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There lived 2 businessmen in a village One was Ramu & other one was Somu Both used to do the business of selling old utensils They used to take old utensils from everyone & give them new ones in return! Ramu was intelligent among the two They used to go either way during their business hours Ramu used to go one way & Somu used to go another way! Utensils… utensils… People used to come & exchange their utensils from them There lived Sita & her daughter chinni in the same village There’s was a very poor family But there were very rice once upon a time But after her husband’s death, they became like this They did not have even a single precious item Apart from one gold vessel They had kept it very safely! Because her husband used to use it very carefully She kept it in almerah along with other vessels Ramu was going that way! ** Selling his utensils ** Chinni asks her mother Can you take something for me? Chinni we are poor & we cannot buy anything Let us give away old utensils & take new one, lets see what he gives us Sita called Ramu Will you take this old utensil & give whatever my daughter wants? Ramu rubbed the utensil with his hand Ramu understood that it was a gold utensil Ramu thinks of a plan to take away the utensil from them What kind of utensil have you bought? You will not even get a single utensil for this And threw away the utensil And left from there Some came there in a while ** Selling Utensils ** Hearing that voice, Chinni asked her mom Let us ask this man if he can give us something! The other person has already told us that the utensil is of no use But he is a different person & he was different! He seems to be nice I feel he will surely give us something Okay come let us go & ask Chinni called Somu Somu came & saw the utensil Somu understood that it was a golden utensil Mam this is a golden utensil & I cannot give anything equal to this I don’t have so much money too A person just said that this utensil is good for nothing If you feel that is useful to you, take it & give my girl whatever she wants SOmu did not have so much money So he gave them all that he had along with some money! I don’t have money to go home, please give me 2rs Later Somu went hom, taking money from them In a while Ramu again came their way Give me the utensil which you have, I will give your daughter something! Sita became very angry You said it was of no use, but another person gave us a lot of utensils for it! Ramu became very sad Oh god, what did I do? I lost a nice opportunity I was such a fool I lost everything! He left the place with an unhappy face! Dear kids, what did you understand from this story? Greediness makes us unhappy!

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