Best Tar Remover for Cars: Bug and Tar Remover | Turtle Wax

whether it’s after a road trip long drive or through simple daily driving when left unattended acidic stains such as bug splatter bird droppings tree sap Road tar and more can present serious threats to maintaining clean and healthy automotive surfaces enter the number one selling turtle wax bug and tar remover turtle wax is powerful stain fighting non drip formula provides total control for thorough precise and safe spot cleaning on numerous automotive surfaces such as paint metal plastic and glass it’s quick work time and ease of use allows the removal of contaminants before they stain a surface permanently to start with turtle wax bug and tar remover hold the bottle six to seven inches from the surface and spray product onto the stain or surfaces to be treated then letting it sit for one minute to penetrate the stain after soaking use a clean microfiber cloth or soft terry towel to wipe the surface clean to finish flip the towel to fresh sides as it becomes too diluted then buffing the surface to a clean shine continue this process from stain to stain our panel to panel until all contaminants are removed number one in its cleaning category the new and improved formula of turtle waxes bug and tar remover provides peace of mind through numerous stain and contaminant situations combining ease of use and amazing results

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One thought on “Best Tar Remover for Cars: Bug and Tar Remover | Turtle Wax

  1. Definitely going to buy this product and use it on my 01 Audi allroad I treat that thing like it’s my own son I keep it clean and shiny with turtle wax products and turtle wax products only

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