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35 thoughts on “Admiral fujitora catches Doflamingo’s parasite string | Epic moment

  1. He caught that string by accident. Fujitora was clearly going to scratch his head, then possibly his ass.

  2. You know I just realized – was Doflamingo intending to murder a Marine Admiral with his birdcage? I mean, it's one thing to be a Marine sponsored warlord, but to think of killing an Admiral??

  3. Akainu and fuji = luffy and zoro
    They sleeping on fujitora he’s prolly from wano most likely has adv arnament and observation
    Can a blind man use conqueres haki???🤔🤔🤔

  4. Everyone talkin about his observation haki here but it's his devil fruit, he doesn't need haki here. An awakened gravity power feels the presence of all things, even passing meteors in outer fucking space.

  5. Honestly. Fujitora just let luffy beat doffy. He didnt needed to stop birdcage. He could just straig up kill doffy easly but decided to let luffy do it because he thinked the since the doffy problem was marine fault they dosnt deserve the glory for defeating him. If luffy lost he will simply cut off the birdcage and doffy.

  6. Not really impressive considering his status as a Marine Admiral.

    Doflamingo is on equal level with someone like Charlotte Cracker, or maybe a tad bit above him due to his awakening. Doflamingo isn't really ALL that powerful as many people make him sound like.

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