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(beep) (bees buzz) – Alright, get your heads in the box. – Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. – Stay calm Tiana. – She about to flip out. – What the fuck, like what am I getting myself into right now. – You got it. – I am not prepared to do this at all, I am extremely anxious. – Stay calm, stay calm. – Alright, Three, Two, One. (coughs) – Go! – Are you guys ready? – Yep. – Take a look at your
phone’s dangling over here, this is what it’s all about. On my go, Three, Two, One, Go! (shriek) – That water is filling up fast – Okay, find the first three, first three – Two, two, five, seven – Wait, two two five seven – Three, one, – They are getting the
codes from the maggots – This looks so bad, it’s ridiculous – Five, seven, three, one, four – When I put my hand in that, all I just felt was disgusting. – You better hurry the hell up. – Two two – Five seven – Put that code into the
right phone or your phone’s are gonna get blended. – Just push your face in the maggot. – Whaat? – She’s struggling man they seem like they might
be a little too squeamish. – They seem like nice people, but I’m excited to destroy them. – Four five. – No good. – Noooo! – Go back, go back. – The anxiety definitely built when the phones all said wrong. – No no.
– Wait non of them work? – None of them are working. – I was just really frustrated. – Uhoh uhoh! Those phones are getting
close to the blender. (shriek) – They got the first one. Now you gotta do it all
again, but with cockroaches and nasty vinegarroons. – Brett, next one. – Go go go go. – Nine two. – I really don’t want
my phone blended because I haven’t backed it up in 42 weeks. – Oh! That’s it, your
phone’s in the blender. – Yeah, you might wanna
get you a new phone as soon as possible (chuckles). (screams) – When I heard my phone blending, I instantly started getting freaked out. – Oh this is bad! – My phone is absolutely
imperative for my job. If I don’t have a phone, I genuinely don’t know how to contact people. – Oh god! – That’s (beep)ed up. – The game’s not over,
the clock keeps ticking until you get that code
into the right phone. – Brett, I need it again. – Nine three nine one. (beeps) – Come on brett, you can
do it, you can do it. – I took that second to mourn my phone, and then focused again. – You can do it. – No, okay okay okay. – My phone did not get
blended for nothing, we are gonna finish this and not go home. – Zero two seven five. – Pass. – You know what to do, – It’s kinda cool. – You guys there’s spots
all over your back. – I’m not about to do that.
– Uhhhh. – UCLA strategy right there, alright, on my go, three, two, one, go! – You got this boo, turn in it nice and slow. – Oh! – And your arms – It’s so smelly, holy (beep), when I
jumped into the bath of super worms, it smells
absolutely disgusting. They sting you, they smell bad, and it just makes me wanna vomit. – You got this. – [Ludacris] Alright, here we go. – [Man] They are coming off. – Feel their little mouths touching you. – [Ludacris] A lot of
worms, a lot of worms. – [Man] Take a bite. – Get ’em off, get ’em off. – [Ludacris] Try to get as
many in her mouth at once. – Our strategy is just to
grab worms from the most pertinent areas. – Oh, she is going to town,
she is licking the fingers. – Suck the fingers. – That’s a good mouthful. – UC. LA. – Sucks. – Ya’ll gotta hurry up,
the clock is ticking. – You got this side too right here. – Nooo! – Feel those worms
crawling in your throat. – I don’t know, this is getting close. One more mouthful should do it. – This is it. This is it.
– Go go go go – Hear we go, and, time! – Alright, on my go, three, two, one, go! – [Man] Go! Use those wrestling skills. – [Man] Go Anthony! – [Ludacris] Yeah. – [Man] Move it! – [Ludacris] Yeaaah. – [Man] Feel the burn. – [Ludacris] One pin. – Make sure your mouth’s open. – [Ludacris] Two pin. Got a third pin. – Watch your hair. – Oh my god. – [Ludacris] Solve the code. – Having roaches dropped on your face, it’s scary, it’s nasty, they have a certain smell. – [Ludacris] He got the first code. A minute and a half. – Alright second box,
you on the second box. – (beep) when I reached my hand, I’m pretty sure I got
bit like three times. – Get it, one more. – Burning up real time here. – How’s your hair? – I hate you. (screams) – Oh my bad, one more minute. – The timing really got to me. – [Ludacris] Go save your girl, oh! Fail. – The fact that she was
in there and that it was relying on me to be quick. – [Ludacris] Fail again, ten seconds. – Let’s go. – [Ludacris] Time’s up. – Bam! You got it. Three and a half minutes. – Hurry up (screams). – Oh! – Come on! Hurry up! – $50,000 on the line. – There you go, you got it. – Crank it, crank it, let’s go. – Alright, get it there. Time! Alright. – Yeah, this is gross. – Brandy, stay calm. I’m scared. – Brandy, how you feeling? – Don’t kill me, oh my god, oh my god. – I’m not killing you. – Brandy calm down. (screams) – Get me out, get me out,
get me out of this thing. I can’t be in this thing. – Be quiet and lay there. – Listen to the sound of this deep voice, you got this. – Brandy, it’s small. – It gets worse. – I can’t do this, I
can’t, I can’t, I can’t. – Now put these damn things on, let’s go. – Put the blind folds on. – Let’s go. – My big sister here, she motivated me. So with $50,000 on the
line, I will face my fears. – I’m about to cry. – Brandy close your mouth. – Bring ’em in. – They are everywhere. – Three, two, one, go! – Go brandy, go! Open it, ready go. Brandy go. Brandy go. – Brittany being so close
on Quinn, I feel like she could really tense up and freeze. – My strategy is definitely
keeping her motivated, just keeping her going. – Brandy, go. – You are doing this! – And my strategy, is to just
try to be as calm as possible, and you see that didn’t work out. – You guys don’t want to go
home, we talking about $50,000. Brandy you doing a good, Brandy, (beep), (laughing) – What? What? – The thing is ya’ll are
gonna keep missing the box, and keep hitting me, and that’s a problem. – Catch them in your mouth. – 21 is the number to
beat, come on, keep going. – Go! – Yo, where they at? – This is gonna be close,
this gonna be real close, I don’t know how many is in here. 50 g’s is on the line, you wanna bring home $50,000. – Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one – Oh! – Get ’em off! Get ’em off, get ’em off, get ’em off. I don’t even wanna see,
I don’t even wanna see. – Oh damn! – I definitely had to close my eyes, I couldn’t see the
scorpions being put on me other wise I probably
would have passed out. – Three, two, one, go! – [Man] Go go go, get
’em, get ’em, get ’em. – [Woman] Calm down, calm down, calm down. Calm down. – They’re spilling outta the cones, you gotta keep your head up. – That was probably one
of the worst experience I have ever had in my entire life. I’ve never even seen a
scorpion in real life. Let alone touched one or felt one. – How are you doing? – Okay. – Come on mommy, Come on. – I could see in her face
that she was very upset and scared, so I’m trying to calm her down because it helps to remain calm. So then you can freak out later. – Don’t freak out. – Come on mommy. Hurry up, hurry up, hurry
mommy, hurry, hurry. – Come on Grace, Let me
know if you want the first, the second, or the third
choice, but ‘chu got this. – Keep your head up mommy. – I felt like I was gonna pass out, I was so scared, but
you know, I gathered my composure and I’m like I can do this. – Now your making a move, there you go. 50,000. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, time! – Get me out, get me out, get me out! – That was brutal. Like you don’t know if they
are gonna be really abstain, sting you, or just attack you. That was probably the worst experience I’ve ever had in my entire life. – By random selection, Devon and Tiana, ya’ll are going up first. – Why? – Going into this challenge, our strategy is for me to try to eat most of the marshmallows. (bees buzz) – Alright, get your heads in the box. – Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. – Stay calm Tiana. – She about to flip out. – Like what am I getting
myself into right now, I am not prepared for this at all. I’m extremely anxious. – Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm. – [Ludacris] Three, Two, One, Go! – They lay eggs in ya ear? – Oh she is spitting already. (screams) – Feeling the flies
buzz around in my mouth while I am trying to chew, was probably the worst part of it all. In my face, and in my nose
and the smell was unbearable. I freaked out. – Devon is two marshmallows down and Tiana ate one, so five more to go. – It was like an army of insects, trying to attack me,
buzzing around my ear, trying to get into my nose. – Oh it’s in your hair. – She’s got a marshmallow
stuck in her hair. – Eat it girl. Eat it. – Tiana is not having
any party what so ever. – She was freaking out for sure, ‘cos that was one of her worst fears. – She wasn’t carrying her weight at all. – One more one more one more. – Oh Tiana is paralyzed with fear. But there is still one marshmallow left it’s all up to them. – Hurry hurry hurry (screams) – Look, if this don’t bring them closer, I don’t know what will. – And time! – Get us out, please get us out. Get me out, get me out. – Come on ya’ll, ya’ll killing me. – Oh man! I feel her pain. – Yeah, me too.

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