AG Barr Books Trump DC Hotel For $30,000 Personal Holiday Party | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “AG Barr Books Trump DC Hotel For $30,000 Personal Holiday Party | MTP Daily | MSNBC

  1. Trump and his lackeys is not even hiding their corruption anymore. They are doing it in the open and daring the rest of us to do something about it.

  2. Making money is not the point. Accountants are paid to lose money when it suits the client and Cohen has already said Trump does this as a business practice. What should matter to taxpayers is simply 'How much Govt. money went to Trump Inc.' that's all. Him managing it into 'profitability' is irrelevant. Remember, $150,000 just for golf carts – 1yr.

  3. This is disgusting. The rest of us have to be concerned about conflicts of interest. These two are in bed together and it's clouding whatever capacity either might (and I say might) have left to do their job duties.

  4. G7 countries should kick the USA out for human rights violations at the border & Canada hold the G6. Traitor Trump's failing Doral is infested with bedbugs in the rooms and cockroaches in the food prep areas – this is more disgrace from the occupant in the WH. Can you imagine if leaders from other country's and their staff got bit by bedbugs! What a disgrace that he would sell his filthy resort from the podium of the POTUS at the G7. Disgraceful.

  5. These people know nothing but corruption and a false impression of themselves and their abilities. They are so brilliant, so endowed with God's chosen blessings that they have to copy and usurp others and hide their identity. Who do people who do not believe in God think they are fooling?

  6. WTF is Barr thinking He used to be respected. This administration is a short timer and Barr will have to live with a greatly diminished reputation. As the saying goes, everyone Trump touches comes away diminished

  7. The building that houses the Trump International Hotel, in Washington, is owned by the US Govt & the taxpayers, and is now in violation of the lease, as the rules specifically state that the property may not be leased to a Government official; (Granted, the lease is to Trump Companies, but since this soon-to-be IMPEACHED “President has abandoned all basic ethics, in refusing to release his taxes, nor divest from his business interests, this suggests he is putting his own business interests ahead of the business of the American People. If his money is that important to him, he should resign! And since Donald Trump & this administration has been anything but transparent, both in their own. business dealings, and those of the American public, Congress needs to thoroughly investigate the dealings of this so called “President”, his business & political cronies, and his nepotistic family. Several Constitutional scholars have stated that Trump was in VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION’s EMOLUMENTS CLAUSE (which expressly prohibits a standing US President from using/ABUSING THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY for Profit &/or personal gain, including accepting payments, gifts, or anything of value (ie: business contracts) from foreign governments &/or other special interests (ie: corporations, such as T-Mobile who have done business with the President , while they have pending rulings before the Congress &/or US Courts).

  8. Heres how to end all the B.S. ..get your fan tail out there and vote ! Vote out Trump and his henchmen. Vote out the gutless Republicans that have supported him and continue to support him. Get rid of that fatboy AG too. He's the rat in the wood pile party'n down at Trump's place.

    Semper Fi Marines

  9. The POTUS is working very hard to bring profits to the Trump Organisation, and American taxpayers foot the bill of hundreds of millions.

  10. Embarrassing having a failed, bankrupt hotelier solicit business at a World Summit. Smells like a Cheap Cheeto!


  12. we should hold all government socials there… we don't mind mr president after all you sacrifice for America… and the donation of your salary… go for it sir

  13. Swamp has been drained and filled in with cement … oh and buried underneath is all those who would speak out about the corruption.

  14. MSNBC will be shut down… in the near future…they are not a free press they are a free propaganda media of the swamp

  15. * * * 🐷 Trump's 🐼 dreadful, schizophrenic, destruction of our nation from within  as described by a PULTIZER PRIZE WINNING AUTHOR. America's Donald is truly one very, very, sick duck, and must waddle off in exile.
    A Must See.   Oi Vey !        *  Impeach at: Change. org We MUST do this for our children.

  16. Roll up roll up with William Barr and Trumps party ~ Introducing, with the host Trump, Putin
    , Nigel "naughty knickers" Farage, Boris, the far-right and the dirty destiny…☝🤣😅☝

  17. I knew, when he and Melania got out of the car in Biarritz, when Macron was pointing at and describing something on the other side of the water, Trump was looking very stiff – and I'm guessing now he wants to compete with the beautiful environment in France so he wants to showcase and impress with what he owns. Just like the military parade he's lusted for ever since his Bastille Day visit.

  18. We can not let Trump do this, it's a conflict of interest and flat out corruption. Trump stinks to high heaven of corruption, it's time to look at his taxes.

  19. Looks like Fat Baby Barr got his Christmas bonus early. How about a $30,000 paid by us taxpayers? paid for by Don the Con? We saw a signed contract but that's it! Thi stinks !

  20. Let's all try and get hired there so we can stash some mics in all the conference rooms and make copies of the guest registries. Now that brown people have been kicked out of the country they're short of serfs.

  21. There are better things to report then where Barr is taking a holiday.Since it isn't costing tax payers.Why are our elected officials letting Trump get away with all he does?Neither side has come out to stop him just talk they tell us what we want to hear but do nothing.They are just as culpable as Trump,they may not be holding the gun,they just hold the door open.We need term limits the longer they can hold position the more likely they will be corrupted.

  22. Seriously, the hotel is doing badly so write it off. Gov't can take it over and make micro, 1, 2, 3 bedroom apts for seniors, singles and families as well as veterans who are homeless due to the ridiculous shortage of affordable housing. There are empty properties of all sorts in every state across the country that can be utilized and repurposed as housing. No reason for the richest country on earth to have homeless in such high numbers. BTW, Camp David is perfect for next year's G7.

  23. Is this a commercial for trump property. He doesn't follow any rules that are in place for the president of the United states the emolument clause. Of the constitution of the United states. He does whatever he wants to. Selling his own country club for the next summit. So that he can fill his pockets. Even with A.G Barr has to use trump's property's for his party, so that trump can once again get paid. And people are really trying to defend his doing this. What in the world is everyone so afraid of Donald Trump?

  24. Barr proves what we all knew if you want a job in the Trump government no matter how untrained or unskilled for the position you are just make sure to Complement and Grease the boss at every opportunity and you too can be a member of the Trump Swamp. Even I though have to wonder though how much Grease did Betsy Devos have to do to get her job?

  25. Trump must have been out of it to think that what he was saying, in his so called press conference, was okay at all. We as Americans need to put the breaks on this unindicted criminal president as soon as we can or we will continue to put our CONSTITUTION and our democracy as well the entire world at risk!!

  26. Bill Barr can spend his own money on any hotel that he wants to. And the G7 summit being in Florida isn't even news worthy. Shows that you people don't even know how to report on what is truly important. REALLY… can't find anything else to report. This news channel is so embarrassing to me.

  27. Tell the W.H(turd)to have the people at his rallies to pay for the G-7 when it comes to the U.S so you Maga people go in your Wallet's ladies your Purses,kids your piggy bank's, and help this (Turd) pay for it not the tax payers.

  28. Such a low life.!… I hope your family is proud of you, because I don't think there would be too many that would give you the time of day….

  29. The W.H turd has been pimping the government from day,you know why because any time some one say's i lost millions of dollars being President you know he's lying in the real world he's made millions off of tax payers backs.

  30. Ah Corruption at its BEST, Tremendous corruption, I think it's the biggest corruption in the world, I heard that…

  31. Barr just made an illegal campaign contribution. He has committed a felony. When Trump does not win next year he has another emolument clause crime he will be charged.

  32. Now ain't that something. Now Trump doing everything in his power on purpose to lose this election and watch how many people vote for him…LMAO

  33. Barr must have done so on purpose to trigger the dems in Congress. It’s been quiet since Mueller disappointed them.

  34. Let me find out After I put my whole career, and reputation on the line for you, I still gotta pay $30,000 to book the conference room at your hotel…

    Bet he don't intefer with the next investigation

  35. Hahaha they are not even trying to hide those multiple levels of corruption anymore 😀 Have fun paying those a**holes 😀

  36. Trump should not be allowed to waste 100 million dollars of taxpayers monies to fund his golf trips to his golf courses. Get Trump out. He belongs in a jail cell.

  37. What a surprise. Trumps hand picked Attorney General is just as corrupt as Trump and is totally lacking any honour or integrity.

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