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How about if I join you tonight? Deal? I’m gonna help you fall asleep. by telling you a lot of different, interesting things that can help us fall asleep. Deal? Okay. So you get all cozy! …And comfy. Your bed is so squeaky! That’s alright. So you know, one of the most favorite things of course is to be cared for before you go to sleep. Just this personal touch of someone. You know, brushing your hair… …or just trace your face gently. Feels so soothing, so relaxing. So I’m going to do that for you tonight. Mmhmm. So personal connection is definitely one of the more… …comforting… …things that you can experience before you go to sleep. But there are also other things, that are quite… …fun in a way, and soothing at the same time. Especially if you trying to create a ritual… …before you go to sleep. So one of my favorite things to do is… …to read! And I would usually prefer to read something quite neutral, nothing graphic, something that will not keep you up. So for example, I have this magazine that we can read through a little bit today. And it’s an issue of… …sleep science. You like tapping? I like tapping. The things that I like when somebody reads to me is when they gently flip the pages. To go like this. Gently fold it. Or their finger… …wet their finger. As they flip through pages Then we can trace and point. So this article is cute little doggies, they’re so sweet, aren’t they. Oh, little sweetheart. It’s about whether or not, you stay up longer when you sleep in a new place. Which to me, is a yes. You definitely sleep much less, because you’re just in a… unfamiliar area. so aww, they are so cuddly, it’s so cute. [inhales] I like when someone slowly turns the pages as well. I have some marked paged as well, for us to look at. So this one all about dreaming and I really like this graphics here. Looks so soothing In this article, basically, they speak of why we dream. What’s the chemical reaction that happens to us. So it’s interesting. what else? Ah! I like this one. So this one is Hacks and tips to get better sleep. Kay. So let’s read through a couple of them. I’m gonna read them for you. So for example… Make your bedroom a tomb. It should be dark quiet and cool. Especially avoid computer screens. Their blue spectrum of illumination limits the production of melatonin. Very true. Also, block the outside light by blackout curtains Get the temperature right Which is very important for me. While I like to be toasty and warm, I have noticed that it is most comfortable to sleep at 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is about, uh, probably around 20… 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, I would think. alcohol before you go to bed. And eat only snacks in the evening. Something light so it’s not heavy and doesn’t weigh on your stomach. Kay, so these are all quite fun. Then bathe too, oh yes. There’s nothing like taking a hot shower or hot bath and then just diving into your bed, under the covers, and it’s so nice, and cozy, and so warm. Yes, very fun. Kay. and the last one… I like this one. You might feel like you’re floating in space already. You wanna count the stars? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21, 22 23, 25… 4, 25, 26 27 28, 29 30 So, I hope you enjoyed it. *Taps magazine* Kay. *Breathes in heavily* So… another thing that works great before you go to sleep is stretching. And also breathing equal breathing. I’ll tell you that in a second. First, let’s do some stretches. So I guess some of my favorite stretches… would be just stretching up. Or forward. Or stretching back. Stretching your neck. Gently. I also really like spinal twist. You wanna do it? Let’s do it. So we’ll take your right leg, put it over the left side. Kay. Fully. Keeping your shoulders flat, we’ll stretch our arms out. Mmhmm. And we’ll put your head to the right side. Kay so move it there. Very gently. Now we’re going to hold this pose for five seconds. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Feeling this side stretching, elongating, releasing any tension. Mmhmm. And now we’ll do the opposite side We’ll put… left leg over the right side. Keeping your arms stretched. And now we’ll do your face to the other side. Okay? May I? Okay. Is that okay? Good. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. You lean out this side. Stretching, elongating, twisting a little bit, but it feels so good And now we’ll return to our normal position. Good job. Thank you so much for doing that. That could help you a lot, too. Let’s see. How bout we do some breathing? In this breathing technique, it’s called equal breathing, I suggest, uhm, we all do. Whenever we have anxiety attack, or panic attack, or just… need to distract ourselves from something, like, negative patterns, for example. Or, just when you try to fall asleep. Try and calm your mind It… uhm… It tricks your mind into focusing on a very simple task of breathing. Instead of… Whatever thoughts you had before. So it’s quite a easy fix. Kay. Plus, deep breathing is so good for us. We never breathe enough. So, let’s do it. It consists of two things, breathing in on count four and breathing out on count four. Ready? Breathe in. One, Two, Three, Four. Breathe out. Two, Three, Four. *Breathes in softly* Breathe in. One, Two, Three, Four. Breathe out. One, Two, Three, Four. You can keep doing that and by counting, your being naturally gets bored. So it’s quite a nice, Nice thing to do. Kay? So, I hope you’re feeling comfy. Kay. I hope that helped you a little bit as well. So, let’s talk about white noise. You might start hearing a little bit of fan sounds as I turn it on just for you. And you can let me know which one you like best. As we’ll play with three different sounds. Okay? So what you hear right now is white noise from a fan. Just this low hum. It is so soothing. It feels like nothing. After a while your brain stops registering it as a a noise necessarily. It just becomes silence in your head. In your mind. A lot of times, I personally fall asleep to white noise every night, while I listen to ASMR videos. Because once I fall asleep, the video turns off and I’m in the quiet again. So white noise, helps me stay asleep through the night. What it does is it drowns all of the background sounds. Just blocks them. Makes it all one sound. That again, after a while, your brain stops registering it. Which is kind of interesting. And it’s so, so such a low hum and it feels very crowding somehow. Very… very soothing to me. And I know to a lot of people too. So, every time I hear this low hum, on the airplane, in- on the train, in the bus, even in the car. This white noise just puts me right to sleep. What do you think about it? Do you enjoy it? Maybe you sleep with a fan too. There’s also rain sounds that a lot of people look for. You can hear it, starting. Bilp, blop, bloop. Drop, drop, drop. Pitter patter, pitter patter, pitter patter. and it’s actually one of the most searched sounds online. So… a lot of people truly enjoy falling asleep to the sounds of the rain. I guess one of the things Why do you think it’s so hard to wake up Or not fall asleep during the rain it has this melodic sound it’s non-threatening sound very nice and gentle yet almost like a ambient noise, ambient music almost and because it’s so melodic our brain concentrates on that sound specifically instead of having racing thoughts it helps us fall asleep it’s just like white noise drowns out all extra sounds if you’re sleepy and so comfy every time you hear thunder or rain you want to get under the covers and just watch movies or fall asleep it gives you the feeling of security as well cause you’re not surrounded by elements anymore You’re in a home. cozy. and protected There’s also the sound of ocean You might hear, too I love the sound of ocean waves It reminds me of white noise a lot. First of all, it’s so romantic but also, so soothing swishing wishy washy sound they make you feel like you’re on some peaceful resort and because the sounds are on the same frequency gives you the sense of the white noise again and once again it’s non-threatening place to be so a lot of us humans…people really enjoy that Which one do you like out of the three, the most? Fan… or the other ones? The rain or ocean Do you have any favorites? My tummy’s growling okay How about I tuck you in, okay? snuggling okay just make sure [you’re] covered up around your neck you like this feeling of plush around your cheek it is so soft just feels like I dont know like you’re rubbing your cheek a kitten’s tummy it is so so pleasant, yeah. cozy wrapped in a blanket I love to feel like like a burrito all nice and tucked in it’s so cute. snuggled like a- snug like a bug. I like that You know, I think it’s the sensation of being taken care of and also it’s coupled with the pressure of the blanket on our bodies and we have the sensation of almost like a hug isn’t it so nice? I love it, too I hope you love it, too. You nice and tucked in your footsies are covered? Yes so nice look at you all cozy I used to love when I would get little massages from my parents, you know, like little pressure like this They would just squeeze my shoulders and release squeeze and release just like this and then just little presses all over my body like that and it felt so good so I hope you liked it The last two things I can see already you getting sleepy sweetheart The last things are pillows now I like to watch mundane things being done like a pillow being squished and pressed and it’s quite satisfying so I want to show you up close and just let you be maybe it will make you sleepy and if it does you can just keep dozing off then as you know there are many types of pillows but my favorites are two types. Latex, which is this one and memory foam I’ll show them to you up close in a little bit So, this latex one is quite a satisfying texture it’s very soft, very squishy and very jiggly, kind of whimsy flimsy I guess is the word It’s usually porporated So it’s a cooler sleep for you so we’ll look at that one There’s also memory foam It is so satisfying okay,so I will show this to you up close and you can just enjoy them for what they are, okay? I can do this for days

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  1. Good evening ^_^ Tonight we'll chat about things that help us feel sleepy in this comfy atmosphere. Enjoy ♥
    Greetings 0:00
    Flipping through Magazine 01:44 (paper sounds, counting)
    Stretching 08:44
    Equal Breathing 11:04
    White Noise 12:44
    Rain 15:04
    Ocean Waves 16:54
    Tuck you into a Burrito ^.^ 18:28
    Massage 20:04
    Latex Pillow 21:31
    MemoryFoam Pillow 22:33
    Ending in soft presses on the pillows (♥ oddly satisfying ♥) latex 23:53, memory 25:50
    Thank you for watching! 🙂

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    edit 1: my sleep schedule is worse than my math grade.
    edit 2: i’m a hot mess atm having to deal w/ people and tErRiBlE social anxiety, and just anxiety in general. so excuse this comment at 1 am.

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    Thank you so much

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    Nostalgic trigger.

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