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(up tempo music) – Hi, guys. Welcome back to… – That YouTube Family! – And today we’re going to play Bad Dog. This bad dog is guarding some bones. And we’re going to use the kitty claws to try to get the bones out. So when we draw a card, it
will tell us how many bones we have to retrieve from the big bad dog. If the bad dog lunges at us, we have to eat a sour candy. – Hopefully it– – Not only eat it, we have
to hold it in our mouth until it’s gone– – Oh, man. – Or until the end of the
game, or else you’re out. You’ll be out of the game. You can either eat it,
or hold it in your mouth until the end of the game. If you want to be out then
you’ll just spit out the candy. – There you go. – Wait– – Okay, so let’s find out who wins. The boys are going to play
with mom and dad today. Now the boys, Jake and Ty, have
played this on their channel at Jake and Ty. So be sure
to check that out as well. This was a pretty scary game. It was pretty funny to watch them play. So we’re going to give it
a go. Are you guys ready? – Yeah
– Let’s do it. – I’ll go first. – What is he snoring?
Don’t wake up the dog. Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up. Oh, you’re lucky.
– Okay, Jake. Jake’s turn. What’d you get? – One red bone! – Don’t wake him up. – Wake up. – Good job, my turn. One red bone. Great I get to take it right by his mouth. – Oh, he’s gonna get you. – Did you hear him? His breathing changed. – He’s gonna wake up and get you. – I’m so scared. Gosh. – [Ty] Take the one
without anything over it. – [Mom] I can’t get this. – [Dad] You guys are gonna stump her. – Okay I got one.
– I’m gonna have to get him. – Aww. Three blue bones. – Look, all three right there. – Yeah. – [Mom] Yeah, they’re just right there. – On top. – [Dad] One. – This game can go on forever. – (screams) – That’s scary. – That made my heart jump. – Does it look like I got scared? Does it look like I got scared? – Aww, that dang dog. – He has to keep one candy in
his mouth or eat one candy. – Okay, I’m just gonna
open it from this bag. – Random choose! – It’ll be whatever I grab out. – [Ty] Please not Smart– Please
Smarties, please Smarties. – I can’t see it. It’s a sour gum. I’ve never had sour Warheads
gum, and it’s rock hard. – [Mom] Don’t bite it.
You’ll have to suck on it. – That thing is hard. – [Ty] Does it taste sour? – Aww. This must have been
Halloween candy from 1982. Holy cow. It’s sour. – I’m gonna go first. I got blue bone! – One? – One. All right, Jake.
– You did it, good job. – My turn. White bone one. – Oh my, just sitting
right in front of him. – I got two red bones. – I gotta get three,
because one, two, three. – [Dad] Cool. – [Mom] These cat claws are hard to use. – I know, they’re teeny. – They’re easy. The teenier
they are, the less pressure. – You got two. – You got two. – I got three, gotta put one back. – That’s how I want to try. – Yeah, one white bone. – He hasn’t got one buried. – You’re not gonna get– – Of course you guys
would bury them on me. – I’m gonna get one, and
Jake’s gonna get two too. – Watch. – That was not a gentle touch. – It was like… (mimics dog snoring) – It’s as gentle as I can do it. Oh. – All right Ty, you’re up. – Oh, no. Please be one. – One red bone. – You bet! What did you do with… – Only one. – He got two. – In each claw. One in each claw. – One blue bone. Aww, that’s easy. – You’re lucky. – One red bone. – Right there. – Dad’s gonna get the
hardest one, watch it. – Seriously, you guys are probably going to give me three yellows. – Three, three red. – Three red. – Yes.
– Are you kidding me? – You’re buried, it’s buried.
– One, two… Wait, there’s a number of reds in there. – Good. That means it’ll be hard– – One. – All else are buried. – [Jake] It, it changed snoring. The snoring changed. – Let’s see if dad can
eat all the sour candy. Yeah. – I’m gonna reach into
the scary bag again. Just as this gum started getting better. Oh, more gum. – [Mom] Oh. – It is sour. – Next round. – These cat claws actually are huge. – Three white bones Ty! – Pause, pause. If you get other than
what you’re supposed to, you’ve gotta eat a sour piece of candy. – For reals? – For reals. So you can’t
grab a whole bunch of them. – Can you place it back in there? – Nope, use your cat claws. – Oh my goodness, this is so hard. – [Jake] It looks so easy. – [Dad] This is gonna be so sour. – [Mom] You got it. – [Jake] It smells like it. – It get into my claws. – Oh, you did it. – Good job. All right Ty.
– My turn. – I have three small bones.
– One yellow bone! I’ve only been getting ones. – Is this really (mumbles)? – No. – I can make a skeleton soon. – Yep. (toy noises change) – Oh, he smelled your bones. Or my bones. – He did it. Good job.
– All right. You’re just waking him up for me. – I know I was. – No we’ll wake it up for dad. – One blue. – One blue. – Woof, woof woof, woof woof. – Bones done. – Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof woof. – Two red. – Everyone’s got three
except for in this round. – Logan, are you going to get the puppy? – Get him. Go get him. – Logan’s in this. – One red. – Oh my, the other one is sitting just plain out in sight, that you can get. – Woo-hoo. Two reds. – One yellow. – Don’t wake him up. – Two blues. Two blue. – Good luck. – You were leaning in and
you were freaking me out. – I didn’t do anything. – Jake has to eat a sour candy! – I saw bones in his mouth. – Yeah? – He had bones in his mouth. – Who gets a sour candy? Jake does! – I got pink sour gum.
It’s watermelon flavored. – It’s sour. – Don’t break your teeth on it. – I’ve been chewing this for five minutes and it’s just a constant
stream of sourness. – I hate sour candy. – I’m gonna have a stomach ache. – Last round. I get two yellow bones. – Good luck. – Those are a little bit buried. – [Ty] Why is it the pale ones are… You might need to move some. – Careful. How did you get that? – Good job. All right. – By the skin of your– – One white bone. That should be pretty easy. – So it barks at you already. – Done. I hope dad gets yellow three! – Two red. – Rats. – There’s that one. Woo. – Three blue bones. – Yeah, they’re all on top though. You got it. – I’m not careful though. – [Jake] He’s like… – [Dad] Now he’s trying. – [Ty] Woo! – [Mom] Good job. – [Mom and Dad] Two. Three. – All right, Jakes turn. – Here, Jake. – Three yellow bones. – Hey, one, two, three, right there! – [Mom] At least they’re
getting unburied for you. – I’m really slow at it. – Logan’s pushing him. – Yes. The dog did. – I got one. – I just move very fast and get them. – Two. – Okay. – You did it, good job. – Mine. – All right I’ve got one red bone. – Oh, that’s easy. I get all the yellows. – Boom. Done. – One blue. – Aww, man. – Now he’s gonna get the hard one. Because they’re all buried
and there’s one white on them. – Woo. – All right. – One white I knew it. One white. – Ty just like… Whoa, that helps you. – No, I’m not following. – Got it. – All right Jake. – All right, yeah! A different color than yellow. – Wait, what happens if we
all get all the bones out? – That would be amazing but won’t happen. – Whoa! If we got all the
bones out we’d be awesome. – One yellow. – Watch me, I’m gonna get another yellow. – Oh, do not bury it. (toy noises change) – Look, you can see the bottom. Two more cards and we can finish the game. – One yellow. – There’s only two more
cards. We can finish the game. – [Mom] We’ll flip these in. – I did it, yeah! – All right Ty you’re up again. – Can we complete the deck? – Look, what’d you get? – Can we complete the deck? One blue. – Okay, don’t mess up so
we can clear the deck. – Look at that. – Careful. – Hold you’re eyes closed. – Stop. – Jake, don’t. – I can’t watch. – I can. – He did it. We ran through the deck… – One full time. – I got one yellow. – I’m going to finish this. All right, my turn, one blue. – There’s only one blue in there. – Are you dangerous like me? – Let’s complete the bones,
let’s try to get them all out. – Yeah. – Guys, I think it heard us. – That’s perfect, go mom. – She did it.- – One blue, dad’s up. – Can we get all the bones out? – We’re gonna try. One white. – One white? And they’re
on the pressure plate. – Nope, we lost. – What? – Grab, grab. – Yeah! Woo. – I got two whites but
there’s only one white left. So I only get one. I’m not very gentle. – Yeah, you’re turn. – All right Jake. – Should I get two bones? – One red. – Okay, we’ve almost
completed the whole bones. – If we do this we’re like
the best in the world. – We will be the best. – #ThatYouTubeFam if we’re
gonna get all the bones. – There’s only one of every type of bone. – Okay, I got two red bones so now I’m just going to get
the last red, if I can. – #YouTubeFam if you think
we’re gonna get all the bones. – Yeah. – Dad. – One red, we don’t have a red. – Get a random pick. – Blue, two blues. So there’s only one so I gotta get the one blue. – You’re dad’s sides. – And then it’s gonna come down to you. – It’s gonna come to you
to get the very last bone. – I have to draw to get it. – No you don’t. – Yeah– – Because it’s the last, it won’t matter. – Yes it will. – Let’s see if dad can do this. – Oh, yeah. – If I get the last
one, mom has to get one. – No. That’s not the deal.
– If you get this last one, we’re the champions and
we’ll go get a surprise. Go. – Fruity? – Maybe. – He’s like, yeah. – I hope I get this. – Don’t screw it up – This is all about the Slurpee. – It’s all about the big surprise. – What? – Yes! – Just like that! – Look, we got every single bone. – He’s all like, boom, no problem. – I’m just like… – Like a boss. – You gotta dab on that one. – Oh, wow, wow. And look, it does work. – We did it. – We did it. – We did it guys. – So does that make us the best ever? – We’re the best at Bad Dog. – I bet nobody else has ever gotten every single bone out
without that dog going off. – That was intense. – Actually that was only one
try, we didn’t keep them going. – Yeah, we did good. – [Camera Person] Good
job guys, you all won. But you’ve also, since you all
won, you also all lost so… You all have to eat some. – No. – What? – [Camera Person] Woo, yeah. – I thought we’re getting Slurpees. – Jordan rules. – We’re gonna go get Slurpees. – Yeah, we’re gonna go get Slurpees. Because we won. – [Camera Person] There goes Ty’s. – All right, these boys
are gonna get them, because they like them. I don’t like them at all, so if you want to see me eat this candy. Tell me what game we should play and this will be the loser consequence. So think about what game
is mom really terrible at. If you want to see me eat these. Go ahead and comment that down below. Thank you guys so much for watching. We love you guys, we
appreciate your support. We’ll see you guys next time. – Bye. (up tempo music)

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