Brent hey Ella paella paella oh man
mg2 I am experienced I’m an experienced Cruiser I won’t go on a cruise less than
10 days I prefer 14 right on MG can’t argue with that one Robert Brent or
sardines and Barcelona all herring herring in Amsterdam oh good
Wednesday Wendy Thompson on your Viking cruise in Vienna eat breakfast then taxi
to Sherbourne Palace do the 40 room tour don’t wait for the river cruise mates
who only get a 20 room – or do the 40 room tour Robert Brandt mg – I prefer
the longer myself and Jordan llamo Robert see keeper my paella is better
according to my wife Robert Brandt my wife’s paella is great too in case she’s
Tom Henry mg yes we like the 14/15 day cruises and you didn’t mention the other
thing no big ships laugh out loud cat rogue cat rose Scotland is where I want
to go Tom Henry mg if you if if you do some of the Atlantic repo cruises the
only port stop is Punta del Gado very nice sport lots of sea days no
pickpockets how about that mg toe yes Tom I don’t like zillions of people and
prefer a ship with a walk around promenade Tom Henry the only Norwegian
cruise ship with no walk-around promenade is the epic and it’s a strange
ship design you don’t want to cruise on it anyway I’ve been on the epic it is
kind of strange nice things but some not so nice things I agree
mg toe I prefer to stay on board and enjoy the ship I don’t want to see a
bunch of poverty and have my pockets picked clean or anything like that
mg TOI I heard about those uh bathrooms on the epic mat a Michele Lucas oh yeah
that Cruise in September is for me thanks brucey buddy where is Randy when
I need that credit card where where’s that guy ah yeah yeah that’s theirs
deals here and Jordan I seen pics of the epic what’s going on with the top of the
epic it looks like a massive shoebox oh yeah like they just put up black box on
the top of the thing it’s a stupid design what he gonna do
they only built one like that only one it didn’t melt it anymore um Tom Henry
as our one group admin says cargo box dropped on top there you go Tom Henry
you should see the strange restroom design in the cabins – yes you have a
shower on one side just a shower then on the other side you got the crapper over
here and now outside you got the sink it’s silly it’s great New Wave design
and all that it’s you know for some they love it for some that’s kind of quirky I
found it quirky what can I say I didn’t use the shower in my room anyway
I only shower in the spa because that’s where the big showers are and I’m a big
boy what the biscuit problem I have some of my other viewers have biscuit
problems themselves where one biscuits short you know of some design some
weight limits MGT oh yes and all venues a little space to lie the lay around and
chairs and jordan is that the haven area on top of the epic I think it is Tom
Henry says yeah Wendy Thompson okay Bruce
try the crepe crepe cure hint French try this crepe cooler hint French okay
Brittany Lockwood uh hurricane season ends in November 34 the Atlantic
hurricane season there we go and Jordan never sailed on NC l mg Joe I
like the Mexican gold coast and California coast weather a lot more than
the Mediterranean weather Wendy Thompson ah craves cure okay Tom Henry NC L has
$25 deposit deals Michelle send the petty cash thank you deposit right now
get in there and take those deals well there you go that was a good deal these
are all good deals very interesting itineraries good prices absolutely you
know looking at that thinking that way get-together cruise AAA let’s get let’s
a meet and greet cruise I’m looking for something cheap something fun something
easy quick I’m thinking of all kinds of things I’ll let you know when I come up
with something and we’ll see what we can do C keeper not crepe crepe crepe ei now
that sounds question cat I would love to go on a cruise in early December silo I
lock myself in my Heyman suite and swig chocolate milk there you go Tom Henry
Bruce plus in the higher rooms there is a garden tub right next to the bed roll
out of the bed into the tub laugh-out-loud plus the beds have a
curved foot so tall people have leg room I have leg room problems with you you’re
on the end you know yeah your legs hanging over the edge epic design issues
let me tell you epic Tom Henry which Haven room are you in silo which one
yeah these these these curved rooms and designs are kind of weird when when when
Jen and I were on the epic Jen did a video tour of our room with the curved
walls but I’m standing in the way there and then she’s in the way there it’s
it’s not a it’s just a little video that we shot for our daughter
when we got back was shorter because we weren’t I wasn’t a youtuber at that time
and I’ve been a youtuber I would have kicked
and would have done a tour of the room myself and done it properly but that’s
what the meet-and-greet cruises are all about folks I’ll be doing ship tour
videos and hope to be doing live telecasts from onboard cruise ships
perhaps we can sequester one of the bars during the afternoon do a live show have
some of you in the audience and we’ll do the show together I’d really love to do
that try the other viewers crazy with how
much fun we’re having on the ship because they didn’t come on the meet and
greet cruise how about that like an asylum not that one the other one side
was saying Tom Henry we need to make sure Adrian knows which one Sonny Wallis
a cruise is a cruise I don’t care what a toilet is I’m going on a cruise yes
Sonny you’ve got the right attitude right there I’m with you all the way I
like your style I’ve got 31 thumbs ups right now thank you everybody for giving
me thumbs ups today I would love to get some more if you can spare me some
thumbs ups I would love that um let’s see here silo I’m in the main haven on
the Blitz oh he will see me Tom Henry laughs outlaw Sonny it could be out in
the hall for all he cares you mean I gotta go down the hall to use
the bathroom but I want to cruise I’ll take it I’m on across get me on a cruise
place anyway well yeah how about that did you enjoy that show today folks was
that alright we talked booze for a lot of that show we talked a few about
prices of gas a little bit but we did talk about cruise II and there are deals
shoulder season cruise deals but there are also elbow seas Andrews deals ankle
season cruise it we’ll get to those at another time haven’t too much fun here
let’s see here Tom Henry having fun and Jordan thumbs up she’s throwing me
thumbs up right there like that Wendy Thompson I can still I can it can sail
out of Florida next cruise no plane there yet there you go Wendy it’s all
good to go I have to get down there I was looking
at airfare today and I was having fun today trying to figure out how would I
get from Creston British Columbia down to Fort Lauderdale down to miami tampa
orlando anywhere so I’m on I’m on various sites looking
for airfare deals different airlines and I I thought about well I could drive to
Spokane in the car and drop the car off there and then Jen and I could grab a
plane from Spokane and Southwest flies into Spokane as well as United American
Delta and looking at deals and one stop two stops usually two stops then I
thought well what about what about if we just drove to Seattle make a day of it
go to Seattle spend the night and then leave from Seattle the next day on an
airplane right can we get to New York get to Miami non-stop maybe we could fly
JetBlue that’s another airline that flies out of Seattle it doesn’t fly out
of smoke air JetBlue has to make me fly to John F Kennedy first and then I can
go to Miami or Fort Lauderdale there is a nonstop flight on American from
Seattle to Miami non-stop exorbitant just extremely
double the price of anybody else just insane then I thought what about
Vancouver I could fly to Vancouver or I could fly to Calgary I can just drive to
Calgary we could visit our daughter for a day or two
then grab a flight park for free because you know I know people where I can leave
my car and of course there’s the Canadian taxes and the security fees and
all God the endless horror stories poor or stories of flying out of Canada it’s
unbelievable it’s just humbling anyway so you know I said I was saying to
myself you know I love to drive I really do I love to drive why don’t we just
drive all the way down in Los Angeles if our daughter is gonna be in LA I think
she’s being transferred to Los Angeles for a while she’ll be working down there
for a while we’ll go visit her leave the car with her fly out of Los Angeles you
can fly LA non-stop to Miami for half the price that you can fly on a two-stop
flight out of Canada it’s it’s just its power of numbers of course volume right
so volume business court it’s unbelievable well I’m looking at
American airline fares they now quote fares on these websites where they say
oh we get the super super duper economy fare that’s the one where you can’t even
bring a carry-on on board no carry on no luggage you want to bring that on you
pay more I think it’s 30 bucks or $35 for a
carry-on bag a carry-on bag and then if you want to put a luggage down it’s
another 30 $35 it’s it’s insane absolutely insane
you cannot find a straight fare anymore you cannot find a fair where you get a
flight carry-on bag on board piece of luggage all include you can’t find those
fares you have to now shop individually for that because no one wants to give
you that information it’s all secret secret secret it just just irks me to no
end now Southwest Airlines god bless you
guys at Southwest Airlines that you include luggage you they include luggage
on their flights all Southwest flights have that they have the want to get away
fare the refundable fare the other fare god bless them for that and so I always
look for Southwest air fares see if I could find something but it’s it’s
ridiculous North American flying is just childish infuriating inconsistent and
difficult difficult to navigate and they do it on purpose and they just make us
mad don’t think they just make us drive myself the way up the wall what are you
gonna do anyway when the time comes the time comes I’ll figure it out we’ll see
what’s going on what are you gonna do let’s see make sure I got all my
comments caught up here Tom Henry my boat Bruce is take the bliss out of
Seattle and all the way through to the Panama Canal to Miami that’s his book
I’ll look into that time thank you I see keeper great show dinner will be ready
in five minutes I might not cruise but we could arrange
a restaurant event the night before a Florida cruise it would love to meet you
all si keeper you know we’ll be in touch
about that we’ll be talking about that for sure
Britney Disney has some really neat cruise just for Disney Vacation Club
members next year there’s one in Bermuda and a coastal Pacific cruise I’m not
sure if non-members can or cannot do it Sonny Wallace thumbs up everyone Robert
Brandt SuperDuper econo you are the luggage that’s you are treated like a
box Tom Henry let’s ship ourselves ups how about that Wendy Thompson Southwest
was great one check bag and one carry-on Mary Ellen shawl I don’t like the cattle
call boarding that Southwest does oh I know what you mean Steph Kate did you
see the new vlog from C crew who found bedbugs in their hotel room I
have heard about that that happens from time to time Steph Kate
bedbugs are a menace they are a problem excuse me if you go to sleep in a bed in
a hotel you almost have to leave socks on you have to put pants on you have to
have a long sleeve sweatshirt on guard yourself it’s crazy
yeah it’s silly um Sonny Wallace 2fk nope don’t watch sea cruisers anymore
she says I don’t watch them anymore how about there
well you don’t tweet you son Ian Wallace is watching traveling with Bruce how
about that Thank You Sonny Wallace glad you’re here Steph K I’m glad you’re here
Ann Jordan not yet at Steph gay will be watching it soon silo Steve usually fly
Alaska air yep they now I’ve acquired the America what does that Virgin
America they’ve acquired those guys and swallowed them up so that’s another
airline yeah there’s all ton of choices it all depends on the airline Airport
that you’re doing it from I would love to fly a charter plane I’d love to go on
a charter I would love to gather about 10 people together maybe eight people
together just charter a plane and and we’ll just flip the dough between us if
we can work a deal with a charter company and take a one-way charter down
get a one-way charter back wouldn’t that be the way to go wouldn’t that be the
way to go I would love to go on on a prop let’s go on like a Pilatus pc-12
that’s a single-engine turbo engine plane uh and and make a day of it uh
you’re up 20,000 feet 25,000 feet and you go every three four hundred miles
you stop or 800 miles I could go for two hours maybe six eight nine miles stop
for a pee break bite to eat I mean continue on stop with these small
little regional airports fuel up there and just oh that would be fantastic with
six other people that would be very economical might be a bit tight though I
don’t know uh you know it’s an adventure the trip is an adventure what can I say
dan Jordan team change the subject is princess the only cruise toradol to
Alaska yeah Don Jordan there are more than one cruise lines to Alaska you can
go Norwegian you can go Carnival you can go all in America you can go
who else can you go up there you can go celebrity there’s all kinds of cruises
up to Alaska my friend vacations to go calm is where you want to go if you
don’t know how vacations to go works go to my channel look up my vacations to go
video that I did how to operate the website how to find your deal then go to
vacations to go find your cruise you’ll find deals my friend deals to Alaska for
sure if you’re interested in if you can tolerate going out of Vancouver British
Columbia you can get some killer deals to Alaska absolutely good deals
Wendy Thompson spray down with bug spray before the bed
Sonny Wallace thumbs up Wendy Thompson C keeper I dropped C cruisers – too much
noise not as not as Zen as twb that means but thank you
Steph Kate leaving on the mayor of the Seas in three weeks Kat wait I can see
why gonna be a lot of fun Steph Kate Brittany lock when I am still a fan of
sea cruisers right on sunny Wallace a greasy keeper no more sea cruises
interesting and Jordan Amy to Britain Paul will guess sunny Wallace I agree
Brittany Lockwood they have several channels I like to watch on all kinds of
different things interesting and Jordan ditto
there you know if you want to see you some some youtubers do a video I just
released a video two days ago why we’re addicted to cruising I have seven
youtubers helping me out on one video just released a two days ago check it
out at your leisure and after you check it out do me a favor share that video on
social media everywhere you can I want that video to go out as far as it can go
it’s a evergreen video it’ll never get old and I want that video to help spread
the word that we eight youtubers there’s eight of us need exposure about the
cruise game and we’d love to have that video be shared on social platforms so
if you could do that for me I would really appreciate it that would be such
a great deal for us we’d love that okay um CT / Zen means serene calm
easygoing nice well thank you see keeper right I appreciate that comment very
much I I try my best to be calm but sometimes I get worked up about the
Canadian government and other things but I try to control myself I pride myself
on my Zenoss I think it’s time to shut down this show uh thank you everybody
for watching today he’s losing it 35 thumbs ups today thank you everybody for
giving me a thumbs up say 35 thumbs ups do me a favor after you get off this
show go to my channel and try to give me a thumbs up so on the last 25 videos
I’ve done if you haven’t already and just go to them and hit the thumbs up
and go to the next one give me a thumbs up I would love to pile on hundreds of
thumbs ups today on my channel that would be just awesome I will see you all
tomorrow at Unni afternoon for my Saturday afternoons show we’ll have a
little bit of cruise info perhaps some trivia most likely and hopefully you’ll
all come by and we’ll have some fun with that and you’ll give me some hard names
to pronounce cuz you always do that Oh see how much we can do that Robert
Brandt’s give me thumbs ups all over the place Tom Henry will you be on tomorrow
I will be on tomorrow I meant cruise tour to Wilderness camps dawn Jordans
saying I meant cruise tour to Wilderness camps ah Don John Jordan I got good news
for you go to vacation studio.com they have a subsection of cruises to
Alaska with tours built in all together you want to check that out yeah check it
out buddy that might help you Tom Henry bye everybody Robert Brent saying
goodbye everybody thank you everybody for coming by today thank you
dawn dawn Jordan for your questions thank you very much ah have a good
evening have a good night hopefully I’ll see you
tomorrow at 2 o’clock I don’t see you tomorrow I’ll see you on Monday but I’ll
be in Calgary on Monday live at 5:00 as always I’m looking forward to that Tom
Henry let’s all change our nicknames to Hart pronounced nicknames thanks Tom
really appreciate the sport and Jordan great show Bruce awesome see you may be
at tribute amaro have a great weekend drive safely to Calgary with Jen and joy
Tom Henry see if Bruce can figure out who is based who who’s based on our chat
yeah you’ll all change your names I won’t know who the heck you are
oh my goodness a silo Steve a later tater
thanks robot you guys have a great evening I’ll see you
tomorrow two o’clock great idea Tom oh it’s spreading it’s going viral here we
go I’ll see you tomorrow it was today July the 27th 2018 I’ll be on tomorrow
at 2 o’clock this is Bruce with chopping the crew sing thanks for joining me
today and hanging around for an hour and 25 minutes today lots of watch time on
this channel thanks for the thumbs ups thanks for your support and everything
else we’ll see you tomorrow – you guys take care and good bye from crest and
see you guys bye for now

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