Beetle Bedlam! HeroForce vs The White Hat Game Master Beetle Robot Battle!

Get to base! Does this mean I lost? HA! I won! No I did! I’ve been running since I could walk Guys did you see that? Yeah, it was flying right towards my face. No not the Nerf dart. It was up there, something or someone was
watching us. Well if someone was watching us I think they would’ve seen me win at hide and seek. Okay we need to settle this right now. It’s a tiebreaker. Guys we need to see who that was! A tiebreaker? I like it! Let’s do a race! Ready, set, go! Hey no fair! Guys! What? Ah, Smarthouse 64 sounds cool! Back doors? What does that do? That’s not fair. The doors shut by themselves. Huh it doesn’t do anything? Because it’s broken. Game room doors? What does that do? No way! That box must control the whole house! It’s a smarthouse. Smart house 64! Noah go poke the doors! No, are you crazy? You go do it. Well one of us has to poke it. Nose goes! I did it first! No I did it first! I’m better than you! I’m older, you’re younger! Hello? Anybody in here? Hello I bet you’re wondering who I am. Get away from me bugs! I can’t believe you ruined my first speech! Your first villain speech is the
most important! What? Now where was I? Oh yeah I am the
White Hat Hacker prepare to give me your power ring! Uh I’d like to but it kind of seems like you’re a bad guy so I’m going to pass on that. We will see about that. Maybe it was a ghost! There’s no such thing as ghosts Noah. Hope we have superpowers and you
don’t think there could be ghosts? nope Let’s go check the other doors. Hey who are you? Well? Hey there kids I bet you’re
wondering who I am? Yeah, we are. Yes of course you are and I will answer
you…. right now…. without stalling…at all… Wait a minute! I know exactly who you are. You do? You are the window washer dad hired! I am? I mean yeah, that is exactly who I am, the White Hat window washer. Kind of weird protective clothes you’re
wearing there. I’ve got to stay protected from those window fumes. Let me show you the extra dirty windows. Okay, show me around. Get away from me bugs! Locked! The White Hat must have hacked the Smart house 64 and trapped me in. What do I do? What do I do? You will be my Savior! Perfect! And that one is going to take alot of elbow grease. It has mom’s secret spaghetti sauce on it. That stuff stains everything it touches. I’m sure I can handle it. I’m the best window cleaner in the whole country. Oh I’m sure you are. Where’s your glass cleaner? Oh I keep it in my truck. Which is where exactly? My truck has been stolen. Oh no that’s terrible. it’s almost like he never had a truck or
window cleaner in the first place because you’re not a window washer and
you’re just a villain in disguise. How dare you accuse me of this! Never in all
my years of window washing have I endured such lies I am absolutely
without doubt not a bad guy! Watch out! He’s a bad guy! Well would you look at that, she escaped. I knew it! Get him! Inside! Quick! What did you do to the Smart House 64? The beetle! What do I do? Did you try to hack the beetle? Yeah, that’s how I escaped. I thought it’d be stable enough. They are very delicate. It shorted out
the box and now the whole house is going to collapse. How do I fix it White Hat? Yeah! White Hat? You can’t fix it! We’re all doomed! Shut it down But it could fry the whole system. I don’t want to ruin the Smart House 64. If you don’t shut it down there won’t be a house to ruin. What”s happening? Eden the house is tilting! Yes! Eden you did it! Eden you saved the house! It’s okay Eden. I’m sure you can fix it. You are a girl genius anyways. Thanks Noah. Now it’s time to deal with…. Hey! Where did he go? Oh no, he must have escaped. Oh well, we will get him next time. You want to play nerf battle hide and go seek again? Hello? Hey the house didn’t collapse. Oh thank goodness. I almost peed my…. uhh Uh, I mean uh I’ll be back for those power rings Superhero Kids! Just you wait. Oh and I will have to sneak out that way. You guys commented so many awesome superhero names in our last video. for yourself there in one ok came up
with the best to make sure you

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