Binging with Babish: Backpack Recipes from Marvel’s Spider-Man

Aunt May’s recipe for wheatcakes! Spider-Man:
Aunt May’s recipe for wheatcakes! Spider-Man:
Huh! I could never make it work on my own. Spider-Man:
The infamous dumpling recipe. Spider-Man:
Should’ve come with, “Step ten: try not to burn everything in MJ’s apartment”. Hey whats up guys, welcome back to Binging with Babish where this week we are returning to the land of food from video games, as the new Spider-Man game contains the Babish holy grail — some actual written recipes — and even more exciting, the dumpling recipe calls for store-bought wrappers. Hallelujah, all praise be to Marvel. But why don’t we start with Aunt May’s wheat cakes We’re combining 1 cup each buckwheat and whole wheat flour, sifting the latter for some reason, adding 2 teaspoons of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of baking soda. And in a separate bowl combining 2 cups of buttermilk with 2 teaspoons of molasses. Forgive yourself for being under the weather and not banging on all cylinders and forgetting to add a teaspoon of salt to the dry mixture, and an entire cup of buttermilk to the wet mixture. Luckily, we caught our mistakes just in time, and we can move on to whipping our egg whites. Stiff but not dry, as the recipe specifies — I’m not entirely sure what that means. That looks pretty “stiff but not dry” to me. Setting that aside, to the dry mixture we are adding 2 beaten egg yolks with tiny whisk’s best friend, tiny spatula, our correctly proportioned buttermilk mixture, and 1/4 cup of melted butter. Just like any ol’ pancake, we are endeavoring not to overmix. I don’t care if it’s lumpy, don’t overmix. Once the mixture just barely comes together, we are gently folding in the egg whites, creating a surprisingly fluffy batter. The recipe then calls for frying on a greased skillet — I’m going to take that as bacon grease. And once we’ve got that shimmering, it’s time to add a generous dollop of our wheatcake mixture, letting cook over medium-low heat until bubbles form on the surface, and the bottom is browned and crisp. Finish cooking on the second sides, stack ’em high, top them with a generous pat of butter, and a very generous drizzling of maple syrup. The only thing sweetening these pancakes is 2 teaspoons of molasses so I have a feeling they’re going to need some help — and they do. These are perfectly competent buckwheat pancakes. No complaints. Not entirely sure why they’re Peter’s favorite either, but they’re decidedly not going to enter the clean plate club. Why don’t we take a crack at a recipe that I think has a decent shot of ending up in those hallowed halls? We’re starting by making a dipping sauce out of 1 half to one cup of soy sauce, one tablespoon of seasoned rice wine vinegar, and then 2 table spoons of Chinese chives also known as garlic chives they’re a little hard to find so if you can’t just supplement with regular chives and a little bit of fresh garlic, lastly one tablespoon of sesame seeds and one heaping teaspoon of garlic chili sauce. Whisk together briskly using tiny whisk and set aside so we can do the thing that I’ve been dreading all week stuffing the dumplings This recipe is a very basic pork filling of one pound of ground pork to which we our going to add 3 large cloves of finely minced garlic and one beaten egg this is going to give a little structure and body to our filling. And then another 2 tablespoons of the aforementioned Chinese chives finely minced and in addition two table spoons of soy sauce I forgot to film the addition of one and one half table spoons of the all important sesame oil last up is one tablespoon or about a one inch knob of finely minced fresh ginger were adding all these things to the bowl and mixing it thoroughly until we get a nice fully Incorporated pork meat filling now the recipe at this point simply states to fill, seal and crimp the dumplings something that I’m really bad at so fingers crossed as we lightly dust our work surface with flour and using our finger we’re going to gently wet the outside edge of our dumpling wrapper then once the whole outside edge has been w e t t e d were placing I’d say about a rounded teaspoon of the filling into the center of the wrapper then folding the wrapper in half and pinching where the edges meet wetting the outside of the wrapper and making 3 pleats on each side of the dumpling to seal it shut I’m sorry I know I’m not doing a very good job of showing what I’m doing here I I have included a link in the video description that shows how to do this properly once we got this guy all sealed up and the top edge all curled in half like a half moon kinda I dunno we’re rinsing and repeating with the remaining filling and dumpling wrappers this is definitely an acquired skill and this is definitely my first time doing it so i will re visit dumpling wrapping technique is future episodes you know when I’ve gotten like half way decent at it anyway we’re heating up some vegetable oil in the bottom of a non stick fry pan until quite hot adding the dumplings and making sure that each one is coated with a little bit of oil on the bottom side and cooking until lovely and brown and then were going to add into the hot pan about half a cup of water lowering the heat to medium low covering and letting steam and cook fully for about 5 minutes ok my dumpling game is definitely not 100% but these are pretty… pretty good looking for a first attempt you know sorry I’m getting a little rambly but I am sick and on medication anyway at long last it is dipping time and i can tell you right now this is a real solid dumpling recipe if you have ever wanted to make classic Chinese pork dumplings this is a great place to start it tastes like every Chinese pork dumpling I’ve ever had which is to say awesome don’t worry I know I’m double dipping but I’m the only one here Sawyer’s working from home today and while I don”t have the appetite right now to put these in the clean plate club I’m going to put them in the I ate six of them club which is still a pretty high honour nah what the hell lets make it 7 welcome spider-man dumplings to the I ate 7 of them club. :]

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100 thoughts on “Binging with Babish: Backpack Recipes from Marvel’s Spider-Man

  1. Hi babish, I was wondering what brand of black gloves do you use to cut up meat and mix with?
    please and thank you, your videos are awesome btw 🙂

  2. I already tried making the dumplings, they are delicious! Indeed they taste very similar to restaurant ones. I think I'll try the pizza gyozas next.

  3. Why do you always put so freaking much garlic in every damn recepy? Like is this an american thing or what, all that garlic is going to make the dish mainly taste like garlic, and unfortunately you stink like it…
    If I ever go on to emulate your recipes I will always use like 10/20% of the garlic you use, enough.

  4. If you’re gonna make more pancakes in the future, might I suggest u recreate H.U.E’s butter wheat crunch pancakes from Final Space?

  5. Eh. They're a staple of his childhood. We all have them. Hell, I get nostalgic from carrots. I ate TONS of them as a kid. And I still am legally blind without my glasses…so someone lied to me.

  6. It's probably because Aunt May adds love to hers when she makes them for Peter….and i wouldn't doubt some cinnamon and vanilla.

  7. I know I'm a bit late but I was wondering, why should I flour the worktop for the dumplings? There is nothing to roll out 🤔

  8. With the dumpling wraps flip them onto themselves then use a fork to press it down Sealing them shut just do it on both sides

  9. The "I Ate Seven of Them" club weirdly reminds me of ISAF, the "I Swallowed A Fly" club from Judy Blume's 'Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing'.

  10. Babish talking about the pancakes: I don't know why these are Peter's favorite
    Me: Probably because he loves his frickin Aunt

  11. Have to wonder if you could do something from skyrim. There's a cookbook in-game, forget what exactly it's called, but it does use measurement units that are much more in line with the setting of the game. Also you meet the author of the book in one of the dark brotherhood quests. Unfortunately, I'm sure we all know how that has to end for him, poor guy…

  12. A little bit of star anise would help too… my old boss in the Chinese restaurant used ground pork ginger soy sauce star anise scallion a little bit of salt and sugar..

  13. I wasn't fully paying attention, and half way through I forgot this was a video with multiple recipes, and I was like "why the fuck is he using soy sauce for pancakes? that's disgusting!"

  14. Dumpling's wrapper = 200g wheat starch + 200g corn- or potato- starch + 5g salt + 400ml warm water.

    If you like it, give me a like.

  15. Doesn’t the “Stiff but not dry” part of the wheat cakes mean don’t make it too foamy? Like if you order dry coffee it means all foam.

  16. Also that’s not how u fold dumplings your not supposed to wet the outside of your wrapper and that u shouldn’t use your finger instead use the back of a spoon. I come from an Asian family and it’s a tradition for our family to make homemade dumplings but my brother can never do it (he’s two and a half years older than me) to where my mom soon gave up and gave him the “ crappy way of folding a dumpling” where you’d just connect the dumpling wrapper to make an X at the top.

  17. I'd like to note that cooking isn't always about the skill or "how good" a recipe is and that those wheat cakes probably just reminded him of his aunt and home which made them something he was always fond of.

  18. You know as many times as I played marvel’s Spider-Man I didn’t know that these are actual recipes. Great video

  19. Chinese dumplings… i think they originate from poland in this form. Original chinese are i think in a form of a ball

  20. As an aspiring chef with autism I have to say you inspire me quite a bit thanks for the entertainment and the practice I honestly I think I'm going to buy your cookbook

  21. Got the Spider-Man game for Christmas, loving it so far. Waited until I found the packs for proper viewing. Nice job.

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