7 Insanely Claustrophobic ‘Fear Factor’ Challenges | MTV Ranked

Start the truck. Time will start when
the cement hits the box. Here comes the cement. This is my nightmare. I don’t want to do this. Each of you will have to crawl
into your own tight 10 foot long tunnel. You and your partner will be
locked in separate tunnels. Inside each tunnel are outlines
of three unique shapes. You must describe
each shape to your partner. Both the points are pointy.
They’re not flat at all. And they will have to locate the shape you described
on this board. After removing a shape
from the board, your partner must
pass it to you, and then you will
have to match it to the corresponding shape
inside the tunnel. You have to finish one side
before you can start the other. Oh my god. Look at him. He’s really scared.
Look at his eyes. I am extremely afraid
of tight spaces. Even when I play
tackle football, when I was underneath the pile
and people were on top of me, I freak out. Definitely is a lot different
once you’re right here staring at him in the face. Cody’s taking a little bit
of time getting in there. There’s so many right here. All of the snakes got in a pile right at the entrance
of the tunnel. Oh, they’re freaking me out. You guys haven’t even started. Go, go! Tight spaces means that
everything that goes in there is going to be on top of you, so I’m starting to panic
a little bit. All right, you guys
are in position. Go. Yo, Cody! Yo, it’s three,
four sides. Looks like a triangle.
It’s like the point of an arrow. I got you, hold on. Show it to me.
No, that’s not it. Oh my … god. This box is a very tight space,
and I was just freaking out. I was like screaming
the house down. This sucks. Got two arrows. Perfect, thank you. Yeah. All right, you got it right. … They’re going fast. The second one has one,
two, three, four sides. Really big.
It’s really big. That’s it. What’s the last one? All right, the last one,
it’s like the same thing as the first one,
but really skinny. They is trying to get the …
up out of there. All right, we’re good.
We’re good. Cody, you can start. Zach, it’s like a crown
but it’s- Yeah, I got it, I got it,
I got it. The second one has a gap
in the middle. Oh … dude.
Oh my god, they’re moving. At that point, I was ready
to just jump out. Here’s the crown.
Here’s the crown. Jesus. Holy crap. What does the third one
look like? I’m not back there yet, bro. There’s a crab right there,
don’t let that thing bite you. Yeah, I … see it. Sorry, I didn’t mean
to curse at you. Four sides. Same as the big one
I threw, but smaller. Oh. There are cockroaches. Hurry. Cody is not a fan
of cockroaches apparently. Is there a small one? …
All the snakes are back here. All right, let’s see
if this fits. Yeah.
Correct. Time. Yes. Get us out of here. One of you will be buried
inside of this coffin, with only a cellphone light. Your partner will have to
dig you out with a shovel. That shovel will be
in four pieces, inside those three combination
lock boxes. Inside the coffin are three
codes attached to the lid. The person inside the coffin
will use that cellphone to text the codes
to your partner. Once the housemate matches the
right code to the right boxes, they will have to assemble
the shovel and start digging. Clock stops when your partner
is out of the box and pulls that flag
right there. Gloria, that is tiny as hell. Is it Dracula’s original? You better stop talking
before I get violent. Oh my god, please.
Gloria, oh my god. Gloria. Oh my god. The second the closed
the coffin door on me, I couldn’t think,
couldn’t breathe. Being in a close space, darkness was very, very,
very overwhelming. Okay, this is so much tighter
than I thought it was gonna be. Oh. Bring on the dirt! Oh my gosh, I can not do this
right now. Oh my god.
Gloria! Three, two, one, go. Oh my god. Oh my god, okay, I’m sending you
the first code, okay? Okay, got it. 0187. I’m in a coffin underground.
Gloria, please hurry up. Some people think that they’d be
fine in a closed space, but when you’re actually in it, it’s a completely
different story. I wouldn’t wish it
upon my worst enemy. Uh oh, all right,
we got one box. We one part of the shovel. I’m sending you the second code,
Gloria. Got it, got it. All right, we got
another box open. That’s two boxes. I’ve got the last code, girl. Gloria! Please hurry up. All right, we got the last box. Get that shovel together
and dig your friend out. Here we go. Coming, Christina! Yes, Gloria.
Please start shoveling. Christina, I’m right here, girl. $50,000 is down there. You digging for treasure
right now. I can’t breathe, Gloria. You know you can go
three minutes without air before the brain shuts off. [inaudible 00:05:31]
definitely got really nervous. She was struggling
with the dirt a lot. Talk to me, Gloria. Christina, I swear to God. I started getting really
frustrated with Christina because I’m losing my breath
as well and I’m trying so hard and I got scratched up,
everything, to get her out. Okay, can you open?
Can you open? No! But you know, I definitely
where she’s coming from, being buried alive, you’re not going to be
super reasonable with the person who’s in charge
of getting you out safely. This one’s breaking my back. Gloria, are you
taking a break? Bitch, no.
I am trying really hard. Gloria. Go, go, go! Go, go, go. Let’s go, Christina!
It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m gonna kill you.
Oh, oh my god. One of you will be
inside the trunk of this car. What?
What? The other will be strapped
in the driver’s seat. Then I will sink this car. In the back seat
are a bunch of keys, but only one will open the trunk
and release your partner. As the water violently
rushes into the car, the person in the front
of the car must grab a key,
one at a time, and swim to the trunk
to release your partner. Here’s the thing,
if it’s the wrong key, you gotta go back,
until you find the right one. Once you get the flag
from the partner in the trunk, you swim to that buoy,
stopping time. Oh my god. Three, two, one.
Go. Oh. My gosh. Oh my god. The water was rising and rising.
As it was coming up, I didn’t think I was going
to be able to breathe. I was kind of panicking
while I was underwater, ’cause I couldn’t
catch my breath. That water’s going up. Someone looks real worried
right now. All right, you better
hurry up, Sophia. Save your girl, go save her. You got the first key,
she’s trying the first one. First one doesn’t work. She’s trying the second key. Second key doesn’t work. She didn’t even put
that thing in there. I know. She’s going for the third. Third key, trying it out.
Oh, it worked! Oh, she got the flag.
Time! One of you will be locked
into the cockpit of that plane. On my go, it will being
to submerge into the water. As the water floods the fuselage
it will begin to sink. Now your partner, doing
their best Aquaman impression, you will dive into the lake
and swim to a win to grab keys to unlock the six padlocks
on the cockpit door. Only when you’ve removed
all six padlocks can you free your partner, who must now swim to the flag
and remove it to stop the clock. Three, two, one, go.
And he’s off. Let’s go, man. Let’s go,
let’s go, let’s go. Find it.
This side, this side, this side. The water is filling
the cockpit fast. Left to right. Left to right. Doesn’t work. This is the one that gave you
a lot of trouble, right here. It’s the first one. The technique of going left
to right just helped me
go through each lock. Left to right. Left to right.
Yup, go, go, go, go. He got it. All right,
he’s got the first lock. Got it. You got it, man. Whoo, this water
filling up fast. Go man. Got a little nervous,
’cause I was like, “I’m probably
a little bit heavier, so it’s sinking
a little faster.” Come on, man, come one
[inaudible 00:09:42]. Come on, come on. Plane is sinking fast. He’s struggling,
he’s struggling. Come on, I’m going under.
Come on! I’m going to hold my breath for
two minutes more, you got this. Come on.
Come on. All right, he’s got
the third lock. As the plane
is sinking fast, [Kyrie 00:09:58] and Ed just
have three more locks to remove. You got this! You got this, bro. He’s gonna get stuck. Yeah, definitely stuck,
look at him. Come on, the water’s going up.
You got this, you got this, bro! You got this. Oh, he’s slowing down
tremendously. He is slowing down. Oh yeah. Come on!
Okay. Okay. They need to pick up the pace if they have any chance
of beating Hannah and [Hailey’s 00:10:20]
time. Come on. I’m going under, man,
I’m going under. Our strategy is to keep
as calm as possible. If you’re trying
to swim too fast, you get tired really quick. Last one, last one, last one! But also, lose
if you go too slow. Oh, he’s definitely
taking his time. He is struggling. Push through! Push through! …
Time is ticking. Open! Open! Oh, he can’t open it! He’s having difficulty
opening the door. Kryie’s gotta grab that flag
to stop the clock. And time. The two of you
will lay in this box. What? Trapped underneath
this rebar cage. And several tons of cement
will begin filling the box. Oh, not great. While you are being
buried alive, you must undo all the knots to untangle this rope
from the rebar, giving you enough slack to pull
a peg attached to the rope. That will then release a wall. The cement will pour out
and you will be saved. Start the truck! Time will start when
the cement hits the box. Here comes the cement! This is my nightmare. Come on, go, go! I don’t wanna do this. They are getting those knots. Go, go, go. They going fast as they can. Right when that cement hit,
it was harder than I thought it would be.
Like heavier. You have a mentality that this
is hardening second by second. No! I need the rope,
I need the rope. Our strategy was get
to whatever knot that we saw the end
of right away and then keep that end of the
knot going in between our hands, never dropping that
into the cement. What are you trying
to give to me? What are you trying-
This. All I could focus on was,
“I gotta get out of here.” And I could not think
about the knot. Everything that
I needed to know just immediately
evaporated from my mind. Let’s go, you can do this. It’s okay, it’s okay. Let’s go, guys. Aw, dude, that fills up fast. Watching Bea drowning in cement,
I want no part of this. I can’t! Remember, once they get it
untangled, they can pull the rope
and it’ll stop the cement. I can’t! I can’t! There you go, Bea. Come on, Bea. No. No, I can’t do it. It was really heavy,
and the rate … The flow. I can’t! I’m going to have to either
fully submerge under the cement or I’m going to have to be
crushed against these bars. You got this, Bea! Come on, Bea!
There you go, Bea. No, I can’t do it.
You got it! I can’t. I’m done. I’m done.
I gotta get the … out. Aw, she quit.
Get her out of there. It was really scary.
In that moment, I was like not [inaudible 00:13:25]
ready for this. That was just pure fear. One of you is going to have
to get inside of this vacuum sealed bag.
In this tiny morgue drawer. Slowly, air will be sucked out
of this vacuum sealed bag, making it harder and harder
for you to breathe. Your sibling
will be placed inside of this tiny morgue drawer,
and locked up to these chains, with three locks that they have
to get out of in order to come and free
their brother or sister. All people, suck out the air. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
The longer this takes, the hotter and tighter
it’s gonna get. Aw hell no, [Brandy 00:14:02]. Can you breathe? Hell no. All right, let’s go.
Rah. Bam. Bye. You got it, you got it. … go! All right, three, two, one, go! Brandy, get me the …
out of here! Okay, hold on. There are a bunch of keys spread around the drawer
that Brandy is in. Despite the darkness,
she much find the right key to three different locks
to free herself from the chains. Move it! Hearing my sister scream
for dear life was scary. Like I felt like
she was gonna die. It made me panic. I’m dying. I’m dead. Brittany.
What? If anything happens, you’re in
the right place already, okay? Oh no! Hurry! Yo, this is torture. Oh, I got one, I got one!
I got one. Whoo! They have just two
more locks to go. [inaudible 00:14:59]
There it is! My hands are getting numb! Brittany, okay. Hey, hurry up. They’re making me nervous.
Yeah. You said they’re making
you nervous? Yeah. Hell yeah. Please just keep going. I’m trying to get this key in! Being in that small place, it was kind of hard
because of the keys. They were so small.
They kept getting lost. Brandy, hurry! I know it’s pitch
black in there. I know how hard it is to find
those keys, but you got this. Hurry! I got two, Brittany, I got two. Yes, just keep going. She’s got another lock.
She’s got two locks, all right. Give her a little something. I got you, I got you. Now you only need one more,
come on. Hurry! Oh … Oh, she dropped the key.
Damn. Brandy, I can’t breathe, bro. I got it! Yes! Get out of there. Whoo! Pull yourself out.
Pull yourself out. There you go. Come on, now get your sister,
get your sister. Get her, get her. Come one.
There it is, there it is. And time. Yeah. You and your best friend
will share this tiny coffin. So once you guys
are nice and cozy, [inaudible 00:16:08]
pitch black, I will bury you under
200 pounds of dirt. But don’t freak out, because
besides your best friend, your coffin will be
infested with rats. No. Now while most of these rats are looking to snack
on panicking best friends, I’ll send in a few rats
that will actually help you out. Now these rats will have tiny
little poles attached to them. What? You get them and you assemble
one long pole. Oh … And you send this up the hole
in the center of the coffin to ring that bell
that you see in front of you. Ringing the bell
stops the clock, but it also lets us know to
get you the hell out of there. Just remember guys,
if anything happens, you’re already
in the right place. Here we go. Oh my god! Oh, oh. Not too late to quit. All right, let’s close the lid. Stay calm! Bring on the dirt. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.
[inaudible 00:17:10] me. Anthony, just wait. Focus. But Brittany, stop.
Brittany. Three, two, one, go! Ah! Oh! They hurt me. Stop! Oh, something’s
pinching my back. Rats feel disgusting. They’re furry,
they’re a little thick. Oh my god, it’s biting me. The thing that freaked me
out the most was when I was trying
to find the sticks, I would grab
their disgusting tail. Oh my god, that’s gross.
Ow! Oh my gosh. Anthony, I don’t feel anything. Okay. I’m trying, Brittany.
Brittany- I got one. Okay.
Ew, honest to God. I have another one.
Okay. Looks like they have
two sticks so far. One minute down.
I can’t find another. I’m looking.
Oh, here. So, for the strategy, it end up
being me finding the sticks and he was the one
doing the screwing, because I was okay
with searching in that. Ah! We’ve lost Anthony.
He’s freaking out right now. Ew, ew, ew, ow! Better hurry up,
five minutes down. Five minutes? … me. They gotta find the rats
that have the sticks so they can build them
into a pole to ring that bell
and stop the clock. Oh, ew. Ah. Oh. Anthony, stop freaking out! I can handle rats and I’m not
as scared of a rat as he is. Oh my god, I think So I knew I was going to have
to step up for him. Oh I have a plan.
What? We have to screw as we go in. Ew. Hey, are y’all alive
down there? Anthony, we can win this.
You gotta stay calm. Okay, okay. Come on, bitch. Here they go,
they getting closer. You see it. Here we go, here we go. Come on, guys,
you’re almost there. Oh my god, it’s trying
to climb up my ass. Teamwork, Anthony.
We gotta be together. Okay. Here, I got it. Got it, time. Oh … I hope you know I peed

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100 thoughts on “7 Insanely Claustrophobic ‘Fear Factor’ Challenges | MTV Ranked

  1. Those two blonde girls at the start are seriously pissing me off, i mean if they were in the boy's situation they would have done worse.

  2. Even though they do sign themselves up for this show, I feel bad for them. Everytime I see the ones where they are trapped, like the buried, cement a d especially the morgue ones all i can think is that they cant breathe and they are going to die. I have anxiety just watching it

  3. I don't understand claustrophobia . Being scared of some walls? of some slim walls? what is the wall gonna do to you? i could see maybe fear of heights because if your fall off you could be in harm or even die but to be afraid of some walls i never understood. How is a tight spot scary what could a tight spot do to you it ain't gonna kill you and it want hurt you unless your fat. but damn there are actually real things to be scared of like murder,rape,kidnapping that can actually be mentally and physically damaging to a person that is why I don't understand claustrophobia.

  4. The number 3 girl needs to be slapped the more u worry it makes it hard to finish the task I know cement being poured on you

  5. The burried underground is actually really dangerous cause youre breathing in what you already breathed out
    (Sorry for the baddest english:))

  6. For the people who laughed at the other people who was doing this stuff….


  7. "It's hard to decide what's worse during the 1st burying challenge: being buried alive or digging as hard as you can and getting screamed at by someone you can't see. Toss up, really."

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