Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Trekking Poles

Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Trekking Poles
offer a really nice set of features at a very friendly price point. You have got ergonomic
grips. You have got durable aluminum con-struction. And easy to use external locks. Let’s go
ahead and take a closer look at the feature set of the Trail Ergo Cork trekking pole. These are three part poles. So you have got
two points of adjustability. And because of that telescoping design these pack down efficiently
to 29 inch minimum length. They ex-pand as well to a maximum length of 55 inches. So
you have got quite a bit of adjustabil-ity on these poles for users of varying heights.
There are markings on the shaft sections of the poles which makes it really easy to designate
exactly what length you would like them set. And the external locking mechanisms on the
poles make it easy to open them up, easy to lock them down. And there is a nice, confident
bite there. So once you have got them at the length you want them to, simply close that
flick lock and off you go. One of the stand out features on the poles
and really what grants them their name are these natural cork grips. Just a really nice
feel in your hand, very tactile, nice texturing on there. So on the go it just feels great
in your hand, frankly. And if you are sweating, if you are kind of building up heat, these
still grip very confidently. Sometimes with rubber grips and things you can start to slip
a little bit and that doesn’t seem to happen with that natural cork. You do have integrated straps. These are adjustable
so that you can set them where they are most comfortable for you. But a nice moisture wicking
material on the inside of those straps and wrist straps really do help to take the strain
off your wrists and other joints over the course of the day. There is an extended portion to this grip.
This is EVA foam. It extends further down that top shaft section than just the standard
handle would. If you are using this with gloved hands, this is a really nice grab point for
making adjustment. If you are going up and down varying grades, so you are back and forth
on switch backs and one moment your pole is on the outside and then it is on the inside
hand. You could find yourself wanting to make all kinds of micro adjustments to the length
of the poles. Or, because of this ex-tended section of grip, you can really set the poles
at a spot where you can grab them here and then grab them here as that grade, as that
elevation changes. And just a really nice, smart feature there in addition to the standard
grip. On the other end of the poles is where you
will find Black Diamond’s flex tech tips. So in talking about this entire extended section
here at the bottom of the lowest shaft section, that is designed in such a way that it is
replaceable and also built in such a way that if you would wedge these poles between rocks
in a crack, something that would put you in a position to potentially break or snap the
actual shaft section, these would sheer away. And while that might not sound ideal, it is
definitely preferable to actually destroying the poles by breaking a shaft section, so
pretty smart design. The very end of that tip is where you will
find the carbide tip. That is best used on dirt, on unimproved surfaces. It can be unscrewed
and replaced with basically a semi perma-nent rubber tip, which is nice if you were to be
using these in improved surfaces. And sometimes that is actually better on a smooth rock than
the carbide tips might be. So some versatility built into those tips. And there is other
versatility there, as well. You can see that the poles come with these low profile trekking
baskets. In most cases where the ground isn’t terribly soft, what these baskets do is keep
the poles from going too far into the ground so that you can move forward confidently instead
of having the poles go so deeply into the ground that they are not doing what you expect
them to. So in many cases that is enough. But you will
see some threading here and Black Dia-mond does thrown in broader diameter powder baskets
with these poles which, again, adds to their value. If you were using this in softer surfaces,
certainly in snow that broad-er basket is what you need to keep those poles from digging
too deeply. Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork trekking poles,
a really nice feature set at an affordable price that makes these a really great choice
for three season or year round hiking, back-packing and snow shoeing.

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6 thoughts on “Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Trekking Poles

  1. hey man, I picked these ergos up today at REI because they weren't carrying …is the biggest difference between these two the carbon vs. aluminum and different grippage? I'm thinking about just keeping the ergo cork. what do you think? also, quality video man, i'm surprised you don't have more views. Thanks!!

  2. Thank you for the review on these poles. I am looking at these for my first pole purchase. I am getting older and am starting to feel my hikes long after I'm home so I think it's time to give trekking poles a turn and see if they can help with my ups and downs while on the trail. Also, would really like to say that I find your videos to be very relaxing and informative at the same time. You have a way about you that is calming and I really enjoy that. Thanks again and take care.

  3. I came for the poles, and stayed for the beard. Man that thing is luscious! Thanks for the review and going through the specifics

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