8 Coolest INSECT Robot Toys which Actually Exist ✅

welcome to TTI welcome to the whole new
world of science and robotics today we are going to explore the incredible
world of robotic insects so watch the entire video to discover something new
and something robotic number eight it can be safely said that Ant Man is the
king of controlling ants I mean he has an entire ant army it sounds crazy but
you can make your own ant army with another cool creation from the company
Festo they make robotic ants which act and behave exactly like real live ones
they can work in groups to complete any task these 3d printed ants are designed
with six mechanical legs and have porcelain conductors capable of
conducting efficiently performing various activities with a minimum energy
expenditure there is even tiny cameras on the ants heads which track objects
and allows you to see from their point of view number seven Festo emotion
butterflies now you can decorate your home or
business with these beautiful butterflies without offending animal
rights activists because the German company Festo make plenty of these
butterflies which will impress you each one is autonomous and it can fly in
programmed ways it weighs 32 grams and in a single charge it can fly for 15
minutes this whole system consists of 10 high speed infrared cameras installed
into a room where butterflies can fly you can hardly distinguish these Bionic
butterflies from the real ones in this room and their flight looks very
impressive number 6 the robot dragonfly the PhD students inspired by dragonfly
has created a miniaturized four-winged roba at Tech checked this dragonfly is a
lightweight robot insect that collects information while flying like a real
dragonfly it has a Wi-Fi model with 20 different sensors the users can enjoy an
aerial dynamic wings with its four wing mechanism its brushless motors and its
single cell battery of 250 milliamp hours the latest dragonfly model is autonomous
with stereoscopic vision fly control systems and a dual camera ready
operating system this means you can do amazing aerial photography spy on people
or secure your house the dragon flag of smaller and smaller details of each
locations and its efficient and eco-friendly and about 6 inches long so
you can take it easily in your pocket wherever you go you can control the actions and
movements of the dragonflies to the smartphone or laptop through software
this could be the next-generation spy tool even James Bond wants us in his
pocket number five best Oh Bionic opted er the German company Festo introduced its
cutest robotic creation a dragonfly known as Bionic opted er just like its
model in nature this ultralight flying object can fly in all directions hover
in midair and glide without beating its wings this unique way of flying is made
possible by the lightweight construction and the integration of functions each of
its four wings also features an amplitude controller and can be twisted
up to 90 degrees horizontally it is much larger than the real dragonfly the body
of the Bionic op Turismo puffs carbon fiber and it’s covered in polyester
membranes this cute robot can be controlled easily via your smartphone number four scorpion hexapod robot have you seen a scorpion remember its
sting is scary huh inspired by scorpions student at Ghent
University in Belgium have created a hexapod scorpion this is created
specifically for the purpose of stinging to visitors at the industrial centers
Tech Exposition surprisingly this thing is completely harmless this terrifying
robot is made with 3d printing technologies to demonstrate the
intuitive and complex mechatronic functions or stabbing people with its
tail it has six legs that moves in all directions and does more than real
scorpions it uses different IR sensors and cameras to calculate surrounding
environments guys this is really cool number three
cockroach robot cockroaches our all-time favorites and this experiment shows
these cockroaches can withstand almost 900 times their body weight without
getting hurt that’s like an average person being
crushed by more than 123 thousand pounds not only that even in the squish State
that American cockroaches were still able to run super fast nearly 20 times
their body length per second UC Berkeley researchers have discovered the secrets
of how cockroaches achieved those astounding hue Deenie light contortions
and now they’re using dis discovery to build robots those same extraordinary
powers inspired by this awesome skill set the researchers built cram a
compressible robot with articulated mechanisms the prototype has a segmented
pliable cockroach light shell cram is able to sprawl out and run using other
parts of its legs instead of its feet imagine the possibilities like sending a
swarm of cockroach robots under the tiniest spaces to find disaster
survivors so maybe next time you come across an American cockroach instead of
thinking it’s creepy you can think it’s cool number two row bug ticks
T 8x spider robot guys do you want a large terrifying spider for fun a spider
which you can control and used to terrify others introducing row bug ticks
T 8x robot spider the t8 is a bio inspired high-resolution 3d printed
robot that uses a total of 26 servo motors it is powered by the bigfoot
inverse kinematics engine and advanced algorithm which can handle all the
complex calculations necessary for controlling multi legged walking
processes there are endless possibilities for the types of
bio-inspired realistic movements at the robot can make it is an RC robot spider
and commands are sent and received via wireless X be number one
Robo bees guys I’m sure all of you have seen real
bees before they probably attracted you or to strive to do from your
concentration but now Robo bees are here to entertain
you inspired by the biology of a bee researchers at wisp Institute are
developing Robo bees and just like a real fly the robots spin it in flexible
wings feet approximately 120 times every second which is achieved by the super
voltage-dependent substance called piezoelectric material it has super fast
electronic muscles to power its wings it’s brain development is concerned with
smart sensors and control electronics that mimic the eyes and antennae of a
bee and can sense and respond dynamically to the environment it is
believed that groups of Robo bees utilizing swarm intelligence will be
highly useful in search and rescue efforts as artificial pollinators the
Harvard University developers say we could envision these robots being used
for search and rescue operations to search for human survivors under
collapsed buildings or in other hazardous environments these tiny robots
can be used for environmental monitoring or able to sense chemical hazards so it
just seems to be a tiny little robot but it has lots of few juices doesn’t it
guys thank you for watching which one do you
find the most impressive and useful and why let me know in the comments if you
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100 thoughts on “8 Coolest INSECT Robot Toys which Actually Exist ✅

  1. I like the scorpion and butterfly. If they modified the butterfly for garden surveillance and the scorpion as a medical assistant to inject appropriate medicines

  2. I hate to be that person…

    But scorpions have 8 legs, not 6, like oh ma gooooosha

    Jk, only a few fucks were given in the making of this comment

  3. If u made the scorpioens bigger and gave its arms and tail either missile/grenade launcher or machine guns u got a walking tank the spider same thing but i think it might only be able to have a turret on its back its heighest point making it into a walking tank the eye perhaps could be converted into some weapon but scorpioen would have more kinds of weapons on it,it could become a anti air and ground unit combined

  4. Yeah the robots are pretty cool and quite for this generation and also quite harmless until the goverment choose to weaponise the robots and then they will not be as harmless as they look in this video but nobody cares about that in this age for now!

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