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morning guys welcome back to fat frog Today I’m going bug hunting with a charity called buglife. There is going to be a bug expert called john walker? hopefully its john walker. It should be really really good fun come with me and well score off one of our 20things to do before your 11 and 3/4s off the list. Anyway it should be really good fun, I’ve never been bug hunting before so we’ll give it a go, anyway come along. beautiful my first bug of the day caught
by a bug boy that Oh doc beetle adult beetles easy you just went in here thanks again right in the bramble they still face they’ll look a little
more funny oh you’re a beaut see this is why I needed freighter here
because we could identify well bit freaked out by it so I’m going to look
under this rock a rock let’s rock and see is anything interesting it’s like a
little three-way battle going on the Ruiz guys and this fucking massive slug excuse the swearing but I really don’t
like frogs he’s not going to land in your pot know
what it calls a hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah and changes are in the spring
it’s holy freezing in some mental action another group something they lay their
eggs on IV I presume that’s why it’s on the IV o is actually caught it and
generally speaking it’s the only glue for the fly that flies with some of you
I mean money going a lot how he goes on Haiti’s it is fully in either catchment
patients travail why don’t be free that we be in them how I am so quickly be
another one can just can’t be without therapy
yes in the matter that could be it could be be yeah it’s like the one that I
showed you because in areas such as greenish this is one that goes into
mining bee nests and it looks like a wasp yeah say they’re more obvious that
means the mining bees nest in this Bank probably and the book this the cuckoo
bees are easier to see that the mining piece that’s yeah so that is a cuckoo of
mining bees well that one is a male face there’s not going to work see it’s look quite long I’m telling you
a little very faced males of and reams and quite similar looking there is a big
very mustaches and theater from the probably Andrea and knitted of a lot of
the miles of these peas liver saying I love is that alone
antenna yeah would be so fun I had such a good day bug hunting with their bug
life thank you bug life thank you to Laura and also thank you to John Walker
I hope that your netting for a come along and teaching us and identifying
all the bugs that we found hopefully almost which is okay hopefully they all
comes out sweet but anyway yes I’ll catch you guys later peace up have a
good day

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