Hi everybody it’s Tony and Petula.
And Let’s Discover Ontario! Where are we today? We’re in Cambridge.
We always like to bring you to new places and show you fun things to do with your family.
AND THIS, is the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. This place is not static where you just look
at things, it’s a 360 degree experience, I like to call it.
There’s butterflies flying all around you, there’s birds all around, there’s quails running
on the ground, there’s fish in the water, turtles hanging out. Just so much activity
here. You got one!
Whew! It’s hot in here. Whew man! If you’re looking for a place to feel warm
in the winter, this is the place to come. Well hey there, how you doing?
The staff do several tours a day here and they have just a wealth of information on
the animals and plants that live here. This is thorny devil stick insect.

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11 thoughts on “CAMBRIDGE BUTTERFLY CONSERVATORY – Let’s Discover ON

  1. Who doesn't love a butterfly? And so many in one place. It's kind of eery when they land on you though. Does the place have an educational or breeding purpose or is it just for fun?

  2. Your videos made me wish that I spent more time discovering Ontario while I lived there! You guys look so happy together!!!

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