beloved parasite

Everyone please take a hammer Hold it tightly in both hands And just start swinging There are no consequences Thank you I wish you would die already Parasite Loveche Born in a landfill Ate yogurt every single day Renovated homes for a living Married the mailman Died in a car crash Huh… I feel like I’m missing something Three years later I saw you again Beloved pop idol Plane crash Wrestler Heart attack Entrepreneur Missile accident I wonder what it is that keeps you going Parasite I know it’s you in there And I know living is a pain But it would really hurt if you left us again I think I know what could make you happy We can renovate more homes together There is no force capable of stopping us Our love will only die when we do

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23 thoughts on “beloved parasite

  1. i keep watching this over and over and getting goosebumps ty for reigniting my creative motivation but more importantly thank u for this

  2. This is art, and it changed my life. I can feel it. Thank you, mintsyrup. You will show many people their way.

  3. The pure emotion. The voidiness. I feel such a specific way, almost like a distant, yet close kinship. It feels like this video degausses my soul every time I watch it. I've been aware of it since about Febuary 2019, but I wanted to wait to comment since I didn't know how to phrase how it makes me feel, and I still don't. It's absolutely spectacular.

  4. The music, the sad melancholic atmosphere, I almost feel like I wanna cry, but it's okay because a friend is here to hug me. I hope that feeling makes sense. Thank you for making this, Mint!

  5. mint ur animations make me feel like how i would if i actually made something so like in addition to it being amazing and cool it instills a good false sense of creation almost idk it feels distant and familiar and like saving by sleeping in a minecraft bed its digital home

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