Ant-Man & The Wasp Post Credit Scene Connection To Avengers 4 Thoery EXPLAINED

man and the wasp teaming up follow my
lead she seems more intense what is good YouTube warstu here with a video on the ant-man and wasp movie some mates should subscribe to
never miss any of the Marvel based videos that we do on this channel we
cover a lot of different Marvel topics so ant-man and the wasp is now out in
most countries and it will change the MCU forever in ways you can’t even
fathom so careful spoilers guys if you haven’t watched movie go and watch it if
you’re not bothered continue to watch it so that’s a spoiler warning out of the
way so after watching both infinity war and the ant-man and wasp movie you could
infer that it always building up to Avengers for the end of the Avengers so
you could call it a vengeance war end of the Avengers or the final event just so
guys let me know in the comments down below what would you call the movie apt
to see in the ant-man and was post credit scene so let’s get into this
video so before Scott Lang enters the miniaturized quantum tunnel that’s in
the back of Lewis’s van Janet Van Dyne is given him some advice about the
quantum realm due to spend in 30 years in there
one thing she Pacific Lee tells Scott is to avoid in there is the time vortex as
they can’t rescue him if he gets into that interesting where’s the time vortex
well actually I have no idea so after doing a bit of research it says this
presumably it would make an object or person sucked into travel through time
interesting the big question is what else does it do
would a person be sucked through a time vortex stay in the quantum realm we
would guess not because in this theory anytime you move whilst you’re in at the
quantum realm you would be time-traveling and it also doesn’t
really change the situation much like the story if Scott is able to travel in
the quantum realm but is stuck in the quantum realm interest in so which is a
massive hint when she looks at him and says this specifically looking into the
camera so in other words I’ve deciphered it the time vortex is a transport that
ant-man to travel from one point a time to another point in time in a time and
space so what’s probably going to happen is
this is gonna be convenient for Avengers four and maybe captain marvel of how
people can try and travel from one spot to another possibly for months now
people have speculated that vengers four will use time travel but the Russo
brothers have directly say no this isn’t the case
you know the BAFF scene everyone seemed a machine bath you know the trauma
technology that ant-man used to get always paid his dad’s death so they’ve
denied that multiple times ever since the images with Tony Bruce
ant-man because a man’s there so it’s gotta be time-travel in some shape or
form we can presume that Avengers four will see Scott Lang and Tony Stark
travel in time via some piece of technology that Hank Pym invented Hank
Pym invented the quantum tunnel via that they’re able to access the quantum realm
where really such things as the time vortex is inside so these two words are
speaking in the post-credits scene they couldn’t make the Avengers toward start
more obvious but of course guys it’s just my opinion it’s Matt Lee rumored
that Scott Lang will introduce after the finger-snap so in Avengers 4 it’s gonna
start with him after the fingers snap because that would make the most sense
because that would be the most concurrent like the most recent movie
released after infinity walkers obviously Captain Marvel was set in the
90s so it wouldn’t make sense to start with her from the point of view that
after the finger snap remember during the post-credits scene when the finger
snap happened Scott was inside the quantum realm and
it happened concurrently and it isn’t a vacuum so what happened it happened
globally just throughout the whole universe so everyone that was a raised
were raised at the same time essentially so ant-man time travels could directly
affect the story of Avengers 4 given the Avenger a new path to defeat Thanos
since it’s clear that the heroes got destroyed by Thanos time travel will
give a massive opportunity to undo the ending
of Avengers infinity war and this is why people seem to think that Avengers 4
will end with the Wakanda scene for the very first time and potentially that
could undo a lot of the MCU history because time travel isn’t
straightforward now if you watch the flash TV show you know the whole
flashpoint storyline when you change one little thing it has a ripple effect
across the whole of time so if they were time travel it can make some things
better or it could make some things worse
now the quantum realm is indeed strange because why strange because Doctor
Strange is actually being in there during the scene with the ancient one
Stephen strange mind-blown was shown when he was first introduced to the
reality and the world not being what he thought he was and that was confirmed by
the director of the Doctor Strange movie that he was inside the quantum realm
temporarily so did dr. strange know about ant-man and did he know what
ant-man could do because dr. strange has never directly met ant-man because dr.
strange wasn’t in its Civil War so in theory what Janet Van Dyne Dan sorry
Janet Van Daan said to mr. ant-man was actually really important and it could
hint at major plot points for Avengers for now let me know what you think guys
the combat cone box down below so I got a comment about the ant drumming in the
movie now this is actually really important what does it think but before
we go what does it mean it was shown in the trailer months well at least a month
ago I think now it’s actually misdirection it’s actually very
important now that ant is actually Scott Casey’s
Scotland who is key Scotland who daughters and now but this scenes
actually a key point the aunt is actually wearing a police ankle tracker
on his leg now this tracker the police were using to keep Scott under house
arrest having decided to go rogue Scott has you to his genius skills do D
attach the ankle tracker they put it around cases and so as long as
case he keeps to an indoor the police will never know that Scott has left the
house whilst he’s in public so soon as he’s actually in the quantum realm it
would make sense that if this ant does have the police ankle tracker on which
it Lily does look like a parent I mean obviously I can’t bring a picture up to
show you but it was there so it’s a massive misdirect because people were
just looking at and thinking yeah cool they’ll play the drum but the ant is
literally performing Scott’s daily activities because it’s pretending to be
him while she’s not actually there so he could actually walk around in public but
he just can’t be seen as ant-man because they know he’s unmanned so it’s a very
interesting plot point and I did get a couple of questions so I really think
they’re too poked I like these post-credit scenes and plot points I’m
not going to do a review yet because the reviews don’t really do well to be
honest but I really think what Janet the original wife said to ant-man before he
went into quantum realm about don’t go into the time vortex as you we won’t be
able to rescue is the plot point which will set up Avengers 4 it’s like always
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maybe another one I’ve got another idea for a video hopefully I explain what I
think’s going on with the time vortex and what it is I have did have to do a
little bit research for that and hopefully I’ve explained what the ant
plane the drum actually means so anyway guys please like subscribe and comment
like you always do and I will catch you in another video very soon guys catch ya

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28 thoughts on “Ant-Man & The Wasp Post Credit Scene Connection To Avengers 4 Thoery EXPLAINED

  1. Hey Guys Breaking Down How The Movie Connects To Avengers 4 And Also How Important The Giant Ant On The Durms Is!
    Make Sure To Share, Like And Comment Guys
    Peace = Warstu

  2. I think Antman will have been stuck in the Quantum Realm during the alleged Avengerd 4 timejump and gain Quantum travel abilities. And Tony notices his energy signature in the future and finds him.

  3. But Scott's house arrest was over by the ending of the film. They showed the monitor being removed. So that 2nd post credit scene was set before the ending of the movie?

  4. It kept feeling like the fantastic four was starting to be introduced in this flick…the visuals were so Kirby early FF ghost was kinda like invisible woman here dad looked like a non rock thing have an accident that makes Pym stretchy and Fishburne into a rock maybe Cassie is a firestarter type human torch they would be 'babysitting'

  5. Uhm he got off arrest by the end….and the deal is the emergency broadcast system has initiated and Cassie wasn't in front of the tv…it was a funny movie

  6. OK I have come out with a new theory. Based on some stuff we know and some guessm work. We know Avengers 4 is set 5 years after Infinity War. What if at the beginning of the film Scott Lang realises the only wa he is going to escape the Quantum realm is through the time vortex. He has no idea what time period he is going to come out of. When he comes out it is 5 years after the finger snap. His travel device is broken so he needs help. He goes to the one man he believes he can trust Captain America. Cap suggests they go to Tony to for help and they do. After a bit of arguing as they have still not talked since Civil War, they come to an agreement and a plan to change the past. Cap doesn't like the plan at first but eventually goes along with it and Stark fixes Scott's transport device and creates one for him and Cap and they go back in time

  7. Scott did not remove the ankle monitor. It was done by Hope. As stated in this video Scott DID NOT use his geniuses to remove it. He had it on for almost 2 years before Hope removed it while he was passed out. The end of the movie The FBI removed it officially because his 2 years house arrest was up.

  8. That scene is a different scene from the movie separate from the post credit scene. He no longer had the ankle bracelet in the post credit scene.

  9. You explaining the end-credit scene is actually hilarious. You say that its important because it means cops and the FBI will think that Antman is still in his house. Screw that! No one is going to care if Antman is roaming around in public after half the universe was just destroyed!

  10. Hey, am I the only one who noticed the ant still wearing the ancle tracker? This means


    The FBI removed the previous tracker. There was no duplicate because he kept taking it on and off. After being removed, how does the ant have it AGAIN?

    To me this seems like an alternate reality all together and things were so similar that it was never noticed.

  11. But as you can see at the end of the Antman and the Wasp. Scott Lang is done with the house arrest, and that could be a signal for Antman. He could communicate with Antman while he is in the Quantum Realm, maybe that ant can release Scott from the Quantum Realm since the ant in the Antman and the wasp can follow orders, they can build spaceships and portals. Or maybe its just a nothing.

  12. I have seen that Thor is the last Avenger alive, so it is possible that Thanos will kill everyone who tries to get that thing he got.

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