BIGGEST BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT CHALLENGE! 📦💰24 Hour: Basketball Court, Jumping Castle, Gaming Setup

alright guys let’s go check out what
Logan’s been up to you know this looks awesome
of course guys once the lights are off we still have the LED backlighting but
if we want to change that you know we can make it like red or something like
that that looks pretty sweet too now we’re in the jumping castle chicky what’s going on guys this Papa Jake here
from chimney and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are
doing something you’ve all been asking for Logan we are doing I will never find
him guys I will never find it check it out you gotta come check it out let’s go
check it out oh-ho-ho dude this place is already looking pretty awesome so guys
if you have not seen this box for yeah this is the box where we’ve been
building it downstairs and it is crazy big already we’ve done a couple videos
in here down there we have a gymnasium we also have an additional three rooms
in this place and some secret kind of hiding places which are pretty cool and
we’re gonna turning this into a billionaire box for this is gonna be the
first billionaires box for in our brand new house which is special and pretty
awesome and you guys know us we do a billionaire box for we go big I mean
we’re gonna have a jumping castle a movie theater a basketball court let’s
see what else we have we have two separate rooms we have our own rooms in
this box board a kitchen and so much more this is gonna be the biggest
billionaire box 4 we have ever done guys and if you guys like these billionaire
box sports and he wants to do more of them don’t forget the like button down
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notification squad leave a comment down below if you’ve done it Jake before we
do anything I think we got to show you guys what we’ve been working on because
we’ve been doing a lot around you we’ve been playing this here in this new
billionaires box port for a while now and we kind of started with like
renovating a little bit you know taking out some of the old cardboard and fixing
it up and that kind of led to us actually adding a bunch of stuff in here
so don’t don’t worry you guys haven’t missed much but let’s bring you guys
back up to speed on what’s been done in this place and keep in mind there isn’t
lights in here yeah so it will get a lot brighter and a lot
more homey but let’s check out this box for it so guys in the box for right now
we have this room here it’s a little bit dark but this is gonna be Logan’s room
Logan this is your room so in here we have my sleeping quarters slippers
that’s a billionaire box for your room comes with your very own TV my room’s
down there I’m the exact same set up bed as well as the TV you don’t watch TV
maybe watch some Netflix while you’re chilling in there but let’s keep going
guys cuz there’s so much more oh and you might notice we added these this is kind
of something we did in our last billionaire box for Todd they don’t
really do anything but chandeliers they’re supposed to be chandeliers
yeah I mean there’s no lights in them but it really adds a little bit to the
box port it makes it look nice so over here guys
we’ve got the lik kitchen or the food area as I like to say as you guys know
Papa Jake is the onboard chef I make all the meals in our box fourths and this is
my domain so I’m putting you guys in and check it out so welcome to the kitchen
this box board is so big and this billionaire box port is so epic that I
can stand up in the kitchen in fact you can stand up in a lot of rooms here and
as you guys can see we’ve got all of our food lined up here for our 24-hour
challenge Logan this is this is all unhealthy I said get healthy food I
thought I was just on snack Duty we can’t live off of chocolate Doritos sour
watermelon okay well we’re gonna have to do something about food we’re gonna have
to figure it out oh yeah I’m definitely gonna have to make us a meal in here
because yeah I’m not gonna lie I love Lucky Charms it’s my favorite cereal
um but yeah we’ve got all of our food in here we’ve got all of our snacks which
is pretty awesome and we can make dinner in here which is cool we’re gonna bring
a couple more things in here keep it my guys this box were isn’t done we’re just
giving it up there what it looks like right now and then we’re gonna start
building oh one thing that’s really cool is this box where it has a secret window
which allows you to give food into this room and you’re probably wondering
Papaji what’s that room in there well let’s go check it out I’ll show you guys
what it is all right guys so this room is even played with lighting yet I still
got to do that and I still have to set the main part but this is our movie
theater check it out guys we got all of our outlet Bell we’ve got all of our
pillows we’ve got blankets down here it’s super comfy and cozy and what I’m
gonna be doing is making a DIY home your setup so instead of like what we
normally do normally we use like a big projector I’m going to teach you guys
how to make your own movie theater with just some cardboard and some really easy
items you can find around the house and then we’re gonna project it on that wall
there chill here and if we want to snack knock on there and you can get something
straight from the kitchen how cool is that last but not least guys we got to
show you the gymnasium that we’re gonna work on and then we can start working on
this thing and building our billionaire box for it and then I want to say
survive for 24 hours but wouldn’t be chillin for 24 hours in this thing check
out my cheetah print rug dude look at this cool guys to add to the middle here
we’re really trying to put a lot of like little things in this box fort to make
it like a billionaire mansion but also make it more homey we did miss my room
but it’s pretty much the same as Logan’s room it’s got my TV my blanket in there
and some other cool stuff a but let’s go check out the gymnasium because this is
where we’re gonna be building the basketball court how cool is this place
this is our own gym inside the billionaires box for this lots of room
to run around and do activities look look at me look
at me I’m running oh okay you actually do a workout in this box where is that
big so this is where we’re gonna build our basketball court we want to be able
to play a full game of basketball and we actually the last time we did that in a
box sport was when we did the world’s biggest box for it but this is still
pretty big this is big enough to set up two hoops and have a good game of
basketball we still gotta do some reinforcing in the air and some cleaning
up as with the whole box sport but this is kind of an update as to what it looks
like right now Oh Jake you are gonna go down when we play basketball oh I don’t
think so Logan I’ve been practicing you were going down
when we play basketball we gonna have a full game in here I mean it’s a little
small but still it works for us and we’re gonna have some cool many hoops to
play with but guys this is what the box for it looks like so far and the video
hasn’t even really started yet we haven’t started building how crazy is
that if you guys think it’s epic so far smack the like button down below cuz
it’s only gonna get bigger and better and if you guys think this is an epic
box word put a hashtag epic down below alright guys so now what we need to do
is we need to start building Logan’s gonna be working in here in the gym
on the basketball court while I go to the movie theater and start working on
that I also have to get lighting it throughout the entire box because as you
guys probably noticed it’s a bit dark and I’ve start working on the kitchen
the steam room and the jumping castle so we still have a lot to do guys so let’s
get started and let’s get building this thing so while Jake is working on the
movie theater I’m gonna be fixing up the gym right now it looks like it’s falling
apart first thing I’m gonna do is fix up the ceiling and then I’m gonna make the
basketball court alright guys so while Logan’s working on the gym and getting
our basketball court set up I’m gonna be using this to build our movie theatres
so this is a DIY movie theater kit it’s made out of cardboard and only requires
your smartphone so basically we can make a projector with just a phone and a
little bit of cardboard which I thought was a really cool addition obviously we
have our real projector but for this billionaire box for it I thought be cool
to try something that you guys can do at home so I’m gonna open up the kit and
start building this thing as well as deck this place out with some lights and
turn this into an awesome movie theater for us alright guys so update for you I
actually went ahead and built the entire projector it’s here and I put it all
together but it doesn’t work at all I mean it kind of works but nowhere near
what we’re used to in a billionaires box for I thought it’d be really cool
because the picture on the box had like a massive wall completely filled with
whatever’s on your phone screamed this well it does that but it’s like very
hard to see with no color and it’s not really that bright at all I’ve decided
we are gonna throw out this one dollar projector and replace it with the
billionaires box for a projector which I’m gonna grab now and put in the fort
but before I do that I’m gonna set the lighting and then we’ll test it out and
see how cool it looks alright guys so the roof is finally
enforced so pretty much I’m gonna be making two of these back boards with
rims on each side of the court and there we go both basketball nets and
completed now we’re just gonna put them on each side and the basketball court is
complete check it out how sweet is this I’ve got all the LEDs done in here so of
course we can change the colors make it whatever we want while we’re chillin
watching our movie I also have an LED light set up on the door I think I might
add some more to kind of add some mood lighting to this so that when we’re
watching a movie maybe you know we want to make it like red for spider-man or
just like a nice like dim blue to kind of chill out and relax I also went ahead
and install the projector here so this is gonna shoot onto the wall here so we
can watch our movies or video games whatever you want and there’s a light
back here which we can turn off so it gets completely dark in here and we can
enjoy our movie so now that this is done I’m gonna go check up on what Logan’s
been up to and then we gotta add some more lights to this box board and we’re
almost have a billionare box we’re done we solved work on the Jumpman castle as
well as the steam room but those will come later and this place is already
looking amazing so once we get some lighting in here it’s gonna be awesome
all right guys let’s go this is crazy the entire gym has been converted into a
basketball court we got we gotta have a game of basketball so I finished the
movie theater Logan the movie theater is looking awesome and the kitchen is all
done there’s still a little bit of light into but how would you feel about
playing a little game of basketball right now I’m down for some basketball
all right guys we’re gonna play every game of basketball first of three wins
you ready to do this doesn’t that mean I can start the ball let’s do some box for
basketball Oh well I think this wraps up this game of
basketball let me know down below who you think won Jake or Logan now that
we’re done I think it’s time to show off more of this billionaires box sport all
right guys check it out so after a long game of
basketball I thought it’d be a lot of fun before we have our movie in eat
dinner we would go for a little steam that’s why this billionaires box board
is equipped with its own steam room we’ve got a hot tub before in the summer
but because it’s cold outside we can’t really have a hot tub we decided to have
our indoor version of that which is a steam room so we’re gonna head in there
now have a quick steam kind of relax a little bit after the game of basketball
and then head into the movie theater room for a movie
hi guys let’s head to the steam room grab a steam Logan come after me some
towels in there we’ll relax then check out a movie yo guys win zero how cool is this Logan
I can’t see you this is the billionaire’s life guys inside a
billionaire box sports so I think we’re gonna chill out a little bit we’ll get
back into the box board and watch some movies all right guys so we finished up
with our steam and I got changed into some comfy clothes because now it is
time to chill and hang out in the movie theater so as you guys can see the whole
place is set up here we’ve got the LED lighting all around here we’ve got LED
lights on the walls as well as a projector set up so we’re gonna pick a
movie now and just kind of relax I’m gonna be grabbing dinner in a little bit
for our billionaire box work gotta have a billionaires dinner but we’re gonna
pick a movie and then I’m gonna go into the kitchen and grab some snacks for us
while we chill out here all these pillows it’s so super comfy in here so
let’s see look what do you think we’re gonna watch today maybe a superhero
movie oh dude that’d be sick last time you’re
watching spider-man so yeah I’d love to watch something like that let’s see what
we can find on Netflix and enjoy the show
and of course guys once the lights are off we still have the LED backlighting
but if we want to change that you know we can make it like red or something
like that that looks pretty sweet too especially if we’re watching a movie you
know make it red blue whatever color we really want but because we are watching
something I’m gonna just turn it off completely and now we’ve got the big
screen oh boy wait guys I forgot before we start watching this movie I know we
have dinner coming but we need some snacks and of course this billionaire
box fort is equipped with its own kitchen that connects to the movie
theaters so snack man oh hey Naruto’s got some sour watermelon what else we
got low just keep filming so probably not the healthiest snack
we’re gonna close that up there buy a snack man and now we can watch our movie all right guys we’re about halfway
through the movie now and I think it’s time for dinner
so Logan why don’t you go knock on the door and see what’s been cooking up in
the kitchen Jake what’s for dinner oh hey buddy well for dinner I’ve got us
some pizza pockets there you go all right guys so we just finished up the
movie we had a bunch of fun watching that we had dinner had some snacks just
kind of chilled out in our awesome home movie theater inside the billionaires
box poor but I think it’s time to hit the hay it’s pretty late
I am tired it’s been a long day we played basketball we watched a movie we
had dinner we built it’s been quite a long day and tomorrow it does not stop
tomorrow we’re gonna go on the bouncy castle we’re also gonna have breakfast
and do a bunch of other fun stuff so I think it’s time to get to our bedrooms
because because guys this billionaire box worth so big we have separate
bedrooms I love this is your head in there all right Jake
goodnight all I’ll leave you guys with Jake all right night-night Logan we’ve
got my own TV we’ve got my own little headrest here even got my own door so I
can close that up there get my pillow already got a nice cozy sleeping bag so
I think I’m gonna get to bed and I will see you guys in the morning yeah I kind of slept it a few times
normally when we do these we get up the first time we wake up but I was just
really comfortable I think I think we need to do something active in the
morning to wake us up so it’s good to do a little workout in the morning get the
heart go and get the blood flowing so I think we’re gonna go upstairs and we are
gonna do our jumping castle because this billionaire box 4 comes with a jumping
castle again you gotta get up we’re going on the jumping castle let’s head
upstairs and check it out now we’re in the jumping castle how
sweet is this we’ve got our own past lots of balls that have fun with so
we’re gonna enjoy your morning in here and chill out for a little bit alright guys without lose the balance of
counsel let’s head back downstairs and have some breakfast we’re back inside
the kitchen now it is morning it is breakfast time so I thought what better
than to have for breakfast this good old-fashioned Lucky Charms
I mean Logan both love it so we’re gonna pull herself some cereal here and enjoy
a nice breakfast in the billionaires box for it yeah off the G dude it’s fan mail
people said fan mail to her billionaire boxwood yo that is sweet all right well
it looks like you guys sent us some mail to our billionaires box for it so I see
we have some breakfast and open up some of this fan mail of course guys if you
want to send mail to our billionaire box fort
there is our address down in the description below you guys can send us
something and who knows maybe we’ll show up in a video first set of fan mail is
from Parker Pearson alright and Parker Pearson is from California
alright cool all the way from California let’s see what Parker sent us what dude
check this oh that’s crazy – Papa Jake – Logan please make a haunted house you
are awesome from Parker to Papa Jake you’re my favorite youtuber yo that is
sweet alright well thank you so very much Parker for that
this is all the way from New Zealand dude oh wow that is far from Cambridge
New Zealand all right let’s see what dude check that oh this is so cool
hi Jake and Logan you guys make the best YouTube videos but what you make better
are box sports your videos always make me laugh whatever you post I immediately
stop what I’m doing and watch this is from Cameron and Cameron is 11 years old
from New Zealand dude that is so sweet it’s got channel DJ campster shut up to
him that is so cool dude always got on the
back to Papa Jake box plus 4 equals box but it’s actually really cool yeah we
only need we need like a massive wall for fan art and different fan letters
cuz this is so cool and I do want to remind you for everyone that has since
this stuff we have a you massive amount of fan mail but obviously we’re not
gonna go through all of it for this video so if you get featured on the
video shout it to you but don’t worry even if you send us fan mail cause we
read every single one of those and we love everyone we sit down will read for
like 2 hours straight and your guys FanDuel is honestly the best dear Papa
Jake I’m Connor from new hampshire is very intense dude I’m like I’m like
screaming it yo that is so cool thank you so much Carter that is awesome all
right guys we got one more here safe the biggest one for last
Eva Gartner from Callaway Kentucky Adventure Time all on DVD dude that’s
awesome thanks so much and a sweetheart very cool cuz we need pens we do need
pens we always need pens love IVA PS could you and Logan make a mansion while
Eva happens that we are in a mansion right now doing the billionaire box for
also in the back she wrote well thank you so very much Eva for all of this
cool stuff and thanks to all of you guys for sending in fan mail but now that
that is over I think it is time to wrap up this billionaire box fort guys I hope
you enjoyed the video if you guys did and you want us to do another
billionaires box Ford let’s try and go big let’s try and go huge let’s try
crush 100,000 likes on this video and we will do another billionaires box for
guys thank you so very much this has been Papa Jake from team epiphany make
sure to subscribe make sure to turn on notifications I’ll see you guys next
time for another awesome video you

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