Adults React to Cot Dammit Elizabeth (Snapchat Compilation)

♪ (industrial music) ♪ – (Ekow) Ready for
this journey, Elizabeth? – (chuckling) Oh my god.
I know this. – (Ekow) Are you ready
for this journey, Elizabeth? – Oh, this guy.
“Damn it, Elizabeth!” – (Ekow) Let’s go, Elizabeth! Do you want lose these pounds or no?! – (laughing) – (Ekow) Get up those stairs NOW!!! Move those little legs! – Elizabeth doesn’t look like
she has to lose weight. – (Ekow) How in the world
am I in front of you? Goddamn it, Elizabeth! Let’s go, Elizabeth!
– The “Goddamn it Elizabeth.” That seems to be the thing he says. – (Ekow) Let’s go, Elizabeth! FASTER! – Oh, that’s not fair.
He’s in a car. (laughing) – (Ekow) Those pizza pockets
ain’t gonna go away itself! Move it! – God, that’s such a jackass. – He looks like he was filmed
through a Snapchat. – I’ve seen this before,
but I have no idea what it is. I just know he’s–
they’re a couple, right? – (Ekow) Listen. To start off this diet,
okay, you’re gonna need some nuts first. Grab those almonds. A handful of apples. Elizabeth. (groans) Oh my gosh. Last but not least– Elizabeth,
leave the salad dressing alone! – There’s too much fat
in that salad dressing. – (Ekow) Elizabeth?
Are you ready? – Like, how does she
not just punch him in the face? – “That’s a hungry hippo”? Rude. – (Ekow) Elizabeth! Oh, no you don’t, you sick freak! Damn it, Elizabeth! You started your diet 19 minutes ago! – She’s going through a drive-thru. – (Ekow) Just thinking about McDonald’s
is 500 calories, Elizabeth! You pick up your sandals and you move
those little Oompa Loompa feet! – Oompa Loompa?!
She’s fricking skinny!!! – Why isn’t he doing anything? She was pumping gas while he was filming. – (Ekow) Elizabeth,
if you want me to train you, then get rid of your box of donuts.
– (Elizabeth) No, but I love them! – (Ekow) Elizabeth, you’ve got
to imagine every yellow line is a pit of lava. Okay? Go! There you go. Work those legs.
– Work it, Elizabeth. Work it. – (Ekow) You want that Kim K?
You gotta work overtime! Do you want your reward or no?! Elizabeth–
– (cracking up) That’s what I would do. – (Ekow) Goddamn it, Elizabeth.
Like, for REAL?! I’m giving you 30 seconds…
– Where is she? (Ekow) …to get out of your dumb little
hide-and-go-seek spot. – He’s mean. He’s mean. – (Ekow) Come here! Stop running! WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?! – (girl) Some girl told me
to put on her clothes– – (Ekow) What?!
– (cracking up) – (Ekow) ELIZABETH!!! Elizabeth. – (cracking up) That was the best. – (Ekow) You hired a stunt double
so you could eat Timbits? Let’s go!
– Oh-ho, man. Timbets. – (Ekow) On your marks,
– (chuckling) – (Ekow) MOVE IT– hey, my man,
don’t be looking at my Elizabeth, okay? You’d better be looking at number two. ELIZABETH, GOOOOO! – The poor guy caught
in the crossfire was like, “What am I doing here?” – (Ekow) Goddamn it, Elizabeth. Hurry up! – (Elizabeth) I’m trying!
It won’t fit! – (Ekow) On the count of three,
you’re gonna jump and suck. One, two…
– (laughing) I’ve had to do this for my waist before. – (Ekow) Give me the chips.
You’re not gonna put it up there. Elizabeth, give me the–
– Yep, there’s no other place to put it in that dress. – (Ekow) I told you.
– (employee) I’m sorry, it’s just policy. – (Ekow) My bad.
I told you, Elizabeth! My bad, my bad. Elizabeth, stop!
Elizabeth… – “Damn it, Elizabeth!” (crowd chatters)
– (Ekow) Elizabeth! Get down here.
– Oh, hey now. – (Ekow) This isn’t Coyote Ugly! Let’s go. – (laughing) – (Ekow) Elizabeth!
What are you doing?! – (Elizabeth) I broke my nail. – (Ekow) You’re in
the guy’s bathroom! Let’s go! Don’t do it. ELIZABETH!!!
Oh my go– Elizabeth! Elizabeth, you’re not
on the Yellow Brick Road. Like, what are you gonna do?
Walk all the way to McDonald’s? – (Elizabeth) I need food! – (Ekow, laughing) Elizabeth,
what the heck are you doing? – McDonald’s seems to come up
a lot in these videos too. – (Ekow) ♪ It’s a hard knock life ♪
– She broke down and had to go for McDonald’s. Go get those Chicken Nuggets. Poor Elizabeth. I think I’ve seen most of those. – It’s so dumb but I’m laughing,
so it’s clearly working. – I just saw the one
with the Krispy Kreme donuts, but I didn’t know they had
a million of these. ♪ (industrial music) ♪ – (FBE) So what did you just watch?
– A guy yelling at his girlfriend. – A series of videos of a boyfriend
torturing his girlfriend. – Somebody’s Snapchat story. – The Snapchats of a gentleman
trying to help his girlfriend achieve her fitness goals. – “Hot Damn it, Elizabeth.” I’m just gonna say that’s the title. – We watched the Elizabeth videos. I gotta hope that it’s fake, right? – (FBE) This is a series
of Snapchat stories titled “Cot Dammit Elizabeth.”
– Oh. “Cot Dammit Elizabeth”? – “Goddamn it, Elizabeth!” (laughing) – (FBE) So the videos feature
Elizabeth and her boyfriend, who’s trying to help Elizabeth
get fit by diet and exercise. Would you say you enjoyed watching it? – No. There’s this underlying
controlling bullshit. – It was definitely entertaining,
but who dates somebody like that? – It was creative,
it was a good initiative. Like, it was fun. – Yes, that’s actually–
all boyfriends need to do that. – Knowing how fake that is,
it was awesome. – You have to look at it
and realize that it’s a joke, right, so it’s funny. If it was real, that guy’d be an asshole and he’d need to get his ass kicked. – (FBE) The videos are presented
as if they are in reality and unscripted, but there’s a lot people
that feel it’s obvious that the videos are staged.
What do you think? – I don’t think they’re staged. I mean, they just go
out there and have fun. – I never really thought
that they were real. They’re still hilarious
and they’re still entertaining. – It’s entertaining to me. Do I really care that it’s
kind of pre-planned? Not really. – I’m a huge professional wrestling fan.
That’s the same to me. It’s stuff that’s fake, that’s supposed to look like it’s real. And so you get to lose
yourself in it more. It’s like you’re living in a show. – (FBE) So these videos
started on Snapchat but they started uploading them
to YouTube as well, and as of now, the most popular video
has almost two million views on YouTube. – Oh my god. – Oh my goodness. I feel like maybe Snapchat is taking over
the whole vlogging thing. – (FBE) What do you think
it is about these videos that people are gravitating to?
– I don’t know, man. I think it’s just his narration. – It’s relatable, it’s funny,
and the catchphrase is pretty memorable. – It’s all about media. I mean, social media. And if you’re up to what
is new on social media, you’re in. – I don’t know why people
would want to keep seeing that ’cause it’s the same thing
over and over again, it seems like. What you saw? I’m good. I’m full. – (FBE) So when you think about Snapchat, do you think about narrative content
presented like this? – No. – No, not at all. And, for the record, I don’t get Snapchat. – I don’t (chuckling)– my Snapchats
are all over the place. – Yes, it’s definitely telling a story
and people follow up with it. – I’m not really big on Snapchat,
but from what I know, what I’ve seen in
my limited use of Snapchat, it’s not really this–
this stuff more lives on Vine. – Yeah, of course. It’s crazy because you start
living vicariously through other people’s lives. – I’m sure other creators
are gonna start seeing Snapchat and gravitating towards,
“Oh, maybe this is an interesting way of reaching new audience
and creating more quality content.” – (FBE) The boyfriend in these videos
appears to be looking out for Elizabeth’s best interest
by wanting her to be healthier, but there are some who would consider
what he’s doing to be body shaming. Do you see that?
– Oh, yeah. 100%. Hopefully, guys don’t see that and go,
“Man, that’s a good way to get my girl to diet.” – Absolutely. Maybe the person could approach it
with some positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement. – The language can be a little harsh
and, you know, him saying, “Goddamn it, Elizabeth,”
but it doesn’t strike me as malicious or mean-spirited. – No, not at all! I mean, that’s her boyfriend
and he’s just being supportive. Just like any trainer would! – I mean, yes, if I really do
have to sit down here and have a serious conversation
about it, then yeah. But I feel that we need
to be able to understand when a joke is a joke
and when it’s not. – (FBE) Finally, if Elizabeth
happened to be watching this, can you give some words
of encouragement to her as she continues her fitness journey? – Elizabeth, be proud of yourself.
Keep working hard, okay? – I hope I can see your face. That’s the only thing I could really say. – Goddamn it, stay away from McDonald’s. – If you want to lose weight,
lose it for yourself. Don’t lose it for your bully boyfriend. He’s a jackass. Dump his ass. – You don’t really need this guy
to motivate you in that way. Just do it yourself. Get out there, work hard,
and you can be whatever you wanna be. And just stay away from McDonald’s. That’s not so good. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Adults React. – Like what you saw?
Run! Don’t walk to that Like button. – Thanks for watching. Goodbye, everyone. ♪ (industrial music) ♪

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