Beetler is the most Famous Beetle in Japan? Yo-kai Watch

Welcome to Tokyosaurus, Today we have another
japanese character origin video which we’ll go into depth to see where their design inspiration
comes from as well as to give you a better background of what the original character
is all about. So we’ll be talking about Beetler from Yo-kai
Watch. Beetler is a rank B earth attributed Yo-kai
of the brave tribe. The yokai medallium states that Beetler is
a young battler who fights with his horns and fists. He trains with his rival, Rhinoggin. More on this guy later. Beetler is an upright beetle that assumes
a fighting stance with clothes that resemble a japanese martial artist. And he can evolve into the S rank Beetall
when fused with a General’s Soul. So where is Beetler inspired from? Rather than a yokai, Beetler is inspired directly
from a stag beetle. Or otherwise known as Kuwagatamushi. Beetler’s japanese name Kuwano Bushi which
apparently translates directly to the meaning of Kuwagatamushi (the stag beetle) which means
Plow’s Warrior. So what’s so interesting about a stag beetle
anyways? Apparently in Japan, the tradition of keeping
pet insects is a very popular thing to do, especially two types of beetles. These two types of beetles are generally very
nice to humans but the moment they see eachother. They start fighting. The first type is the Kuwagatamushi which
is the stag beetle we were talking about earlier, and the second type is the Kabutomushi which
is the Rhinoceros Beetle and also the inspiration for Rhinoggin who is Beetler’s eternal rival. But back to the stag beetle or Kuwagata, they
are named for having double horns and can grow to 2-3 inches long. Their rivalry started as old as time, as bug
fights has been in the history of Japan for as long as people can remember. It was the reason why people kept pet beetles
and a whole economy of bug trading started. In modern japan, not many kids would fight
with real beetles they found around town as there are just too many other things to play
with these days. But it’s still something that appears on japanese
TV and pet beetles these days are more for collecting and showcasing purposes. Nice beetles can get really expensive and
kids most likely cannot afford them so it’s market geared towards older people actually. As we find pet stores that sell fish exclusively,
there are many shops in Japan that survive on just selling beetles and beetle supplies. The price of a beetle can range between 10
dollars to over 1000 USD for rarer ones. So as an owner of expensive beetles, it’s
probably not the smartest thing to bring them into fights where they can get hurt and even
killed in the process. As a pet itself, a beetle can be pretty high
maintenance. You have to keep the right levels of humidity,
and their cages constantly gets dirtied which needs to be cleaned regularly. They spray their poop everywhere so it can
get pretty annoying. Stag beetles generally cost more than the
rhinoceros beetle because they can live up to 5 years whereas japanese rhinoceros beetles
can only live for a little more than a year. The stag beetle can hibernate over the winter
which the owner has to simulate for . Stag beetles can also fly so if you ever see one
don’t let that surprise you. And finally, stag beetles cannot be put in
the same cage as each other. It is in their nature to fight other beetles
and so if you want your beetle to live a long and healthy life, it is best to keep them
alone in their own case. Japanese specific stag beetles are actually
on the brink of extinction because of imported stag beetle breeding as well as loss of natural
habitat in the wild. So it might be possible that in the near future
with the constant crossbreeding, we won’t see these guys for much longer. But anyways, hopefully that won’t be the case
and that’s all about stag beetles for today. What do you think of these japanese beetles? Did you know people actually kept beetles
as pets? As usual let me know in the comments below. Follow Tokyosaurus on twitter and facebook
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in the next one.

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  3. No mention of how beetle fighting is what inspired Pokemon and no mention of Mushiking? Not even mention of B-Fighter / Beetleborgs or Kamen Rider Gatack or Kuagamon?

    I am disappoint.

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