9 More Creepy TRUE Butterfly Effect Stories from Reddit

All the way back in 1989 I was on a round-the-world trip. I’d been traveling through Australia, Southeast Asia and China To get back to Europe I decided to take the trans-siberian railway through Mongolia and also what was then the Soviet Union In pre-internet days (and with China and the Soviet Union not exactly tourist-friendly countries at the time) this wasn’t a super easy thing to do I had to organize all of my own visas, train tickets and everything When I got to Beijing the hotel I stayed at had free loaned bicycles and I grabbed one and made my way around the city to try and find the Mongolian embassy to get my visa There was only one train running each week, so I was desperate to get this organized as soon as possible… Partially because I was low on money, but I was also quite homesick by now I had already gotten a train ticket and the Soviet visa in Hong Kong, but I still needed that visa for Mongolia Again, this was in pre-internet, pre google.maps days. I had a street map, but just couldn’t find that bloody embassy At long lost I got lucky and found it, but by then they were just shutting the gates Business hours were already over for the day. It was only 3 p.m! If I couldn’t get a visa, I’d not be able to get on that week’s train My train ticket would be worthless and I’d have to wait a full week for the next train Plus I’d need to get a new Soviet visa too So I pleaded with the guard Eventually he relented and let me in There was still someone in the office and because they were keen to finish off for the day they pretty much just put the sticker on my passport and shuffled me out the door All set, I got on the train the next day and had an amazing time going through Mongolia, the Soviet Union… even spent a few days in Moscow and then headed via Finland and Scandinavia back home The week after I’d been on the trans-siberian train this happened: A massive gas explosion caused by a leaking gas pipeline and triggered by a passing train killed over 500 people If the Mongolian embassy guard hadn’t let me through I definitely would have ended up being on that train When I was in my early 20s, I worked at a run-of-the-mill gas station in your average Florida town Didn’t pay great but at the time a job was a job One particular night and I had to swap shifts with a co-worker I’d eaten some hard candy the day before and ended up cracking one of my teeth real bad The pain was so excruciating that it prevented me from working or even sleeping I had to book an appointment at the dentist to get it all fixed It was serious agony That night the guy who swapped his shift with me was just minding his business at the gas station. It was midnight and empty Suddenly a couple of guys rush in shoot the worker point-blank in the face and empty the cash register Took his head half-off No words were exchanged. My coworker didn’t even have time to react. Probably didn’t even see it coming They later caught the guys thanks to the CCTV footage, not that it did much to console my co-worker’s family My son had just been born at the time Scary to think that if I hadn’t eaten that hard candy the day before I wouldn’t be here to watch him grow up My pregnant cousin usually takes the 5:10 p.m. bus after work She was about to hop inside the bus, but she needed to pee really badly, and the commute’s about an hour long so she decided to go to the restroom instead and just catch the next bus The 5:10 bus ended up falling off a cliff This was back in the 80s I lived in Australia and was driving from Brisbane to Sydney I had a Jimi Hendrix bobblehead on the dashboard of my truck We’d recently had a “secret santa” at the new company I was working at, and a co-worker bought it for me as a gift why she’d picked that out for me was anyone’s guess I guess I was a newbie and she didn’t really know me that well, so maybe she thought it might be a funny present… I dunno… I wasn’t actually a Hendrix fan. I was more into disco music myself, but obviously I didn’t tell her that She was cute though, and on the off-chance that she might one day get inside my vehicle I decided to put the bobblehead on my dashboard On that drive to Sydney I noticed a hitchhiker on the side of the road Well, this was the 80s when this sort of thing was more acceptable and viewed as less of a big deal so I decided to help the guy out and give him a ride. He looked normal enough The guy hops in and thanks me. Says that he’s heading in the same direction As we made our way towards Sydney the guy points out to the Hendrix bobblehead on my dash “Hey, man, you’re a fan of Jimi Hendrix, huh? He’s the greatest guitarist of all time, am I right?” The dude starts getting seriously passionate about Jimi Hendrix and starts going off about him so much that I can’t get a word in edgeways He seemed like such a big fan of Jimi Hendrix that when he asked me “You’re really into his music too, huh?” I just replied with “yeah, I’m a big fan” Didn’t want to ruin the guy’s buzz, you know “Wow, that’s awesome, man… which songs?” “You know, all of them man… couldn’t pick one in particular!” In all honesty, I couldn’t actually think of a single song title The hitch-hiker gives me a big smile “Right on,” he says He spent the rest of the journey smiling and looking out of the window as if he was contemplating something We start to get close to Sydney That’s when he says that we’re near where he needs to be dropped off He points me down some side road that took us off the beaten track I pull up where he tells me The place looks deserted No buildings around and no people, real nowheresville Why did he want to be dropped off here of all places? He hopped out of my vehicle “Thanks for the ride, man,” he says to me “Yeah, don’t mention it. It was good to have some company” “Hey, I’m gonna be honest with you,” he said He dipped his hand into his waistband and pulled out a pistol “I was gonna end you man right here right now, just take your money and run, you know… But I can’t do that to a Hendrix fan man… not to a Hendrix fan.” I had no idea if this was some kind of sick joke or what, but his weapon looked real enough to me! I knew I had to say something, but all I could muster was “oh… Thanks for not going through with it, I guess.” With that, he strolled off to who-knows-where. Didn’t wait around to see, just floored it out of there Not too long after that, the guy’s face showed up in a newspaper I was reading He was facing charges for slaying a middle-aged man that had picked him up while he was hitchhiking Could have easily been me, had my coworker not picked me as ‘Secret Santa’, and not bought me that stupid bobblehead On the way to work one morning some guy rear-ended my car with some force His excuse was ridiculous; that he’d just seen some pretty lady walking along the sidewalk and she had distracted him I ended up hitting my head in the collision and was advised by medics to go to the hospital and get it checked out The doctors didn’t seem too concerned, but scheduled me for an MRI scan anyway, just to be on the safe side What they found was completely unexpected The scan showed that I had a tumorous growth on my brain that I had no idea about Had it gone undetected for just a little longer it would have become terminal, and it wouldn’t have presented any kinds of symptoms whatsoever… Not until it was too late at least Because they managed to catch it in time I was able to go in for an emergency surgery, which was thankfully successful So, because some woman just so happened to be walking down a particular street at a particular time, distracted some particular guy who just happened to be right behind me… Well, I’m still here today 1943 Stalingrad My grandfather and his comrades were defending the city from German aggression They were hungry and exhausted but escape from the city was impossible A group of five of them were about to rush from one building to the next across an open courtyard It was risky, but the enemy were encroaching, and they knew staying where they were would mean the end of them My grandfather (being the youngest and least experienced of the men) waited for the order to charge His superior rallied the group and began to make a dash for the building across the open courtyard My granddad and the rest of his friends followed closely behind As he sprinted, my grandfather noticed a German Panzer tank turning its turret to take aim at them distracted by his impending doom he forgot to look where he was running and ended up tripping on something… A dollhouse of all things, nestled in the rubble on the ground He fell flat on his face How that dollhouse came to be lying in that exact position to trip my grandfather was the result of a long chain of mundane events A family just so happened to live in a building that once stood there The parents of that family had decided to buy it for their daughter who kept it in a specific place in their home Once the building was destroyed during Stalingrad the dollhouse (being placed exactly where it was) just so happened to be launched from the building landing in the future trajectory of my grandfather, who tripped and fell over it Whatever the case, it caused my grandfather to fall behind his friends who kept on running He quickly got back to his feet and looked towards them A few seconds later the panzer fired off a round Where his friends once were, there was now only a large cloud of dust The tank had blown them all to pieces My grandfather had just enough time to scurry back to a defensive position and survived the day Had that dollhouse not been exactly where it was He most certainly would have been right where his friends were when the shell cut them all down He would have never made it back home. Never met my grandmother. Never had my father and… well, I guess I wouldn’t be here to type out this story now, would I? When my daughter was born I bought her a dollhouse. Never know when they might come in handy Obviously, it’s impossible to prove anything in this vein but my favorite butterfly effect to think about involves a 10th century emperor of China who just so happened to have a favorite concubine That concubine was a dancer and would perform for him in court When she danced she would wrap her feet (I assume to protect them during her dance) The fact that she was his favorite concubine was well known so other women in the court began to imitate her, particularly her way of wrapping her feet This practice eventually spread from the court to the general population of China and evolved into the horrific practice of foot binding Now, aside from the fact that this one woman led to a millennia of women being maimed and crippled to the point that the architecture and design of old Chinese cities reflects their inability to walk (ie multi-story buildings being uncommon because women with bound feet couldn’t climb stairs and cities being built with narrow streets because women often had to lean against the wall just in order to walk around) this possibly had a greater effect on world history than it’s possible to entirely conceive of It’s well known that China was technologically advanced in comparison to Europe This extended to their ships There are historical accounts of Chinese explorers traveling to Africa and whatnot, some before their European counterparts Thing is, they never colonized Never attempted to set up a kingdom anywhere else, and while they had many nations paying tribute to them it’s very different from the European way of doing things, of settling into a country and declaring it their own, attempting to change the culture It’s kind of odd considering that just like Britain, China considered themselves the center of civilization literally the ‘Middle Kingdom’ One theory (and to me a very plausible theory for why they never colonized) is that their women couldn’t travel In order to successfully colonize you need women who are at the very least mobile It’s hard to even imagine what history would have been like if the Chinese had been colonizing like the Europeans Considering their technology they probably would have been the first doing it And all because an emperor had a thing for a dancer… My uncle was a deep-sea fishermen His boat was due to sail on Sunday morning and he went out with a few of his buddies on Saturday night Had a sort of ‘goodbye party’ since he’d be out at sea for a good long time Ended up having a few too many drinks Some dude made fun of his Hawaiian shirt… just a throwaway insult, but things escalated and he ended up getting into a bar fight Spent the night in the slammer Missed his boat the next morning Some other guy filled in for him at the last minute and they left without him He felt awful since he really needed the money Turns out it was a lucky escape The fishing boat he was supposed to be on was attacked by modern-day pirates The crew resisted and everyone on board was slaughtered The boat was later found abandoned Good thing he wore that Hawaiian shirt that night I was walking to school and got distracted by a hedgehog that ran in a bush next to me Then a huge tree branch fell in front of me Would have crushed me if I didn’t get distracted by a spiky little mouse scurrying into the bushes I gave him a dead cricket the next day He took it and ran off Godspeed, spiky mouse… Hey guys, Lazy here and thank you very much for listening Well, everyone loves a good butterfly effect story, and you will voted for it on Twitter, so I hope they lived up to our expectations A huge shout out to all of my supporters on patreon, especially my biggest supporters… Thank you all so much for your support. It really helps the channel out! And if you’d like to leave a pledge as well, you can find a link to my patreon in the description below That about wraps things up for this one guys Remember to smash that like button or I’ll smash you, and I’ll be back again very, very soon until then, you all stay spooky… and remember: The best things happen… In the dark

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100 thoughts on “9 More Creepy TRUE Butterfly Effect Stories from Reddit

  1. Butterfly Effect: because you clicked on this video, you didn't notice the man hiding in the other room. Because you didn't see his face, he decided he didn't need to kill you before quietly leaving your house. I just saved your life… You're welcome!

  2. I remember once I was going with my friend back home from school, we decided we’ll go slowly from a certain way that takes us there, as we were walking a bomb happened right next to us if we walked faster or took other ways home we would’ve died, actually girls infront of us just a few steps ahead died or got hurt but we got saved by a building in between us and the bomb.

  3. if my mom had not gone to that building at that exact time, had my dad not been standing in the hallway bored. Had he not had the guts to ask her if she wanted tea….. no me. Also, had I not been bored that night, had my wife not been on FB as well I probably would not have gotten to know her, probably would not have gotten married. I would have gone to california that summer, but instead I did not…..

  4. Last year, I was looking more and more into synagogues and denominations of Judaism that felt right to me. I absolutely fell in love with Reconstructionist Judaism, and it felt like exactly the type of thing I was looking for with regards to theology and general outlook. I found one single Reconstructionist congregation in my city, and I looked at their website for more information, to see if I could go to a service one Saturday morning. I planned to go that same week, and I set an alarm on my phone to wake up a couple hours earlier than I normally would on weekends to get up and see if it was a good fit. I ended up sleeping in that morning, and I missed the service, but I woke up to dozens and dozens of friends asking if I was okay, concerned for my safety. That was almost a year ago today. That morning, someone went into the building in which the congregation and two others held services and shot 13 people, including one from my congregation. I think a lot about what would've happened if I had gone that morning. I've since started going, and found a wonderful community there.

  5. I hate the butterfly effect bc one simple smallest decision can lead to a bad thing and you completely regret it , the closest to me was that my brother and i were working. , we were throwing trash and i threw a plywood with nails in the garbage but on the floor yet far in the gardbage dump , he bought trash , didnt look where he was going and stepped on a nail , injured himself , luckiky he had antibiotics but the next day we were gonna work at some other job but since he was injured i had to go on my own and took my car , i worked till 12 that day and i went to the nearby gas station to head my food , i had to take the freeway , i was driving with no license , i took a turn and i somehow hit a lady going to work , (it was on a freewayexit into a road) . Cops were called , i was 18 but thought it didnt matter rhat i had a permit , apperantly the law didnt say it was okay and i got 2 tickets for causing the crash and for no license , the court dates are for this january but point it , had i simply turned the ply wood down (keep in mind it was a pluwood with only 3 nails sticking out) or advised my brother to watch out for the nails , and to make matters worse , i didnt turn the plywood bc i didnt eat breakfast that morning so i was hungry at and work and unenergetic so to rephrase , had i eaten breakfast that day , i would’ve been active and not lazy to simply turn the plywood with nails faced down therefore avoiding my brothers injurie and not crashing the next day ( to people who ask what my brother has to do with this , me and my brother agree that in the morning i drive to work and he drives to lunch and back home so he would’ve droven at lunch time being an experienced driver if i ate breakfast the day before , last note , after this car accident my car started failing and dying little by little due to the accident damages , so now i am saving up for a newer car and stressed over money and the law now.

  6. These stories both deeply fascinate and chill me to the bone. They really remind me that at the end of the day we're all a hair's breadth away from the cliff's edge, and any seemingly mundane interaction or decision could legitimately change someone's life.

    A few months ago, my friend and I were on a train mid-afternoon on our way to a protest; my friend had written some slogans on her arm and her leg, and was thus wearing a tank top and shorts to present the slogans, while I had this dinky sign I'd made that morning. She texted me that she kept getting weird vibes from this guy at the other end of the carriage, and this average-looking older guy was ogling the two of us from his seat. I made the impulse decision to grab her hand and get off at the next stop, despite us needing to remain on the train for another half hour. We waited on the platform for the next train and I consoled her about her discomfort. The protest went fine and we went our separate ways that evening. The next morning as I'm making coffee my dad directs my attention to the news – a young woman about my age had been found dead in an alleyway near the train station we had been at. The poor woman had been assaulted and then killed.

    I'm glad we got off when we did.

  7. My great-great-grandfather was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. (My grandpa, who was this guy's grandson, UK born.)
    Signs up for World War I.
    Doesn't get paid.
    Does something during WW1 and is granted Blighty leave. (Changes his name to avoid detection.)

    How does this affect me?

    In short, if this ancestor didn't sign up and therefore, doesn't leave Australia, I never exist.

  8. The butterfly effect is crazy and terrifying! I have a personal story of my own and it makes me wonder to this day… atleast it makes me way more grateful to be alive.

  9. I am Russian. Back in 90s my parents used to travel in Russia selling clothes just making money. Once my dad told me they were meant to be on that train from the first story! crazy

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed the video but I'm confused why you are calling these "butterfly effect" when they are actually cases of coincidence and pure dumb luck.

    The definition of butterfly effect is: "(with reference to chaos theory) the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere."

    The origin:
    1980s: from the notion in chaos theory that a butterfly fluttering in Rio de Janeiro could change the weather in Chicago.

    Also why do the numbers go eight, seven then nine? Just a typo?

  11. I was on a summer trip to an island with a couple of friends a few years back. I wanted an ice cream and went to buy one from a small store. The internet in the store was down and credit cards didn't work so I gave one of my friends some cash to buy their ice cream. He said he would come the next day to my house and pay me back.
    The next day I was playing some video games with my headphones on while my cousin, who was coming over to spend a night, entered the house. I didn't notice him and he left the door to the house open. My two dogs ran out and at the same time my friend from previous day comes by car to put money on my mailbox. He doesn't see the dogs and hits the other one, ripping her tail off. Luckily she survived, but it was a very unfortunate chain of events where everything had to fit exactly right that began from me wanting some ice cream and ending when my dog almost died.

  12. I always think about the tumor story. I hear too many similar stories like this I wonder if I have a tumor I have no idea about

  13. I was driving home from my parents house when I came to a red light.  For some reason I didn't notice the light had changed for a few seconds.  As I pull my car into the turn an oil tanker comes barreling through a red light.  Had I been paying attention I would have been nothing more than a charred corpse.

  14. Now I need to get my 3 month old daughter Illyra a doll house when she gets older. And my four year old son Henry a Jimmy Hendrix bobble head when he gets older as well.

  15. the foot wrapping of women in china’s greatest impact was not the architecture of the city but rather the way in which women HAD to rely on men because they literally couldn’t move. yes, foot wrapping was a foot fetish thing but it was also a power imbalance that allowed men to stay on top of the hierarchy.

    also, china didn’t colonize because their religious/philosophical values were unlike the europeans (who wanted to conquer everything and convert everyone to christianity) which is way china didn’t feel the need to conquer. they were also more focused on their own empire and stabilizing the north due to mongol invasion and other nomadic people. this focus on themselves and their own region is a big impact on what allowed them to become more advanced, rather than going about conquering and converting.

  16. I have a butterfly effect, last year my boyfriend went on a road trip with my cousin & her husband, I told my boyfriend not to go & we had a big fallout but we talked & he agreed to not go on the road trip. Next morning he ends up telling me that they picked him up & he packed some stuff & is on his way to Florida/Georgia anyways. Because of this decision we had a lot of back & forth fights, & he was thinking of returning on his own but in the end decided not to. Though this situation hurt our relationship at the moment, I will forever be grateful that he was there because had he listened & went back on his own, the tire on the truck would have still popped, the tank of the truck would have still exploded melting all their belongings & money, but if he wasn’t there, my cousin & her husband would not have been able to leave the scene in time because of all the panic. My boyfriend managed to grab my cousins phone with just enough battery life/contacts to calll (his melted in the fire), managed to set my baby niece free from her seat (& burned his foot in the process) & he was the only person who managed to leave with his wallet. He had just enough to pay their way through the states & a man along the way who knew of the accident drove them over two more states & bought them all clothes, food, & necessities for the baby. Had my boyfriend not been there, I would not even want to begin to imagine what would have happened because of the way my cousin described it, she was in complete panic she could not even release herself from the truck let alone her child

  17. I got a butterfly effect that happened recently. I work at an family owned auto body shop with my dad. We may get on each others nerves from time to time, but nothing unusual. I go get both of us breakfast. Usually around 9:40 I get back and he usually wants a bacon, egg and cheese on an English muffin, with coffee and I usually have the same thing without the coffee, never liked coffee. My dads friend, we would call him Dan, shows up every so often at the shop because he gets bored at his house due to retirement and talks, helps out by getting parts and other items, and give pretty good advice. Well one day my dad want to go get breakfast, but for some reason he didn't want coffee. Doing what he says I didn't care for it all that much. When I get back Dan and my dad were having a conversation and were about to leave and go get a part for the shop leaving me by shop all by myself. Just before they were about to leave my dad decided to change his mind and wanted coffee to go with the sandwich, figures. So Dan said we would eat on the ride to the part which was over 10 miles. My dad insisted though, being somewhat stubborn, that he wanted coffee and Dan should go get coffee for himself. 5 minutes pass and Dan gets my dad coffee and Dan got one for himself and then they set off to get the part. Turns out that 5 minutes made the biggest difference of his life. While on the way to go to the main highway, two cops sped right past Dan and my dad, wondering what was going on they drove closer to where they were going curious about what just happened. What they saw was a dump truck and a cement truck almost feet away from each other and the driver of the dump truck being arrested , but in between was a vehicle that had been crushed to the width of a door in-between the two. Within that vehicle a man of at least 300 lbs or what was a man was in the vehicle, the individual had died on impact. Turns out the dump truck driver went to fast and the brakes gave out on him causing him to slam into the vehicle and then into the cement truck. Being that we knew the tow truck driver and owner of the towing company, that towed the wreckage my dad and Dan told him what happened. Turns out the owner of the tow company need our help to get a certain module in the car to see when the impact happened, how fast the impact was and the condition of the car was. When my dad got the module out and gave him the module, he later got the news that the module told the cops and the owner of the towing company that the cement truck driver was going well over 70 mph (113 kph) and it happened at 9:47. The time that my dad and Dan would have been at the point on the highway. Guess a good cup of coffee ain't so bad.

  18. These stories seriously chill my spine down more than ghost stories 😰😰😰 it’s crazy how your seemingly simple decision would affect your life or death.

  19. My uncle worked at the world trade centre. He was a very particular man.In the morning before going to his job, my uncle had ketchup spilled on his shirt.He went back to his apartment to get it changed but then 911 happened…

  20. If only you turn left instead of right in your path of life where will it take you. I often wonder about what effect I make on others by the decisions I do.

  21. that person talking about the chinese… was talking complete bullshit and out of his ass…. idk why you even told the story… most of the women who had bound feet were court women, do you really think all fucking peasant farm women would destroy their feet to look pretty? they have to tend to crops and children, who do you think are colonizing? let me tell you, it wasnt fucking nobles, it was farmers… not only that, even if 90 percent of women had bound feet, china's population was so massive, that the remaining 10 percent would have been able to set up colonies, idk what people think colonies were, but they weren't metropolis'.

    also to say the chinese were more advanced techonologically than the europeans is laughable. The chinese didn't colonize for a variety of reasons, but it wasnt cuz all their women had bound feet. With the ming empire, it was probably because of massive corruption, and the risk of completely falling apart. With the qing empire, they probably were more focused on consolidating their new empire, when they had, they were just too late to the game.

  22. Basically EVERYTHING is a butterfly effect.
    A decision 1000 years ago could be connected to your existence. Maybe 1000 years ago it was decided that Woman X will Marry Man Y. They produced offspring that had offspring etc. etc. until finally your parents were born that ultimately had you. If 1000 years ago someone else would have been married, the entire person's life, their offspring etc. would have been different and so all the generations following them which could have and probably would have resulted in you never being born.
    If 5 billion years ago that star hadn't exploded at just the right distance and angle, the cloud of dust and gas wouldn't have been compressed to start the formation of our solar system. In that case, Nothing that has existed on earth would have ever happened. Maybe if it had happened sooner or later circumstances would have been different that would have resulted in earth never forming or earth having completely different properties etc.
    Your existence and the current state of the universe is the result of every little aspect happening in the exact same way they happened.
    Something a billion years ago could somehow be linked to your existence.

  23. I  returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

  24. I never knew butterfly effects has a big impact from the smallest things to the biggest thing that dan change the world until i watched all of these butterfly effects stories video

  25. A friend of my father's recommended him to work with him in a restaurant in one of the twin towers, so he applied. Never heard back, and three months later he saw the first tower in flames… 9/11

  26. Here's one that happened to me.This happened when i was going to primary school, so my memory is vague and i can't remember my exact age when it happened. i was out at the beach swimming with my cousin. We were having a good laugh when suddenly we started getting pulled out to the ocean. I knew what it was, a rip, but before it pulled us out further i spotted a fishing line. We grabbed it, and pulled out of the rip, then used it to help the rest of the way to shore. If that person hadn't of been fishing in that exact location, at that time, my cousin and i would be dead. No kid can survive hundreds of meters out in the ocean. My heart was racing and we profusely thanked the guy who, by chance, saved our lives. So here's a tip, don't go too far out and swim between the flags. You never know when the ocean could pull you out.

  27. I'm not sure if this qualifies as a Butterfly Effect, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

    So I was in college a few years ago, in class just bored and wishing class would end sooner. I felt like going to the toilet to pee, but I chose not to since the class was only about 30 minutes away from ending anyway so might as well sit it out. Suddenly, a couple of minutes later, lecturers started going to every class available and interrupted all classes. It had discovered that a janitor was murdered within college grounds with a few students suffering light injuries from an attack. I didn't know much of what happened but a picture of the scene showed up in some web and I looked it up. It was near the very toilet I would've gone to had I decided to go to pee at the time. While it was then revealed to be a personal attack, I shuddered to think what it would've been like to witness it all had I decided to go…

  28. My dad was suppose to pick me and my sister up every Saturday morning like he did every weekend after my mom and him split (it had probably been like 4 months since the split) but soccer season started and 6 year old me had a soccer in the morning so he wasn’t picking us up until like 2-3 crazy thing is him and my mom has been talking for a while to try and get back together work things out and that day on the phone he told my mom he was coming home he couldn’t do it… well he never did come home ended up getting killed at a gas station by 2 guys and a girl over him refusing to give them cigarettes. My dad had problems don’t get me wrong he drank a lot and smoked weed all day but he was never and I mean never been an abusive father but drinking that day was the death of him cause his blood was so thin maybe if I didn’t have a soccer game that day he’d still be here would’ve picked us up in the morning most likely only had been smoking not drinking idk just makes me think but when I began to think to much I began to think what if we were with him at the gas station when that happened (me and sister) which is not unusual the gas station is right around the corner from my uncles apt where he was staying its just crazy to think about

  29. I once played lottery numbers based off of birthdays. One time I matched 5 out of 6 numbers. The number I missed, i missed by a single digit. Had that birthday been on the 13th month of the year, I'd have won.

  30. Butterfly effects are my favorite horror genre that lazy masquerade narrates because it goes to show that one little step in your day can save your whole entire life it’s very eerie to think about one little step wrong you do in your day can ruin it.

  31. One day, in New York City, a poor little boy was selling lemonade at a stand. When a young woman approached him & asked to buy a cup. Instead of pouring her some, he grabbed her by the p*ssy & ran home. That poor little boy was Donald Trump & that young lady was Ariana Grande.

  32. You know, the scariest stories we will never hear — are the Butterfly Effects that went the complete other direction.

    The guy who had a date planned when he got off work — where he proposes to his girlfriend, then goes on to live a long, happy life with their several children. His granddaughter decides, because of a yet-unwritten movie she watched, to change her major from business to medicine. She goes on to make a breakthrough that advances cancer research 20 years, saving countless lives… except it never happens. She was never born, because her grandfather decided one rather ordinary day to do a favor for a co-worker who a cracked tooth, and switched shifts….

    The guy who needed money to help out his family but almost didn't show up on dock that day, then has the unbelievable luck to get a job because a crewman went missing. After his death, to help the family, his younger brother drops out of school and takes a job in retail to make ends meet, giving up his dream of becoming a teacher. He dies in a stock room pallet accident at the age of 42, an accident that he never would have been in, had he not had to quit school 20 years ago because some hot-tempered guy wore an ugly shirt to a bar …

    For almost every I-can't-believe-my-good-fortune story, there's another story that went nowhere or was cut short because of the exact same Butterfly Effect.

    The what-ifs of those scare me more. Who might I have been or known if some of these things had never happened? What if the perfect person for me, the one that I will never meet, would have existed except that one guy, one day, forgot his lunch on the counter at home?

  33. I don't know if this is a Butterfly Effect, but at least it is a story to tell.
    My mom and dad had been together for almost 15 years when this happened. I was 7. Everything went so smoothly, no fights, always loving eachother.. Until he found some random chicks on a site one night. He had become another man in one damn night.. I remember it was february when he suddenly changed.
    Skipping to june that same year, I was once asleep on the couch because I was very tired that day. It was around 1-2 pm. When I sleep, Nothing really wakes me up. I enter deep sleep, hence I don't hear anything. But that day, I woke up seeing my dad strangling my mom a few meters away from me. I shouted at him to stop, crying. He did stop and quickly fled the scene, leaving my mom and I alone.
    If I hadn't woken up, my mom would've been dead.. And probably the same for me too. I don't think he could've let me live knowing that he is the only parent I have. He never wanted to raise me anyways.

  34. I'm not sure any of these are true examples of the "butterfly effect" – most of them just sound like coincidences and a lucky escape.

  35. The Bobblehead reminds me of something, it was a “life tip” to bring out the humane side to every killer I you were to encounter one. Maybe you could talk about family and bring out empathy / sympathy in them but there are other ways just like this, just by seeing the bobblehead the killer suddenly was just like any other normal human – someone with their own set of favorite artists and favorite songs. It brought out their humane side and shit.

  36. This a truly freaky one, idk if I experienced this more then once or if this even qualifies lol, but during thanksgiving travel 2019 I was supposed to leave from one state back to Cali, to paint a picture weather had been shit and rainy and snowy weather. I was supposed to leave late one evening between 12am and 4am, I didn’t leave till 7 or 8am turns out when I got to a midway point I noticed cops and traffic turns out sometime at night or early evening there was head on collision car vs semi. I could’ve been in Stuck in traffic or worse or idk

  37. I read that foot binding started over a thousand years ago (about 9th century) because an empress thought it would look lovely seeing women bobbing about like flowers on water.

  38. When I was 11 years old I was up in Oklahoma with my cousins. One day when I was racing go carts with my cousin, I ended up flipping over and breaking my arm in the process. What's strange is that the go cart my cousin was riding didn't have a seat belt while mine did. Looking back on that if I hadn't chosen to ride that particular go cart I wonder if the situation would have turned out different. If I had rode the one without a seat belt would my injuries have been much worse?

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