Bug Out Bunker Tour- Stockpiling Emergency Supplies Bug Out Location

Bug Out Bunker Tour Hi it’s AlaskaGranny I call this my bunker and I filled it up with supplies last fall and I haven’t been out to check it since then so it’s gonna see
have anything weathered over the winter and I thought I would share the experience with you spider webs I can see from here it still looks dry so that’s a good start very dark in here in the very first bucket I have a gamma lid with a
flashlight a crank up flashlight right on the top and some matches so I can crank it up and easily
look around for what else I need I did that on purpose I have some oil lamps light one and show you around the bunker is not full of spiders and things
are actually pretty dry I have some number ten cans of fruit I have toiletries and medicine here lanterns and and food supplies oils cleaning supplies vinegar bags more oil lamps some fuel I have some forever foods sugar salt tea brown sugar vinegar foods that should last a lifetime I have more number ten
cans of rice eggs biscuit mix and toilet paper some I will be interested to see if that held up to the moisture in here I have sugar the lids I got didn’t exactly fit so I put food in jars and then inside the 5 gallon buckets
just try to help a little bit that when you get your free buckets for food storage bucket they’re not always a good
idea I have oatmeal and brown sugar in number 10 cans I have beans and rice in number 10 cans the bottom shelf has charcoal with some lighter fluid I have a luggable loo emergency toilet loaded with supplies I have a bucket with a red lid that is first aid supplies have them packaged foods inside a 5 gallon bucket with a gamma lid mashed potatoes macaroni and cheese noodle roni things
like that bucket with gamma lid and and there’s another
bucket of food behind that that I have stored some extra foods and be sure you
put labels on what you have in these things so you remember what they are and what you have I have a toolkit I have a water barrel over here just some funky
old tools and then I have some flower pots with soil in them if I needed
to start an emergency garden or I want to long-term store root
vegetables I have that available so it’s a good
start I don’t have everything in here but this is not all the supplies I have
these are the supplies I have so far at this location and I’m
thinking for year 1 of my bunker I’m pretty happy how
that turned out so let me know what you’re doing gather up supplies for your family please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel alaskagranny.com

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20 thoughts on “Bug Out Bunker Tour- Stockpiling Emergency Supplies Bug Out Location

  1. mylardirect.com mylar bags and oxygen absorbers are great. they also make gun sized bags, mylar keeps out the moisture, oxy absorbers will keep only nitrogen inside to prevent rust. especially up by you I'd suggest a couple hunting rifles w/ammo

  2. keep all my food in mylar this way, along with books, farming, survival, and medical at least, not everyone will be trained! also have 2 basic hunting rifles with 1000rnds at my place in northern Michigan. great video! you really crank them out don't you? lol 😉

  3. hi granny..love your channel…
    what a wonder place you live…
    the bunker Is very cool
    do you have any video of the construction …
    keep up the great work

  4. I would also suggest a firearm and ammo locked up and HIDDEN in your stores,just in case! Also with the oil lamps/lanterns you have I would also suggest fire fighting equipment.Garbage can filled with earth or even some fire extinguishers.

  5. Why do people go on here and brag about there supplies and show there face? All it takes is some one to recognizing here and following her back to her stash and taking it when SHTF!

  6. Although i wouldnt rely on that door in a tornado or hurricane. I child could gain entry through that door. Cool and fun storage area though, and could be modified to help a little bit with nuclear fallout possibly.

  7. A warning: your hand crank flashlight? I had one exactly like it. It failed after only a year. I was so frustrated that I took it apart. It is NOT rechargeable! There was a button cell battery inside and it was putting only a tiny amount of charge in it. That's why I could crank and crank and it would produce only 2 minutes of super weak light. I wouldn't rely on rechargeables as they still haven't produced one that actually performs as advertised. Just buy two Maglites and bulk AA lithium batteries. Better safe than sorry.

  8. I'm very impressed, lady! I'm in Alabama and I have a lot of problems with moisture in my shelter. I've spent A LOT of money on moisture absorbers. I started with the Dollar Tree moisture absorbers, but have since moved to the "DampRid" brand moisture absorbers in the bucket size and I run through those very quickly. I DO use the Dollar Tree moisture absorbers inside military ammo cans for added protection to radios and common household foods stored in them. I also use regular coolers for storing regular foods as well. It works WONDERFULLY! Make sure they're the plastic ones with a good seal, not the Styrofoam ones! God Bless and happy prepping! May we and our families BOTH survive well into the future!

  9. Its not a problem have this there at winter and then temperature change to hot? I planning mine at attic but at winter ❄️ its cold an then hot i be afraid about the products dont be good🙁

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