Can You Find Him in This Video? (most can’t) • Hidden in Plain Sight #4

– Thank you to Wix for
sponsoring this video. Wix, the place to create
professional websites. My boss and I like to play this game where I hide from him at
work and he tries to find me. Usually it takes the
whole day, but this time I think I have a spot so good,
I could probably tell him exactly where I’m at, and
he still won’t find me. (intense music) (bell dinging) – Its about 8:20 right now. I think I’m gonna find
Danny by about 9:00, 9:15. Let’s go find him. I hope you’re ready to be back at work in about, I don’t know, about 20 minutes, think we can find him by 9:00? I think I can find him by 9:00. First thing in the morning,
I walk in the building and I always try to trick
my mind into thinking like, I’m gonna find him in 10 minutes. Danny’s got this website
goin’ where he’s chattin’ with people as he hides from me. “Hey everyone, I’m in my spot “and Jamie is about to start looking. “We got pretty bold this
time, I hope it works.” Ooh, Danny, a little less
confident than normal. I wanna interrogate other
employees first though. I wanna know what you
know about where Danny is. – I actually know quite a bit. – What? – But that’s all I’m gonna say. – That’s all you’re gonna say? (laughing) – My office got a little
manipulated last night. – What changed? – I can’t say. – This is all this red
herring stuff again. The purpose of Danny’s red
herrings are to get me to think that certain things are
clues when they’re not. Ahh, I just got an idea. Tell me what you know. (screeching) – Oh my god! (screeching) – Reveal yourself Danny and I’ll stop. (screeching) Six minutes in, I haven’t found him yet. Checking the security cameras here. Just checking for anything, oh, okay. There is an email from Danny. “Team, I’ll be hiding once
again from Jamie all day. “If you know where I’m
at, I’d appreciate it “if you don’t give him any hints. “The rules are a little different, “as the outside property
is now in fair play. “You can see me clear as day
if you know where to look “and I’m really awesome and smart “for thinking of all of this.” So with the whole property in play, I’ve got a ton more ground to cover in the same amount of time. Danny? (banging) So, yesterday Joey told me,
“Stay out of the shop all day.” ‘Cause he was like doing
something for this video. I think we need to go
investigate the shop. Look what a gigantic mess it is in here. Two drills on the floor,
just a random pile of wood over there, I think I know what Joey was doing in here all day. Just making a gigantic mess. Danny and his red herrings, right? Puttin’ a few boxes right there. Also, potential fire hazard. What if somebody needed
to run out of here, Danny? They’re gonna trip on these boxes, that’s on you bro, that’s on you. I’m gonna pull the fire alarm. Let’s see if we can jog
the old memory there Corey. – I was outside working this
morning, while he was hiding. So, I don’t know. – Finally, other people
are coming to their senses that basically, Danny does
nothing for a whole day while the rest of them are having to work. And you guys are in here
havin’ to do the work that maybe he would normally
be helping you with. – No, he wouldn’t be helping us (laughing) with this, let’s be real. – I’m not convinced Danny works
on a normal day anyways, so. (laughing) – We’re getting a lot of
interesting stuff come out today. – [Ben] So I don’t know if this is really that much different. (banging) – That’s out of the
ordinary, dishwasher going ’cause you know, clearly
no one cleans around here. As we saw in the shop. I don’t think he’s in the kitchen. I don’t see anything out of
the ordinary in the kitchen. But I do see a piece of cake here. I know it’s early but… All right, okay, we’re up on the roof ’cause the whole property’s in play so I gotta check up here. I don’t know why Danny chose
the hottest day of the year so far to include like
outside as part of this game. If he was outside, boy
he’d get hot all day, so it’s possible that maybe
he’s up here somewhere and he’s built like an
air-conditioned unit for him or something. You know, we have that
little air conditioner left over from the Jello video, I wonder if he’s used that
to sort of make himself a little air-conditioned
pod outside somewhere. I wanna go check and see
if the air conditioner from the Jello Cup fridge
is still there or not. Okay, air conditioner’s still there. I’m 100% confident that Danny is inside. I mean, the guy would like
die if he was outside. Unless he was sitting in his car outside all day in the parking lot. (disco music) He’s not in it. (sighing)
(fingers snapping) I thought I was really
onto somethin’ there. That would be a good hiding
spot though, for real. Let’s see if Danny’s in any of these. (punching) Look at this, this is disgusting. I’m walkin’ up the
stairs and I’m just like, what is that smell? Danny has put literal red herrings in bowls all over the place. – [Alison] Oh my god,
it smells disgusting! – Oh, I wanna find him before lunch and make him eat it for lunch. – [Alison] He has to eat it. – I’m just tryin’ to think
like, where you could be in plain sight, ’cause the rule is if you know where to
look, you can see him. (motor humming) I don’t think he’s in the warehouse. He’s not in the freezer. – Have you found him yet? You doin’ all right, you need water? Or anything like that? – I’m good, thanks though, bro. What do you think that
was all about though? Were they trying to distract me? (banging) Danny, Danny? (sighing) I’m really hoping for the
day when I smack something searching for him, I
hear him be like, “Ah!” (banging) What were you building yesterday, Joey? – Who says I was building somethin’? – Joey was working
yesterday, on something. Making something that’s
key to Danny’s hiding spot. He’s never in there. – [Adam] You found Danny yet? – I wanna see how funny
you guys think it is if you had to try to find him! – I’m picking up subtle notes of yelling. (laughing) So if you were to hide from
Danny, where would you hide? – I’d wanna be in places
where you’d walk right by and you kinda just, you
don’t think about it. – Yeah, there is a thing
like, one time my wife changed the shower curtain
and I literally didn’t notice for like two months. There’s some things you just don’t, you walk right by and
you just don’t see it. – I think the outside is a red herring because it is so hot out. Here’s the thing though. It’s a great deterrent
because for me to go outside, it’s super hot, don’t
like being out there. Look around for like two seconds, so I go, it’s too hot, I
can’t find him, you leave. He’s just up in a tree, hangin’ out. Caw caw, I do wonder if he’s like inside
somewhere, where looking in from the outside, he’s
clear as day to be seen, but from the inside, you
couldn’t really see him too well. Danny, I see you. I see you Danny. I’m hoping he might think
I was lookin’ at him and be like, “Oh, okay”,
and then come out, classic. I’m rereading his email. “The rules are a little
different as” quote, “the outside property
is now in fair play.” I wanted to make sure he’s not like, across the street somewhere and it’s like, “Jamie, you could see me from Vat19.” I asked him, so are you in the building or on the grounds of Vat19? And he’s writing back, “I’m everywhere.” Who’s that person right there? That doesn’t look like Danny, but, oh. It’s pretty much not Danny. The last time the security
cam could see him, I couldn’t, I have to
look at something else that could see him. I’m just wondering if he’s
played off that idea again. (sighing) I guess we should check
the men’s bathroom. Not in the bathroom. I didn’t look in the women’s restroom. – Why not? – ‘Cause he’s not gonna be in there. Go, go find Danny, I’m sure he’s in there. Ridiculous, waste of time. (banging) – Did you look in the kitchen well? – He’s not in the kitchen. – No like false walls right?
– No. (intense music) Figure it out Alison. (intense music) (technical sounds) – So there’s this thing
called change blindness. Basically it means that our
brains have a really hard time differentiating between small changes made because we’re taking
in so much information. I’m gonna use this to my advantage by literally writing down
exactly where I’m gonna be and posting it all over the building. Jamie will walk around seeing
everything he normally sees everyday, but there’s only
gonna be small changes to little things that
give away gigantic clues as to where I’m at. My hiding spot is basically a closet that houses our sprinkler system. The only way to access it is to unscrew a panel in the kitchen. But, if you go outside, you
just gotta look in the window because I’m just right there. – I don’t think he’s in the kitchen. I don’t see anything out of
the ordinary in the kitchen. – So fans send us artwork all the time and we cover the walls of Vat19 with it. What I’m gonna do is put
signs up all over the place that say where I’m at,
but they’re gonna be disguised as fan artwork. – The sprinkler room at Vat19
is where you can find Danny. It doesn’t get any more obvious than this. – Danny is in the
kitchen in the sprinkler. – This picture was drawn
by Danny is in the kitchen. – So Adam made a custom tee shirt that tells Jamie exactly where I’m at. Jamie might not get
close enough to read it. The walls are covered in
paintings that were done by Jamie’s grandpa, so Joey’s
gonna recreate one of those that tells Jamie exactly where I’m hiding. – I don’t know guys, I
think he’s gonna notice. – He’s looking for spaces
that a human can fit in. – Let’s gamble it, let’s take a chance. Well over a decade ago, Vat19 made a DVD called “Good Golf is Easy!”. Jamie’s seen this poster everyday, it’s up on the wall, you can’t miss it. So we’re gonna make some
changes to that poster so that it just says, hey,
Danny’s hiding over here. – You don’t think this is too much? We should–
– no, no, this is great That’s perfect. (laughing) He’s never gonna notice that. (laughing) – Read the poster, “Hiding is easy!” It’s a picture of Danny, “Danny
is hiding in the kitchen. “Check the sprinkler system.” I love it though, I’ve
checked in there before too. – What took you so long? (laughing) – Found you.
– Found me. – Found ya.
– Took a little while. – Having a good day in there? – We put signs up everywhere, literally. (laughing) That poster was up all day,
I probably walked by it 10 times and I never saw it. – Big white letters.
– In plain sight. I know, I know! – I wasn’t even really hiding. I was in front of an open window. – Read my shirt.
– Jamie, look at his shirt. (laughing) – This is funny. (laughing) – That’s pretty good. – “Danny’s in the kitchen.” – Oh!
– Who painted that? – Joey. Oh yeah, there was one right here. You opened the door
right next to this one. (laughing) There’s another one over here. – Oh yeah, that’s a good one. – See if you notice
anything about this one. I’ll just let you try to find this one. (laughing) – Oh, “Danny is going to
be found in the kitchen “hidden in the sprinkler.” Yeah, that’s pretty good. – Oh the best one, here we can see the email that I sent you. – Okay, I mean, what? – I sent you an email and
underneath the signature was some white on white
text that just lays out where I’m at, but if you
were looking at that email on your watch, you’d see it
doesn’t format it the same and it would have been over instantly. – I don’t check email on my watch, so I didn’t even know that was a thing. Yeah, if you take something that you see every single day and you’ve
been seeing it for years, and you only make minor tweaks to it, you don’t see it. Lookin’ forward to the next one. – Yeah, I’m learning every time. – Yeah.
– Jamie. – So am I Danny. – It doesn’t look like it. (crashing) Well let me tell ya about Wix. This video is sponsored by
Wix and with their help, we were able to create
a really professional looking website that I was able to chat with all of our fans right in here. It’s a simple way to create
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easy drag-and-drop system to do something like, make a gallery of all the videos you’ve
made, hiding from your boss. So a special thanks to
Wix for helping us make this great website and
sponsoring this video. (metal door clanking) – Everyone’s gonna be
rootin’ for you next time because you lose so much. (Danny snorting) Right? (Danny laughing) – I got paid most of the
day to hassle my boss and not do my job. – Yeah, no, good point, good point. – That seems like a win in my book! – Yeah, no, good point,
(laughing) good point. (laughing) ♪ Vat19 dot com ♪ (mouse clicking)

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