Ant Man & Wasp Post Credit REVEALS Avengers DEAD SOULS In The Quantum Realm HIDDEN SECRETS!!

what is good youtube Warstu here with a
video on ant-man and the wasp and obviously how that’s gonna tie in to
Avengers 4 so something that most people have noticed I’ve noticed is since its
come out on blu-ray after re-watching at the post-credits scene a few times
there’s a massive spoiler easter egg that could potentially ruin Avengers 4
so careful for spoilers if you’re not interested so if you’re new to the
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super hero so we know during the post credit scene Scott goes back into the
quantum rail to get the helium particles which Scott gets no problem but what
happens next is sad to Scott as is the audience we see this coming mile off
I’d like did you see come a mile off that he was gonna get stuck in the
quantum well then Scott gets trapped this is where the magic happens so the
finger snap happens the same time throughout the whole universe so when
Black Panthers getting his snaps etc it’s the same time as obviously hope
Janet and Hank Pym get in snaps so he’s trapped there and he doesn’t know so
you’re in the scene you really do have to watch it because it’s a split second
because really it’s a split second so what am i going on about well the
quantum realm goes from being a bluish mdh to being filled with orange almost
like it’s the souls you know the soul stone floating around for a good half
second this is really hard to notice so go back and re-watch I did try and put
the clip in this video but it got copyright claims I couldn’t so we see
all the Infinity stones surrounding Scott lined up exactly like they were in
Thor’s admission I think all the orange soul stone colors spirits then suddenly
fly in fly around Lang right after the stones appear those are for the people
who’ve died during the finger snap somehow reflect in connecting maybe
transfer in their souls or passing through the Kwan’s around it is
a bit of a mystery so does this mean the souls for the people that got dusted
were transferred through the quantum realm or are they in the quantum realm
but at the same time or does this mean the healing particles are people’s souls
being trapped in the quantum realm because they look really similar we have
to mention this where does souls go from xander they have to go somewhere so
healing particles that Lang collected we see Janet channel them on ghosts but
what is it we’ve never seen them by themselves what are the healing
particles and why did they make sure it was in the post-credits scene lead
another movie the last movie we see before Captain Marvel obviously Captain
Marvel it’s also been highly rumored and speculated that Captain Marvel is going
to be featuring the quantum realm because it looks like her powers
actually do come from inside the quantum realm did you notice that during the
first the Captain Marvel trailer you know the bit where she gets hit and it
looks like she gains her powers from the quantum realm also she’s so powerful
then it almost looks like she’s channeling the quantum realm the colors
are exactly the same again Marvel will like to show you the same colors
throughout the whole movies so what do I mean what I mean is is it just an easter
egg because it’s really hard to decipher because you could say that the colors
were already like that before the finger-snap but it just looked so
similar to that bit and all the colors made up all the Infinity stones when
Phaneuf did the fingers map for a split second inside the quantum realm you’ve
seen all the stones all the colors in the quantum realm but what’s also
interesting is Michael Douglas said this I mean all of them the quantum realm
that’s the key that’s the key the quantum realm plays an important part in
the next chapters I think of all the Marvel films
so we’ve been told the quantum realm is going to change the MCU forever
so this ant-man and the wasp post-credit scene is a lot more important than we
initially thought obviously when a blue ray comes up for a movie
you’re always going to notice new think so am i onto something I’m not
sure but it definitely looked like they transferred from dust to either passing
through the quantum realm or being in control and if you remember the other
day I did the video about a thor dark world where the Jane Foster seen when
they essentially said something very similar that an object could transfer
from one place to another so maybe when a phallus did the finger
snap all the souls that was snapped transported to the quantum realm or
through the quantum realm but the fact that we know michaelis Douglas is going
to be in a big scene with everyone Michelle Pfeiffer etc tells us that the
majority of the stars are not dead their souls are just inside of the quantum
realm now I’m pretty sure this does confirm it because if you look if you
look at the scene again you look at the images you look at everything it looks
like something is definitely going on so guys did you like a man like wasp did
you under look the post-credits scene have I revealed anything new if I have
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38 thoughts on “Ant Man & Wasp Post Credit REVEALS Avengers DEAD SOULS In The Quantum Realm HIDDEN SECRETS!!

  1. Warstu, you need to edit your videos before posting 5:10 "Michaelis Douglas & Michelle Pyther" seriously brotha lol a quick look through would do you alot of good.

  2. I watched this scene again last night and it's like when he collects the "Healing Particles" they made it look like he's collecting all the souls that likely died in the Snap Before the Pyms were dusted, as it takes longer to hit some places apparently. Maybe Ant Man literally has all the superheros in that container, which is why they zoomed in on it.

  3. Scott is Really going to miss Hope :/ They won't have Janet and Hanks knowledge, so Tony Stark is there best bet with the Quantum Realm. Mayyyyyybe his friend Luis finds him and Scott can tell him what to do to get him out? If A4 is set 5 years after Infinity War, hopefully Scott isn't trapped that whole time before being found!

  4. I actually like and appreciate this theory. I just don't see how or why they would use the quantum realm as an analog for 2 or 3 different concepts in the mcu. Time travel, where the dead goes and rhe source of Captain Marvels power/mutants. That seems lazy to me ant the ppl at marvel are more creative than that…

  5. I thinl its possible for the snapped Avengers to be i. A quantum state of both alive and dead but i dont want them to put too much power and focus on the quantum realm and what it can do. Favorite Marvel hero is Spiderman because he was my first comic.

  6. In that scene janet warns scott not to get struck in the TIME VORTEX. She also says that they won't be able to save him. So I guess this is a huge spoiler for time travel..🤔

  7. Already been over this with Cosmic Wonder. The Quantum Realms has NOTHING to do with the afterlife and souls. What's the point of the Soul Gem is the Quantum Realm exists? The Quantum Realm is for time travel and dimension traveling.

  8. Yeah that last still has me a believer of this possible theory and would work but still just have to wait and see… And Spiderman all day

  9. I think their soul's aren't in the quantum realm because they use the quantum realm to time travel(is what I heard).

  10. My favorite superhero is captain america, I love what he represents and his beliefs ! The fact that he is a leader is dope 💯

  11. What if the souls are in the quantum realm because since it is used for time travel the souls may try to time travel back to warn or something

  12. I don't think Captain Marvel is getting her powers from quantum realm, she has the powers cosmic. I believe they will be 2 separate sources of power.

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