7 Things You Probably Don’t Want to Know About Lice

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100 thoughts on “7 Things You Probably Don’t Want to Know About Lice

  1. I've got hundreds of these buggers in my head, I've given up at this point can't find any effective remedies and don't want to shave my head

  2. My friend had lice and at school we was doing like swap books

    And that next day I saw



  3. Oh my fucken damn a fucken girl gave me them in 8th grade now Im in 9th I feel like deep throating her hard af all my class has them untill my childhood was ruined from these shits, Now I don't have them.

  4. I have never had lice. I'm 33 and I have considered that wierd. I have even been around people people with lice before.

  5. you can use mayonnaise it dries the eggs n adults out how idk but my grandma did that when my sister came from schoo w lice

  6. At my old school some people reported if their kid has head lice so everyone got a slip home and almost everyone had a lice comb that they used

  7. One word: mayonnaise. My mom used it on me and my siblings when we had lice and it was the only thing that worked. It smelled pretty bad, but it didn't irritate our skin and the protein in the mayo is actually beneficial to your hair.

  8. Starting today's lesson with your lecture again!!!!!! High School Teachers across America Love YOu. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1PMo2kwfGJM3-R-hNPHoj7xt4y3jgqnXK_lSo-BrM31c/edit#slide=id.p16

  9. How to remove lice
    1. Buy a Lice Remover Kit
    2. Use the Lice Remover Kit
    3. If kit comes with comb and spray, use comb now
    4. Use spray on head above sink or bathtub.
    5. Massage the liquid from the spray on head and let it sit for 15 minutes.
    6. Take a shower and use shampoo on head extra.
    7. Your hair will be wet even the next day.
    8. Congratulations! You removed most of the lice.

    Hope this is helpful for most people.

  10. I have finally figured out the solution to LICE!

    Just become anaemic and they'll starve! 😂

  11. i had head lice once and then never again. a lady came over to my house cut my hair a litte like 2 inches (i have very long hair) and then she just combed my hair and it got all the lice out. crazy

  12. Just buy a motorcycle, and a leather jacket. A pair of shades. THEN YOU CAN Shave your head. 😎🚲 ✌

  13. .I have a lice like a month and it still didn't go away help my hair is inchy I hate lice every time I push my head I hear a sound of my lice and it is so many help like I have a really long hair and Im scard to shave my hair cause people will make fun of me in school also I'm really scard of lice and my mom even don't know what to do help I still have many lice and I can't sleep 😥😥😥😥😫😫😫😫😖(help) Jesus) (god) my lice won't go away please Jesus help me God my father😥🙏🙏🙏🙏jesus I hate lice I got lice from my sister

  14. Napoleon had body lice that's why his hand is constantly pictorial of him with his hand in his coat.
    Wow so head touching head can cause lice ahhh ya we know

  15. ‘Head lice are not dangerous ‘

    Me: spent six months in hospital due to a severe allergic reaction to head lice when I was 7 years old 😂

  16. You guys think you have a bad. Try being black and getting crabs. It hurts like a mother combing them out!

  17. I got headlice once. My mom paid $90 to get all the nits out of my hair. I had to miss an entire day of school because of it. Worth every penny.

  18. A couple months ago i got lice from my sister and i had to buzz my hair and it sucked because i had really great waves

  19. lol do you guys remember when there was head lice checks at school? there’s always that one kid who disappears…💀

  20. Lice joke of the day – Question: Do you know why tampons have strings? Answer: So crabs (lice) can go bungee jumping. Funny!! Yayyy.

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