Avengers Endgame Final Battle Deleted Scene – Iron Man Spider-Man Alternate Ending Breakdown

C’mon buddy, wake up! That’s my man. You lose this again, I’m keeping it. What happened? You mess with time, it tends to mess back. Mr. Stark! My favorite young adult. You bet. That’s a cool part. You okay? Of course i’m okay. There’s aliens, it’s a little much. But it’s fine. You remember pepper? Yeah, hi! Stark! Hey man! You alright! My man! Want to see something crazy, look at that. Yeah, she is, this one isn’t. She’s a zombie! Anybody seen the van? I don’t think we’re driving out of this
one buddy. It’s not the van, it’s what’s in it. The tunnel. Pym’s original quantum tunnel. That’s right, we just put the stones in
the tunnel. And we just dump it in the quantum realm. There’s no way he’d ever find it. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. There’s no way that piece of crap survived
this. Anyone seen a brown van out there? If we get the stones to that van, this ends
right now. can you get that quantum tunnel working? Can do cap. See you’re calling him cap too! Hey look who’s back. Hey I remember 5 years ago you ran 15 Million
futures and one of them worked. Why don’t you tell me how? If I tell you, it won’t happen. Yeah, there’s no time for that. Listen to me, which one wins! Hey, Hey c’mon guys. Doctor Weird can you open one of
your magic space holes to that van? They work both ways, there’d be 500 of those
things here before we ever step through. Then we run it. Capable as we all are, not
all of us can make it through that! Not
all of us have to. Yes, I like it. Thank you
for getting it this far Guys, what
about Thanos? Company Ready!

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