Breast Milk for Bug Bites?

Well we’ve all heard the phrase, Mom knows best, and it couldn’t be more true for one Indiana woman who discovered a bizarre, but effective cure for her baby’s bug bites. Wanna know what it is? Breast milk. Right? So this isn’t as far fetched as you would think. First of all though, 10 ounces she put into the bathtub. Threw the baby in the bathtub, or probably gently placed. Probably, probably, probably, probably. Hopefully gently placed. And the bug bites, low and behold, the very next day, she sent a photo to us, they were gone. And as far fetched as that might seem, it’s not. So milk, of course has a ton of antibacterial, antiviral properties. It helps soothe inflammation. Now she threw 10 ounces, I know a lot of nursing moms who would be like, that’s liquid. I can not send that to a bathtub. That they work so hard to pump out one ounce. They can’t imagine throwing 10 into the water. But other… Would this work, Dr. Funk, if it was just regular milk that you bought out at the grocery store? Would it help? With the bug bites? It’s probably so contaminated with things like the hormones that they pump into the cows and other antibiotics that it probably wouldn’t work. But it wouldn’t harm you to try. Milk, mother’s milk, anyway, has amazing properties. So for sore nipples, you can, nursing moms can put milk on them, and then let it dry and it can help soothe the soreness and the cracks. You also can, this is bug bites but any kind of diaper rash, other rashes. And then my favorite cure all with mother’s milk is for conjunctivitis or pink eye. So it gives you a real good excuse to just skirt someone in the eye. I mean I like it. Can you point it that way?

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14 thoughts on “Breast Milk for Bug Bites?

  1. Perhaps more like it has inmmunoglobulins and maybe could help modulate the immune response to the bite. Im sure the antiviral or antibacterial have nothing to do with the bites.

  2. Breast milk has amazing benefits, why isn't this talked about more? I've only been learning more about it since I'm pregnant and had taken a breastfeeding class. Would love to see more about everything it does on benefiting the baby and the differences of breast fed babys and none breast fed. It's a topic that I feel lacks knowledge to a lot of new moms. I hope it's something that can be done within the show.

  3. When my siblings and I were younger, our mom used breast milk for conjunctivitis. By the way I'm 65 years old. The milk worked every time.

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