Back To Policies Of Cruelty And Fear, And No Movement On Gun Control | Deadline | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Back To Policies Of Cruelty And Fear, And No Movement On Gun Control | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Fact check: The NRA does not speak for Trump's base. 75% of NRA members are in favor of universal background checks, but the NRA itself is dead set against it. What the NRA speaks for is the people bankrolling it, and those people are not its members.

  2. Chris Krispy Kreme donut Christy…. What an excuse artist for Donald Trump! he needs to go find himself a walking path an exercises body instead of running off at the mouth and telling those big fat lies!!!!

  3. Trump doesn't want to call any of these white extremist and white Nationalist who are killing innocemt people of color with high powered rifles and assault weapons what they say really are. They are murderers, criminal's lawless citizens who have no respect for the law. They are killing people of color and Trump is wanting to use the excuse of mental illness to cover up the actions of these killers who committed these henious crimes.
    By labelling it as mental illness these white murderers receive a different overall perception by this administration and the public at large because they're saying that these aren't murderers commiting crimes; instead they are in need of counseling and shouldn't be labelled as murderers. Trump has yet to call one of these white nationalist who have committed these crimes a criminal or a murderer or a thug or a low life. He has directed that derogatory language only to people of color.
    This comes in contrast to the racist labelling that the news media and the DOJ has in villifying blacks and Latinos as thugs, criminal's and gangs. He does not want to label any of their white constituents with derogatory, deviant, behavioral conatations.

  4. Guys, we need a way to get guns out of many people's hands now. You can buy a gun at a gun show down South, North or West or garage here in Chicago….Cars…$1 store….I love that store. People who don't own guns talking about gun laws; without real debates; leading to solutions.

  5. They asked a Danish member of parliament about Trump's offer on Greenland, and one response given was that every day with Trump is something new which you don't think can get any worse, but somehow Trump manages to do it. Weird how a foreign national knows more about our President than 40% of our electorate.

  6. Sen. Ernst not earnest about gun reform in this country, only about earning her NRA paycheck. Another Republican in their back pocket, complicit in the American carnage of gun deaths.

  7. Terrorist Trump targeting minority Congress women of color already receiving death threats from his previous targeting with more racist hate rhetoric? Racist Israel government closely tied with racist American President overturning longstanding American policy on this Middle East conflict for favorable Israeli policies, inciting more violence? Unfortunately, these are not aberrations, but the ongoing reality of the Toxic Trump administration killing America.

  8. Looking into the Toxic Terrorist Trump Administration and Crime Organization is like opening a can of worms, the stench one of overwhelming corruption throughout that becomes only more unbearably sickening with each passing day. Where does it stop? It doesn't, and it won't, because they can't!

  9. Trusting Biggest Loser with our economy? Now, what could go wrong with a failed grifter who couldn't get a loan anymore, except by laundering dirty Russian mafia money?

  10. We've long past the point Republicans can feign ignorance that the occupant of the Oval Office they elected is a sociopathic menace to society.

  11. Terror Trump administration embracing the dark side now, using white supremacism as the creature feature attraction in bid to win reelection! You know just how truly pathetic things are when the best thing going for the Republican Presidential candidate is his rampant racism.

  12. NRA distributed tinder and kindling nationwide, its GOP pawn saturated them with gasoline, and President Nero turned up his flamethrower.

  13. Terrorist Trump turns public grief in the immediate aftermath of these tragic mass shooting atrocities into personal grievances and political campaigning, heartlessly heedless of the victims and their loved ones, ramping up divisiveness — rather than admitting his own significant culpability, thereby engendering and promoting healing and unity, as any true leader would. Unfortunately, Biggest Loser has never been a true leader, as is once again demonstrated for the world to see.

  14. Really anxious to know…how many more Traitor Trump terrorist attacks against Americans before we put him someplace safe so no one else gets hurt?

  15. President Trump: "We have racist Republican traitors INVADING America, SLAUGHTERING and KILLING Americans! If we had a proper AG and Senate, we wouldn't have to work so much harder impeaching the head of their KLAN, and it would be a lot safer and a lot better! These are rough, rough people in many cases, and if they're allowed to permeate our society, only larger and bigger, we will have EMBOLDENED these people, and they will DESTROY America!"

  16. Is the prime focus of this new FBI task force focusing on white nationalist / supremacist / neo-Nazi terrorist hate groups going to be their current prime enabler, instigator and de facto leader, President Trump? Otherwise, won't that task force just be fighting a losing battle?

  17. The U.S. stands disgraced with an openly racist President! Congratulations, Republicans, you've finally done it! Aren't you proud of yourselves, now?

  18. Hateful coward in El Paso just following along with his Coward-in-Chief. How many more victims from these hateful cowards incited by Terrorist Trump's racist rhetoric?

  19. Traitor Trump turning sacred, dignified White House into Infowars loony bin, pushing SIXTEEN different wacky conspiracies in just two and a half years. Putin's puppet pie just earning his Russian salary, sowing confusion, dividing, weakening America!

  20. Trump is the Dexter Diabolical who never learned to channel his darkness for the benefit of society. An insecure, amoral narcissist raised by a cruel father, whose destructive sociopathic and racist tendencies have been enabled and emboldened by the power entrusted to him.

  21. Merriam-Webster updating their dictionary to include new definition for 'Republican.' "A hypocritical regressive racist obstructionist who doesn't need a reason when treason is in season."

  22. Most criminal, incompetent, divisive, corrupt, unpatriotic Presidential administration in U.S. history. No joke! The big joke is Republicans pretending nothing wrong.

  23. Sen. Rotten Ron Johnson: "We all need to tone down the rhetoric…except President Nero's extremely dangerous incendiary racist rhetoric targeting minorities and women of color! You weren't actually expecting Child-in-Chief to be a leader, were you?"

  24. GOP Senate Kansas Kandidate Kris Korbach refuses to condemn Trump's racist attack against four sitting Congresswomen of color. Just another corrupt, racist, sycophantic, spineless, gaslighting Republican–the kind we don't need!

  25. Graham Cracker tramples Senate rules, makes it official: Cruelty and human-rights abuses not a bug of Republican immigration policies…they are the racist creature feature!

  26. 'IMMIGRATION FOR DUMMIES' — by Activated Head of Fatherland Security, Kevin K. McAleenan
    "So…What I did was I worked really hard with Trump administration to make draconian changes to immigration policies that creates bottlenecks, backlogs, and a HUGE increase in detention rates. So…We did this despite knowing that our lack of capabilities could only lead to greatly overcrowded facilities (concentration camps, if you prefer); poor conditions; human rights abuses against children, refugees, and migrants of color; lasting traumatic damage done to the children; vastly increased costs to the American taxpayer; the demoralization, desensitization, destabilization, depletion and destruction of our vital government workforce securing our borders and dealing with immigration. So…Just to be clear here, at the end of the day, the only goal was to extort money from Congress by torturing children and innocent people we hold hostage. Call it kidnapping if you want. So…Then we take the money and hand it over to our crony friends running the "detention centers" that they may profit from all this misery! So…You can see how our diabolical plan worked to perfection, we got our ransom money for CBP. So…That's why I'm working with my Republican cohorts in Congress to run the same scam again for ICE! So…Yes, we were experiencing difficulties achieving the profit margins anticipated with our wall street, but that open-ended venture continues to pay dividends for our money men and racist sycophants, as well!"

  27. There is a mental patient in the white house that people call president…… trump is getting some sorte of kick back from the NRA, trump doesn't do anything for free…… he would probably care if it was Ivanka…….

  28. No such thing as gun loopholes and no flipping on positions.NRA has never been for mentally unstable people having a gun.

  29. Crazy crazy, my mom used to say, "if you lie, you'll cheat, you'll steal" when will we as a great nation, wake up and realize that this person, who claims to be our 45th, does not have any of us on his mind except for those in that 1% next year will be too late! My suggestion for all is to look at the Matrix movie , look familiar? Truth is just like fiction right now!!!

  30. Trump is an evil and cruel man but those around him are just as bad. Stephen Miller is the epitome of Evil and Vileness.

  31. "It is a mental problem – they belong into a mental institution"

    He should visit one to check whether they are well kept there – they would keep him there.

  32. guys…he's focusing (and they're focusing) on "mental health" bc its the easiest thing they can twist around, and insures they do nothing about. Everyother country has conprehensive checks and isn't spending years debating "mental health" nuances. Just get it done. And someone know solve the mental health issues of the POTUS too, especially given his new affinity for discussing the subject. Who wants to bet that he's working on his insanity plea. Lol.

  33. It's time for all of us to stop being dumbasses! If you think this is anyone elses fault besides your own, you're as bad as "they" are. As long as YOU AN I vote for any politician who takes PAC and/or corporate money, your agenda like sensible gun control, a healthcare system that works for all of us, tax reform that benefits the majority of US citizens…the list is too long…will never even be recognized by the paid off representitives who only care about their own pockets and careers. These legalized criminals represent the money, not you or I. MONEY IN POLITICS SHOULD BE EVERY VOTERS FIRST REASON TO VOTE, OR NOT VOTE, FOR ANYONE RUNNING FOR ANY PUBLIC OFFICE!

    After that, have at it…we don't have to agree over policy.

  34. Mental health and gun control are issues in our country. They both need to be addressed as separate issues. Fixing one is not going automatically fix the other.

  35. Invoke 25 amendment now! Or impeach now. We can't take over another year of this but. There will be no country no left with him in office. He's a horror show!

  36. How can the left distinguish between 71 gender pronouns, but not the difference between an M16A2 assault rifle and an AR15 sport rifle?

  37. I don't get what the big deal is about background checks. I can't rent a house without a background check if I wanna get a really good job I can't get it without a background check what is the big deal O it might save some lives this is stupid no one's asking to get rid of guns just get a background check. For gonna talk about mentally ill people how much money is the trump administration willing to give for mental health and start talking about mental well let's see I bet 0

  38. A gun will not move until I touch it. It is not going to walk away, “oh come back gun.” So when someone breaks into my house, I’m not going to use a nerf gun. I’m going to use my second amendment right and protect my house by any means necessary. So if this comment offends you I suggest you eat a bowl of alphabet soup and choke on the D. #MAGA

  39. I, having been a law enforcement officer, think that all policemen should have a mental test to see if they should be trusted with a firearm. If you are in the military and you display bad tendencies (mental illnesse) you are removed from the military. Problem is the policemen today are smart enough to disguise their real feeling and so It would take a knowledgeable doctor to see thru their false statments.

  40. This news is the stupidest ever. Trump isnt worth all this attention. Why are you news ppl making yourself look so stupid

  41. Trump's playbook is "Prince." The only person that he will protect in help if he gets in trouble is himself. Everyone is expendable.

  42. Mental health is the policy of cruelty and fear,kidnapping people off the streets and from their homes and families to be locked in rooms,force drugged and tortured by the state and government.

  43. 9/11 was orchestrated and carried out by the government to incorporate fear over the American slaves and take more rights and gain more control over the peasant slaves of America.

  44. Those people are not immigrants,a immigrant is someone who enters a country legally and become a citizen of that country,they are not refugees either. They are foriegn nationals invading and infiltrating our country destroying our country from within. They are a Trojan horse.

  45. Get rid of all communist democrats,they are illegally holding office,article 4 section 4 of the constitution of the United States of America.

  46. These terrorist traitors are lucky I'm not rich,I would sue them for defamation of character,I would sue these terrorists under title 18 u.s.c. sections 241 and 242. I'm sick of these terrorist traitors blaming people labeled mentally ill,when they should be blaming the people who actually do this crap and they should be investigating into the bullies who pushed these people into carrying out these crimes. Stop using mental illness as a escape goat,people labeled mentally ill have it bad enough as it is the way they are looked down upon kidnapped,held in locked rooms like animals,force drugged,tortured physically and mentally and treated by society.

  47. Lmfao you all have a big issue with imprisoning illegal foriegn nationals and taking their children invading and infiltrating our country,but you have no problem with the government kidnapping American children from their families and selling them,you have no problem with labeling our people as mentally ill kidnapping them,locking them in rooms,force drugging them and torturing them mentally and physically.
    America is really sick and twisted.

  48. Circumvent gun control/gun laws/ gun registration/gun confiscation by having and carrying a Jo staff as an alternative weapon.

  49. Remember when Trump told republicans THEY were afraid of the NRA? Who is the coward now? Still no one is surprised the President Bone spurs is so easily intimidated.

  50. Take the This  Worlds Largest Arsenal away from this bright orange , dangerously psychotic Train Wreck of Bat S**t Crazy first !

  51. Hey there, Chris Hayes! Why are you at the end of every MSNBC video on YouTube? Is it not possible for each anchor to do their own bit, because I find this to be an extremely jarring way to end each segment.

  52. I am truly worried for you all, all of you, across the States, on voting day. I am sick with worry. From Toronto.

  53. If Trump got paid off by the NRA, then his flip-flop makes sense. After a terrible shooting, he will initially support gun control – to increase the $$$$ the NRA will be willing to pay to make him back down. The NRA could easily secretly pay a couple million to a Trump-business, associate, or "charity". Indeed, because Trump views all events in terms of how he might make more money, he likely perceives each shooting as a chance to score.) Why are some panelists convinced Trump is motivated by politics – or that the NRA "convinced" Trump with their slippery slope argument? Seriously, Trump does not care about safety or people or the country. His motivatiors are wealth, vengeance, and the avoidance of pain (especially pain secondary to shame). These motivators might lead Trump to acknowledge the wishes of 90% of Americans. But the safety of Americans is – to Trump – as unimportant as the list of ingredients on his can of diet coke.

  54. It's the wakoes who sell the guns that get people killed . No one cares who gets killed after selling the guns . it is all about the money

  55. The Question is if these people where able to get the guns who sold them to the wakoes? . How was they able to get past the back ground check ? does the background check work ? so if it does not work how do we sell guns with out getting innocent people killed ?

  56. On a serious note this is a dumb. On a lighter, not completely unrelated note, my wife and I just finished watching Dr. Strangelove for the first time last night.

  57. Leadership 2.0 ? He hasnt even taken 6th grade Civics 1.0. He doesnt even consider any goal other than how he can gain more power and money. In my first semester political science class the professor taught us how one rich enough could bribe the electoral college through special interest groups and basically legally bribe their way to the white house and ironically we even used trump as the class example. Wait, trump is discussing locking people up in mental institutions? Like who? His words are implying he needs to institutionalize people with mental illness. Right now basically one must be a danger to oneself or others. Who is he trying to institutionalize? Whats next? Mandatory sterilization? Euthenize the disabled or mentally ill? This president is a white supremecist nationalist cruel psychotic dictator hitler like tyrant and modern US is not any more immune to this rhetoric as was 30s fermany.

  58. If he so worried about mental health, why did he reverse Obama era legislation prohibiting gun sales to individuals with MH concerns.

  59. If they really start looking into mental health, they'll have to look into Trump and followers, so I predict nothing will happen during this 'administration'.

  60. he realizes that a person can be completely stable on the day they buy a gun, and once they stop taking meds, a tragedy befalls them, or a plethora of other situational shifts, can then become unstable and use said weapon they, so easily purchased when they were stable, right?

    The one cliche line people utter after a person they know commits a tragedy: "they were so quite, and seemed perfectly normal"

  61. Why does he always have chopper's engine running or why does he have these press questions right beside the chopper?

  62. Wow it was just two years ago when truMcP gave mental illness people the right to have a gun….

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