Best Organic Ant Control For Your Home and Vegetable Garden

Alright this is John Kohler with
Today I have another exciting episode for you. I’m here today with Stitch and it’s a
bit chilly out this morning. But today is the day after Black Friday, hope you guys
had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a happy holiday season. Let’s see, this episode’s going to
be a fun one. For Black Friday I went shopping, not too
much, just a little bit, bought a pair of shoes and actually for gardening I bought
some gardening grow boxes for like 10 bucks and they’re similar to Earth Boxes so actually
I’ll have an update on that real soon and actually share with you guys how you can get
those too, definitely the best deal and really happy about that, I got for the Black Friday
because it’ll allow me to grow more food which is one of the most important things that in
my opinion you and I can do here. So today’s episode is going to be pretty quick
one, it’s going to be about two things. Number one organic ant killer that you can use because
I have got that question in the past. Number two about the most amazing after Black Friday
deal that’s available online or anywhere actually. Let’s go over that first. It’s right here,
this is actually the Ace Hardware fifty percent off one item under $30 sale. I had a video
on this last year. So basically what you’re going to want to
do is you’re going to go online to and I’ll put the link right below the video.
You’ll be able to print out these three coupons that I have here. One’s for 20% off actually
on Black Friday, that’s expired but today’s coupon is 50% off any one regularly priced
item under $30 and then tomorrow is $10 off your purchase of 50 or more regular priced
items November 25th which is Sunday. So let’s see, the value of this is not only
can you use these at your Ace Hardware, but at certain and some Home Depot and Lowe’s
stores they may accept competitors’ coupons. Now that’s YMMV, your mileage may vary, much
like your car. You may get different gas mileage than your neighbor. But some Lowe’s stores
and Home Depots will accept the competitors coupons and some will not, it just depends
on the manager and what not, but overall generally the corporations says accept competitors coupons
from hardware stores. So Ace is a hardware store. So in that way you can maybe even use
the coupon at Lowe’s and Home Depot and save money and buy some more gardening stuff so
that you can grow more food. Let’s see here, what I’m going to use my Ace
coupon for at Ace Hardware anyway is for this guy. This guy’s actually called the Orange
Guard. So this is an Orange Guard and what this is, this is basically ant control, it’s
going to kill the ants, it’s basically made, it kills ants on contact and this is made
from orange peels. It says may be used around food, humans and pets, indoor/outdoor, kills
and repels hidden bugs including ants, roaches and fleas. That’s pretty much it. I’ve been
using this stuff for a long time and actually the owner of this company, American owned
company, actually started making this I guess because his daughter had, they had some ant
problems at their house and they wanted to find some natural solution. So this is definitely
what I’m going to get today and this is definitely what I recommend for killing ants on contact.
Now killing ants on contact is one aspect of killing them. Number two is actually you
want to give them a bait. So the bait I like to use is boric acid and sugar.
That being said I don’t like to harm any creature unless absolutely necessary because ants are
part of the ecosystem here. Sometimes I do get ants coming into my house and that’s when
it’s all-out war because they’re in my house, in my space. But if they’re doing their thing
they actually can be helpful but sometimes harmful in the garden actually. They may help
with things like pollination. Ants may also be harmful in the garden because
they will farm aphids because aphids because poop out the aphid sap which is like a sugary
substance that they actually, after they suck the juice out of your plants and then they
poop it out then the ants eat that stuff. So the ants actually want the aphids to proliferate
but we don’t want to because the aphids will actually suck the life blood out of your plants.
So you got to find that balance. But if you do have an over-abundance of ants definitely
recommend the Orange Guard as a kill on contact. Number two you want to bait them, so basically
a powdered sugar and boric acid. Or you could get this stuff called Taro which is liquid
ant bait which is basically this sugar this boric acid which the ants will eat, they’ll
take it back to their nest and feed them and then you’ll wipe them out hopefully. I have
used this stuff with fairly good success but definitely it takes some time and patience
to use because it’s not like one of those toxic chemical poisons that you probably don’t
want to be putting on your property because it may get contaminated with your food or
worse your pets may eat it and actually get very sick and potentially lose their lives
and we definitely don’t want that. So that’ll do it pretty much for today’s episode.
So don’t forget number one the coupon Saturday only, November 24th and the organic ant controls
to use to rid ants from your garden if you have an over-population. So I hope you guys
enjoyed this episode and I’ll be back tomorrow actually with another update and another video
sharing with you guys how I harvest and store, more importantly, my sun chokes for the winter
season if I choose to harvest them out of the ground. Once again my name is John Kohler
with We’ll see you next time and remember keep on growing!

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88 thoughts on “Best Organic Ant Control For Your Home and Vegetable Garden

  1. First! Happy Holidays Everyone! Im off to Ace / Home Depot and Lowes to get some more gardening paraphernalia. Can I ever have too many gardening things??

  2. Great video, John! I have ants growing in what originally to have been a no-dig garden. I have a nice colony of wood ants in it. I have left them alone all year to do their thing in the wood chips, leaves and the like. Will the Orange Gard act just as well when poured upon the colony? BTW; I am so HAPPY to see you still have Stich. It was good seeing him.

  3. the city pickers planter is priced at $29.97 perfect for the 50% off coupon. But San Diego is sold out. Maybe I'll get the strawberry pot; they have 3 of those….

  4. I have used Aspartame, not biologic but you use so little and it is so efficient. Thank to Donald Rumsfeld, yes the same stuff they put in your diet drink
    3w (dot) youtube(dot)com/watch?v (no space) =lOQ4Q- (no space) HOj9k

  5. @smartpeople – so far keeping plants well watered/drained and well-nourished seems to work best, then spraying off aphids with water regularly. Remove weakened or sick plants quickly. They hijack any plant that is weakened and turn it into an aphid factory!

  6. So far I haven't found any good organic bane for aphids, though some people speak well of the old oil/borax/water recipe. I have tried Diatomaceous Earth, it can have good applications, but it can be really messy.

  7. Hi, I love your videos, helped me a lot in my garden. But I have those little white flies. Its on the leave on most of my plants, Is there a home remedy or organic way to get rid of them? At home depot they had really harsh stuff, Any ideas? thanks 🙂

  8. I have used aspartame for this also, for an ant invasion in the house, with excellent results. I keep it on hand for just such uses. Wouldn't consume it if you paid me.

  9. "organic ant Killer"???? I'm OK with "organic" but not with "killer"… what about origano? It is a nice repellent for ants, they hate it.

  10. Greetings and thank you for your suggestions, I'll look into the oil/borax/water recipe..I've tried Diatomaceous Earth will little success. Best

  11. Put a cup or so of water and apple cider vinegar with a drop of dish soap in a large mason jar and tape a funnel to the top (pointing down into the jar), the flys go in for the cider and drown or can't find their way out.

  12. Thank you John, I just came back from Ace. I purchased the biggest bag of soil they had. My sister is on her way to Ace as I type this. Happy Holidays!

  13. NO YOU CANT! Speaking of which, where do you get your azomite? I need to get some 50 lb bags. I am in the ukiah-santa rosa area. I looked on the website for a distributor in ukiah but the number was disconnected. Bummer. Also how much does it cost? Thanks.

  14. Happy holiday to you and Stitch too. I have a huge ant problem. In the house as well as the garden. The orange peel stuff sounds good. There's only one BIG problem, My finca is in Spain. So question is, how can I get that here? I'm also over run with flies and refuse to use chemicals to cobat it but now my orange orchard and other fruit bearing trees are suffering. Everyone around us seems to not have such a big problem as we do but hey they all use chemicals! Bah! Yech!

  15. I tried neem oil and every other way to kill aphids. Only one product worked immediately- Pyrethrin. Its expensive but very concentrated. I will get 16 treatments out of this, but my aphids are gone!!!

  16. Thank you for the suggestion….I've thought about ladybugs, however the two areas where the bugs show up is under screen in the pool area — i'm afraid that i'd have a bunch of floating bugs in the pool and then I would be so sad….

  17. Hey John why do you want to kill ants ?
    thay are good for the soil they bild nateral kompost if you have trees in your garden they go in the trees to gather suger from the afidsand leave your other plants alon but then the Bees go in the trees and gather this suger as well and you should always look after the Bees.
    Ants also eat a lot of unwated insects and clean up your garden

  18. Baking powder and icing sugar. Since ants can't fart, they ingest the baking powder and eventually explode! I prefer live and let live, but hey. This is also pet safe.

  19. Pancake syrup mixed with borax will kill them as they take it to their nest.Leave a bowl of it outside with a loose cover to protect it from other animals. Borax is safe and natural and keep ant numbers low enough so they stay under control and outside of your home during the cold and rain season.

  20. Brushing them off with a soft brush or just your fingers really works just about as good as anything else. I once used a big syringe to jet spray them from crevices at the base of leaves on kale and other greens. Having healthy plants pretty much prevents the entire situation. I pull any plants with aphids completely out, rinse and eat them, and plant new ones.

  21. Hey john,Southernstates now offers Granular Azomite for $35.00. Granular meaning molasse is mixed in so It wont blow all over. Love your work and guys like you and Praxxus keep me gardening. I live in Delaware so Azomite to all us Northerns.

  22. What i do know is they do best if left in the fridge to slow their metabolism down and released a few at a time at night to the source of your infestation. This will increase your chances of keeping them where you need them. I'm not sure on how to store them longer term because I follow the method described above, and it works really well they can clear an infestation very quickly!

  23. wow — i never would have thought of keeping them in the fridge and releasing them a few at a time — thanks for sharing this information — i'm going to the nursery and getting some this week — thanks again 🙂 Best

  24. Perfect timing . . . my sister has been asking what to do with ants in her garden. Love your videos . . . thanks so much for all the terrific information John.

  25. Greetings happybuddyperson 🙂 — thank you for the info…I've been dabbling in gardening for years but this year I'm getting more serious and realized I don't have a clue on what I'm doing…Best

  26. I had some ants building a home by my driveway, didn't want them there so I pored some cornmeal around the entrance. It took a week or two but they seem to be all gone 🙂

  27. Whatever happen to the Grow Box Babe? Did she work out for you? You still looking? Don't schvitz. I'm old enough to be your mother. Just praying for good things for you.

  28. Another TOTALLY SAFE natural and organinc alternative is diatomecious earth. dry application & when ants or hatching plant eating moth or other larvae come into contact with it (walk over it or it lands on top of them when you sprinkle it) kills them. can put on plant leaves, kills aphids. but careful! it kill ALL insects that contact it even helpful ones. put on ant hills or in corrners if u have roaches. won't hurt pets. i feed to my horses 1tblspn a week as supplement! google it.

  29. if anyone has pest problems mites thrips etc. use azamax or azatrol its omri approved can do foliar or soil drench and it works way better than cedar oil or others. theres also azasol first ever neem product thats a powder. as i just said its derived from neem seeds so it does an awesome job of attacking bugs from 4 ways attackin exoskeleton, attack reproductive system mutating offspring, affect eatting habit, and they just dislike the stuff. bi weekly or monthly dosage will keep bugs afar.

  30. I am getting a serous ant issue in my home. There are actually starting to encroach on chicken coop. Will this help and be safe for my chickens too?

  31. I just bought 6 square feet on dirt less than three weeks ago and it's now infested with mites red and white my plants sprouted out yellow…is my soil doomed????

  32. It's really nice of you to pass on and share your knowledge with us! May your days be super bright and filled with True Infinite Un-Conditional Love! Keep that light lit that illuminates from deep within you! Breathe in deeply to give the fire that burns inside you a bright glow! Stay golden and never lose touch with that inner child inside! Love yourself un-conditionally in an ego-less prideless perspective and in turn you will Love everyone else unconditionally! OneLove forever and eternally!

  33. Hi Laura, I just poured some dry soft white powdery cornstarch all over my backyard garden (tons all over) and couple places in my kitchen to kill ants. Observed for awhile and noticed that ants instead of being attracted and looking like they're eating they seem to avoid and go around it. Then I saw your comment here and encouraged me a little to wait a while instead of giving it up .. What do you think ?

  34. I didn't want to use the borax that everybody is suggesting because I wanted to keep my backyard garden (fruit trees and veggies) "organic" as I can.. Does the dead ants from borax effect my "organic" garden, anybody know??

  35. Came to this site to learn about ant control as suggested by the title. Please … The shopping network guides shoppers.

  36. Great video , If anyone else wants to produce all your own delicious healthy organic home produce quick it's worth trying – Banfan Incredible Organic Miracle (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some decent things about it from my brother in law – perfect!

  37. How do you use the Orange Guard? Do you spray it directly on your plants or just around them. I have ants crawling all over my garden and plants and they are harming them. I just brought the Orange Guard but not completely sure how to use it.

  38. I love your dog – it's so wonderful to have someone as compassionate as u teaching these wonderful info.

  39. Thank you for posting this.  I live in Splendora, Texas and I'm getting eaten alive by all the ants in my yard and garden.  I'm going out and buying the Orange Guard today!

  40. You look tired, but thank you so much for making this video. I plant tulip bulbs and today i noticed so many ants in that pot. I really dont know what to do. They are everyday, in my orchids, my yard, and now they are disturbing my bulbs too. The bulbs is very special for me because i have to buy it on ebay with very high shipping cost and custom fee. Some of them is not arrived because our custom sometime making money on our package. I really dont want the bulbs died. Do you know how to get rid of ants with something i can make and a lot easier for me to find? Please dont say borax, i dont know where to buy that. And the product you mentioned, i cant get it here :(( thank you so much and i hope you can help me..

  41. This a ty for video and a few questions for those who posted.  Louaner how do you use aspertame?  Do you think splenda would work?  Someone said they used baking soda and frosting suger would that be loose frosting sugar or the kind you spread.  Ty

  42. I'm so frustrated. I have tried neem oil, soap and water. I tried garlic, cayenne, mint and soap. Nothing is working on my aphids they are eating my cucumbers alive! The ants are helping them so lady bugs are pretty much obsolete in my garden. Please help they are trying to move to my watermelons and pumpkin plants.

  43. Listening on and on and still nothing about treating for ants… bye bye…thanks anyway. NO time to keep listening on and on…

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