– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m going
to be sharing with you my baby’s gift guide. This is everything that
I’ve got for my baby Jackson for Christmas, but it is also
some good ideas, as well. I have three sons, so I’m
also including a few things that I have bought for my older children when they were babies. So I have so much to get through and I think I’ve got some
really good ideas here. And as always, I will
link everything in the description down below,
so if you want to go ahead and find it, the links will be there. I also wanted to put a little
disclaimer on this video, and that is that I don’t
think you actually have to buy your baby anything
for their first Christmas. They’re obviously not really gonna notice, but a nice keepsake or if you’re like me, and because I have older children, my older children will be wondering where all of Jackson’s presents are and because he’s the third,
he never gets anything new. So I’ve kind of gone to town a bit. But anyway, I’ve got
so much to get through. So I’m gonna start out with a big item, this would be like a
main Christmas present, and something I get
asked about all the time. This is Jackson’s ball pit. I found this on a website
called The Modern Nursery. I will link it down below. It’s really lovely because
you can get in quite nice, neutral, like trendy colors. The ball pit that I’ve got
for Jackson is all mint green and gray, and I really
like it is made of a really nice soft sponge. So he can easily throw himself
in and out of the ball pit. You do have to expect that if
you buy your baby a ball pit, you will be picking up balls all the time. But, because Jackson loves it so much, I think it’s worth it. My next idea is to get a personalized First Christmas bauble that
you can have on your tree for years to come. This one is actually
Caleb’s, and it has his little baby hand on it. This was done at a local
pottery place to us, and it says Caleb’s First Christmas on it. I also have this one to show you, which my friend actually made herself. She just bought the baubles from M&S, and then also the little paints and she wrote Caleb’s
First Christmas on it. I just thought that was a
really cute personalized gift that you will have for years. Next up, I have bought this Dance & Move Beatbo from Fisher-Price. I bought this after reading
so many good reviews on Amazon about it. So I decided I would get it. I’ve never actually tried
it or used it before, but he loves music and he loves dancing, so I really hope he’s gonna enjoy this. I think all the boys will like it because it does sing and dance. My next idea is another big ticket item. And this is to get them
a personalized toy box. This is such a lovely gift. I made one for Caleb, and all
I did was take an old toy box which was actually mine,
but it was a disgusting pine color, but I painted it gray, and then I bought these
letters on a place called Posh Graffiti, and I just stuck them on with a hot glue gun. But so many nice places
make personalized toy boxes, if you want them. I’ve seen some really nice
ones on My 1st Years before. I think this is a gift they
can use for so many years. Caleb is four and he uses it every day to put his toys in and out of. You can obviously make
it yourself like I did, or you can get them from about 100 pounds. Next up, I wanted to show
you some personalized clothing items that I’ve got for Jackson. If you want to order any
personalized clothing, it’s a good idea to
order it like right now, so that it definitely comes
in time for Christmas. But the first one is this little onesie that I got from My 1st Years. It’s just like a sweatshirt material, and it says Jackson across the back. So, I’m finding I’m putting
him in this all the time, so I thought this would be
a really good gift idea. I have also just ordered
this little track suit from My 1st Years that has
his initials on the chest and also on the trousers, and I just think it is so adorable. And another thing from
My 1st Years that I have found myself buying a
few times for the boys are personalized bath robes. They are so fluffy and nice. I have got him a teddy
bear one in the past. And also, a penguin one
was recently sent to me. But it’s really sweet, you
get his name on the chest. And they’re just so fluffy
and so nice to put them in in the morning this time of year. Another personalized gift
that I’ve got for Jackson is this really cute stacking rainbow. I found this on Not On The High Street. You can choose to write whatever
you want onto the rainbow, but I chose, We love you Jackson. And it’s just really cute. I can imagine him stacking them. They’re supposed to be
really good for motor skills. And it’s a personalized gift. And I also kind of got it for myself because I think that
would look really nice on like the toy storage,
looks quite stylish. Art or something that they
can hang on their wall is also a really nice idea
because it’s something that will last for years. So I found this little print
on Not On The High Street. They have some lovely ones
that you can personalize. And this one says, dream big Jackson. And it has lots of little,
like they’re almost like raindrops or confetti,
and I liked the colors. I think it will look
really nice in his nursery. And it something that
he can have for years. I’ve also got Jackson
a rainbow Aquadoodle. If you don’t know what Aquadoodle is, it is basically a big sheet that comes with like little
paint brushes and stems. And when they’re wet, they will change the color of the sheet. So it’s basically like your baby is getting to draw without the mess. And then as soon as the sheet dries again, they can just start again and
play with it all the time. So I thought this would
be really, really good because there’ll be no mess, and then Jackson can kind of have a play and then do some mark-making. Another nice really big gift is to buy your baby a little kitchen. Now, we got Caleb a little
IKEA kitchen one year, and we filled it up with
like toy food and fruits, and he loved it, he used it for years. They kept getting into it,
so it’s actually ruined now, and we’ve got rid of it, but
Jackson has a little tiny one from the Early Learning
Center, so if you don’t have much space, you could buy
a smaller one like that, and some of my favorite fun food is the kind that you can cut up. So I have got Jackson this set. This is from Melissa & Doug, and it is all wooden. And it’s so brilliant, we
actually had this for Caleb, but I wanted to get a
fresh one for Jackson. It’s brilliant. Caleb used to cut it for ages. He used to really get
satisfied from cutting it up, it Velcros together. So I think this is a really nice wooden set of play food
that would be good to go with a kitchen, or just on its own. I always like giving our boys books because it’s something that
you both can share together, and have some really
special moments reading. Some of my favorite baby books are The Hungry Caterpillar, this is a classic, and one that all of my
children have loved. Also, Each Peach Pear Plum. And I also love Love You Forever. That is one that is really special and actually makes me cry. And I also love the book
The Paper Bag Princess. If you have a little girl,
this book is so good. It is very girl power. It’s about a princess who saves a prince, and then she gets rid of him,
and it’s just a brilliant book, you should definitely buy it if you have a little girl. And I also like books
that you can personalize, you can see I’m obsessed
with personalizing things. But there is a website called Penwizard, and they can basically personalize books, so you can choose, doesn’t
have to be Peppa Pig, they have all kinds of different books. But they do have Peppa. And then you can change
the characters in it, so you can see that is Max,
Fraser, Caleb, and Jackson. And you can change all of the names. So this is like, This is Fraser,
Caleb, and Jackson’s daddy. Blah blah blah blah blah. And the boys love reading it because it’s about themselves,
and yeah I think that’s actually a really special gift. My next present is also a
toy from Melissa & Doug. I must admit that Melissa & Doug probably make my favorite toys. They’re always good quality and the boys just like playing with them,
so that’s always a bonus. But this is called the
Bug Jug Fill & Spill, and I bought this because
Jackson really likes dumping toys out of baskets and then putting them all back in the baskets, but this is like an actual toy for it. So you fill it up with the bugs, and then they just
spill it back out again, and then they fill it up again. And I thought he’ll get
a real kick out of this. I also really like VTech toys for babies, and Jackson has really enjoyed playing with his VTech walker. I’ve also got Jackson the most adorable tea set from Emma Bridgewater. I love all the Emma Bridgewater mugs, but this is specifically for children. It has the cutest polka dot design on it, but I just thought that
this was a really cute little house that it comes in, and that he will really
enjoy playing tea parties. I’ve also got him this Stack and Sort Board from Melissa & Doug. And I thought it would be good to take all the little things
off, and put them back on. And I kind of also bought it
because I like the colors, and I think it will look good
in our toy area, as well. Next up, I wanted to show you
the most adorable rattle ever. I found this on Not On The High Street. It was made by someone
called The Fox in the Attic, and they make several different ones, but I got the fab-looking one. So it has a little rattle in it, and it’s soft and squidgy. And when your baby like
plays with it or bites it, it looks like they’re eating a lolly, and I just thought that was really cute, so I’m gonna put that
in Jackson’s stocking. I also really like the
little initial vests that you can get from Next. You can get them in any letter and they also come in
this little bag, as well. They’re only five pounds. So I think to come in this
little bag is really cute. And I have bought it in multiple sizes. Whenever Jackson goes up a size, I’ll get him another J. They’re really good quality,
they wash up really nicely. And I just think that’s like a nice little personalized thing that might be a nice stocking stuffer, as well. Another toy that I’ve got for Jackson is the Wondercube. I bought this again because I heard really good reviews on Amazon. And it was sticking with the theme of sticking stuff in and
taking stuff back out again. So it’s this little cube, it’s made of wood, it’s quite solid. And then you can stick your little hand in and you can pull out all
of these little things that can Velcro together or come apart. And then they can stick
them all back in again. This I have not given it to him yet, so I don’t know how much
he’s going to play with it, but I thought it was kind of cool. In terms of soft toys,
my children get given so many teddies and things,
but they only really play with them if they’re
throwing them at each other. Unless they are a character soft toy. So I’ve got Jackson Poppy the Troll. I might order him Branch
as well, I’m not sure. But I’ve already given him this and oh my God, he is in love with her. He just carries her
around, he talks to her. And I tickle his face
with the fluff of her hair and he really giggles. He really loves Poppy, but
he loves the movie Trolls. So I think if your baby is
into a specific character like Mickey Mouse, or Toy
Story or something like that, definitely buying them
the soft toy that matches will make them like it more. And the other soft toy
that I’ve really liked for my children are the Jellycats. You can get these in The Gap, John Lewis, loads of different
places, and you can also get them personalized. So this one is obviously
Caleb’s little one. But they are so soft and
if my sons are gonna take a soft toy to bed with
them, they will normally choose a Jellycat, just because
they’re so soft and squidgy. So I really rate these ones. And the last toy suggestion
that I have to show you is a set of stacking boxes,
and they also come with these cute little wooden cars. I believe this is Melissa & Doug, as well. But it basically comes with
lots of different boxes and then the corresponding cars. Jackson actually got this from
my sister for his birthday, and he uses it all of the time. He really loves putting
the boxes upside down and then driving the
cars into their garage, or stacking them all up
on top of each other. But I find that my boys really
love playing with these boxes so I thought this would be
a good suggestion, as well. I also wanted to show you
these really cute leggings from JoJo Maman Bebe. They are doing three for two at the moment on their little leggings. And what I really liked about them is they’re like wool, they’re
really, really warm. And I have got this one, I’ve
got one with foxes on them for Jackson, and also a
Christmasy one, as well. But I just thought they were really sweet, and then you can also get matching jumpers on the website, but I’m
finding I’m putting Jackson in these a lot, because they’re really warm and they have really
cute prints on the bum. I also wanted to show you Jackson’s soft toy basket that’s in his room. We basically use this to
put all of his toys into. I believe it was 40
pounds on My 1st Years. And I like it because it’s reversible and you can also personalize it. So I believe we have written
Jackson’s Toys on it, but you could put anything on it, you could put toys, you could put laundry, you could put anything. And I just think it’s something that we will use for a long time and we get lots of comments on. And the last thing that
I wanted to show you is Jackson’s personalized stocking. I’ve got matching for all of us. And I found this on a place
called The Elm Tree Studio. You can change like
whichever one you choose, and then obviously you can
write their name at the top. But I think a nice, big,
personalized stocking for their first Christmas
is something that they will use for like,
years and years to come. So it’s quite a nice present and like little investment. So yes, that is everything
that I want to show you. I really hope you liked my gift guide. I have to go and get wrapping now. If you have any other suggestions, please put them in the comments below, and if you liked this, please
give it a big thumbs up. I will be back tomorrow
because I’m doing Vlogmas, and I will see you very soon. Bye, guys!

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