8 Jaw-Dropping ‘Room Raiders’ Discoveries 👀 | MTV Ranked

– [Tru] What do we have here? Wait, what is this? – What is what, what is what? – [Tru] Oh, my god, that’s disgusting. I need my spy kit for this one. – [Izzy] Oh my god, what did he find? – [Nikki] There’s always
good stuff under the bed. – Oh, wonderful. – [Nikki] Okay, we’ve got
a middle school yearbook. – Don’t look in there! – Oh, wow. We have more porn. (Mark laughing) Are you some kind of porn freak? – Oh my god. – Yo, your yearbook committee is awesome. – That’s from middle school, come on guys. – [Nikki] Another negative. – Whatever. – Let’s see what else we can find. Ugh, what’s that? I think I’m gonna need
my spy kit for this one. – Oh my god, he’s already
scared of stuff in your room. (spy music) – I’m gonna use these rubber gloves to protect my hands from
whatever might be in that bag. – That’s not a good sign. – What is it? – It looks like a half-eaten jawbreaker. – That’s gross. – I like a girl who starts
something and then can finish it. – Well I don’t know how much
time he has on his hands that he could sit there and
finish a jawbreaker in a day. – Disgusting. – Oh look, we have candy. – What is it?
– I don’t know. – I have definitely got to
get my spy kit for this. – How do you not know what’s on your desk? – I mean, mints I’m assuming. (spy music) – It’s rubber glove time. – Why’s he need rubber gloves for mints? – What? – Definitely need it for this. Why do you still have your teeth? (loud objections) – When I was a little
kid, I had my teeth pulled ’cause I had cavities and
I decided to keep them. – That’s really disgusting. – Whatever happened to
the tooth fairy, dude? – Let’s take a look around. You still play with dolls? (girls laughing) – Oh man! – And look at that head. – Oh, it got a cracked head. – [Dayne] This baby is seriously hurt. (girls laughing) – I’m gonna need my spy kit for this one. – Oh god, why’s he taking out the spy kit? (spy music) – I think I’m gonna use the cell phone. I need to text you and find
out what’s going on ASAP. – Oh my god, I wonder
what he’s gonna text me. (cell phone rings) – Uh oh, it’s ringing. – Oh snap. – [Kimesha] Let’s see what he says. – What’d he say, what’d he say? – [Kimesha] What is up with
this busted old raggedy doll? – You tell him that it
looks just like you. – No, no, no, no, no. – That’s what you’re gonna tell him. – No. (cell phone rings) – That’s the doll I’ve had all my life. You don’t like her? Obviously I don’t like it. Come on now, look at this thing. (girls laughing) You’ve had it all your
life, it’s dead now. – I can’t get rid of it. It has sentimental value. – No. – Oh look, this is disgusting. What, do you test your own
urine every now and again? – Oh, no! – [Shawn] What is this? – It’s ethanal and bugs
so you can preserve them. – Oh, why would you do that? – I have to collect them for my class. – I’m gonna have to get my trusty spy kit. – Trusty spy, what’s he
gonna pull out, dude? (spy music) – The evidence bag. I’m gonna have to put
this in here so that you can tell me about this later on. Cause this is really, really weird. – Yeah, that’s pretty weird, man. – You’re weird! – That’s pretty weird. – Up here, wait, what is this? – What is what, what is what? – Oh my god, that’s disgusting. I need my spy kit for this one. – Oh my god, what did he find? – He’s getting the spy kit.
– No. – He’s getting the spy kit. – Put on some rubber gloves here. It’s time to get down and dirty. – What is it? – Funny, real funny. (girls yelling) It’s fake but I don’t
know why you have fake poo lying around in your room. Not the most appealing thing. – Why don’t I have fake poo on my ground? – Let’s start over here. Over here we have these gnomes
which really don’t fit in with anything else in the room. I don’t know if you have some kind of a gnome fetish, or what. – No, I don’t have a gnome fetish. Oh my god. They’re so cute, how could you. – I think I’m gonna
have to go to my spy kit and take out my spy kit cell phone. – What, spy kit cell phone? – Oh, my god, I can’t
believe there’s a cell phone on this spy kit now too. (cell phone rings) – Oh my god. (cell phone rings) – [Girl] What’d he say? – What’s the deal with the garden gnomes? – We have a response. She says, me and my friends
steal them when we’re bored LOL. I used to have more. You sound like a little
bit of a troublemaker and I like a girl who gets into
a little bit of trouble. – Oh my god, that little
lady down the street’s gonna know I stole them. – Nice job, klepto. – Think I need my gloves. (guys laughing) Now I got them, it’s safe to enter. What is this, a meat dehydrator? – What? – You like dehydrated meat? – Is that like a time machine? – I don’t even know what to say to that. – This is gross. Enough with that.

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56 thoughts on “8 Jaw-Dropping ‘Room Raiders’ Discoveries 👀 | MTV Ranked

  1. I remember watching this I miss it so much please bring it back those were good old days ..sidekick cellphones yeah definitely bring back good old memories lol for sure

  2. Definitely need to bring this back and NEXT!! You never know when you come across a DL guy 😂😂😂😂 the show might come in handy 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

  3. Oh my god, I remember watching every episode that came on when I was younger. I wish this show was still on, it was awesome!

  4. Ya'll need to bring this show back like yesterday. Hell I'll subscribe to MTV just for it. Also bring undressed back.

  5. I'm trying to find this one show that used to be on…I think it was on mtv…so basically a friend would send their friend on a blind date and that date would act crazy. And you would get payed more as long as you stayed

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