Bret “Bedbug” Stephens Gets Triggered

>>The New York time has been dealing with
a bedbug infestation. Much like the Trump Doral property in Miami. Now, they put out a statement to their employees,
just to make sure everyone knows about it. And there was something published online and
there were a lot of like snarky comments in response one of those snarky comments which
I enjoyed came from an associate professor at George Washington university. He had tweeted the falling the bedbugs are
a metaphor. The bed bugs are Bret Stephens, now who is
Bret Stephens? He’s a conservative columnist at the New York
Times. He’s one of these individuals who’s targeted
college students for safe spaces. He’s talked about the importance of free speech.>>He’s also published some climate change
denialist crap, let’s keep it real, and so I can understand why people have some negative
feelings toward him. Now, let me just say, the tweet got nine likes,
zero retweets. And at that point, Bret Stephens sent an email
to this individual to basically call him out and, you know>>Show how upset he was at being called the
bedbug. So let me give you a portion of the email
he writes, I’m often amazed about the things supposedly decent people are prepared to say
about other people, people they’ve never met on Twitter. I think you’ve set a new standard,>>Really, that’s the new standard of loners,
okay, all right.>>I would welcome the opportunity for you
to come to my home, meet my wife and kids, talk to us for a few minutes, and then call
me a bedbug to my face.>>That would take some genuine courage and
intellectual itergrity on your part. Now, the provost of the university was included
in this. Email, okay? So there’s Bret Stephens.>>Go ahead and cry about it. And so this story is incredible for so many
different reasons. First of all, I mean, I can’t help but think
about it and react to it from my own context because we know what it’s like. I mean, just last week, I had to ask one of
my male colleagues to start my car for me outside, so I could run from inside the studio
straight to my car so I can get out of here. Because of the severe threats I’ve been getting,
right. I don’t wanna waste time being out in In public
one second longer than I needed to be. That’s the world we’re living in, right? But Bret Stephens is out there crying because
someone called him a bedbug. In fact, he went on a little press tour to
talk about it. I want to go to that video in just a second,
but first you.>>Yeah, actually, the worst part of this
story is that included the provost and that email, so obviously trying to get the professor
fired or in trouble. It is institution okay, so it’s one thing
to get all emotional and catch feelings over being called a bad bone. That’s just amusing. But when you try to get the guy fired for
saying, calling your bedbug, I mean that is literally the smallest insult. Again, literal, that I have ever seen on Twitter. And when Anna’s right is particularly galling
for those of us on the left that have to deal with non stop threats, including death threats,
from the right wing, non stop, basically, trying to terrorize people on the left, and
then this guy gets tweet, tweet. The guy didn’t even say at Bret Stephens,
right? So I don’t we don’t even know how he found
it. And this thing that got zero retweets as small
as a bedbug, and he’s like, I hate your free speech. I’m gonna try to get you fired. So now let’s see him try to explain it away.>>Deactivated your Twitter account after
a controversy that involves someone calling you a name?>>I think Twitter it tends to bring out the
worst in its users. So I wrote him a personal email. I didn’t go to Twitter. I wrote him a personal email which I think
was very civil. Saying that I did appreciate it. I also copied his provost. On the note people are upset about this. I wanna be clear. I had no intention whatsoever to get him in
any kind of professional trouble. But it is the case that the New York Times
and other institutions that people should be aware manager should be aware of the way
in which their people their professors or journalists Interact with the rest of the
world. All I would say is that using dehumanizing
rhetoric like bedbugs, or, you know, analogizing people to insects is always wrong, we can
do better. We should be the people on social media that
we are in real life.>>I would agree with that final statement
for sure. Is that the worst thing that you have ever
been called on social media?>>I love Jesse asking that question. So let’s keep it real. Everyone doesn’t matter where you are on the
political spectrum. You know, when he says I wasn’t trying to
get him any kind of professional trouble, I just thought his manager should know, You
know that that’s not true, right? Well, why are you telling his manager when
you don’t know his managers, not like he’s managers, you’re drinking buddy, and you’re
just telling them for no reason? No, you’re doing it to get him in professional
trouble.>>Right.>>There’s no question about that. So that was actually the worst and most disingenuous
part of this whole thing.>>So he talks about, like look we need to
be civil. We need to speak to people in a professional
way. Let’s not use social media to attack people,
but he uses his position as a columnist at the New York Times. To put out insults that are far worse, and
actually have negative impacts on people’s lives and well beings. So I’ll give you examples. He called the campus rape epidemic an imaginary
enemy, okay? He’s also written that antisemitism was, quote,
the disease of the Arab mind.>>Well.>>So that’s who Bret Stephens is, and that’s
just a little sampling, like a little nibble taste of the kind of stuff he puts out there. I would argue far more insulting than being
called a bedbug especially if someone, again, who has some following, who has some power,
who has the ability to really focus the conversation on various issues, and this is the way he
does it. He also likes to give speeches on college
campuses about the importance of protecting freedom of expression. Take a look. I’ve been thinking a lot about safe spaces
lately. Once you designate some spaces as safe, you
imply that the rest are unsafe. It follows that they should be made safer. That is an important insight It shows how
easily an impulse to shield and protect the vulnerable quickly becomes a desire and then
a demand to impose a particular concept of safety on others whether they want it or not. Instead of wanting to emerge at last from
the cocoons of their safe spaces. They want to extend the domains of those spaces
into the next stages of their lives. We live in a world that makes it easy to continue
inhabiting these safe spaces, so here is my advice to you. Get out of your own safe spaces. Narrow your criteria for what’s beyond the
pale. Safe spaces, physical and intellectual, are
for children.>>He has also published pieces titled, Free
Speech and the Necessity of Discomfort.>>Now is cover bedbugs, real helpful.>>And here is a tweet before he had deactivated
his account over his feeling. Or nation cannot maintain its culture of free
speech if we continue to reward to who speak to destroy careers rather than rebut ideas
and he is quoting David French there, he says David French, as astute as usual.>>Yes, now when you email somebody’s provost
and their manager to try to get them fired. That would seem to be just trying to destroy
their careers. But hey that was you who’s offended not someone
else. So look last thing on the cocoon of the save
space that Bret Stephens would like to live in. I’m not against people being civil online
I would love it it would be an enormous relief right? But you can’t have it both ways. You can’t say these stupid left wingers just
when we say racist things to them all of a sudden they need a safe space. We need a cocoon just because we’re racists
and bigots. And by the way, when you talk about how antisemitism
is the disease of the Arab mind or however you phrase it is you just heard. That’s racist period. I know in Washington they think, you can insult
Arabs and Muslims all day long. That doesn’t count. I don’t know why that doesn’t count who they
make it sound like only? Well, he literally said it, as if only Arabs
who are antisemitic Pretty sure the Arabs didn’t do the Holocaust. But if he had written in the New York Times
it was Christians who did the Holocaust, which is an indisputable fact, he actually would’ve
gotten in trouble for saying something that’s true. But saying something bigoted, not in trouble. But then if you’re offended by that, you go
says safe space, Arabs are the worst. The antisemites no one else what if you’re
offended by? Are you crying? Hey listen, it seems like you’re a bad but
My God someone criticized me. You guys are such snowflakes and hypocrites. Look, anyone who can’t see how the right wing
is monumentally full of crap he just isn’t paying attention. They never mean anything they say, and Bret
Stephens go ahead, you could email my manager. Yes. I called you full of crap.

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100 thoughts on “Bret “Bedbug” Stephens Gets Triggered

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  9. And this are the people who call college students "snowflakes" who are easily triggered. The irony of it all has no parallel.

  10. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the sun. Brett you’re a fake. Pity party. Grow up! Im gonna get that man fired. You are a rat. I’m called a racists, a white supremacist, a bigot and worse, a, etc., all cuz I believe we are equal and that we all can succeed with a little motivation. Get over yourself. If you tattled, then you’re a back stabber. I hope you get fired.

  11. Classic blaming of inanimate service. "Twitter brings out the worst in people." is such a cop out. If a person is shitty online, they were shitty long before they downloaded the app and make a screen name.

  12. Name-calling just makes you look like a baby to adults, have you not grown up yet? Maybe one day

    He is right Twitter is toxic. It's for people with small IQs to fight with other people on the internet about things that don't matter. Why don't you do something productive

    Maybe people wouldn't be so negative toward you if you weren't such a Negative person

  13. @2:00 -ish Ana can't spend one second in public more than absolutely necessary? Who? Who has threatened her? I will find them, and I will milkshake them, *frigidly*. Maybe even… silly string. 
    No… no, I shouldn't. Violence is not the way.

  14. Never liked Brett Stephens to begin with. The way he slandered Bernie on MSNBC, this is just him getting a taste of his own medecine… Or perhaps I should say: a taste of his own bug poison?

  15. Bill Maher is the same kind of hypocrite.
    Maher: "I'm tired of all the safe spaces and overly PC outrage! Stop being so sensitive and blowing things out of proportion!"
    Ilhan Omar says she doesn't want to pledge dual allegiance to U.S. and another country, such as Israel.
    Maher: "ANTI SEMITE!!!"

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  19. It's not the hypocrisy that bothers me, it's the lack of empathy that these pieces of garbage show minorities in doing their First Amendment Con-job. I want more civility especially here online and I am someone with a short leash but when the call comes from a guy like this I say he gets what he deserves.

  20. D'awwwww does Brett need a "safe space" for a strangely-adorkable-sounding weaksauce insult?
    What a hypocrite!
    Projection; Thy name is the Far-Right!

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  22. I think its a bit narrow minded to suggest the problem with threats are right wing people threatening the left, i think it goes both ways, like I doubt Antifa is there to do the hair and nails for conservatives. the threats and violence both ways are real. its what happens when political divide intensify from having difference in opinion to civil enemies. but if you are a left-wing you only see the threats from the right, if you are a right wing you only see the threats of the left, both sides act rational from their perspective, but both look stupid for the other side.

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  26. I think what happened was he thought he could be an original and topical edge lord by threading the needle on safe spaces with his cliche speech all graduating students get about "leaning into discomfort." He failed and instead appeared to be the first person in history advocating for being anti-safety. Clearly not a smart man. But then again, would we really expect anything less from someone with the capacity to get upset and rant to someone's boss about being called a bedbug?

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  30. "people they've never met." Bret's a _public figure_. We've all met him. See, when you get to disseminate the contents of your brain to a wide audience, it means that we all know the contents of your brain.

  31. These lilly marshmallows couldn't handle being one of the ethnicities that their 'dear leader' & most of the country mocks & bullies on an almost daily basis, telling them that this is "our" country and not yours! Try walking a mile….Brett 🙄

  32. This is some serious cry babyness. What was it 9 likes on the tweet? How pathetic, toughen up a bit man you work in the public eye. Christ there isn't always going to be a hall monitor. Especially when you're 38.

  33. I’m drying my tears after spending the last half an hour on Twitter bearing witness to the Twitter-sphere savagely dunking on Bret Stephens and he’s earned every word of it. 😂😂😂😂😂. It’s worth falling down the Twitter-hole if you need a good laugh 🤭 😆🤣

  34. The guy is definitely a racist and extremely thin skinned but that doesn't make safe spaces in universities less childish

  35. conservatives love to make fun of liberals , left says one thing and there feelings get hurt! kindergarten politics , that is the far right

  36. This has inspired me to create a new nickname for Donald John Trump, and that nickname is – wait for it – "Captain Vontz"! Vontz is the Yiddish word for bedbug; I've learned that word from a very popular television series which was set during the Korean War – you've got it, "M*A*S*H" – and, specifically the episode, "38 Across".

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    Once you designate some spaces as safe, you imply, that the rest are unsafe.
    no, it just means, they are undesignated, but let me grant you that point for now.
    It follows, that they should be made safer.
    Noooo, how does that follow? That doesn't follow at all.

  39. I had no clue who Bret Stephens was or that he was a bedbug; thank you, Bret Stephens, for bringing awareness to the fact that you are, indeed, a bedbug!

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  42. Damn, I like tyt. But it's hard to take anyone serious if they use the words "triggered" or "snowflake". To me it seems like you only use those words if you've been called them and they hurt your feelings. Why else would you see them as insults? I really don't care what your point of view is, I just dont want to hear it if you sound like a character from Zoey 101.

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