Burt’s Bees Makeup Drug Store Haul, Review & Beauty How-To Tutorial

Hey awesome ones, as most of you know I’m
a former 80s model and I’ve done quite a few makeup tutorials. I’ve been seeing
this Burt’s Bees makeup all over the place and thinking to myself what is
this stuff, you know, is it honey and what is it? So I thought I would do a drug
star, a drugstore haul here and not only show you about the makeup but also put
it on my face, test it out and let you know how it works… so let’s go So let’s start with a drugstore haul and
I paid for all this stuff myself by the way, so I just thought I’d point that out,
so this is a real review I got mattifying powder foundation, I got
mascara… what else did I get ,oh my gosh I got an
eye brow pencil with a spoolie on it, I also got a beautiful blush and a palette
of eyeshadow and it all costs less than $100 and for makeup that’s pretty good.
Now when I was at the drugstore I couldn’t find the concealer for Burt’s
Bees products also I couldn’t find a primer and I do like to use a primer
with an SPF, the one I’m using today is an SPF 50 so I did find the concealer on
line though yay… so what we’re going to do is in the description of this video
we’re gonna put a link back to our blog and I’m gonna itemize all kinds of of
the products not only the Burts Bees products but also the SPF 50 that I’m
wearing and the concealer and maybe some brushes or something along those lines
so not only is this video all about reviewing and and applying the Burt’s
Bees makeup but I also have another idea that I’m trying to achieve here and that
is I want to make up that goes on in like less than three minutes and also
looks really, really natural and fresh and clean and all that sort of thing so
yeah… oops I forgot to mention too that if you do get something from our blog
I’ve got the prices and everything there and some links we do make a little bit
of commission so thank you so much if you do purchase something because it
really helps us to keep going with these videos so thanks so much
but Burt’s Bees products what’s the big deal about these anyway? So like I said are they made of honey or what’s going on, well I did a
little bit of research on this and there’s, I think I’m saying it right,
jojoba oil in them, there is honey in the products, some of them have bamboo which
we know there’s a lot of bamboo out there so it’s kind of a natural product
to source, the other thing that I was reading about is hundred percent
everything that I read every single package label and I looked at them all
100% natural and the other things I’m going to have to read this, it’s saying
they’re dermatologist tested and they have no parabens, phthalates I don’t know
what that is, but anyway it doesn’t have any of those in it and it also doesn’t
have any petroleum so they’re really working on this to bring us a real
natural product so that’s the story. So let’s keep it real, no makeup on, well hey
I’m gonna do a video on makeup so I have to start off with no makeup all I have
on is my SPF 50 primer and also some concealer so what we’re going to do is
we’re going to sort of spend ,it’s really hot out there today, so we’re gonna spend
a day kind of going shopping, walking the dog that sort of thing and then little
Hurricane, my little Yorkie and I will come back at the end of this video and
let you know how the makeup worked so I chose the powder foundation because I
want to really do this makeup really, really quick and they also had the
liquid foundation but you know as too much this and that… I want
it’s like real fast and go now originally I was going to just use a
brush like this to apply it and they say yeah you can use a brush but then I
found a little applicator and I went yes, that’s awesome, cute, so
I chose for me this color is Sand and I’m just going to put a little bit
of of this on and hope it works with this SPF primer sometimes it doesn’t
but let’s, let’s just check it out here. I’ve got a mirror over here so once in a
while I’m going to be checking on that but I also have a mirror here so
does that work for you Bill if I decide to look like that? Okay let’s start off
with the nose, nice safe little area, ooh it’s really taking off the shine which
it’s called mattifying, it’s covering up – yay this is actually pretty cool
we’ll see at the end of the video how it stays on but can you see how this shine
is, let me just show you a little bit again here ,do you see how the shine is
really just going away, there I’ll do my forehead now see and that’s what you
want I don’t want to look, especially in the hot weather, you don’t want to look
too shiny so just let me, I said I was going to get a makeup that did
things quick so let’s just sort of start doing this quick, a little bit more on it
and away we go So far so good, okay so now for the blush
and guess what a little piece of paper in here but it says on the back of the
paper what does it says to protect the natural pigments of our hundred percent
natural blush we’ve added this paper made of 100% post-consumer recycled
content this will ensure you get the beautiful results you expect naturally.
So I guess it’s kind of protecting it from any other elements so don’t throw
this piece of paper away now with this blush I chose Shy Pink and I thought it
would look really pretty, no applicator in here, sorry so you gotta
use your makeup brush and I’m just going to use this is a fairly clean brush,
so I’m going to just kind of dab in here a little bit and then I will apply now I
gotta be really careful with applying because you want to lightly apply,
you want to really be light on this you want to sort of the the apples of your
cheeks to look nice and you know look fresh and remember this is a real quick
makeup too but because it’s quick I’m not going to use a contouring or
anything like that or any highlighter shiny thing so I’m gonna make sure also
that I’m going to do my cheekbones a little bit they’re a little bit under
here a little bit on this cheekbone – and how about just down the sides along
the forehead so looking in the mirror here and I I think it’s really quite
natural-looking yeah so now for the eyes and I really
like this you know there’s a little palette that you can get
and it has the highlighter the eyeshadow and also a great color for the crease
and if you see some of my other videos you know I from my coloring anyway I
love purples and this one is called Countryside Lavender so unfortunately
there are no eyeshadow brushes or anything with this so I’m just going to
use a clean cotton swab and let’s put the highlighter one on first so I’m
just going to kind of get a little bit of that on there maybe a little bit on
this one too and let’s see how this works… goes on nicely mmm-hmm little bit up here end up here
for a highlighter easy peasy. Now let’s do, hmm I guess what we’re
going to do is we’re going to put the eyeshadow part on now if you’ve seen my
video if you see my video on hooded eyes I’m going to try to apply something
similar to the hooded eyes without the eyeliner so this should be interesting
I’m 62 now and I developed these hooded droopy eyes which you can see but by the
time I’m finished with this makeup I’m hoping that they’re going to have a
little bit of a lift and I’m going to put that video up there somewhere so you
can take a look at the whole tutorial so let’s start off with this now this is a
little bit of a shine to it I usually don’t like a lot of shine in my
eyeshadows but the crease looks very matte so I think it’s gonna work out
okay for me so let’s go… I usually also start just in the middle
I don’t go right into here and follow the natural shape of the eye you see
that just keep going here follow the natural shape of the eye this give you a little bit more of a
view here and see how I’m lifting it a little bit to kind of combat that a
little droopiness that I got going so I’m also going to take a little bit of a
risk here so I’m not too sure how it’s gonna work out to be honest with you I’m
going to use a brush like this and going to put a little bit of liner with the
crease one under my eyes the reason I don’t know if it’s gonna work or not is
because it just takes an excess off here I don’t want to I hope it’s not gonna
turn out to red so let’s just see because this is really gonna help the
droopy eye thing so let’s go like this… oh actually it’s looking good and up yeah that works, you see how that’s just
the two eyes together you can probably see now I’m going to smooth it out a
little bit more but it’s giving me more of an uplift there so um yeah of course
I’m not gonna leave it looking exactly like that we’re gonna blend, blend, blend,
blend, blend I use my fingers for blending they were marvelous and let’s
just do the other side here too and again when I’m doing this I’m gonna do
it quick I’m just kind of showing you guys so that you can see it, okay so over
here a bit so I’m not blocked on my face with the the mirror up a little bit and
away we go I may have just put on a little too
heavy here so you can always take it off yeah that works,
now let’s do a little bit in the crease as well and again I’m using an angled
brush for this and I’ll be linking back to my blog in the description for some
of these items too so let’s just go here get a little bit on there and again I’m
going natural look but I still one little definition so right in the crease
right in the crease yes it looks phony I know but (that’s
Hurricane snoring you having a good sleepr little Yorkie?) so uh no it’s
not me, blame it on the dog, oh look, what happens in the videos, stays in the
videos. Yeah I do a little bit more smoothing out but they think I’m liking
it Let’s get onto the mascara, all right so
it’s mascara time and I picked the black in this mascara you know I could have
gone for a brown or something like that but no I just thought I’d pick the black
on this one no it’s really you know all of these products as I mentioned before
are 100% natural and let’s just see what this one says oh it’s really small
writing but it says that it’s safe for sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers or
some orthologist tested and hmm that sounds really good so now the proof for
me after I put this on is when I’m wearing it during the day because I
really want to check out the smudge proof tests of it all and you know that
I don’t end up with kind of like raccoon eyes especially like I said it’s pretty
hot out there so again there’s time trying this out, nourishing mascara. I
will not pump my mascara, a lot of you told me don’t do that, almost looks like
it’s brown right, read the label because you might think that they don’t
have the black there but because I think they put them all in the same containers
anyway so just try this out now as you know I like to put on several coats of
mascara you maybe don’t want to but that’s just me so what I’m gonna do is
just put on one layer now goes on okay we’ll see how
the second layer goes on I’m just going to put one layer underneath again I’m
going for a very natural look so I don’t want to overdo it but I do also want to
test this and make sure that whatever is going on underneath like I said is not
smudging so up we go with the mascara Yes it’s not clumping or anything, is
it’s looking pretty good so let’s move on to the lipstick and then we’ll come
back and do another coat so I already had a couple of Burt’s Bees little lip
the colored lip shimmers already in my makeup stash so I just thought I’d show
this to you, now they do make a lipstick as well but I’ve been using this and
loving it so I’m going to show you what I do this one is called Rhubarb and this
baby is called Strawberry so what I do is I just take a little lip brush you
can see this is well loved and I’m going to put a little bit on a lip brush it’s
so hot in here it is melting a little bit
hmmm so interesting, so I’m going to put, see I even made a mistake there but I
can fix it. I really wouldn’t suggest putting on the
dark red without a brush because it kind of goes a little bit all over the place
especially as I can see if it’s really hot (there goes Hurricane snoring again) that little
Yorkie. Isn’t that pretty, so what I like about this is it’s very natural you can
almost feel like a medication, it’s a hundred percent natural the product, but
it also looks really natural and I have worn this and it’s almost like a lip
stain it really seems to stay on. Now you’re thinking, hey she talked about the
pink what’s with that so what I do with the pink is I take this it’s so tiny
that I can take this with me you know in my front pocket jeans, I mean it’s just
teeny tiny and what I like about it is for right now I’m just going to put a
shimmer on so pretty so it’s just a real quick shimmer it doesn’t melt it doesn’t
matter if it melts a little bit I mean it is really in its cap here but during
the day as I’m moving along I can be sitting in the car in the dark and still
just go and and put this shimmer on because it’s not really, really dark it’s
gonna look nice so yeah, I love these little ones so let’s take this
opportunity to do another layer of mascara and you know what I’m finding
I’m only going to have to do two layers of mascara this stuff’s going on really
well and again I want more of a natural look so I don’t want to pile it on so
just a little bit ,little bit I like to put a little bit in the corner so again
I got that little upswing in the corner which helps me with a hooded eye
situation so that’s a really pretty mascara not clumpy separating the
eyelashes so I like that So I mentioned about the eyebrows, oh boy
eyebrows are really tough to do and I am missing some hairs in my
eyebrows so I’m gonna put up my eyebrow tutorial that I did for all of you
people that have challenges with your eyebrows like I do so but let’s talk
about this product that I got I love it you know the prices are so good too
because this is it’s an eyebrow pencil with a spoolie on it which is awesome
and take a look at that so let’s see how this works something else they said on
this too is that the they say here it has Jo-Joba oil I hope I’m pronouncing
that right, you guys let me know if I’m pronouncing it right and it’s
responsibly sourced cedar wood pencil 99.9% natural wood, these guys are really
conscious about that so I like that, so let’s just brush my eyebrows up what’s
left of them and I chose the blonde here I’m not too sure if this is gonna work
maybe it’s too light for me but I’m doing a natural makeup so do I really
want to put a brownish color eyebrow, yeah I don’t so let’s just um let’s work…
Oh actually I want to say like I went out and bought this stuff myself so I’m
not just saying this… this is really nice and you know what it’s a perfect color
for me see the difference in the two eyebrows already you know that’s the
difference with shaping so I’m gonna give it a little bit more of a brush
here mmm let’s try this one and cuz it’s not too dark if I make a
little bit of a mistake it’s not gonna be the worst thing that’s where the
hairs aren’t even there right there um I want a little bit more definition here
and here your eyebrows frame your face so take an extra second or two I’m gonna
bring it up a bit so I look like I’m bright-eyed yeah bring this guy up a
little bit so he looks like he’s bright-eyed. What do you think? Good so what do you
think I absolutely love this makeup so far, it went on like a dream and it
looks so natural and remember I don’t have any lip liner on I don’t have any
eyeliner on I don’t have any contouring or that highlighter stuff you know to
make my cheeks shiny it’s also under these lights and the heat here it seems
to be holding up really, really well and I’m almost inclined to think that even
if when I go outside if it’s really getting shiny my makeup I think I’m
going to be okay using this natural product to just sort of maybe powder my
nose a little bit we’ll have to check that out I don’t think it’s gonna go on
pancakey at all, the other thing I like about this company besides the hundred
percent natural products that I’m putting on my face is the fact that they
really seem to be responsible they were talking about what was it recycled or
responsibly sourced cedar for their pencils, there’s bamboo that’s in a lot
of the products as well which I think we all know that bamboo grows really, really
fast it’s a great product too if you’ve got to put some kind of
wood, whatever in something it’s a great product to use so but I do want to do a
little test so now for the official wearability test I’m gonna walk the dog
it’s really hot out there it’s a hot day I’m gonna go a little grocery shopping
and I’m gonna walk to the grocery shopping I’m gonna hang out a little bit
with a guy behind the camera my husband Bill, say hi Bill. Hi Bill and stay tuned
and let’s see if this makeup holds up Got our desserts for tonight It’s really sunny
I’m really really hot. So Bill little Hurricane and myself we’re back and I’m
really, really happy with this Burt’s Bees makeup I really am. I put a little
bit more of that lip shimmer on for this conclusion, end of the test sort of thing,
but I’m really, really happy because you can probably see that you can tell with
my hair how humid, it’s got to be like 90 degrees out there, but underneath my eyes
the mascara did not sort of give me the raccoon looking eyes, now I am a little
bit shiny but I because this is so, it’s not really heavy and it’s matte I’m
going to sort of dot the side dab the shine a little bit and you can see my
cheek right ,not my cheek, I’m so tired from walking in that heat, sorry
about that , uh I’m just going to do a little dab here and look at it’s
taking it right away a little bit here and it’s not thick it’s um it’s kind of
naturally doing that so awesome. Thumbs up for this makeup I love it and you
know what I’m going to be wearing this makeup but really I’m going to wear it
when I want to look natural and be glowing and all that sort of thing so
get the play on words beee glowy it’s great and I’m a fan so talking about
fans… Hurricane and I and Bill we’re just so grateful for all the fans and
subscribers to our channel thank you so so much and you know I found out about, I
should know about these things, but anyway I found out about this bell and
somewhere around this video there should be a bell and if you click on it you get
notified when our videos come out so yeah I’d appreciate if you did that so
that would be fabulous and the other thing is that if you’re not a subscriber
we would love have you subscribe um you’re watching a
beauty in the beauty and fashion videos right now and they usually come
out on Friday afternoons, however, we also put out videos on Tuesdays and they’re
more kind of lifestyle, food you know, little inspirational once in a while as
well and so we would love you to subscribe to the channel. So until next
time, be awesome and yes, you are absolutely awesome you are and we will
see you later. Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join us on our videos

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61 thoughts on “Burt’s Bees Makeup Drug Store Haul, Review & Beauty How-To Tutorial

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