Bedbugs. Seriously!?

This is a female Cimex lectularius. In the
quiet of night, she crawls from her hiding place toward the carbon dioxide gas and warmth
emanating from your body. When she reaches a patch of exposed flesh, she uses her small,
sharp beak to pierce your skin and slurp up six times her weight in blood, leaving behind
an itchy welt. After returning home to the underside of your mattress, a series of up
to seven males violently mate with her. If this sounds like a bad dream, count yourself
lucky–for tens of thousands of people worldwide, it’s a nightly reality. These tiny parasites,
better known as bedbugs, have spread through Los Angeles, New York and London over the
past 20 years, infesting the homes and hotels of rich and poor alike. They’ve crept into
the cushions of movie theater seats and executive offices, and hitched rides in library books
and subway cars. In the world of pests, bedbugs may be the greatest invaders in all of history. Or, more specifically, the greatest re-invaders.
Because bedbugs have actually been harassing humans since the stone age. The problem worsened
when we crowded into towns and cities, and became terrible when we invented central heating,
which helped bedbugs thrive year-round virtually everywhere. Until WWII, that is, when humans discovered
a class of synthetic insecticides that were ultimately strong enough to drive bedbugs
from the US and Europe for half a century. However, not only are many of those chemicals
now banned, but hardy bedbug individuals also survived and multiplied, meaning that now,
bedbug populations are resistant to many of our weapons against them. Meanwhile, increased
global travel has made pretty much any bed in the world just a short flight away, both
for human jetsetters and their bedbug stowaways. The one-two punch of insecticide resistance
and global transport has allowed bedbugs go from nightmare to modern reality – the ultimate
comeback kid of the pest world. Except that in a way, we’ve brought them back,
and this time around, they won’t go down so easily. So sleep tight, and don’t let the
bedbugs b– actually, we’re kinda screwed.

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100 thoughts on “Bedbugs. Seriously!?

  1. Shudders It's been almost two years now, but the time I dealt with those little vampires….eeeuuuggghhh!!!

    I'm just glad I had a good landlord and neighbors (it is a small apartment house; not a huge complex) that were willing to cooperate. Oh, and a STELLAR PCO who knew what he was doing. Only took one visit. He did a follow-up but said everyone did such a good job, that he could find no more evidence of bed bug activity. He treated anyways, though. Just to be on the safe side.

  2. moved into apartment which had bedbugs last year 2015, took one month and hundreds of quarter sized welts to free my apt but here is how i did it
    1) dollar store spray bottle and many bottles of 35-70% isopropyl (kills on contact and leaves no residue)
    2) spray all floor boards and cracks thoroughly twice daily (atleast once around 3-5am when they come out)
    3) i have linoleum floors so i also mopped with bleach several times per week
    4) after several days caulk every crack and crevice around floor boards(between wall and floor boards and if possible floor and floorboards)
    5) sprinkle diatomaceous earth around newly sealed floor boards and especially around any heaters or wall openings that could potentially go from apt to apt (DE is nontoxic but very bad for your lungs if inhaled so get a mask)
    6) wash all clothes at laundromat and dry on high heat, then store folded clothes in sealed garbage bags
    7) keep beds atleast 8 inches from any wall and place feet of bed frame in bowls of diatomaceous earth
    8) spray bed vigorously with isopropyl alcohol before leaving for work and crack window for airflow (i didnt use any sheets till i felt comfortable that i got rid of all bugs)

    thats pretty much the jist of it and it worked for me, add anything you want in comments…. just thinking about it has me itching again

  3. well at list I think I dont have bed bugs because I get bitten only when I sleep with an open window(I obviously stopped) and its summer aka musquito season so 😀

  4. I've been getting by either Ticks or BedBugs for months lately probably since January when I sleep & I'm only 15 I've been getting bitten by them since mid 9th grade.

  5. Lived in a b&b room with probably 20 Species of these things, giant spiders climbing the walls, a lot of ants, a bunch of nopes I have never even heard of…
    we left about 3 or 4 in the morning.

  6. Lived in a b&b room with probably 20 Species of these things, giant spiders climbing the walls, a lot of ants, a bunch of nopes I have never even heard of…
    we left about 3 or 4 in the morning.

  7. What about head lice if ever one whent one month without them would the go extind we are THER only food sorce yes thers lice for dogs but those don't eat human blood couldn't we all just sleep on something that's not a bed for a month?

  8. Sorry, don't have them in canada, that's because I leave my window open in the winter… the cold cold winter…

  9. As I lie in bed I wonder why I decided this would be a good idea to watch in the middle of the night ( darn you brain )

  10. Goodnight.
    Sleep tight.
    Don't let the bed bugs bite.
    And drink six times their weight in blood.
    And get violently mated under your bed.
    Sweet dreams!

  11. Ewwwww! Btw I'm saying the video is bad… Just the topic is kinda gross and I'm scared cuz Im watching this at night! Thanks for nothing… 🐛 🏩🛌🛏️

  12. Good thing my place dose not have bed bugs… AND I F***ING HATE THIS DUME BUGS UGH I WANT TO STAB,FIGHT,THROW AND KILL THEM UGHHHH!!!!!!!!

  13. As a hotel manager I have to say that the bed bug is the biggest threat. We get Orkin in once a month with thie bed bug sniffing dogs, and if they find something we bring in a company with electric furnaces. Crank the heat into 150 farenheit and the eggs cook and so do the adults. We have three separate buildings, cook one rent two. No problems in five years, but in this business it pays to be prepared.

  14. There is a method that guarantees a bedbug to die. Fire. So if you wqnt to get rid of bedbugs, burn your house down.

  15. Hey! I have an living with bedbugs! I live in Singapore by the way! My father discovered them because there was a blood sent and a lot of bites and he saw one!
    I and my father looked up on youtube and found out that they will die of VERY HOT WATER!!!! So my father used a little pale of hot water and tissue and start picking them one by one! scince he is old and does not sleep well… he wakes up every four hours and kills them!
    YAY!!!! we lived in peace!

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