Camel Spiders: Neither Camels, nor Spiders

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100 thoughts on “Camel Spiders: Neither Camels, nor Spiders

  1. Damn… The way she was describing the Camel spider eating his mate out during mating session came straight from one of her private collection.

  2. This was awesome but I wish there was more. Please do another one with lots of details!😁 I understand we dont know much but tell us all you can!🤟

  3. So the expert said:
    1. I used to call them "the spawn of Satan."
    2. Their massive chelicerae (jaws) allow them to move insect prey inward (while the video was showing the camel spider drag a f'n bird twice its size).
    3. The male chews the inside of female's genital opening during mating.
    4. The are highly active because of an efficient trachial system.
    5. We know very little about their biology, although the live amongst those of us who live in dry desert climates (like me).

    Well, great! Time to move.

  4. Research has shown that these spiders aren’t actually that big

    When I was deployed, I guarantee… they get HUGE

  5. Bird- it’s me or you

    Camel spider- oh really

    Bird- yea bro really

    5 minutes later bird getting chewed on

  6. We used to get these every now and then in the house I grew up in, and they always freaked me out like crazy. Watching this video actually really helped me with that by understanding them more!

  7. I used to live out in Mojave, CA; just across the street from Edwards AFB, and it seemed like every summer there was one bug out there that just popped off in numbers and one year it was camel spiders. These things were EVERYWHERE. Found one in my bed one night and I screamed like a little girl, and I didn’t sleep in there for weeks. Another time my cousin and I found a big one out on the porch of the house and we threw a brick at it. The brick did nothing and it kept going about it’s day. I don’t know if we missed or those things are just that tanky, but I’ve been terrified of them ever since.

  8. Human: Aaaaaargh
    Spider:Why are you terrified – I'm just fluffy…and I don't bother any housewife with making webs.
    Human: Oh sorry for the misconception!
    Spider: You are welcome, am I too?

  9. Non venomous. Am I supposed to still be laughing on that one. Okay maybe deadly isn’t anywhere near toxic and venomous. Deadly is also pretty much as harmless as can be. The toxic venom they have are not toxic and venomous and the painful flesh eating skin mutilating bite marks area filled with puss that can fill a little over two big syringes and the permanent mark that it leaves isn’t what it exactly is, thus not really real just because it is actually what it really is

    These comedy shows are Hell arias like Jodi and a black widows wedding day at Dizzyland on the unhaunted house ride during a Mandela effect shift

  10. Fuck I will supply her with all those little ugly fucks. every night when I go out to smoke I put my feet up because there is one scrawling around and I always squash it!

  11. The males are eating the females out..
    wtf they're so advanced, we only started making this a thing a few years ago but here these bastards are eating their partners out for millions of years.

  12. I find these fucking guys at my job, i live in nevada. Imagine changing a fryer or something and one charges at you. Scary shit

  13. Seen video's all week of a black widow taking out all sorts of other insects that were bigger and stronger and poisonous.. Then a video of camel spider taking the widow out effortlessly and the camel spider was young not much bigger than the widow

  14. Saw one tonight for the first time in person in the shower room at the camper park I'm currently staying at…watched it walked away into one of the shower stalls when it noticed me… then when I went into the other shower stall and showered…it was at the opposite end of the room just resting by the side corner…seemed harmless.

  15. I catch these things all the time. Good to know they are not venomous. For a while I thought they were some sort of cricket-spider hybrid.

  16. Heard crazy stories about Camel Spiders from fellow soldiers who had already deployed to Iraq beforehand. I didn't see Camel Spiders in Iraq, only Camel Fuckers.

  17. First, God bless America, they do not live here. Second, if one of those things came anywhere near me I would break the sound barrier and my cane would have to catch up with me. Third, Dr Cushing's blouse gave me the creeps!! Fourth, poor bird.

  18. ok i was in Afghanistan and i killed a camel spider at night and it was big enough to put on an average size chair and and legs drape on the floor first i stapled it to the ground with my bayonet i was still grabbing for me then with two other kbar knifes i started stabbing it it took awhile to kill it

  19. She says they hard to catch but here in Namibia they everywhere i had 1 run across my keyboard 20min ago and lets just say i sh*t myself

  20. At 5:00 it gets freakier than the Camel Spider🤣 Have to admit that it sounds like a few dates I’ve been on too. Prepare the opening with my mandibles, before delivery of the sperm package!!!🤣🤣🤣 Classic

  21. In the 17 years of the pursuit of knowledge regarding the camel spiders we can announce we now know a bit more!

    Though very diffucult to study due to 'death by captivity' phenomena we consider that 'bit more' to be well worth the body count in dead camel spiders, that we lost count after ten thousand & odd.

    Scientists….we find stuff out whatever the cost!

    Celebrated especially in Nazi Germany & Communist Russia!

    Scientists…we think lots cos' we're highly intelligent though often morally retarded!

    Yeah! Go scientists!


  22. Found one in Mexico many moons ago. It was about three + inches long. It had the biggest jaws ever. It was fearless, rearing up to bite me if I got close enough. I didn’t realize that such creatures existed. I asked a school teacher and he told me that they were common and were called “Solifugos.” Spanish for Solifuges. They looked like scorpions with out the arms or tails. It was humungous and then I learned that they get even bigger, up to six inches in length. Wow! I would love to see a giant camel spider in person. Unfortunately they don’t live long in captivity. So I would be happy to just see one in it’s natural habitat. Wonderful looking arachnids.

  23. So, why do they mass kill tons of ants at a time even though they don't seem to be eating the ants? I saw a video of a camel spider doing that, and haven't found an explanation.

  24. The mating ritual — male chews on female genital opening, uses his jaw to shove sperm packet up there, runs away.
    Run, buddy!!!

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