5 Years of Pain Gone After Parasite Extraction in Body, Liver Purification & Detox w Colonics

my name is Mindy Hostetler and i live in meridian idaho and i just completed the 10 day cleanse at Living Waters and it’s a colon hydrotherapy cleanse that i was seeking out I was not feeling well for several years probably the five or six years really not feeling well and it becoming increasingly a problem for me to enjoy my life enjoy my days I lost a lot of energy a lot of sleep and got sick a whole lot and not digesting my food properly just knew that I needed to clean out what they didn’t know was that a lot of the physical things that I was experiencing really had a deep emotional and spiritual core of illness and risk perception and what I’ve learned here at Living Waters is how to awake in my consciousness so that I am able to this identify with my emotional my emotional life so much and really it was so much of my emotions that was making me sick so through the physical cleansing and the emotional work that I’ve done here I feel free it has gone i feel like i am a new person it’s just been wonderful and I really think that people here at living waters for serving me so well I’ve done fasting and using lacked that you know not herbal accidents always going into that ok so i had juice fasting before in fact the first week of january this year 2011 I completed a seven day juice fast and a lot of verbal body cleansing blood purifying liver purifying when I think it really got me ready for this but it was a very superficial clients compared to what I received here at Living Waters and I still was not confront confronting anything emotional and spiritual so that’s that’s a really important part of the claims here for me oh yes my first day here all I remember was like internally shaking back oh and I almost couldn’t really focus on what anybody was saying I was just like what is this going to be like the whole experience and I really surrendered to that because I knew I needed and I just allowed that to be there that fear and I’m just what with that and really after the first day that your dissipated and by the third day was hopping on the bed like it was a carnival ride excited and now i’m at the point where it’s just you know it’s like getting in the car it really is not a problem just but of course we all are anxious would be unknown good so um I would say that if you know within yourself that you need to clean out physical debris emotional debris spiritual debris that this is a wonderful way to do it and please go beyond any mental limitations and step forward into your healing oh wow so I’ve known as huge physical changes in my body this is gonna be a little blood but I was having a lot of abdominal cramping after eating i knew that my my food wasn’t digesting I was not going to the bathroom regularly and experiencing a lot of bloating and fatigue and sweating I’m sweating a lot my body was trying to get out the toxicity through the skin that wasn’t coming out through the colon so physically i am much more energized I’m not having any abdominal pain or bloating and I feel clear in my mind so that’s what’s changed for me only three crews oh yes i did have parasites yeah and I knew internally and you just my intuitive South knew that I had parasites oh you were surprised but both know I was not surprised at all i was happy for them to go to another place i’m an herbalist I’ve been herbalist for about 20 years and one day I’d like to say about that is that you know I’ve taken a lot of Earth’s over the years a lot of cleansing nerves and I believe now through this experience that at least at least for me the herbs were not enough and and I really have takeout liver cleansing colon cleansing tease pills pictures and it did not thoroughly do the work that the colon hydrotherapy and the and a cleansing living waters has done for me so this liver cleanse well let’s just start with the other the other liver questions I I you know I went to the bathroom or but that was about it I didn’t really change any of my other physical elements are still sweating i was still having abdominal discomfort after i ate and with this liver cleanse first of all I have experienced quite a liver cleanse I mean it was i was very nauseous which I know from doing a lot of reading that when you’re doing a liver cleanse if you have a lot of nausea that means that you have a lot of toxicity so I really experienced that and it was just a lot different never experienced that before that nausea that was really getting everything moving yeah did you see results coming out to you know I didn’t but I think that just because the the I didn’t really look for a couple of days i was just internally focused on the bed and not not watching yeah but you know I mean oh wait no actually one thing was very different so on the days before the liver cleanse it came out well two days after the liver cleanse it was constant so that that actually yeah that’s a huge shame that was even know a lot more came out after the little people were shocked they have more those last few days there’s something about delivery class also the body’s got to start really healthy yeah so yes I didn’t know that yeah and I I don’t know this might be you will obscure but the first few days of doing the colon hydrotherapy I could tell that the water was only going in so far because there’s a lot of debris blocking in but now it’s being my lemon day here i can’t help water just goes and goes and goes and goes through my colon so that is how i know it’s really cleaned out

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