6 Signs A Woman Gives When She Likes You + 1 WRONG One

– Hi, I’m Ashley Weston, I’m
a celebrity menswear stylist. So, I brought my sister Scarlet on today, for a very fun episode called, the six signs a woman
gives when she likes you. So, Scarlet is single, ready to mingle. And I’ve been attached for
quite a number of years, although, I still feel
like my advice is relevant because I know what we give
to a man when we tell him, hey, we’re really into you. – That’s right guys. We hope to help you out a bit so that you can pick
up on some of the cues. – I’ve seen a ton of videos of there that are talking about the
signs that a woman gives to let you guys know that she likes you. And a lot of it is just plain wrong. It’s also done by men and
that’s the big reason why a lot of them are just so off. So, I pulled all of my
girlfriends, my sisters, and here is a very precise list of the signs we are gonna be giving to you when we wanna let you
know, hey, we like you. First up is, definitely,
when we play with our hair. When we’re talking with you
and we play with our hair… – It means that we want to be
flirty, we wanna be engaging, and we like what we see. – And that leads me to my second point, when we laugh a lot and
we’re kinda giggling. So, we’re playing with our hair, you know, you’re talking
and we’re like (laughs). It’s like a way for us to be flirtatious. So the third thing that we do is, this is a move that you definitely do, we find a way to touch you. So what do you usually do Scars? – One of my go-to tricks is I typically like to touch the shoulder, or maybe even give a small
pat on the lower back, just to let the guy know, you know what, hey, you know,
we can be a little touchy. – We go wild
– We can be a little touchy! But in a very conservative manner. – The fourth sign that we
give you when we like you is, when we smile with our eyes. So this just to shows
that we’re really engaged in the conversation. Why don’t you demonstrate? (laughs) – And sometimes we’ll do
a little bit of head tilt, or we’ll lean in a little bit, or we’ll give that extra
sparkle or twinkle in our eye. – The fifth point is, when
we answer our texts promptly, and we’re really engaged
in the text conversation. When you’re texting with
us, if we answer right away, and we’re really engaged, and it’s not just one word
answers, we’re into you. – If we text you guys back within an hour, or two, or the next day, then that’s typically an early
sign that we’re not into you. – The sixth and final sign
that us women give you when we really like you, is
when we go out of our way to make time for you. – We’re all busy, but if
we really make the time to, you know, especially over the weekends, we really want to spend
more time with you, that’s typically a really great sign. – Alright so even though we’re done with the six signs a woman
gives when she likes you, I have to bring up this
next point, it’s not a sign, but I’ve seen this on a
lot of videos out there, that always say that when
a woman compliments you, that means she really likes you. So wrong! It’s so freaking annoying, we
just want to compliment you, don’t take it as if that’s an
invite to start hitting on us. Please don’t take it that way. We like your hair, we like your outfit, that’s all we’re trying to say. – Just take it as a compliment,
nothing more, nothing less. – It’s not a sign that we like you. Alright, we there you have it, these are the six signs
that a woman gives you when she likes you, take heed. Scarlet, thank you so much
for being on the show! – Thank you for having me. – Guys, remember, she’s single. If you liked this video,
subscribe to this channel, and give it a thumbs up. Also, just so you all know, I listed a question in the
comments section below, so I’d really love your answers
on this, I’m very curios. Have a great day. See you in the next one. Bye.
– Bye guys.

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100 thoughts on “6 Signs A Woman Gives When She Likes You + 1 WRONG One

  1. You guys just basically made 6 signs that EVERY OTHER VIDEO LISTED just to get views.. And you got mine… 💁

  2. some girls touch every man, hug , kiss and give these signs to any man ?! some women give all these signs to a man to trap him into inappropriate behavior at work or sexual assault. get you fired.

  3. once a girl randomly hugged me and once She went to the soccer field where i hang out and was blushing and looked kind of embarrassed once at swimming carnival I was shirtless and she slapped my back she says my name in a funny voice where am I am she's not far I'm not sure if I like her and I'm not sure if I'm interested in a big relationship she's got beautiful eyes she's intelligent friendly towards me please I need advice what do I do.

  4. hellooooo, these signs are exactly the same as given by the guys who give reviews on sign a woman likes you????

  5. What about when a girl gets close to you and her hair is on your shoulders bc she's soo close??

    I asked this bc I was at work one time and I was showing this chick a picture on my binder of one of the games I was delivering and she got so close that she slightly layed her long hair on my shoulder!

    I thought she was flirting with me and liked me but my friend said no??

    Anybody have this happen before??

  6. Texting? You don't think chicks work and are unable to whip their phones out at a moment's notice? Think about it girls.

  7. Thats wrong, as every girl is different. My girl never played with her hair for example, or touch me, but she liked me. So, its not

  8. I have to say ive had most of them signs from wimen so im someone confused because most of what u say the wimen have done with me even txt me back straight away but sometimes she doesnt txt for a few hours and sometimes she will not txt back till the day after so im confused because she does all the rest so how am i ment to know if shes into me or not ?? If you could answer this i would make my day thanks

  9. I have a question for all the commenters, I'm in love with my best friend. She has the same name as my sister. All I want to know is, would it be weird if we started dating eventually?

  10. You two are cute. Glad to see one of these videos made by women. Btw the wrong one is just guys projecting the way we flirt. I'll usually start a conversation by asking a woman her name and then complementing her more or less right off the bat.

  11. The # 1 one most women ask when they like you is “Do you have girlfriend?”..and if she’s really into you she will keep asking about your girlfriend, gather informations and a little did you know she already stole you from your girlfriend..lolz

  12. Literally six tips that every other channel has given 😕. I think that says more about me than anything. Why have I watched so many of these.

  13. And if a guy compliments a women (at least for me), doesn't mean we're hitting you. I think all genders should be compliments each other.

  14. I keep hearing all this "play with her hair" bollocks… what happens if she's bald and a double amputee?

  15. The sisters has a same voice hahahah if you close your eyes you will not think that there are two women speaking in this video hahaha

  16. They don't even know what they want half the time. But when they're feet are in the air that's a pretty good sign.

  17. I was taking my soon to be girl friend, soon to be wife home in the car and maybe through shyness (She was an actress) she began to pull her long blonde hair around covering her lower face. My heart jumped through my chest.

  18. A pat on the lower back? If u do that these days first thing the cops will do is come and arrest you for assault.

  19. Confusing as hell, first they say a woman compliments you, they like you, then all of a sudden they say if a girl compliments you, it doesn't mean they like you. Wtf

  20. She said When a woman complements you, do take it as flirting
    And she said when she laughs at your jokes it’s a sign she likes you🤔

    Well what about the guys who are hilarious and you laugh at their jokes all the time but you aren’t interested in them and not attracted to them at all?

    Well for now I guess I’ll just run away to the bathroom lock the door and laugh about the joke later when he tells a joke or says something funny.
    Lots of guys literally do think that when a woman they find attractive laughs at their jokes that she’s automatically interested in them and or sees it as a solicited invitation to something romantic with her as if it couldn’t possibly be that she just thinks he’s a genuinely hilarious guy and that’s it, nothing romantic coming from laughter

  21. Don’t compliment guys unless you like them. We don’t wanna hear that B.S. if you are not interested.

  22. Ladies want nothing but attention, their just rude when it comes from some one they dont like married for 13 years

  23. Interesting video, but you can tell if some one likes you , we hve been doing it for thousnds of years, pun intended

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