While you sleep there may be a party in
your mattress. And you are the guest of honor. *Gasp* Bedbugs could become unwanted guest in your mattress. But you probably won’t know until they
decide to make their presence known on your body Bedbugs are a nuisance but not
associated with disease. There are some things you can do to
protect yourself. Use caution with used mattresses and furniture. It’s like inviting the bugs in your home. Use encasements around your mattresses. It keeps bugs out or traps them in. Vacuum regularly and try to declutter your home. For serious infestations call a certified pest control specialist that uses an integrated pest management
approach. Many over-the-counter pesticides are not
effective and can be extremely dangerous. Always follow label directions and read
the warnings. Misuse of pesticides can make you very sick. If you feel sick from pesticides call the
Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. Practicing integrated pest
management is the best way to give Bedbugs the
boot. Don’t let the bad party at your place. This message is brought to you by the Florida Department of Health.

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