Bed Bug Life Cycle Explained

hey I’m Hal with 120 Pest out of
Atlanta Georgia and I just wanted to talk to y’all about the bedbug lifecycle
people are always asking me about eggs and the adults and how long they’d been
there so I just want to give a brief overview
so once the bedbug lays an egg it does take two weeks for the egg to hatch out
and then after that it takes about five weeks for to reach a maturing adult and
during each week it has to feed on a host where it will take a blood meal and
that would usually be you or your friends or relatives and then after it
feeds it can shed its skin which it’s similar to a snake it doesn’t just grow
it actually has to shed its skin and then once it does that it’s called molt
and it can go to the next molt and there’s five of those so in all it takes
about seven weeks for a bedbug in ideal conditions to go from egg to reproducing
adult. Thank you

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