8 Disgusting Foods ‘Fear Factor’ Contestants Actually Ate 🤢 | MTV Ranked

– [Madison] I literally can’t do it. – You can do it. There you go, there you go, there you go, there you go, there you go. Keep goin’, keep goin’. – Yeah, good job.
(claps) – There we go. – Good job.
– You good? (retching) – [Madison] I don’t wanna go home. – [Man] Keep goin’, keep goin’,
keep goin’, keep it goin’. – You got it girl, drink it. – [Man] You did good. (retching) (gags) – My biggest fears are definitely eating anything that’s alive. Having it squirm inside my
mouth, that sounds really gross. – Put the Vinegaroon in your mouth. – [Beena] Oh my God, ew. – [Ludacris] This is fear
factor, this is what we do. Come on Andrea, you got this. (squelches) There you go. – [Andrea] It was absolutely horrible. It was moving around, it just
tasted disgusting, I mean, that’s gonna be in my
nightmares for a while. (laughs)
That was gross. – You guys ready? (grunts) Three, two, one, go. Uh oh, he’s goin’ for the habanero. (group chattering) – Get it all in there,
all in there for me. – Straight for the ghost pepper. – [Brenden] The spices, they kick in on the first one, but
then the ghost pepper, it tastes like Jean-Claude Van Damme punched me in my throat. – [Quenlin] You good,
it’s cool, it’s cool. I like it baby.
– That’s about halfway full. – [Quenlin] Hey, come on. – Another ghost pepper. Oh, how hot is it? (group chattering) Disgusting. Ghost pepper. – [Brenden] The ghost
pepper, like, kicked in, tasted like 7,000 spices
over the border in my mouth. – Pick it up, faster, faster. (spits) Okay, hit the line. Quenlin start drinkin’. Oh, he picked all really,
really hot peppers, – C’mon baby.
– So, this is gon’ hurt. – Do you feel the throw-up coming up? – [Quenlin] As soon as
it got in my throat, I felt that something just grab me, I can’t let him down, but my body isn’t gonna agree with what’s goin’ on. – [Ludacris] All right switch, switch. – C’mon baby.
– That’s a hot sauce mustache right there, I see it. (intense music) (spits) – Ew, don’t throw up, don’t throw up, ooh. Brenden and Quenlin– – They talk a lot of (bleeps). – They do. – And I just, I just wanna shut ’em up. – Hey come on, hard to watch. – [Brenden] Hurry up. – [Quenlin] You’re moving slower because you got this fire in your mouth and I have to stay focused
and listen to my brother. – C’mon, this may be it. Still need more. – [Brenden] Hurry up, hurry
up, hurry up, hurry up. – [Quenlin] Havin’ to go back for an extra shot, I
really was about to die. – Quenlin picked the less hot pepper. That means his mouth
must still be burning. Go. (slurping) (group chattering) He’s drinkin’ it, he’s goin’ for it. (crowd shouts) (shouts) – [Brenden] I can feel
me about to throw up back into my cup, but actually held my throw up in
and I drank through it. – Let’s see the mouth. Time. Natto, fermented soybeans. (shouts)
– That came back out. (gags) – That is only the first one. In order to move on, they
have to eat three items faster than Tam and Johnathan did. – [Woman] The thought process was swallow everything whole, don’t bite it, don’t let it linger in your teeth. – Eat slow so it’ll stick to your tongue and make you throw up. – But, once it come back up and you swallow ’em again
it was nice and lubricated. You got it babe, go, eat it. I’m waiting for you. – [Man] He can’t keep it down though. Let it come up, let it come up. (shouts) – Go, go. They hopin’ for the cupcake. – No, no. – [Ludacris] 100 year old egg. (crowd jeers) (squelching) – Swallow, come on swallow. – [Man] Can’t down it like that. – [Woman] Oh you ate the whole thing. – [Ludacris] Tam is ready,
she wants them to throw up. – They gotta come out, let it come out, let it come out, let it come out. – Every time that we felt
like they were gonna beat us, we would trash-talk. It was all mental. – Your body wants to get rid of that. – [Ludacris] Five minutes. – [Man] When I’m eating,
I started sweatin’, I was puttin’ in the work. – You got it. – [Man] Using’ every muscle in my body, just keep the food down,
keep the food down. – Throw up! – You’re good (gags), you’re good. – [Ludacris] You got it, go. – Habanero, please, habanero. – Habanero please.
(laughs). She’s beggin’ for the habanero. – Where is this headin’? – Cheese. (crowd jeers) But not any cheese, that is
the stinkiest cheese on Earth. – Oh my God.
– That smell, that smell. – [Man] I was gaggin’ all over the place but I was just like, just get it done, get it done, get it done, get it done. – Are you swallowing? (gags) – Six minutes. – [Man] Suck all them fingers. Savor it, savor it. (crowd shouts) – C’mon, keep it down,
keep it down (mumbles). Time! Now, are you guys ready? – [Team Members] So ready. – All right, three, two, one, go. – [Man] Someone’s impressive. (crowd oohs) – There you go, bam. All right. – [Woman] The only thing on my mind was getting it done as fast as possible. Not even thinking about
what was in my mouth. – She does not look happy right now with that snake in her mouth. (bleeps) Wrong, they got the code wrong. – Money bags let’s get it. All you can do is be happy
for somebody’s demise. At the end of the day,
you tryna win the $50,000. – [Ludacris] Second attempt
to get the first code right. They got it right. (intense music) Two minutes. – [Woman] Oh that’s an active one. – Good God, he looked like he liked that. – [Ludacris] All right,
going to second code. – Don’t say anything, don’t say anything, I need to concentrate. – Come on now, talk it
out, you guys can do it. Nobody learns phone numbers anymore, so of course this is difficult. They got it, they got the second one. Three minutes. Uh, oh. – [Man] Right when I grabbed
the scorpion it hooked on to my mouth, and I was trying to like shove it in,
so the scorpion bit me. – [Ludacris] Two scorpions,
one code left, $1,000. This is it, this is it, they got it right. (spits) (rats chittering) – Oh my God. When I was laying in that tub with hundreds of rats
crawling all over me, I felt every single
foot of all those rats, all over my body. – Oh my God, it’s in my
ear, I can feel the feet. – Ready, three, two, one, go. – [Man] Let’s go Aisha, you got this. – Oh man.
– Gotta get the cheese. – Oh my god. Fighting a rat for cheese– They’re kissing me. They bite, and they suck and bite. – [Man] Oh my God. – [Ludacris] There you go, you got one. – Don’t be scared, you got it. – [Ludacris] There you go, there’s two. – It smells like (bleeps) in here. (laughs) – When I saw Aisha in the tub
of rats I actually was scared. We both have a fear of rats, but like, we’re never not gonna not try something. – [Man] Oh my God. – [Ludacris] There you go, that’s three. – Get me outta here, please. – [Ludacris] There you go. – Oh my God. – [Aisha] Oh my God, it took it. It’s hard enough trying to find the cheese, and then little ass (bleeps) just comes and takes it away. – [Ludacris] There you go, one more, go steal yo cheese back. Time. (whoops) Hurry up Tracy, come on, dump those leeches on Erin. (screams) There you go mom, there you go. – When they attached, it was a lil’ bite, but, it was mostly the sliminess and the cold water affecting my mentality. Torture. – [Ludacris] I know it’s hard, Erin, I know you (mumbles), but
50,000 is on the line. (crowd shouts) All right, let’s see how many stick. – [LeAngelo] Tracy and Erin,
they consistently surprised us. – They overcoming some things that I wouldn’t think they
would, so, I’m nervous. – Stay on balance. I knew they was gonna get in the cleavage. – [Erin] My boobs are pretty big, so, I thought that would
be an advantage for us. – Hey, limbo. (dramatic string music) There’s one that is
making a home right now. – [Erin] Ow, ow, ow. – Ooh. That’s it, all right, chugalug, chugalug, don’t swallow one of those
things, please don’t do that. (crowd jeers) Man, looks like Erin’s
been to a party before. – Go, go, go. – Time. Grab those cans and open ’em. – [Joe] It’s gonna be a challenge for us, but nothing’s gonna stop us. – [Ludacris] All right
Joe, you have liver pate. Smells good?
(Joe groans) Beef liquid extract. – That don’t smell too good. – Espresso. All right Kyle, you have Chipotle peppers, old sardines, nutrient-dense fish, sardines are great for
you, and Alfredo sauce. (gagging) All right, put those in the blender. (crowd shouts in disgust) – All that juice, you
know what I’m saying? Oh, yeah.
(crowd laughs) (liquid pours) Kaylee’s favorite bro, Alfredo and hot sauce you know what I’m saying? – That’s thick. – One, two, go. One, two, three, stop. – Oh my, what. – Holy (bleeps). – [Ludacris] All right, how you feeling? – I’m feeling worried. – How are you worried, you burnt your tongue this morning? – It’s chunky. – Kyle are you ready?
– Yes, sir. – Three, two, one, go. – FTP let’s go, pound it, pound it, pound it, let’s go Figgy, come on, don’t even think about it, it’s protein let’s go.
– Taste that liver. – Let’s go, it’s protein, swallow. – [Kyle] Mine had chunks of sardines and it was thick and nasty. – Let’s go, swallow
that (bleeps), let’s go. – Taste those chunks, that is fish guts. Are you chewin’? – Oh (bleeps) yeah, it’s chunky. Chewing was the hardest part, but I didn’t really taste it, so I think that stopped my gag reflexes. (gagging)
– No, come on. (crowd jeers) Almost done bro, let’s go,
last set, best set right here, let’s go, let’s go baby. – [Ludacris] You did it, he got it. All right Joe it’s on you.
– Let’s go baby. Chug, chug, chug, chug,
– Time is ticking. – Chug, let’s go. (cheers) – Man, did that taste good, Joe? – Tastes like ass. (laughs) – Go for the chunky John. – [Ludacris] Wait a
second, do I hear Kevin rooting on John right now? – John’s been doing good. (laughs) – C’mon, please, I’ll help
you out later after this. I’ll get all of theirs. (crowd shouts) – [Woman] This is why I love you. – I don’t even know what mayo-kraut is, but Madison, this one’s for you. – Mayo-kraut, mayonnaise and sauerkraut. That’s the chunkiest one of them all. – Oh man, that looks terrible. – The way they were
taking the cups before, they didn’t seem like they
got ’em down that easily. – [Cynthia] Oh, yeah, this
should be interesting. – [Man] There you go, there you go. – [Madison] There’s gotta
be something else in that because as soon as it hits the back of your throat, you’re done for. (gagging) I literally can’t do it. – [Ludacris] Madison, it’s
like Christmas eggnog. – [Madison] That’s the worst thing I have ever tasted in my life. – I wish I could relate, but I (laughs). In fact, I’ma go get some champagne while y’all are taking so long. (laughs) – Oh my God. – This my kind of party. – I don’t even know how
to explain that flavor. – I believe in you, all of the people here actually believe in you. – [Man] There you go, take a breather, take a breather, hey you’re
good, you’re good, you’re good. – She can’t swallow it. – [Man] Swallow it,
swallow it, swallow it. (gagging) – [Madison] I literally can’t do it. – You can do it. There you go, there you go, there you go, there you go, there you
go, keep going, keep going. – Yeah, good job. – There we go.
– Good job. – You good?
(gagging) – [Madison] I don’t wanna go home. – [Man] Keep going, keep going,
keep going, keep it going. – You got it girl, drink it. (retching) (intense music) – There it is. (grunts) – There’s no way. – [John] Party over. – That is the worst thing
I’ve ever had in my life.

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    20000000000000000$ i don’t want my body to suffer just because of money I love my body and I will not heart it for any money✌️

  2. I’m blasian Korean , Japanese and black so I’m use to eat any sea food and bugs or stuff like that and super spicy stuff so that’s like candy to me

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  11. To everyone who’s annoyed with the trash talking needs to stop watching fear factor lol that is and always was a big part of the show and it’s part of the game. The game encourages you to mess with the other contestants minds and you can also try to play off their fears. I’ve been a fan since I was 6 so trash talking on this show doesn’t bother me. Y’all better get used to this concept 😂

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